Skip Beat! Episode 11

7 Mar

For us, the best thing about episode 11 was the oh too brief moment between Shang and Gong Xi at the start of the episode. It was a rare, sweet moment where these two characters were completely honest about their feelings without any malice at all. He confided his thoughts so openly and you could clearly see how their relationship impacted him as children. Of course Shang had to go ahead and ruin it by acting like an idiot but still for that brief moment we were completely hooked by them. It’s the knowledge that he is affected by her so much and  the fact that she can’t quite ignore him that keeps us engaged in their moments. They also have that shared history which is reflected in how tactile they are with each other and they way they look at each other that peaks our interest. Plus, it helps that this couple share really great chemistry, dare we say it better than the dramas OTP…


As much as we love Lian and Gong Xi together, they need to move forward faster! Yes, the manga has them dancing around each other for what feels like a million volumes but this is a 13 episode drama and we demand something, anything. It would be such a shame if the drama finished without any romantic progress- we would feel cheated, damn it. Tdramas know how to deliver on the romantic front and well to end a tdrama without even a kiss would be unacceptable.

Come on drama, please don’t disappoint us!

While we’re waiting for the OTP to get their act together, we have to confess we really enjoyed all the brooding and jealous looks from Lian and also all that HOT fan service.

As fangirls of the worst kind – we approve!


What do you think?

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