Nice Guy: Series thoughts

12 Dec

This is the only drama that we have successfully managed to complete in the last month or so. We’ll be honest we’re completely surprised that we endured so much melodrama and still found ourselves coming back for more. Let’s be frank this drama is low on laughs and it’s been awhile since we watched so many dysfunctional people in one room. However strangely enough it worked for us, even when we knew it shouldn’t. It had the right combination of crazy and drama quality to keep us hooked till the end and now that it’s over, we’re glad we stuck around for the ride.

Read on at your own risk – major spoilers alert

We had a horrible feeling that we might need to invest in a jumbo pack of ultra durable tissues to get us through the drama finale. Surely, this wretched, very unlucky couple wouldn’t get their happily ever after?  Come on, this OTP had the worst stinking luck ever and frankly we were prepared and ready for the worst, so why do we feel like the rug has been pulled from under our feet with this unexpected drama finale? It must be the first time ever where we would have been more satisfied with a tragic ending and considering how damn sappy we are, that’s really saying something! The ending felt disjointed, far too convenient and yes, disappointing.

What the feck was that last minute stabbing all about????

You’ve been stabbed badly and you still managed to walk around inconspicuously and yes, make out with your OTP without:

  1. Your OTP realising that you’re seriously hurt
  2. Or more importantly not passing out from the loss of blood
  3. Buhahahahahaha
  4. How stupid.

Yes, it added a dramatic turn of events in the 11th hour but surely it would have been more effective if they showed him having his surgery and maybe not surviving? Just saying…

The ending was…sweet. It was shiny and happy but after 19 episodes of dark and moody it felt like the writer had chickened out and decided to give us a happily ever after to satisfy fan demand. It failed to have that impact that the rest of the drama delivered and for that reason alone we were left unsatisfied. Sure, we’re happy that the OTP survived and got together but it felt like we were watching a different drama’s finale. Not the depressing and insane ‘Nice Guy’ we had grown to love.

Nice Guy’s OTP – A complicated relationship for us.

We loved and hated them in equal measures. They had some really beautiful, memorable scenes that kept us tuned in every week but they also had a strange relationship which made us groan and moan A LOT.

Our favourite scene in the whole drama has to be Eun Gi’s love confession in the rain.

It was just such a heartrendingly intense scene that was both tragic and so very romantic at the same time. We saw the best sides of Eun Gi’s character and were reminded why we rooted for this leading lady. She stood there with her heart on her sleeve, totally vulnerable but so brave at the same time as she honestly confessed her feelings to a guy that used her in the worst way possible. We love the fact that we intensely hated Ma Roo but completely adored Eun Gi in that one scene. It’s a real testament to the quality of the script that in that one scene we felt so many different emotions and were so moved by it all.

Let’s talk about THE KISS.

We remember watching the OTP’s first kiss in the first half of the drama and we felt angry with Ma Roo, annoyed by the context and the how fake it all was. We kept wondering what the feck was the writer thinking. Were we really supposed to root for this couple, the deceptive leading man that was clearly taking advantage of a naive  innocent woman??? Hell no. Sorry. So you can imagine how excited and happy we were when the drama flipped everything upside down and gave us a real couple with feelings and heart. We adored the scene in episode 15 where Ma Roo really kissed her. EEEEEE!

‘Remember this, this is our first kiss.’ – Oh yes, this was so worth the wait.

As much as we loved the romantic development between the OTP, was it just us or did the OTP lack that crack factor that makes a great couple? Ma Roo used kid gloves with her; he was too protective and always had such an edge of guilt to all his actions that it was hard to envision them as a real couple. They needed more passion; they needed crazy screaming fights which ended up with them making out violently against the nearest wall. We wanted to believe their love but it all felt so lukewarm that our hearts weren’t 100% in it and that was probably why we weren’t that devastated by the idea of a tragic drama finale. We remember watching ‘A Scent of a Woman’ and dreading pretty much the majority of the drama. That OTP had insane chemistry and we cared so much for them that just the idea of the leading lady dying had us crying our eyes out for multiple episodes straight. We may have damaged our tear ducts after that experience but for us, ‘Nice Guy’ just didn’t do it for us like it should.

Amnesia – a cliché which we didn’t surprisingly hate.

