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End of Year Review ~ 2011

31 Dec

We thoroughly enjoyed writing our end of year review last year. We were happy in the knowledge that we had found some real gems, along with a couple stinkers but this year we can’t help but feel a little disappointed by the drama offerings. Nothing really stole our hearts and made us feel like we’ve found a drama that would stay with us for the long run and be on our all time favourites list.

However that doesn’t mean that we didn’t enjoy what we did complete and like a true a drama addict would say… there is always next year.

Here is our list of completed dramas in 2011:

The crème of the crop:

Keizoku Spec 2: One word: Awesome.

It lulls you in with the first couple episodes. Then bam, you are hooked and before you know it, it’s finished and you’re desperate for more.

Someone tell us there is a second season in the works? We’d be sooooo happy.

We know we shouldn’t have liked it but we did anyway:

It’s okay, Daddy’s girl: Technically a complete mess, the plot, the acting, the romance, okay, okay it was all a tad on the ugly side but strangely we enjoyed it nevertheless. 

Call us suckers for a decent family in need.

The prize for the worse villain of the year goes to Jun Tae Soo:

Oh dear, the over acting was bad, real bad.

Biggest disappointment of the year:

49 days: Yes, we’re still mad at you drama, we may remain mad for quite some time too. The drama strung us along for 19 episodes, only to trample all over our betrayed hearts in the end.

Cruel, just cruel.

We did enjoy watching Jung Il Woo as the cutest Scheduler in town. Also, despite the fact that our beloved Bae Soo Bin overacted his way through all 20 episodes with his glares and ‘scary’ eyes, we found him strangely hot as a baddie. Heheh.

Our typical Jdrama of the year:

Buzzer Beat: It was totally underwhelming. The ending was so predictable and cheesy. We haven’t a clue why we bothered watching it in the first place.

Was it Yamapi and his giant purple rucksack?

Another over hyped Hong Sisters’ drama?

Best Love: We almost gave us on this drama multiple times throughout its run. The OTP consisted of an overgrown man-child that needed a good slap and a washed out pop star desperately clinging on to show business. Let’s face it the characters were REALLY annoying, the gags were the same old over the top gags the Hong sisters have been peddling  for a while now and once again, no other character other than the OTP had much substance.  However, the drama eventually found its groove and before we knew it we were rather charmed by how much the OTP cared for each other. Damn it.


Our old school drama of the year:

Baby faced Beauty: We think we watched this during our drama dry spell; it was familiar in a comforting way. It had a cute OTP, a leading lady we hoped would get a spine and she eventually does…sort of and of course evil villains who get what they deserve by the end of it.

What more could you ask for? It’s a nice way to past the time, also Daniel Choi is rather adorable in it. It might wash out the bad taste he left in your mouth from his horrible performance in The Musical

The drama that made Lee Dong Wook a man:

A Scent of a Woman: Yes, it became that stereotypical melodrama in the second half but we were sold from the first episode. Watch it for the hot OTP, watch it for a love rival who will break your heart and watch because it was the drama that reminded us why we became drama addicts in the first place.

Also did we mention the producers gave us plenty of fan service? Enjoy.

Another Mike He drama under our belts:

Sunny Happiness: In reflection we can’t really remember much about this drama… which is never a good thing.  It had something to do with a marriage contract right?

Oh, who cares we blatantly watched it for Mike He!

The sweetest drama of 2011:

Can you hear my heart? : Our favourite Kdrama of 2011.

 Loved it.  

Favourite Alternative couple: Dong Joo and Ma Roo – Come on, all those bed scenes, the flashbacks of romantic moments from the past and of course the smouldering stares they gave each other throughout the drama. Their children would be beautiful…

The Idols that made good in the end:

Dream High: We really enjoyed this drama despite rooting for the wrong OTP and hating broody Sam Dong. Is it the best drama? Hell no but its lots of fun. There is a scene which involves an MC Hammer dance, if you don’t laugh at that; there is something wrong with you. Just saying…


2011 dramas may not have been what we hoped but hey it could have been a lot worse!

Here’s hoping that 2012 delivers the goods.

Happy New Year to everyone, love the Musthavesubs Girls xox


Mid Week Rambles

28 Dec

Sherlock+ Dr. Watson = Best OTP on TV.

Sherlock returns to TV on Sunday! We are so excited; we’ve thoroughly missed this show and couldn’t be more pleased. The cliff hanger at the end of season 1 was amazing and we’ve been desperate for more ever since.

