Cheongdamdong Alice: episode 5-6

22 Dec

Okay, until we watched episodes 5-6 we didn’t get the hype surrounding the OTP. Se Kyung was completely indifferent, if not a little freaked out by Seung Jo and he was frankly crazy but we all knew that already! This was the one element of the drama that gave us doubts as to whether this drama would be a keeper or not. We don’t care how good the writing is or how amazing it looks, if the OTP don’t click for us, its goodbye drama. So you can imagine how excited and happy were after finishing episode 6! Heeeee.

We love the fact that Se Kyung is falling for Secretary Kim despite her better judgement. We adore the fact that we spent four episodes wondering how the hell Se Kyung was ever supposed to fall for this complete weirdo and more importantly how we were supposed to buy it as viewers. However it appears to be working and we’re loving it.

The slow but realistic change of opinion by Se Kyung is refreshing. Kdramas love to go from 1 to 100 in the feelings barometer, so to see it subtly develop across six episodes was a delight to witness. They have nice banter between them that makes it easy to believe that they have become friends and that they could be more. Also how is a girl to resist a guy when she finds out he poured Soy Sauce over an idiot that humiliated her in a crowded room? Then there is that mega watt smile and his general sweet persona… okay we admit it, we judged them too quickly but we’re more than happy to be proven wrong once in a while.



Having read posts in the blogosphere, it appears that we are strictly in the minority who actually liked Tommy Hong after completing episode 4 and viewing the famous Soy Sauce attack. Yes, yes he was sleazy and offensive but we loved their instant spark and who doesn’t like watching the reform of a bastard? Episodes 5-6 had limited airtime between Se Kyung and Tommy but what little we saw was as expected great viewing.

In our opinion the main element of their relationship that sets them apart from the OTP is the fact that their relationship is formed on honesty and doesn’t have that fake charade surrounding all of their conversations like Se Kyung and Seung Jo’s does.  Watching her return and asked for an apology was unexpected and then to watch him turn the conversation on her was even better viewing. We really hope that the upcoming episodes have more airtime between these two characters and that they remain as awesome as they have so far. We would be gutted if Tommy suddenly turned into that annoying, soppy love rival after all of their heated exchanges.


Favourite moments:


The hospital scene was hilarious! Seriously, Park Shi Hoo is killing it with his comedy acting. The whole scenario was crazy but so funny. We loved PSH facial expressions as he tried to keep his identity a secret. Don’t get us started on Secretary Moon, his facial expressions are brilliant viewing. The poor guy has to put up with so much madness thanks to his crazy boss.


We can’t forget the accidental hug/ almost kiss between the OTP. Whoop, whoop for progress.

We loved how the scene felt real in the sense that it was awkward and unexpected but you could sense the tension and the confused feelings radiating off them both. Yay.

Other thoughts:

It’s going to get so damn messy isn’t it? We’re going to be drowning in angst by the time Seung Jo finds out Se Kyung is a gold digger and she finds out that the whole time she’s known him he’s been lying to her. We’re scared. We were literally biting out nails when Seung Jo was holding her gold digger’s manual.

Who else loves Papa Cha and Seung Jo scenes?  Their moments make us laugh every week with their juvenile bitchy remarks to each other and the fact that deep down you know they love each other deeply.

What are the other two crises that Se Kyung will face??? Surely, love would be the hardest one to overcome. Or is that just our hopeless romantic hearts talking crap again?


What do you think?

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