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Day 7: Your Favourite Story

31 Jan

Isn’t it obvious? We like them all!

We joke but it’s true, we can’t resist a good drama trope – whether it is a marriage contract, birth secrets, rich guy/ poor girl romance… you name we’ll watch it.

If we really had to pick one type of drama story we can’t resist it would have to be the cross dressing storyline.

We love cross dressing dramas! Okay, that is a sentence we didn’t imagine we’d write down…ever. Heheh

Coffee Prince, You’re Beautiful, Hana Kimi and Sungkyunkwan Scandal are a few that come to mind and yes, we adored them all.

What is there not to like about a guy falling for a girl simply for who she is? Gender barriers be gone – he loves her as a person!

We also love that sticky angst portion that comes with this type of story as we watch the leading man or love rival wrestle with their feelings as they come to terms with the fact that they love a dude.

The leading ladies are always strong and likable.  In every drama we’ve watched under this topic, they always dress up for a greater purpose like saving their brother from trouble, getting money or in Hana Kimi’s case because it was a single sex school and it was the only way in.

This drama story always has two types of male characters both of whom we adore:

The guy that knows the secret and spends the majority of the drama protecting her and keeping her out of trouble

Tae Kyung from You’re beautiful was so lovable and remains one of our favourite leading men. Then there is Crazy Horse from SS. He was her silent protector that hiccupped his way through the drama until he got himself an awesome bromance.

The guy that falls for the leading lady despite thinking they are a man

Nakatsu from Hana Kimi still holds our hearts as the sweetest love rival from a Jdrama.

Also, how can anyone forget Han Kyul from Coffee Prince? He played tormented angst beautifully in that drama.

For us this type of drama storyline often develops the OTP’s romance better because let’s face it – they need to, the leading man thinks she’s a man! The writer has to go deeper than superficial factors and really give the OTP connections and build a relationship on a better foundation than just the usual misunderstandings, accidental kisses ect.

When one story gives us; great angst, real romance, friendship and plenty of laughs, what’s not to love?

We just love this drama story and we’re hoping for our 2012 fix real soon!!!


Day 6: Your Worst Drama Couple

30 Jan

As the biggest romantics and OTP shippers out there, a bad OTP is the one thing we can’t tolerate. As a result we’ve been quite lucky in avoiding bad drama couples who need to be murdered or have their eyes scratched out for being really annoying or just plain dumb. The only time we’ve had to suffer the wrath of a bad drama couple is when we’ve been lulled in by their initial hot chemistry or how good they look together. Yes, we are indeed suckers!

Our choice for Worst couple is: P.S MAN – He Jie and Xiao Qian

How can a couple have so much chemistry but be utterly frustrating and annoying at the same time?! UGH

Don’t be fooled by the MV – trust us when we say it’s all show and no action.

We blame the writers completely for wasting what could have been an unbelievably hot OTP. The OTP in P.S Man spent 21 episodes going back and forth – doubting each other, accusing each other and yes, lusting after each other in a vicious cycle of pure annoyance for any viewer that had the misfortune to be sucked in by them.

We would have dropped this drama after the initial repetitive pattern of them confessing their love one moment and then taking it back the next, if it wasn’t for James Wen stepping in and saving the drama.

Enter the HOT LOVE RIVAL that changed everything.

The audience got so frustrated by the OTP that there was even an official poll created to decide who the leading lady should get together with. Clearly, Blue Lan’s He Jie wasn’t fairing too well in the popularity stakes and who can blame us? He was weak and a complete coward. How hard is it to confess your true feelings to the girl you love!!!? We know that Tdramas like to drag storylines out but still… the guy was keeping the florist industry in business with the number of bouquets he brought to confess his love every week, only for him to chicken out right at the last hurdle.

There got to a point in the drama where we sat there wondering why the hell they weren’t together already. They had no real excuse to be apart, aside from the fact that she was insecure and he was a coward. No evil villains scheming in the background, no crazy mother in laws…nothing.

We grew to hate the OTP even more as the drama progressed because the leading lady strung along possibly the sweetest love rival out there. The biggest kick in the teeth was the fact that we not only saw our love rival get his heartbroken over the pathetic leading lady but he had to be the one to finally get the OTP together. Seriously, hasn’t he suffered enough!?

