Rich Man, Poor Woman – We love you so much, it hurts to say goodbye

7 Oct

Thank you drama for being so awesome over the past few months.

We will miss you. Sob*

RMPW was that unexpected surprise that made us smile for an hour every week.

Thank you drama for:

1. Making us finally get all the fuss about Oguri Shun- yes, we confess we found him ridiculously attractive in this drama. Heheh.

2. For restoring our faith in Jdramas, for a second there we were ready to throw in the towel.

3. Thank you giving us a satisfying drama finale – what is it with Jdramas and scaring the crap out of viewers with their hit or miss drama finales? Yes, cliché comes to mind when thinking about the finale but frankly who cares when it’s done so well. We did indeed sit there with big fat grins on our faces when he chased her to the airport. If we wanted something realistic, we would have watched a documentary!

4. Most importantly, thank you drama for giving us, not one but two kisses between the OTP. Yay.

Who else spent multiple episodes screaming at the screen – kiss, kiss, god damn it!? Just us then….? heheh. We admit it, we would have been furious if we got a pathetic romantic exchange between the OTP- a hug, a hand shake… NOWAY, someone would have died if that happened and yes, this post would have been a vicious hate post of rage.

So, lucky for us (and the producers) we can say that overall we were left very happy and a little sad that this drama is over.

Despite finishing RMPW a couple weeks back now, we haven’t really had the urge to sit down and really write a post about the drama. For us, this drama is one that is better to watch than to review/ comment on. It’s such a simple, little drama that there is only so much you can talk about without repeating yourself endlessly. Seriously, how often can you say the OTP are awesome/ cute/ lovable?? Even if it is true, it’s a little boring to read over and over again, so here it just this once: we loved this OTP!

In reflection this drama didn’t break any new ground or do anything original with its script but for us it will definitely be one that we will return to again in the future. It was consistently good with wonderful characters that evolved authentically over 11 episodes. It was just a pleasure to watch every week and we will look back with fond memories for a very long time.

Personal highlights:

-You may have guessed already but the OTP were a standout for us.

-Hyuga’s breakdown/ goodbye party at work was amazing. It was just so intense and emotional.

-Yes, the airport confession scene was cheesy but our jaded hearts were desperate for any type of love admission, so to get one that was so romantic and sweet was a bonus.

How must we liked it: 9/10 – The best Jdrama we have watched in a long time. Watch it, you will love it!

How good it is technically: 8/10 – As much as we adored the drama, it wasn’t without its flaws mostly due to a weak plot focusing on a baddie that lacked substance. Other than that, it was perfect. 🙂


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