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Musings about Joo Won (Shockingly)

25 Mar

So it wasn’t a shiny blue tracksuit this time but instead a face full of noodles and multiple kicks to the family jewels that made us go from being indifferent to suddenly appreciating Joo Won as an actor.

Frankly we thought this day would never come. For ages now, it felt like everyone had been fangirling about this actor and we just didn’t get it. He found him shouty and infuriating in Baker King and subsequently since, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to watch him overact his way through his later projects.

However, we had come to a dry patch in our drama viewing and this drama seemed right up our street. After finishing School 2013, we needed something light, fluffy and on the stupid side. We found Flower Boy Next Door far too lightweight for our liking and so we dubiously tried out Level 7 Civil Servant. With no expectations what so ever we found ourselves enjoying the setup and most surprisingly Joo Won as the most endearing but stupid leading man on screen. The more we watched, the more we found that we liked him. He soon became the only character we liked as he was the only sincere, honest character in the whole drama. Everyone else was lying or using him and well, we admit we can’t resist an underdog and Joo Won’s character was in a league of his own.

We watched up to around episode 8 before we went off to Malaysia and found that the drama was already waning. The plot was moving super slowly and the cute spy school set up had disappeared and had been reduced to the usual spy setup full of clichés and repetition. We had every intention of watching more but then we returned from our trip and it felt like everyone in the blogosphere had trashed the second half and had written the drama off. 

The combination of our own hesitation and reading other bloggers thoughts has completely turned us off and it seems like another one bites the dust. 

It’s a shame about the drama, as it was good when it was good but at least we managed to get over our Joo Won aversion and can officially remove another actor off our black list. Now if only we could get Kim Soo Hyun off the list, today would be a great day. 

Come on 2013, give us drama lovers a winner! Yes, it’s only March but we need our drama crack. We need a drama that keeps us up all night, makes us obsess over it and yes, inspires us to fangirl about it on a blog. 

We’ve shelved far too many dramas this year, we need a keeper. 

Is it just us feeling like this? Does anyone have any recommendations for current dramas worth checking out?


The best remedy for the holiday blues…

24 Mar

For anyone keeping track, we’re sorry for being MIA for awhile. We actually went off to Malaysia for a few weeks and have returned with a bad case of the holiday blues. Usually the cure for the blues is to book another holiday as soon as possible but as we’re broke, we guess staying in and watching dramas will have to do.

It’s strange returning from our trip to the snow and cold.  One moment we were sipping cocktails on a beach straight out of a postcard and then the next moment we’re back at work and rocking coats with gloves. Sad times.

If anyone gets a chance to go to Malaysia, we would highly recommend it, especially Langkawi. It’s very beautiful, has great weather and the locals are lovely.  


We can tell you now we certainly don’t have this view from our window at home.