Ring Ring Bell – episode 8

28 Nov

WTF was episode 8 all about?
In one episode we had the following things happen:

We had a kidnapping, a bombing and a stabbing. Our leading lady dropped 50 IQ points between episode 6 and episode 8 and our leading man turned into a heartless idiot. Great.

Everything about episode 8 was bad and we mean really bad. The acting was appalling, the script was insane and it was all put together so badly that it made our eyes burn with rage. RAGE.

5year old kids could have done a better job than that. Honestly what was everyone thinking?

Question: You get a phone call and you don’t know who it is but they ask you your whereabouts- Is your first thought really to tell them exactly where you are? Come on, surely the writers could have thought of a more sophisticated way for the leading lady to be kidnapped.

Don’t get us started on the stabbing scene. Ugh – We know that T-dramas love to have really crazy characters that do nutty things but seriously… this was too much.

What happened to this drama, it was so cute and fluffy at the start, now it’s become this mess, where we can’t relate to anyone in the drama.

We wanted to see this OTP come together organically and watch them realise their feelings for each other all over again. Rather than watch them be forced together by sad faced cute kids and pushy mothers. The last two episodes have made us question the OTP and how much we’re buying their so called love for each other. He doesn’t think much of her and she is so riddled with insecurities that makes it impossible to relate to her feelings for him. As you can imagine we weren’t touched at all by their lukewarm declarations of love for each other. In fact we sat there shaking our heads wondering what the feck happened to this drama??

The strangest thing about the whole episode was the fact that although it was silly and it enraged us to no end… we still want to see what happens next week. We're hoping that this is just a slump in the drama and that it will pick up and return to what we signed up for at the start rather than endure this mess for much longer.


What do you think?

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