Protect the Boss: 1-4/ first impressions

12 Sep

We’ve only seen four episodes but so far we’re pretty smitten by this adorable drama. We laughed so hard while watching the first episode- seriously we were so pleasantly surprised by how much we liked all the characters and their various relationships.  Also our appreciation of a light/ fluffy drama with a healthy dose of comedy is doubled by the fact we’ve been in melodrama central between Scent of a Woman and My love by my side. We think we may have damaged our tear ducts from the amount of tears shed from our drama viewing over the past couple months!

Ji Sung is completely unrecognisable in this drama as the lovable but screwed up Ji Heon and we’re not just talking about his outrageous perm. Previously we’ve only seen him in serious, straight roles like Save the last dance for me and we doubted his abilities in playing the funny guy but how wrong were we!  We love how he’s neurotic and sweet and between him and Eun Seol, we found ourselves laughing along happily through all four episodes.

 This scene was so cute!

How great is No Eun Seol as a character- she’s like a grown up Makino- a fact we utterly love because Makino rocks. Eun Seol is tough, smart but at the same time completely relatable as a leading lady. We’re glad that her relationship and loyalty to Ji Heon was formed really quickly and that we can move swiftly onto the good stuff like her saving him from doing stupid stuff all the time and him getting jealous of her relationship with his love rival. We also appreciate the fact that she’s not a ditzy girl that needs saving by her leading man  like so many Kdramas we’ve seen in the past but in this case she’s the one doing the protecting. She’s also far from perfect, something that is pointed out in the drama but for us this just adds to her appeal of being a leading lady you want to root for.

Speaking of love rivals – Excuse us while we swoon all over Hero. Despite him being rather perfect, he still has layers that make him interesting. Plus we love his healthy dose of chemistry with him and Eun Seol as well as Na Yoon. Also how’s a girl to resist that smile and those come-hither eyes?

Na Yoon is great as well. We feared that she would be a downer to all the quirky fun especially after her somewhat dramatic entrance but we’re pleased that she’s just as nutty as everyone else in this drama!

Quick thoughts:

-We LOVE Ji Heon’s father- he’s crazy, funny and so sweet.

-How is it that Ji Heon is so cute with every single character in this drama?

-Someone tell us that this drama stays this good all the way through?


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