We wonder if Sherlock will get a real OTP this season. Now that would be interesting, watching someone so socially awkward handle something like romance. Although we wouldn’t be too upset if he didn’t because as we all know, he always has Dr. Watson…

Oh the bromance. Heeee.

What’s Up? : Random thoughts while we impatiently wait for episodes 7/8 to be subbed.

 We have carefully watched the beginning sequence of episode 1 and all of our main characters are accounted for, so who’s funeral are they going to???

We’re just glad that it’s not Jae Hun. We wouldn’t have been that bothered if Chae Young died but we guess we can’t always get what we want. Honestly, what a manipulative, scheming brat. Why bother going to university if you don’t plan to learn anything in the first place. We can’t wait for her to be found out for being the fake she is. We do love a healthy dose of karma in our dramas.

Also, surely it’s not just us that thinks that the actor that plays Soo Bin has the strangest face in dramaland?

Skip Beat! – first impressions

Watching Siwon and Donghae in Skip Beat is distracting. It’s like an out of body experience, it’s hard to focus on the acting or drama because we’re too busy watching Siwon’s mouth move strangely, followed swiftly by words that clearly don’t belong to him.

We knew it would be annoying but still…

Aside from the dodgy dubbing which we hear will be re-dubbed soon, the rest of the drama is moving along really nicely. As we have mentioned before Ivy Chen is brilliant as our vengeful leading lady. The story is driven solely by her and her quest for revenge and luckily for us, Ivy is great as Gong Xi. We can believe her sense of betrayal and her heartbreak, so we’re more than happy to watch her do what she has to, to get her revenge.

We know we shouldn’t but we have to admit we really like Donghae’s Shang. What is wrong with us, we always like the baddies? It’s only because Gong Xi and Shang bounce off each other really well and you can physically see their animosity. Watching them fight is going to be lots of fun throughout the season as we know she’ll occasionally get the upper hand over him and finally wipe that smug look off his face. Muhaha.     

Who doesn’t love a good underdog story, especially when the leading lady is absolutely mad!

The Color of a Woman – 1-4 / First impressions

27 Dec

The MusthaveSubs girls came to the realisation that we like fluff a long time ago. We like what we like, sometimes it’s critically amazing but usually it’s not and we’re okay with this fact.

The Color of a Woman is a key example of a fluffy drama that we really shouldn’t like but we utterly adore anyway.

The drama has the flimsiest excuse for a plotline but honestly we don’t care because we like pretty much everything else about it. We may change our minds about the plot issue later on down the track but four episodes in, we’re happy viewers.

We’re enjoying the set up, the characters and most importantly the OTP.

So Ra played by Yoon So Yi is our anti heroine and we love her. She’s not charming, cheerful or any other stereotypical leading lady trait we have grown to love and get bored of over the years. Instead, she is ridiculously smart in an unsocial way. She’s also a nag, bossy, bad tempered and has possibly the worst dress sense we’ve seen on a leading lady in ages. Honestly, someone get her a stylist stat!

Joon Soo played by the lovely Jae Hee is described as the male version of So Ra, which is just as fun to watch. He’s quirky, funny and so likable. We love how he only has eyes for So Ra. He’s loved her for 10 years for her gigantic brain and her sass and in spite of her terrible dress sense and awful social skills. Now that’s what we call a keeper. Forget rich and charming and give us a guy like Joon Soo any day.

We love how refreshingly frank these characters are with each other, it makes for lively and very entertaining viewing. The plot revolves around So Ra and Joon Soo sniping at each other over a misunderstanding that dates back to their college days. This misunderstanding ultimately impacts their lives for ten years before they meet up again. Naturally, this being dramaland, they meet again when they both happen to join the same company. It really is a small world.  

In addition to the OTP being all kinds of cute, we really like the love rivals and side characters as well. They all happen to be so quirky and different. Jin Joo played by Lee Soo Kyung is brilliant as So Ra’s friend and rival in love. The two women spend most of the time fighting and they couldn’t be more different from each other if they tried but at the same time you can tell that they care for each other. It reminds us of a sisterly relationship – you may not always get along and most of the time you want to kill them but you can’t live without them. Plus who doesn’t love a good odd couple?

Then there is Chan Jin, So Ra’s male friend. As a character he has never seen So Ra as anything but a friend however with the reappearance of Joon Soo, he’s suddenly realising how awesome So Ra is – of course he is, it wouldn’t be a drama otherwise! We like the fact that So Ra and Chan Jin are only friends and they have never shared that romantic history together. That set up has been done to death in dramas and let’s say it’s a refreshing change to see two characters of the opposite sex that are just friends (well for now anyway).

