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Nice Guy – 3-4

26 Sep

Okay, now we get the fuss about Kang Ma Roo.

It wasn’t the scene where he rescued Eun Gee’s Barbie doll.

It wasn’t the scene where he drove like a mad man to get his sister back.

Or where he defended Choco’s mother from another beating despite being hurt himself and surprisingly enough it wasn’t his cool, indifferent (hot) interaction with Eun Gee that changed our minds. Although that helped! Hehe.

For us the scene that made us sit up and connect with this leading man was the scene where he drove his sister home and she cried her eyes out. He handed her some tissues and put the radio up. It was that simple, small moment that made us change our minds about him. He had no words of comfort, nothing that could reassure her or make her feel better. This was their harsh reality, a world so very real and horrible that all you can do is carry on with another day and hope it’s better than the last. We imagine we felt a lot like Eun Gee may have in that moment; an outsider looking in and witnessing something completely different from what we would have experienced or could comprehend. We saw his vulnerability and his strength in that one scene and knew that it was going to be damn hard not to root for his HEA.

We put aside our frustration at his actions in the first couple of episodes and really allowed ourselves to understand this character. He’s just so broken and so wronged by life that all we want to do is reach in and hug him tightly and tell him that everything is going to be okay. Eun Gee and Ma Roo are probably far too screwed up to really work in the real world but we sure hope that they get a decent happily ever after or else someone will pay!

Look at us, only four episodes in and already we’re threatening violence and fearing for our OTP, how did this happen in a space of a week????

We are loving this OTP and demand lots of screwed up, confused feelings from them – STAT.

Who else is loving this OTP? They are so damn pretty together and share such a lovely sizzle that our eyes are glued to the screen every time they’re together.

We love how the OTP cancel each other out with their problems. Ma Roo is socially/ economically poor but at least he is loved by his sister and has friends. Eun Gee has everything but an emotional connection with another human being. The closest thing she has to that is with a Barbie doll. How emotionally deprived must you be that you cling onto a Barbie doll for emotional support? We want them to find solace in each other and finally get some happiness so badly.

We’re really glad that the OTP’s interactions feel natural and far from contrived. You can feel their chemistry; their moments have been refreshingly unpredictable despite Ma Roo manipulating much of their interactions. We like how he’s surprised by her actions and what she says. We love how frank she is with Ma Roo. She is not shy to tell him straight that she likes him or how she’s feeling and how great is that? She is no wallflower and we love it. She is tough, so very likable and yes, slightly unhinged but hell that just makes her more appealing to us!

We love how he’s so broody and intense and she’s just plain crazy but together they seem to work on screen and despite being from two different worlds, we kind of forget the basic facts and just focus solely on them as people. For us that is a good sign for a good OTP and we can’t wait to watch them further develop and actually really feel things for each other rather than use each other to get back at others.

Hae Jee is an interesting character for us. She is a character that has become a victim of her own ambition and watching her slowly lose touch with her humanity in her effects to attain her goal is fascinating. We loved the heated scene between her and Ma Roo at brunch. His threat to bring her down was so intense and emotional that you could literally see the fear in her eyes of what he could do. He embodies everything she wants to repress – he’s her guilt, her conscience and her past all rolled into one hot package and ultimately he has the power to destroy her if he wanted. It was that scene between the two of them that we realised the possibilities of where the drama could go and how messy it could all become and you know what, we can’t wait!

Other thoughts:

Someone please kill Eun Gee’s father already – we hate this guy so much. What a horrible, nasty piece of crap.

The writer is excellent at the moody, angsty scenes but loses us completely when it comes to injecting comedy in the drama. Who else thinks that Ma Roo friend and his girlfriend waste precious airtime that could be spent on the OTP?  Was the coffee shop scene suppose to be funny/ interesting, we’re confused???

We’re sad that we didn’t get more scenes between Eun Gee and her assistant. We have already created a nonexistent secondary romance between the two of them. Hehehe.


Miss Rose: episodes 7/8

18 Sep

The past couple episodes have been quite stagnant in terms of any real progress. Considering how much we’ve been enjoying the drama, we confess to being a tad disappointed by the past couple episodes. 

It feels like on one hand a lot has happened but at the same time nothing has changed at all. Cheng Kaun has still done nothing to acknowledge his feelings or taken any real action to win Si Yi’s heart and she has carried on in that same state of limbo where she doesn’t know where she stands. It clear to anyone with eyes and half a brain that he’s madly in love with her but still we’re left with this situation that hasn’t progressed since the start of the drama.

We just want him to grab her and kiss her already! It’s time to make a decision and take some action.

Okay, their hot Tango and the auction bidding war was moving in the right direction but still… we demand more.

Cheng Kaun as usual had some wonderful, thoughtful lines in the drama. We loved the scene where he asked her to run forward and not look back. It was sooooo sweet. In fact, he’s such a sweetheart that we fall more and more in love with his character every week. His actions in the past couple episodes have been quite unique for a standard alpha male. Usually, it’s the love rival’s job to step in and comfort the leading lady and be her emotional support. So it’s a refreshing change to see the leading man step up and take care of his leading lady when she needs it.

