A Gentleman’s Dignity – thoughts up to episode 12

7 Jul

We’ve followed this drama from the very beginning and have enjoyed it more and more as the weeks past but frankly when reflecting on it, our minds draw a complete blank as to why we like it so much.

We tried to recall what exactly happened across 12 episodes, only to be left scratching our heads in wonder. Surely, after 12 episodes something substantial would have happened in a Korean drama? But nope, not in this case. This ultimately makes us wonder, why exactly are we smitten and what is keeping us tuned in every week?

Then it hit us, this is our Pasta for 2012. It’s the OTP that keep us coming back for more because frankly everything else is a bit meh for our liking.

Hello, who doesn’t love a reformed ladies man who decides to have a one-sided crush on a woman who loved his best friend? Also, who can resist a leading man who crashes his beloved car in a fit of jealousy? hehe.

The OTP’s moments together are just so lovely to watch. You can feel their cautious sexual chemistry oozing off the screen and we just love the unpredictable nature of their actions towards one another. They have shared so many sweet moments, more so than hot ones but for us, that only makes them more charming. Especially considering he’s a reformed cad and she’s a goodie goodie. We do find it strange that Yi Soo is so flipping chaste considering her age and the fact that it’s 2012 but as it’s a Kdrama we’re always willing to suspend our imaginations.

We think the drama has done really well in developing their feelings for each other. Her crush on Tae San was handled appropriately and not ignored even when she was over him. We like how it took her so long to realise that she liked Do Jin and despite feeling sorry for her when he decided to shun her completely, we think it was exactly what she needed to realise her feelings. Also, what was she thinking wearing his shoes in that situation?? It was just so insensitive and did you see poor Do Jin’s face light up at the sight of her in them?

As soon as he brought her shoes, we knew it wouldn’t end well. Everyone knows that if you buy shoes for love ones they will run away…it’s a Kdrama must.  

Although we’re glad that Do Jin and Yi Soo’s fight was over quickly, we have to say that her kiss through the glass scene was cringy – how is that romantic or appealing to watch? Frankly, it made us go eewwww at the sight of it.

Now that the OTP have finally gotten together, we wonder what on earth the writer has in store to fill  9 episodes… The drama of Colin potentially being Do Jin’s son is just dull to even consider. We’ve seen the ‘illegitimate son come to ruin the OTP’s happiness’ story done a million times already and honestly we could live without it. So we’re hoping that the writer has more up her sleeve than that and makes us glad we stuck around. Fingers crossed*

Sorry, Yoon and Me Ah Ri lovers – we just don’t get it.

Why, why are people fangirling all over this couple??? It makes us feel like weirdos because we just can’t work out what all the fuss is about.

Naturally, we’re not blind to all the sexual tension and the potential that simmers every time they’re on-screen together but seriously, how repetitive are their scenes together, it’s driving us mad!

She throws herself at him like a giddy school girl, only for him to bat her away and tell her to grow up. She cries, he looks pained and she leaves heartbroken. The sequence would have more impact if it didn’t happen every week. Being resilient is always a good thing, but Me Ah Ri is unrealistic in her constant devotion to a man who keeps rejecting her. She’s such a likable character, we desperately want her to wake up and get over it. Let him realise exactly what he’s missing and then we’ll happily watch him grovel his way back in her life.

Yoon is the character we love dearly but boy does he test our patience. We spend the majority of the time shouting at our screen – Man up, Yoon!

We get that he’s in a difficult situation but still, it’s been 12 episodes now, we need the writer to give us some progress. Send Me Ah Ri away, give her a decent love interest, something, anything please drama writer, don’t drag their relationship out any longer!

Trouble sleeping? The perfect remedy for that is watching Tae San and Se Ra on screen.

It can’t be just us that find this couple super dull. They fight about the same thing every week and frankly we just don’t care enough about them to be bothered. Se Ra is an insecure, needy brat that takes advantage of Tae San’s love for her by constantly pushing him. Tae San does what he can to put up with her antics because the poor sod loves her…but still it makes for frustrating viewing.

We’re glad that he finally broke up with her; it’s about bloody time too. Now if she would just hurry up and realise that being married in 2012 isn’t the same as being married in 1712, we can all be happy.

The older woman and the play boy – a complicated love

We just want to beat the crap out of Jung Rok every week. Watching an adulterer is no way ever endearing, sweet or romantic. We want Mi Sook to divorce his sorry ass immediately and find herself a nice guy who adores her like she deserves.

Mi Sook is actually one of our favourite female characters in the drama. Her scenes are short but always manage to stay with us. She’s complicated and has layers to her that the other female characters lack. Despite how infuriating it is, we understand why she stays with Jung Rok, she loves him but his actions are killing her.

Watching him serenade her at work and making sure she drinks her herbal drinks is sweet but this guy has a very long way to go to redeem himself. The scene that made us realise that Mi Sook was better off without him was the scene where Jung Rok pleaded with the guys that he didn’t want to divorce his wife and he truly loved her. This scene would have been sooooo sweet and the perfect step forward if it wasn’t for the fact that it was all fake! It turned out to be a really horrible, manipulated scene that  made us think what an idiot he was and also dimmed our feelings for the other guys because they always cover for their friend even when he doesn’t deserve it.

We would love to see Jung Rok really suffer and earn his way back into his wife’s affections before they get their HEA. Until then Jung Rok is strictly in our bad books.


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