It took something as elaborate and over the top as a staged kidnapping courtesy of the love rival to bring them together. Come on, you’ve got to be kidding us.

Our advice: Avoid this drama – this couple will give you a headache.
Other drama couples we hated: Easy fortunate, happy life: He killed her grandmother!!!

Day 5: The Worst Drama that you watched until the end

29 Jan

We’re pretty sure we’ve watched a lot of crap over the years! When we first started watching dramas, we watched everything from start to finish, regardless of whether it was good or not. That’s how obsessed and naive we were. However, as the years have passed and real life became more demanding, we learnt to cut dramas quite quickly and gain a good crap detector for dramas that we knew weren’t going to work out for us. Thankfully for us, our crap detector has generally served us well – we avoided: Paradise Ranch, Myung Wol the Spy, Playful kiss…

However unfortunately for us, the odd drama has slipped through the net and we have found ourselves sitting there groaning and lamenting the hours of our lives we lost because we were far too stubborn and stupid to drop the drama when we should have.

Our drama choice for this topic may not be the worst drama out there but it made us mad, really mad that we dedicated 20 hours of our lives for what we have to call the most groan inducting, frustratingly annoying drama ever. The worse thing about this drama is the fact that it had soooooo much potential.

Our choice for worst drama we watched to the end is: Cinderella’s Unni

WTF was that, did we really waste 20 hours of our life on this crap?  They were the exact words we used after we watched the end credits roll.

The first five episodes were so amazing. The drama had us hooked. It was intense, dark and so emotionally compelling that we were obsessed. The acting by the cast was fantastic, the way it was filmed was beautiful, everything was spot on and then it just went horribly, horribly wrong.

Seriously, by the end of it we just wanted every single one of these characters to die a painful death. It was that bad. How did a writer manage to make such well written, crafted characters completely and utterly detestable by the end of it?? Now that is a skill.

The leading lady went from being this strong but broken character that you cared so much for. In to this weak, frustrating character that cried in dark corners ALL THE TIME and refused to accept the help or love of anyone around her. She had ZERO character growth. When you watch a character for 20 episodes, you hope that they evolve to get their HEA but no, not in this drama.

We love our drama characters to be complex and yes, screwed up because you want to see when change and get their HEA. However, in this drama nothing seemed to work on this leading lady. Her OTP confessed his love practically every other week only for her to reject him and cry some more in a dark corner. The lovely Jung Woo who adored her and showed her that screwed up kids could make good had no effect on her at all. The only thing we suggest for her now is Prozac. Yes, if there was ever a character that showed signs of being a manic depressive- it was Cinderella’s Unni’s Eun Jo.

The writers butchered what could have been an amazing Kdrama. 

As viewers we felt alienated by everything. The characters actions and personalities made no sense as we watched them become more deranged and damaged as the weeks went by. The OTP’s romance was so messy and frustrating that we just didn’t care because we were too busy hoping that they would all just die!

This was one of those dramas that made you want to sit down and write a long, detailed post WARNING everyone to avoid this drama. It was just bad, really, really bad. Just thinking about this drama makes us mad, our dislike is that strong. You’ve got characters that you hate, nonexistent plot development unless you count the leading lady finding a new location to cry in, an increasing sense of disappointment as you realised that the drama wasn’t planning to get better anytime soon and yes, did we mention that we hated everyone and everything in this drama?

Don’t watch it. We’re doing a public service here by saving you from unnecessary misery.

Other dramas we had the misfortunate to watch all the way through include:

I Am Legend: UGH – it was a confused drama that didn’t know what genre it wanted to be. Plus, it had NO romance. What is the point in tuning in if there isn’t even a romance???

Itazura na Kiss – It was gross. We don’t understand how this story keeps being remade. It’s horrible, the leading man is an idiot and the girl (in this version) is the most annoying, frustrating character EVER.

Day 4: Your Best Couple

28 Jan

This topic is too ambiguous for our liking. What does ‘best’ mean anyway? As rabid OTP shippers this question is hard. We could be here for hours, rambling endlessly about OTPs that we love. As a result we decided that we’d discuss a OTP that is unlikely to win any ‘best’ categories but nevertheless they were a couple that had us hooked from start to finish and never have we wished for a HEA for any OTP as much as we did for them.