The way he looks at her kills us every time – it’s so intense!

A love rival with a real shot- who would have thought it was possible?

The writer has done so well in developing Yi Chun as a character as well as Si Yi and his past relationship. There is so much pain and heartache that it’s understandable that Si Yi has yet to completely recover. Come on, she was prepared to marry him. We adored the scene where Si Yi asked Cheng Kaun if he knew what it felt like to be betrayed by a loved one. It revealed the true extent of her heartbreak and her vulnerability and allowed Cheng Kaun to understand exactly how broken she was.

As much as we want to protect Si Yi like Mamma Luo and beat the shit out of Yi Chun with a broom, we can understand her choice to see him and hear him out. He was once the most important person in her world, it would be completely unrealistic if she could cut off so easily, plus boring for us as viewers. Heheh

We love the fact that Yi Chun has come out fighting. He wants Si Yi back and will stop at nothing to get her. For once it’s nice to see some fight in a love rival. We hate how dramas fail to give any real depth to love rivals. They are either really crazy or sickly sweet/ pathetic. Yi Chun as a character has depth to him. He has a strong romantic history, chemistry with the leading lady and professional credentials on his side. He’s a real contender, plus did you see their back hug? HOT.  

Other thoughts:

Who else was happy that Vivian was absence for the past couple episodes? It’s just such a shame that the annoying brat returns next week. Groan*

We love Si Yi’s parents, they are so sweet! The scene where they phoned her up to see if she was okay while she was at the charity event made us smile because that is exactly what our parent’s would have done, right down to the bickering interruptions from Mamma Luo.

Sadly we guessed correctly about Xiao Ke’s boyfriend. What a pig, we hope he suffers. Muhahah.

Who else thought Si Yi’s make over for the charity event was wasted? The outfit was ill fitted and her hair made her look older than she is.

Nice guy – episode 1/2 / first impressions

16 Sep

Verdict: we liked it but probably only in small doses.

We have a feeling that this drama will drive us mad over the upcoming weeks but in the best way possible. You know, where you’re groaning and screaming at the screen but still you can’t stop yourself from watching more. If you don’t have a clue what we’re rambling about, ignore us – It’s a complicated life for a drama addict. Hehe.  

Credit where credit is due, the first two episodes were really well produced, acted and written. So much had been covered over the two episodes that we had felt like we had been watching this drama for weeks and we knew the characters to a certain degree better than you ordinarily would after just two episodes. It’s just a shame that every single character except for the leading lady annoyed the hell out of us.

We really, really wanted to love Song Joong Ki as the leading man but it was hard. The Musthavesubs girls like nothing more than rooting for a broken, broody leading man that eventually gets his HEA but in this case, his choices and actions made it sooo damn hard to like him.

We have a feeling that if the writer revealed more of Ma Ru and Jae Hee’s relationship before the murder, we could have accepted his decision a lot easier than we do. We can’t help thinking that he’s this pathetic, weak man that abandoned his sick sister to run off and help Jae Hee. For goodness sake, his sister was passed out when he got home and still he left her. It certainly doesn’t make him admirable in our opinion!

Then there was the scene where he pleaded the fifth at the police station, groan*. Oh dear, we didn’t know who we wanted to slap around the face more, him or her – okay both would have made us feel better but only just! Tell us, the upcoming episodes don’t consist of more silent, guilty stares from Jae Hee and pitiful glares from Ma Ru???  

Bring on the revenge, she ruined his life and couldn’t even wait for him to get out of jail without getting married and having another man’s kid!

Speaking of Jae Hee, are we really supposed to relate to her on any level?? Sure, she had a terrible, broken upbringing but her actions as an adult have destroyed any sympathy we may have had for her poor upbringing. If we were Eun Gee, we would treat her like crap as well.

The only character that saved the drama for us was Moon Chae Won’s character Eun Gee. She rocked. Hooray for a leading lady that is a nasty bitch and for good reason too!

She was tough, confident and strangely likable. She reminded us a lot of Eun Jo from Cinderella Unni. We liked how the writer had successfully managed to present a very complicated character that has various layers to her personality so effortlessly and so quickly.  Also, how can we not like a leading lady called Mad Dog?? Hahah.

We like her so much that we don’t actually want Ma Ru to come and mess with her life… Seriously, if we feel like this now, we are we going to be like a few weeks in?

A mess, a complete mess is our prediction.

Wish us luck, we think we may need it.

Other quick thoughts:

  • Who else is second shipping Eun Gee and her ‘gay’ Lawyer/ Assistant? We sure am! hehe
  • Who else laughed their arses off when Eun Gee was being evil to her step brother?
  • Who else wants to Eun Gee’s father to die a painful death?

