Day 18: Your Favourite Female Third Wheel

22 Feb

A female love rival that we actually like… come on, does that even make sense?

Unlike their male counterparts, female love rivals are rarely ever worth talking about unless it involves endless bitching and ranting about how annoying they are. For some reason drama writers have found themselves in a rut where they are unable to do anything original with a female love rival. As a result, they have become a stereotype that may be a constant in a drama but one that is rarely favoured. 

There appears to be two types of female love rivals in dramas:

  1. The beautiful but helpless first love that is perfect and oh so dull to watch.

The Leading man will spend multiple episodes moping over this type of love rival, while not realising that the woman of his dreams is the plucky, smart mouthed girl that he spends most of the time bickering with.

  1. The scheming, psychopathic love rival. She will deceive her way through the drama, doing unthinkable evil things while looking immaculate with her perfect hair and wearing really pretty designer high heels.

We hate this type the most. They are that unnecessary fixture that deviates away from the storyline and just makes you want to scream at your television screen in frustration as once again she does something to stop the OTP from finally getting together.

Don’t even get us started on dramas where the female love rival is both type 1 and 2. Groan*

As you can imagine this question was difficult to answer just because the options are rather limited to say the least.

However, if we really had to choose:

We guess Secret Garden’s Yoon Seul

She started off rather typical and we groaned in anticipation of her annoying actions but she turned out to be great! She was direct, honest and very cool. Also it helped that she wasn’t a fully fledged love rival hell bend on getting the leading man. This still counts right!?

City Hall’s Go Hae

Unlike normal love rivals, she wasn’t really in it for the romance but more about keeping up appearances. We like her because she was smart and tough. She was the type to smile sweetly while saying something really cutting and evil. Yes, we confess we liked that about her even when it was aimed at our leading lady. She was also a powerful love rival, which in itself was a rarity as female love rivals often appear to be the weaker sex, who are just obsessed over the leading man. So yay for progress.


Look at that face, she means business.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could appreciate a female love rival as much as we do a male one? We would love to question our loyalties and root for a female love rival for once. Come on writers, it’s time to get inventive and think outside the box!


What do you think?

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