Their love was haunting, intense and utterly fascinating to watch. After completing this drama, our expectations for what we classify as a ‘good’ OTP changed drastically. We had seen firsthand what a OTP’s chemistry should be like, how they should look and feel for each other during the good times and most importantly the bad times.  After finishing this drama, we reflected back on earlier dramas and their OTPs and we laughed at how pathetic they were in comparison.

Who are we talking about you ask?

Que Sera, Sera’s Tae Joo and Eun Soo

 Their relationship was damaged, angsty and heartbreakingly compelling. We adored it.

In reflection, this OTP were apart more than they were together but maybe that is why we liked them so much. The writing and acting involved made it easy for us to believe this OTP’s feelings for each other. Therefore watching their longing and angst as they tried to move forward as individuals with other people was completely engrossing because we knew that sooner or later they would just explode and yield to their feelings and boy was that moment GOOOOOOOOOD! If you have seen the scene we’re talking about you know exactly what we mean. If you haven’t, you need to watch this drama ASAP. It’s so worth it.


For us, the couple were connected more on a primal level than anything else. They were completely different from one another but their chemistry was undeniable. She was an innocent and he was a bastard that did whatever he had to for money. However, through the course of the drama she changed him for the better. Don’t get us wrong, it wasn’t a cheesy, miraculous change. He made plenty of mistakes along the way but his feelings for her made him a better man by the end of it.

The way these characters evolved throughout the drama was brilliant, it felt completely authentic.  The issue of character development and changing at the right pace is something that a lot of dramas fail to do successfully. More often than not it feels contrived and rushed, however QSS did a great job in ensuring that they stayed true to the essence of the drama as well as the OTP.

A lot of viewers hated the way the drama handled the OTP’s relationship in the end but we thought it was not only symbolic but also practical. They were far too screwed up and damaged to have worked straight away and frankly we wouldn’t have brought their reunion.

This couple is a standout for us because their feelings were genuine and realistic. They were far from perfect and that is something we can relate to. Also their insane chemistry helped!

If you love a good OTP – this is the drama for you.

Favourite Quote from Que Sera, Sera:

‘Even if we die and rot away, I don’t think my feelings for you will ever change.’

Eun Soo to Tae Joo

Other couples worth mentioning include:

Hana Yori Dango’s Makino and Domyoji, Pasta’s Chep and Yoo Kyung, Mar’s Ling and Qui Luo, Nodame Cantabile’s Nodame and Chaiki, You’re Beautiful’s Tae Kyung and Mi Nam, Coffee Prince’s Eun Chan and Han Kyul, Pride’s Halu and Aki…

Day 3: Your Favourite ‘I Love You’

27 Jan

It’s usually the scene you most anticipate in any drama. The moment where the OTP finally stops fighting, misunderstanding each other and puts aside everything else in their screwed up lives to stop and confess their feelings for each other. As hopeless romantics this is the moment we most look forward to. It’s also one of the moments that stay with us long after we’ve finished the drama.

When its good- we confess to being those giggling, giddy girls totally loving the moment. Sighing with the hopes that one day (without the evil mother in law) a guy will confess his love with as much heart and sincerity as they do in the dramas. One day…soon, we hope! Hehehe.

Our most favourite ‘I love You’ was an easy choice. It was a moment that made this drama for us and a moment that set the bar in regards to the standard we hope for in terms of love confessions.

Coffee Prince: Han Kyul to Eun Chan

“I’ll say this just once, so listen to me. I like you. Whether you’re a man, or an alien… I don’t care anymore. I tried getting rid of my feelings, but I couldn’t… So let’s go, as far as we can go.”

The most romantic, intense confession we’ve seen so far. This OTP were utterly brilliant together. They shared so much chemistry and charm, that we were smitten right from the start. We believed these characters as a couple. We loved watching them grow to love each other despite factors such as gender and sexuality. There love had no boundaries. He loved her as a person, now that’s the type of man we want.

Other noteworthy love confessions that stayed with us over the years:

Secret Garden: Jon Woo to Gil Rim- Quoted from his goodbye letter aka the scene with the most beautiful man pain!







