The King 2 Hearts – Episodes 2-4

1 Apr

Shooting your OTP is a NO-NO in our books.

We have conflicting feelings for this drama. At times we’re thoroughly engrossed and loving it and then we’re sitting there thinking WTF was that?

Don’t get us wrong, we’re completely invested in the drama and can’t wait for the next episode to be subbed but seriously we can’t get over what a mix bag it is.

Take the big bad villain of the drama. Honestly what writer thought that this type of over the top, Dr Evil type baddie would fit in a drama like this? His scenes are so long winded and stupid that we find ourselves groaning whenever he’s on screen. We get it; you’re a baddie, a crazy baddie that happens to be quite good at performing magic tricks. Congratulations to you – Let’s move on now. Sometimes less is more, we don’t need such excessive scenes to prove how ‘bad’ the drama’s villain really is.  As a result we’re hopeful the writer will dial down on the silliness and give him more creditability as the big bad because at the moment, he is the weakest link in the drama.

Aside from the obvious fact that we can’t stand the villain of the drama, our other biggest gripe with TK2H is actually the leading man Lee Jae Ha.

Frankly, we think he’s idiot and even though he ran 60km in 8 hours with an injury – we still think he’s got a long way to go before we can get over the fact that he’s an immature brat that needs a good beating.

First of all, he used everything that Hang Ah confided in him regarding her hopes of marriage and her personal insecurities about being unappealing and used it against her in the most horrible way possible. The cold shoulder was realistic and something we would have done as well but then to top that off- he goes and shots her!

The situation was intense, strained and emotional but still to point blank shot someone that you had gotten to know, you comrade in arms, your flipping roommate is too much for us! Yes, the bullet was a blank but he didn’t know that. Hang Ah is possibly the most understanding, reasonable person ever or just really unrealistic to get past something like that so easily. If the situation were reversed, we’re sure she would have done the same thing but this is her OTP we’re talking about and this guy just shot her without hesitation right in the heart. He hasn’t even given her a decent apology. We’ve read about people swooning over the scene where he tells her that it hurt his heart when he did it and all we could think is: really, that’s all you’ve got? – You shot her, you bastard! 

The actions of episode 4 were indeed a turning point and showed Jae Ha mature a bit but has he suffered enough in our opinion?-Hell no. This guy has a long way to go before we can start rooting for him to get his HEA.

Things we liked:

Everything else.

The drama is put together so well that we can’t believe that the writer/ producers have created such a well-developed and exciting world in just 4 episodes. The pace is also outrageously fast. The transition from a silly, small scene to something insanely intense is seamless and we’re sitting there  the whole time at the edge of our seats wondering where exactly is the drama going to go next and you know what – we love it.

 The small elements come together so well to form the bigger picture and we can’t help but sit there impressed by how well thought out the drama is. Take the SNSD scenario, we wondered where exactly this storyline was going and then suddenly we were presented with an amazingly intense scene where they all drew their guns on each other, we loved it. The way the writer changed the mood from deadly serious to funny was so great. It’s scenes like this that make the irritating, silly parts easy to forgive because when it’s good, it’s really good. We just hope there is more of the good than the bad because it would be a waste of all that lovely potential.

The OTP fascinate us in the best way possible. Their scenes together are so good, they have such solid chemistry. At this point their relationship has just found a common ground, where they have formed that basic level of trust/ respect for each other but even though there isn’t anything romantic between them yet, you can still see it in the way they look and talk to each other. The underlined chemistry is presented so authentically that it just makes us eager for more and we can’t wait!

Final thought:

Here we go again- Another secondary male that we crush on.

What a difference a haircut makes. That’s all we can think because seriously, we watched Jo Jung Suk in What’s Up and nothing, nudda, zilch but Jo Jung Suk as Eun Shi Kyung in TK2H is a different story all together. Suddenly we’re seeing him in a completely different light. He’s all hot in his stern, serious way and we can’t help but adore him completely.


The camp fire scene had us swooning all over the place. Hehe.


2 Responses to “The King 2 Hearts – Episodes 2-4”

  1. poachedpeach April 27, 2012 at 6:39 am #

    it’s actually LEE Jae Ha, not KANG Jae Ah.

    • musthavesubs April 27, 2012 at 8:31 am #

      Oh dear, silly us. Thanks for pointing that out to us!

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