Me too, Flower- thoughts up to episode 8

3 Apr

Episode 7 and 8 were surprisingly great.

We expected this drama to be crap but every time we tune it, we’re pleasantly surprised by what we see.

The tone and the pace is exactly what we’ve been looking for. We adore the way that the characters feelings and thoughts are presented. They are complex, with layers highlighting how they are neither good nor bad but all very human. We also like how none of the relationships are conventional or particularly easy to watch at times. Bong Sun’s strained relationship with her parents is a key example of that. Clearly, they love each other even if their feelings aren’t voiced or conveyed that well. Okay, okay, that’s putting it lightly. Bong Sun’s dad is a total bastard but you can tell that he’s just one of those cavemen types that cries into his pillow at night or secretly loves romcoms. In real life not all relationships are easy and so it’s nice to see them presented so authentically in this drama.

Screwed up relationships aside, we could watch this drama’s OTP all day long. They are ridiculously functional despite how damaged they are as individuals and we love that about them. These two very broken characters have found each other and suddenly their lives don’t suck as much as it did. Sure, they are still surrounded by the madness that makes up their lives but that’s reality, a fact that is always reinforced in the drama.

The scene that cemented our love for them was the scene where Jae Hee broke up with Bong Sun. We knew exactly why he was breaking up with her even though it was killing him to do it but it was her response that nailed the scene for us. Watching her take the chance and open her heart to him even though she had been rejected so many times in the past got us in the best way possible. We think we loved the scene even more because it had shades of Que Sera, Sera with how desperate she came across and how intense the overall scene felt.

We love the fact that they don’t try and fix each other’s issues; they just accept each other for who they are. We also like how Bong Sun doesn’t care that he parks cars for a living and accepts that ‘he has a plan’. We can’t help but feel it’s a refreshing change of prospective from the usual attitudes of drama characters all seeking wealth and fame. Bong Sun would be content with a warm meal with the person she loves every day. Awwww, so sweet.

How deliciously messed up is the love rival Director Park in Me too, Flower – Imagine being mentally and emotionally tied to the person that killed your husband? The twisted mix of desire and hate that this character represents is fascinating to watch. We still can’t get over the fact that Yoon Shi Yoon has intense chemistry with his OTP but he also happens to share insanely good chemistry with Han Go Eun despite the age gap and the fact that he looks like a mere child next to her. Their relationship seems to be spiralling out of control and we look forward to how crazy their dysfunctional relationship will become.

Now that the OTP have acknowledged their feelings for each other, we can’t wait for Bong Sun to find out about Jae Hee’s true identity. The fact that she doesn’t think or react like rational people means that it’s bound to be entertaining or completely insane viewing. We’re happy with either! We have a feeling that this drama can do good angst when the time comes and if there is one thing we love about watching dramas- its angst.

Bring on the angst!


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