Cheongdamdong Alice – General rambles

13 Dec

After two episodes we were ready to throw in the towel and declare this drama a strange bipolar creature that didn’t know exactly what it wanted to be. Did it want to be a wacky/ crazy comedy or a serious and frankly depressing drama about poverty and the hardships that life throws at people??? The strange combination of both wasn’t working and we were getting ready to regrettably say farewell to the lovely Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Young. However somewhere between the leading lady saying goodbye to her ex boyfriend and the leading man getting his revenge on his ex girlfriend, we found ourselves totally engaged and eager for more. Yep, we’re still recovering from the shock of it all as well.

As much as we utterly love Nam Goong Min (yum, yum) his character in this drama was completely wasted and out of place. The writer failed to strike the right balance of his hardship with the rest of the drama and instead veered down the melodramatic root. His departure from the drama was more than welcome from us as it will allow the drama to move forward and give us some much desired OTP time.

Farewell our darling Nam Goong Min, we look forward to seeing your beautiful man pain in a Kdrama in the hopefully not so distance future.

Okay back to the drama – while watching it, we realised that it’s quite reminiscent of Kdramas of the past. It’s got the traditional components that you get; rich, prickly chaobel leading man meets kind, thoughtful but poor leading lady. Their worlds collide due to a series of coincidence (of course!) and after lots of bickering and misunderstandings they fall in love and live happily ever after. Sigh*

Naturally as Kdrama lovers, we’re all for something old school and this one ticks all the right boxes. Park Shi Hoo is brilliant as the completely insane leading man. He has the right balance of portraying a character that is utterly nutty but still manages to maintain the small amount of humanity for us to connect with him and hope he gets a happy ending. Plus, he made us laugh a lot. Seriously, we didn’t know he was capable of being so funny. Who would have thought that watching a man try and cry would be so hilarious?

Moon Geun Young is as always excellent. We love watching this genuinely good person’s journey down the dark, slippery slopes to wealth. Her antagonistic friendship with So Yi Hyn’s Seo Yoon Jo is fascinating. We love how they have this strange friendship where they openly hate each other but at the same time are each other’s confidants in a world that they desperately want to be part of or remain in. At first we feared that Yoon Jo would be that annoying, frustrating secondary lead that we want to punch in the face as she gets away with far too much and makes the leading lady’s life miserable. So you can imagine how pleased we were when we realised that she was going to play Se Kyung’s guide and mentor. Their conversations are refreshingly frank and we never really know what to expect when they are together. Their relationship was definitely an unexpected highlight for us.

The other major highlight for us is Kim Ji Suk’s role as Tommy Hong aka Se Kyung’s White Rabbit. How great was episode 4??? We’ll be honest Kim Ji Suk annoyed us to no ends as the love rival in ‘I need Romance 2012’ but we’re loving him as Tommy Hong. Oh, we can’t wait for him to fall head over heels in love with Se Kyung! Their interactions have been awesome so far. They have a lovely sizzle between them and we like the way he looks at her, it’s a hot combination of intrigue/ lust.

We loved the scene where she threw the glass of water at him and he immediately threw soy sauce right back at her. We literally gasped and cheered at the same time. It was so unexpectedly brilliant. Watching him immediately retaliate made us sit up and take notice and yes, we were impressed. We’ve never been fans of the passive secondary lead. At least now Se Kyung and Tommy have a nice level of hostility between them. As they say, there is a thin line between love and hate and we look forward to watching their relationship develop further. Is it wrong that we look forward to this more than the OTP’s romantic development?

In our opinion we think the drama is currently all over the place in terms of content and delivery, so we’re not sure what to really expect for the remainder of the drama. For now we’re happy to go with it and hope for the best. If anything, mocking a drama is just as much fun as loving it. Muhahaha.


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