The role of Eun Gi’s amnesia was handled so well. It was like that giant pink elephant in the room that threatened to reveal itself and ruin everything. The prospect of Eun Gi getting her memories back added such a delicious layer of tension that we sat there at the edge of our seats waiting for the bubble to burst at any moment and ruin their temporary happiness. Like the majority of the drama, we couldn’t really allow ourselves to emotionally invest in their temporary joy because we knew that it would be bittersweet.

When Eun Gi lost her memory the OTP were given a second chance to really be a couple and yes, they were sweet and happy at times but it was also very fake. He was once again lying to her, manipulating her feelings on a daily basis. What’s the difference between the way he treated her pre-amnesia to post amnesia? Yes, he did actually care about her but the way he went about it was wrong and his feelings consisted of  that selfless, martyr love that we HATE with a passion. Why couldn’t he be selfish, why couldn’t he love her so intensely that he confessed his love, his intentions and checked himself into hospital ASAP because he didn’t want to risk even the smallest chance of leaving her??? Yes, all of the above would have been too practical for these crazy characters but it would have saved us a lot of groaning and hair pulling.

Also were we really supposed to believe that a character as inquisitive as Eun Gi wouldn’t have found out as much as she could about the accident that transformed her life so drastically? Yeah right.

We wanted the revelation of Eun Gi’s memory returning to have more of an impact than it did. There was such a build up with excellent tension but it all fell flat at the last hurdle. We wanted her cool, crazy self to return with vengeance but instead it was wishy washy and half arsed in it’s delivery. We remember watching ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ a couple years ago and utterly loving the impact of the leading man’s memories coming back. It was like a tornado had arrived and made a huge mess and we loved every second of it. All of the lies, the sneaking around throughout the series were unmasked and we were left with a satisfying conclusion. What did we really conclude in ‘Nice Guy’? The baddies luckily handed themselves in and everyone got themselves a reasonable drama ending. We hoped for more. Sigh*

Character Thoughts:

Mar Roo – Looked oh so good in clothes but frustrated the hell out of us with his martyr actions and general outlook to life. He made a bad choice years ago and he paid the price. Boo Hoo, deal with it. Who honestly asked him to leave behind his seriously sick sister to rescue his Noona and then take the blame for her actions?? It was obviously an accident! Any reasonable person would have convinced her to go to the police station and explain the situation properly. Arrrghh and he’s supposed to be the smart one.

Eun Gi – She was the only reason why we stuck around. She was at first kick-arse cool, sassy and very much an anti leading lady. She lost a lot of her spark when she lost her memory but she redeemed herself in the last quarter, so all is forgiven.

Joon Ha – We want him for Christmas! He was such a perfect love rival. Generally we don’t like the sweet/ kind love rivals as they tend to be boooorrring but we’ll make an exception for this sweetheart. He was hot, had a good job, shared chemistry with the leading lady and his love for Eun Gi was so selfless and pure that it’s impossible to not to care for him. He just wanted the best for her even if that meant she was with another guy. We loved him!

Oh his tears got us good!

Jae Hee – Frankly we didn’t like her as a person but we loved how complicated, screwed up and damaged she was. She was the essence of a desperate woman and because of that, we could understand and relate to her actions. We really loved the scene in the park where Ma Roo apologizes for ruining her. It was such an emotional scene and so brilliantly acted by both actors. Loved it.


Side note: what the feck was up with her terrible fashion and multiple mirror scenes in this drama??

Manager Ahn – Groan* – What a stupid character.

Jae Shik – We actually liked his character a lot. Another character that was complicated and unpredictable. We like how the writer had created so many characters that were neither good or bad but very human. It’s a nice touch of realism in a crazy drama world.

Choco and Jae Gil – Cute. We’re pleased that for once a drama had surrounded one of the OTP with a good support network to get them through the hard times. At first we thought they would be fecking annoying as the writer tried to make them the ‘light relief’ of this drama but they grew on us really quickly. They truly cared for Ma Roo and just wanted the best for him.

Overall thoughts:

As you may have gathered from this post our feelings for this drama are a mix bag. There was plenty to love and hate but that only adds to the fun of it all. It had managed to hold our attention this year when so many other dramas had been shelved. Sure, it wasn’t perfect and at times it drove us mad but it evoked an emotion in us. We cared about the characters and wanted to know what happened next. In our book that’s all that counts and for that reason alone, the drama was a winner for us.

Would we watch it again?? Not likely.

Do we regret tuning? Absolutely not.

How much we liked it: 8.5 /10

How good we think it is: 8/10

Great acting, writing and totally screwed up in the best Kdrama way.


What do you think?

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