This drama reminds us of The Woman who still wants to marry in regards to its vibe and the crazy adventures the characters find themselves in.  It also reminds us of Flower Boy Ramyum Shop with its well crafted assembled cast and metaphors that are way overused- all good points in our opinion.

We don’t know how far a misunderstanding will stretch a drama with 24 episodes but heres hoping for the best. If you’re looking for some light hearted fun, with some romance thrown in for good measure than look no further.

What’s Up? – 1-6/ first impressions

26 Dec

We wanted to watch this drama sooo badly after watching that awesome trailer and then we wanted it even more when it was cancelled. Thankfully the cable gods stepped in and took pity on our poor drama addicted hearts and all we have to say is:

Thank you cable gods, we love you!

We’ll be honest the first couple episodes left us with a lukewarm feeling. Sure, we liked the dark vibe and the complicated characters but at the same time it didn’t impact us the way we hoped.  The characters didn’t connect with us and as a result it didn’t make us eager for more. However, we stuck it out because like we said, we wanted this drama for sooo long and it felt like it was capable of more than what we had seen so far. Then we watched episode 5 and suddenly, the build up was over and the drama clicked into place for us.

Episode 6 was even better, we love the way these characters are all so screwed up – dysfunctional but at the same time desperate to be normal or at least be who they want to be. On a basic level we can understand that desire to be your own person regardless of your parent’s expectations and so watching them all come together and try and work out their thoughts and feelings is so engaging.

Every scene with Tae Hee and her dead father breaks our hearts. She’s such an earnest, sweet character. She appears to be one of the more functional of the bunch but in reality she’s probably the most damaged.

We adore all her scenes with Jae Hun, who we have a major soft spot for. What’s not appealing about a bad boy trying to make good? We love how his mother described the university as his emergency exit, it’s so fitting for the situation and the fact that he’s trying to escape the demons of his past. Sadly for him and us as viewers, we know full well that he won’t be able to hide for long. We can’t imagine that there will be a happy ending for this character, Kdramas love to serve justice but oh how we really hope it all turns out well for him. His character may be wise to the world and all the evils in it but at the same time, we love that look on his face when he watched Team A’s musical performance or when Tae Hee sang to him. It was so innocent and care free and while we’re watching him we can’t help but be happy for him and root for him to succeed.

Plus, how cute would Tae Hee and Jae Hun be as a couple?!

The scene where Doo Ri sang to her mother to calm her down was so great. The lyrics, the moment and the broken look on Doo Ri’s face was so tragically perfect. We felt for her so much at that moment. The idea of an emergency exit couldn’t be more apt for this character and watching her regress to please/ comfort her mother was so sad to watch.

When a drama can manage to squeeze our jaded drama hearts- we know we’ve found a good one. For now, we’re thoroughly enjoying this drama and can’t wait for more!

Belated Merry Christmas to everyone

26 Dec

We've been MIA for the better part of a month due to real life being insanely busy but we're glad to say that we are back and as always we've got plenty to say! 

The drama season has picked up and suddenly we've found ourselves with so many good dramas to pick from. What's a girl to do with so many options…?

Our currently watching list:

What’s Up? – we’ve got our fingers crossed it’s a winner. So far soooo good!

The Color of a Woman – mindless fluff. Exactly what we need for the Christmas holidays.

Skip Beat! – we must really love Siwon and Donghae if we’re willing to put up with their awful dubbing. Aside from that, we love Ivy Chen’s leading lady and the fact that they have stayed true to the original. It’s all looking very promising.

Hold list for various reasons:

Ring Ring Bell – see bitch post below.

Office Girls – overexposed fandom is a major turn off for the Musthavesubs girls. Plus, how dare they extend this drama, when it barely had enough plot to cover its original run!?

My Love by My Side – we plan to marathon this one soon, it’s the only way we manage to get through the mid section of a long family drama.

Wish List:

Padam, Padam – everyone seems to love this drama. Plus, we’re suddenly seeing Kim Bum differently, seriously he’s looking HAWT!

Girl K – this looks ridiculously good.

Me too, Flower – we were all set to watch this one but then we read how the second half tanked. We’ve decided to leave it until we know how it all turns out at the end.

We've missed you dramaland- we're so glad to be back!