Day 16: A drama that made you so happy

15 Feb

As drama junkies, we confess that most dramas make us happy one way or another. Kdramas in particular just cater to all our obsessive fangirl needs like no other type of TV does. Once you’re hooked, it’s hard to go back. Is it just us or has western television totally lost its appeal now?

We thought of a few dramas for this topic but the one that really sticks out in our minds is:

 Boys before Flowers

It’s far from perfect but perfect is so overrated. Boys is a pure crack drama. A rare breed that is often devoured far too quickly but will stay with you long after it’s finished. It’s one of those dramas that remind you exactly why you became a drama addict in the first place. It’s one you will stay up all night watching and one you will obsessively think about while waiting for the next episode. Well that is when you’re not gushing endlessly about it to anyone that will listen.

Reasons why this drama made us happy:

We are suckers for a good romance, bromance and anything that is unashamedly over the top.

This drama is all of the above and then some. Everything was 100% more extreme or overdramatic than anything you have seen before. For us, the crack factor stemmed from the fact that we hadn’t seen anything quite like it before and we eagerly awaited each episode desperately wanting to know how the drama planned to top the last episode and it usually did. It had the much desired angst, the giggles and so many cute OTP moments to keep our romantic hearts happy.

Naturally, this being a Kdrama the actors are HOT and we mean Lee Min Ho type of hot. Who would have thought that those curls would look so appealing on a man? Or geeky LMH could play such a fabulous Jun Pyo? If hot men are not your thing, there are also cute guys in the form of Kim Bum. Unfortunately, cute doesn’t cut it for the Musthavesubs girls, but we like how Kdramas cater for a variety of tastes, including girls and boys who like the occasional ginger haired Korean in the shape of our favourite Ji Hoo Sunbae. Seriously, he had some bad hair in that drama! We love you really… hehe.

Plucky leading lady, hot men, friendship, evil mothers, crazy side characters and a HEA- what more can you ask for?



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