‘This may be the most selfish decision of my life, but since it’s the decision of a leader in society, respect it. You were always really cool — be cool in the future, too. / I’m going to miss you a lot. I love you.’

He was willing to die for her. Ready to give up his whole existence and most importantly the chance to have his OTP, just so she could live. Sigh*

Prosecutor Princess: Hye Ri to In Woo

‘I Love you. You Bastard.’

He betrayed her in possibly the worst way imaginable but despite his deception, she still couldn’t help but confess her feelings to him. This was a love confession that made us squeal outrageously in a very fan girly way.

Pasta: Chep to Yoo Kyung

‘Yes its true Seo Yoo Kyung likes me, as for me….. I love Seo Yoo Kyung’

Come on, we couldn’t resist putting this quote on our list. We love Pasta despite its fluffy ways and the fact that nothing much ever happened. This scene was great and yes, a moment that we waited impatiently for from episode 1 and you know what – it totally delivered.

We’ve probably missed a million other love confessions, we would love to hear your favourites that we undoubtedly missed and we will probably regret not having on our list.

Day 2: Your Favourite Song from a Drama OST

26 Jan

Picking one song from all the dramas we’ve watched is far too hard of a challenge and well it’s our challenge and that means we choose the rules! As a result we decided to compile a list of songs from dramas that stood out for us over the years even if the dramas wasn’t particular great or one we even remember much.

Stand alone songs that stayed with us long after the drama faded from our memories include:

Heartstrings – Yong Hwa’s – ‘ Because I miss you’

The song is just so beautiful. Yes, we tease poor Yong Hwa about his wooden acting and the fact that Heartstrings was rubbish but seriously, no one can dispute the fact that this guy has some major musical chops. This song is just so heartfelt and intensely sad.

We just love it.

Dream High – IU – ‘Waiting’

Another lovely song that made our jaded hearts soften.

When we think about the Dream High soundtrack, we have to admit that there are quite a few songs that we really liked. The drama was a surprise all round. We never thought we’d enjoy it as much as we did, what with all those Idol actors and the cheesy premise. However, it was put together so well. We really liked how the musical proportion of the drama allowed us to see their progress as characters and really played a major part in the drama.

Standout dramas that all round rocked in the OST department include:


It’s just the perfect collection of music put together in such a classy way. Soulmate is a good example of highlighting how music can add to the overall quality and delivery of a drama.

Also the music played a major factor in delivering one of our favourite drama scenes of all time. It was a scene that is still totally unique and so sweet and a OTP moment that made Soulmate one of our favourite Kdramas of all time.

Coffee Prince

This drama had so many great tracks on its OST. The music was a major factor for why this drama was so cool and trendy. Okay, there is also the fact that Gong Yoo and Go Eun Chan were smoking hot together but still the music helped.

Other drama OSTs/ songs we could ramble endless about include; You’re Beautiful, Autumn’s Concerto, Mars, Nodame Cantabile…

Day 01: Your Favourite drama – Hana Yori Dango

25 Jan

When you watch three different versions of the same drama- you know its love!

This drama will always have a special place in our hearts. It has so many elements in it that made us love watching dramas in the first place and allowed us to become the drama addicts we are today.

There is something about this drama that makes us giddy like the worst type of drama junky. We love the romance, the friendship and the utter madness they all suffer. It is so over the top and silly but at the same time there are so many heartfelt moments in the drama where it made our hearts ache for this OTP that really, really have to earn their happily ever after.  

Reasons why we picked this drama as our favourite of the zillions we’ve seen over the years include:

Great characters:

We adore Domyoji! He’s half geek and half mad and as a character we never swayed our loyalties from him and considering we’ve got a serious problem of second lead shipping, you know he must be worth it. We love the fact that he fell for her straight away and did everything he could to have her regardless of social status and what mother dearest thought. We liked how he wasn’t the typical leading man type. He was emotional, silly and impulsive. Plus, the guy is willing to take on a gang of thugs and jump into a snow storm to save her. Now that’s our type of leading man.