Miss Rose – 1-6/ general thoughts

6 Sep

Roy, we’ve missed you.

As anyone that may have read our past posts will know, we love Roy Qiu. Our embarrassing fangirling over this actor is scattered across our blog in a number of posts and let’s just say we’re so happy he’s back, horray!

Sure, Miss Rose is full of drama clichés and is hardly going to revolutionize the drama industry but we’re got to say six episodes in and we’re very happy viewers.

It took a couple episodes for us to really connect and love it like we do now but the wait was sure worth it.

We could happily spend multiple hours watching Roy stare hopelessly at his OTP like this:

So broody, yum.

Aside from loving Roy’s brooding, hot self, we love his character. We assumed that he would be very stereotypical- you know… cold, rich and a bit of a bastard but he’s not!

He thoughtful and considerate but still very much an alpha male – just the way we like them.

We like how he’s not a pig headed idiot like a lot of leading men at the start of a drama either. He acknowledges Si Yi’s worth and treats her with respect rather than just his Secretary. Who else loved the scene where he defended her against the rest of the office when they took advantage of her?

We think we may love Si Yi just as much as Roy’s Cheng Kuan. She’s smart, confident and isn’t a complete dumbo. Once again, we assumed that she would be a stereotypical leading lady but she’s incredibly well matched with her OTP and mostly stands her ground in the drama. She’s also quite funny as well, she’s got a quick wit that makes us grin and isn’t afraid to voice her thoughts and feeling with people.

The scene where she had to apologise to Vivian was really great. She stood up for her friend and refused to apologise for her actions for as long as she could. She only bowed down to pressure when her fellow colleagues faced Vivian’s wrath. How often have you watched a drama and thought; seriously people don’t act like that in real life? However her actions and feelings felt so authentic in that moment, that we couldn’t help but think that is how we would have felt and acted. Moments like that make it easy to connect and root for this leading lady.  

The one thing we found lacking in Office Girls except for the really dragged out mid portion was the chemistry between the OTP. They had it but the leading lady in OG was so withdrawn and resistant to their relationship that at times we found ourselves struggling to care for their relationship. However, in MR the romance is mutually reciprocated and oh so delightful to watch.

For us, the turning point was episode 5, we went from enjoying the drama to loving it and hoping and wishing that we had another episode to watch immediately afterwards. The whole episode was full of unspoken sexual chemistry and consisted of mostly the OTP, just the way we like it.

We loved the scene where he’s drying her hair for her so she wouldn’t catch a cold. Come on, we all knew it was just an excuse to touch her! We adored that scene simply due to the fact it was so intense. Their unspoken feelings for each other was like a giant pink elephant in the room that nobody wanted to acknowledge.

As much as we love the great chemistry between the OTP, it’s the deeper connection between the couple that sets them apart from other dramas. The writer has successfully managed to present them as two very different people that could be friends. Their easy conversations and interactions makes us want to continue to watch them and see how long they will last before they rip each other’s clothes off and make out against a photocopier. Or even better the prospect of Cheng Kuan choosing Si Yi and risking his future as the golden boy to be with her. Heeee, we can’t wait. It’s been ages since we watched a decent Tdrama that made us gush over a worthy OTP.


He came back for her!

Who else is crazy excited about the appearance of Si Yi’s ex boyfriend in next week’s episode??? We can’t wait to see this additional obstacle arrive. We demand jealousy, longing and action from our leading man when he realises that he has some healthy competition! Hopefully Si Yi’s ex has chemistry with her and is presented as a real option for her love. We would just be in drama heaven if that happened. Sighs* If anything, we just hope that he’s more of a rival than Vivian, who frankly just needs to be pushed off a cliff!

We almost forgot how annoyingly frustrating love rivals could be. She is a freaking grown woman that spends her days crying ‘Daddy’ in a nauseating voice that makes us shudder. We like the fact that we know that she loves Cheng Kaun and try as she might, she can’t bring him to completely bend to her needs. He’s going through the motions out of loyalty and a ridiculous sense of obligation to her father, which sadly we can understand.

After episode six, we were ready to get our pitch folks and take a trip to Taiwan to beat the crap out of Vivian. How dare she make Si Yi stand out front to watch her car while she had dinner with her dad!? RAAAAGGGEE*

In fact that whole scene infuriated us…

Si Yi should have told her to stick her job where the sun don’t shine and what the feck was Cheng Kuan thinking allowing her to stand out there as long as she did?

Other thoughts:

Who else thinks it’s hilarious that both Cheng Kuan and Sheng Jun described Si Yi as average looking and like any old random person on the street?? Honestly, are they blind? She’s like this 6ft Amazon who we think is stunning.

There is something strange about Xiao Ke boyfriend. He was all standoffish and weird in his scenes. Ummmm, maybe he’s having an affair or maybe he’s just a bad actor? heheh.

The fortune teller has been hilarious so far. Yes, she’s totally over the top and silly but we swear we laugh every time she does her chant. Ganesh!!!!