Day 11: Your Favourite Drama Ending

5 Feb

We fear drama endings the most. There have been many instances where we have loved a drama all the way through its run and then the last couple episodes absolutely killed the drama for us. We have indeed been burned and have become cautious in giving our final verdict of a drama until we watch the credits roll in the last episode.

Most of the time we’re not fans of wrapping dramas up in a nice pretty bow in its finale as it feels contrived and predictable. We really don’t need to see the OTP’s wedding, their children and a sequence where we watch two old people sitting in rocking chairs holding each other’s wrinkly hands, we get the picture!

For us sometimes an open ending is better. Dramas really make the OTP suffer and so it’s quite nice to end a drama with a hopeful ending where you know that the OTP will be happy but not necessarily immediately. In our opinion an open ending feels more natural and realistic and allows us to hope for the best rather than see it shoved in our face.

Take Soulmate, so many people hated the drama’s ending and hoped for a second season for so long but for us it was perfect. The whole drama was about meeting your soul mate who is your destiny regardless of when and where. They went through so much and it would have been wrong if they got together immediately. However, ending the drama with the knowledge that the OTP were in the same city at the same time gave us the hope that maybe they will meet again and live happily ever after.

We watched an alternative ending of this drama where they meet again on a bus and we thought it was so cheesy. We really don’t need the details of how they meet up again, just knowing that there is that possibility was enough. After all the whole point of the drama was the idea that everyone has their own soul mate, who you will eventually be with you one way or another.

We are so glad that this didn’t happen!

As long as the drama doesn’t make us want to reach for a sick bucket with a cute HEA or make the main characters do anything stupid, we’re easily pleased.

That said there are a couple drama endings we really didn’t like and felt ruined the drama experience for us.

For example: the drama ending where the leading lady/ man leave to study abroad. UGH!

We really enjoyed Shining Inheritance but the ending killed the drama for us. Why would she want to study abroad after all she went through? We would never leave our father’s side after believing he had passed away. Then there was her surrogate grandmother that was sick with Alzhiemers – where are her priorities? Aren’t there any good universities in Korea, why leave everyone dearest to you to study in America? We just thought it was really strange and unlike her character to decide to pack up and study abroad. The point of the drama was to show us how important family was to her and there she was leaving after everything was resolved, it’s like she didn’t learn a thing in the drama.

The same thing was done in Coffee Prince to a lesser degree. It felt like they added that last minute desire to study abroad as a way to extend the drama a little longer. The end episode really did feel completely unnecessary and in our opinion took away some of the awesomeness from the overall quality of the drama.

Pulling the rug from under your feet finale:

We can’t believe 49 Days killed off the leading lady! How dare they have us root for her throughout the drama and then kill her off under the idea that it was always meant to be her time. Seeing someone struggle for 19 episodes was cruel and pointless.

Let’s not even get started on the last minute long lost sister storyline. Groan*


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