Makino is awesome- simple as that. Tough, straight talking, lovable and a leading lady you are happy to root for until the end. Any girl that is willing to fly kick a bully (even if he’s her OTP) is worthy in our books. For us, the character of Makino is probably one of the key factors that makes this drama our favourite. Never do we doubt her choices or feel frustrated by her actions and well frankly that is near impossible for most dramas. The character is sensible, smart and kind. We can relate to her which subsequently makes it easier to sympathise with her during the bad times and boy does this girl suffer.

A love rival worth talking about:

How much easier would Makino’s life be if she chose sensitive, sweet Rui over our hot headed leading man? Rui was the perfect type of love rival in our opinion. He was the type that had a chance with the leading lady and divided an audience in their loyalties. The thing about Rui we liked was the fact that Makino crushed on him so badly before Domyoji turned up and so he already had credibility and makes you wonder about the possibilities.

Also we liked the fact that Domyoji was aware that Rui was better suited for her. The scene where Domyoji got down on his knees and begged Rui to let him have her was soooo great. It not only showed the bond of friendship between these characters as Rui chose his friendship over a girl but also it showed just how much proud Domyoji cared for Makino.

Favourite moments:

The emotional rollercoaster this OTP go through allowed us to witness some of our most beloved drama moments that stand out in our memories all these years later.

If you have seen HYD you will know the following scenes well.

-Makino and Domyoji's first date – it was so sweet and funny.

-The scene where Makino called Domyoji on ‘their’ mobile and cried that she never thought that she would hear his voice on ‘their’ mobile. The scene was so emotional and tugged at our hearts so much. It took guts to call him and ask him out and it was one of those scenes where you really fell for the OTP as a couple and as individuals.

– We loved the scene where they break up on the bridge and we watched Makino search for her necklace in the river. The scene was so intense and had soooooo much lovely angst.

We’ve seen a great deal of dramas over the years and from a range of genres but still this drama is up there as the one to beat. It’s got the lot as well as the perfect amount of drama crack to fulfil our greedy needs. If you haven’t seen this drama- watch it, it’s so worth it!

Other dramas worthy of this category include: City Hall, Nodame Cantabile, Thank you…  

Bring on the 30 Day Drama Challenge, we’re ready for you!

24 Jan

We decided to do the 30 Day Drama Challenge for a few reasons. We have no doubt that we will thoroughly enjoy rambling endlessly about our favourite topic. We also love a good list and most importantly, it will encourage us to post more regularly. Something we wish we were better at.

We found ourselves a generic list we thought we’d work off, however naturally this being our list, we will may deviate away from the framework to suit us better. We’d really like it if you guys joined in and added your thoughts on the questions. It’s always more fun that way and we have no doubt there will be plenty of questions where we completely overlooked a drama/ person that was perfect for the topic. Also, if you totally disagree with one of our answers and think we’re completely mad – tell us, we love a good drama discussion!

Here is the list of 30 questions we plan to attempt in the upcoming month:

Day 01: Your Favorite drama
Day 02: Your Favorite Male Lead Character
Day 03: Your Favorite Female Lead Character
Day 04: Your Favorite Male Third Wheel Character
Day 05: Your Favorite Female Third Wheel Character
Day 06: Your Favorite Song from a drama OST
Day 07: Your Favorite Line/s by a Male Lead Character
Day 08: Your Favorite Line/s by a Female Lead Character
Day 09: Your Favorite Line/s by a Male Third Wheel
Day 10: Your Favorite Line/s by a Female Third Wheel
Day 11; Your Favorite Dialogue
Day 12: Your Favorite Story
Day 13: Your Favorite “I Love You”
Day 14: Your Favorite Kiss
Day 15: Your Favorite Ending
Day 16: A drama you started but can’t finish
Day 17: A drama you’ve watched more than once
Day 18: The Worst drama that you’ve watched until the end
Day 19: Your Best Actor
Day 20: Your Best Actress
Day 21: Your Worst Actor
Day 22: Your Worst Actress
Day 23: Your Best Couple
Day 24: Your Worst Couple
Day 25: Your First drama
Day 26: Your Recently Finished drama
Day 27: A drama loved by many but you don’t seem to like
Day 28: A drama not loved by many but you seem to like
Day 29: A drama which made you so happy
Day 30: A drama which made you so sad

Wish us luck, we have a feeling we may need it 🙂

Wild Romance episode 3-4

16 Jan

WTF?! This drama has multiple personality issues and it has left us feeling rather uneasy and yes, disturbed.

WR started off so great; funny, charming and silly. However, by episode 4 we are left with this train wreck of a drama where the leading man has literally beaten the crap out of his leading lady. It was horrible and utterly unacceptable. Yes, she’s a Judo champion and can take care of herself but there is no excuse for his behaviour in that scene. He was aggressive, violent and to make matters worse, he showed no remorse what so ever. In fact, the leading lady, who is no pushover, actually felt guilty for upsetting him.

Does that make sense!? She literally had bruises on her neck and face from the attack. This type of behaviour does not fall under the category of a romantic comedy!

Are we really supposed to root for a couple like this? There was a sequence that followed that scene, where Moo Yul got angry at Eun Jae and literally for a split second, we wondered whether he would hit her again. It was that thought that made us think we can't carry on watching a drama like that. It's unacceptable on every level.

We wish we could pretend that we never saw that scene but frankly we can't. Damn it.

One thing we'll take away from this drama is the fact that it had by far the funniest first episode ever. Shame about the rest of it.

What’s Up – episodes 11-12

16 Jan

He waited for her!

Someone tell us where we can find a guy just like Jae Hun, we love him.

He waited for Tae Yi despite the fact that her reasoning for staying with a bunch of sleazy perverts was completely pathetic and no way enough of an excuse not to drag her away kicking and screaming. He waited for her because she asked him to and well he’s so smitten by her that he’d do anything she asked, regardless of how stupid it might be. 


Despite the fact that Jun Hae was unbelievably great, rocking up there and declaring in his cool voice ‘let’s go’, (swoon*) the whole scenario annoyed us. We don’t care how much you want something, there are ways to do things and putting yourself in a situation like that is not the right way. Yes, Tae Yi is naïve and rather sheltered from the real world but seriously, she is so frustrating to watch at times. Running over and signing a multi-year contract without someone looking it over is just stupid. UGH.

The worst thing about Tae Yi is the fact that we can’t dislike her, however much we want to. Her scenes with her father get us every time. They are always so sweet and touching. He was the person she turned to, to work out her thoughts and feelings. So you can’t help but feel for her as she tries to deal with real life without him around to protect her.  Also, the girl may be a bit silly at times, but she doesn’t have a malice bone in her, it’s like hating on Bambi.


Aside from being glad that there has been some resolution to Tae Yi’s storyline, we’re scared about what’s going to happen next!  We want to protect these characters that we have grown to adore from episode 1 and hope they all get their HEA. However, we fear that we might be out of luck on this occasion. Sob*

Jae Hun has finally found his place in the world and is happy but naturally this being a Kdrama, we knew it wouldn’t last long. We just can’t think of any way he can possibly get his happily ever after. He did the crime, there is clear evidence and someone died. Surely, there is no chance of him escaping jail, it’s too major right? Then there is the fact that he was indirectly responsible for killing his GF’s father which is another matter all together. We sense angst coming, a lot of it and we don’t like it one bit. We want him to be happy, damn it.

Then there is Sun Woo- they showed him with the dreaded nosebleed! Noooooo.

We guess we worked out whose funeral the gang were all going to at the start of the drama. We hope we’re so wrong about this theory.  However a nosebleed and his declaration that he wanted to live a long life all means one thing- he’s going to die.

Other thoughts:

How awesome was Byun Gun when he sang to the ghost. He’s such a great character. He never fails to make us smile in every episode. We’re glad that the writer has started to reveal more of his back story because that means we get to have more airtime with him and well that’s always a good thing.


Do Sung telling Soo Bin that his music was ‘too safe’ was brilliant. We doubt that anyone has ever criticised Soo Bin in his whole life. His reaction was priceless!

We can’t wait for the battle of the bands to begin. Mainly because we want to see Chae Young’s smug smile wiped off her face. Muahahah.

Who is going to be the person that Byun Gun manages to sing in front of? Doo Ri, perhaps? We love a good odd couple and they fit the bill quite nicely.