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Drama Memo: OMG WTF? Drama finale

20 Jul

We struggled with this topic simply because we’ve got to the stage in our drama viewing experience where we can pretty much tell where a drama is heading and as a result we usually drop a drama before we allow it to get to that WTF ranting stage, little lone to the finale. However unfortunately for us, we occasionally naively hope that we’re wrong and complete a drama, only to regret it later and end up ranting about the stupidity of it all in our blog!

First on our list is a drama that started off so well and then descended into pure frustration- Cinderella Unni. The fact that it was so good at the start makes it all the more annoying, seriously, what were the writers thinking? Even the most tolerant drama viewers would have been disappointed by the end of this train wreck of a drama. We’ll give the writers props because pretty much every episode up until the time leap was perfect- so much tormented angst, heart and the sweetest budding romance between two people that couldn’t have been more different from each other. The acting and writing was so good and we were utterly engrossed in this drama- like obsessed but then the time leap happened and the writers decided to fill 15 episodes with a whole lot of irrational behaviour, repeated scenes where the leading lady would reject the leading man’s heart, swiftly followed by her running off and crying…oh yes and more crying. Ugh.

So the WTF finale happened because; having stuck with this weep fest and hoping to conclude it in a satisfactory fashion- the writers decide to annoy the hell out of us viewers by prolonging this miserable drama by having the leading lady run away for no good reason at all. First of all this was an action she really wouldn’t do but more importantly at this point we really didn’t care what happened to this OTP. The finale was filled with a lot of lukewarm heartache and a leading man searching for a leading lady that really needed at least a couple years worth of therapy before she entered any type of relationship- she was that screwed up. There reunion was half assed and anti-climactic and pretty much as soon as the credits rolled we thought: WTF- did we just waste 20 hours of our life for this crap?

Our advice: Ignore the hype; it’s really not worth it.

Our second pick would definitely have to go to: Down with Love. We’ll keep this one short simply because we had a weekly bitch fest about this drama (see DWL tag for rant central).  This was another drama many adored but we have no clue why because it was just plain stupid. The only reason why we stuck with it was because Shams crushes on Jerry Yan on an unhealthy level but even he wasn’t enough to make us forget how vomit inducing sweet this drama’s finale was. It was just cheesy, silly and yuck.  To top it off the only couple we liked in the whole drama didn’t even get together, now what the hell’s that about?

Lessons we learnt from this ordeal:

Never watch a drama just because you crush on the leading man (although Jerry is so hot). Also avoid all future Ella dramas because she plays pretty much the same character in everything she’s in.

Our final pick is slightly cheating but we don’t care. We picked Alias season two finale, because we swear that even to this day we have not seen a season finale that tops that one- it was and still is the only drama finale that made us go OMG WTF- in a GOOD way and as a result it cemented its place in our all time favourite American dramas list. It was just perfect and so unexpected. The drama is similar to Asian dramas in the sense that it’s centred on the OTP and family ties first and everything else second, in this case that would be the Spy business.

So the whole of season two was building to the OTP relationship and by the end of the season they were a couple and like all the best K-dramas they get together in spectacular fashion and as viewers you just couldn’t be happier for this OTP, but then like the best dramas their happiness is short lived with our favourite season finale episode ever- which consisted of lots of revelations, the best girl on girl fight scene we have seen to date (there was nothing sissy about this fight) and a time leap with heart breaking consequences. We won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it but those who love Alias and have watched this season finale, you will no doubt know what we’re talking about- it’s so good and we’re pretty sure it wasn’t just us who went OMG WTF? by the end of that season!

Only watch the following video if you want to be spoiled:


(Man, we need to re-watch Alias – ASAP!)


Cinderella Unni – episode 11&12

8 May

‘And so she cried for the last time for him’……until probably later on in the episode, when something equally as horrific happens and requires her to weep beautiful tears by herself in a dark room!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re still obsessed, still soaking up the angst and the twisted madness that is Cinderella Unni but now this is over kill- mix it up a little bit, use another emotion other than heartbreaking angst/sadness/madness.

Since Dae Sung’s death- the Angst Barometer went from:

7= the general broody angst that we’ve come to associate with the drama to

 9= practically every other scene is a weeping, angst fest of loathing, guilt and sadness.

BTW- 10 = Suicide and possible murder- which we’ve only seen shades of in this oh so happy drama. 

Everything about this drama ticks the boxes for us, it’s so well written, acted and when you’re watching the drama, you feel for these characters so much, even if you don’t understand them sometimes, it’s difficult not to empathise with them on a basic level at least. We just wish that they would cut back on the multiple weeping scenes, yes we get it: life’s hard, lost love, crazy mum- blah blah- the crying scenes are of course brilliant to watch, very poignant, heart retching ect, but we feel we’ve become immune to them in the sense that we literally saw an identical scene oh, 15 minutes earlier and so it’s not as emotionally pulling as it once was.

We keep thinking about Sidney Bristow from Alias- just the most kick arse heroine on American television. The woman suffered: her fiancé was murdered, her best friend killed, her mother betrayed her (several times), her OTP got married when she disappeared for three years of which she had no recollection of, but we swear- she didn’t cry as much as Eun Jo does in Cinderella Unni! The rare scenes where they showed her cry were probably the saddest scenes to watch throughout 5 seasons- they really had an impact on the viewers and it made the viewing experience that much richer and your love/ admiration for the leading lady that much stronger.

Oh Alias you were good to us. Seasons 2 and 3 were probably our most favourite American television viewing experience to date.   

Love this scene from season 3:

 Other mentions:

-Whenever Jung Woo is on screen everything is so much brighter. He is such a lovable character. We adore him and fear his heartbreak when he eventually loses out to Ki Hoon, who is still annoying. We loved the scene where he gave her the brooch/ bread and told her to wear  it so then she won’t ever starve. *so sweet- what made it all the more cuter is the fact that she actually did wear the brooch and how he’s the only character other than her mother that she actually shows an interest in. We use the word ‘interest’ loosely of course but it’s Eun Jo, so it’s major. For us, it’s just nice to see a relationship in this drama that isn’t SO messed up, plus we love how he invades her space and treats her like a person rather than a predator that you approach with caution.

-Damn you writers for making us sympathise with Hyo Sun and even….like her just a tiny bit gasp* The development of Hyo Sun and Eun Jo’s relationship was really well put together, it wasn’t forced or unrealistic and we’re glad that its played out this way because in our eyes these last two episodes have shown the extent of how pitiful Hyo Sun actually is and frankly she was never really a contender to Eun Jo in any respect, so it would be wrong if they finished the drama with her alone and completely ruined.

-How horrible is Eun Jo’s mother!? Just completely heartless and nasty, we like how Eun Jo knows exactly how to manipulate her to make her behave. If our ‘mother’ suddenly showed us her true colours, we would tell her to get lost and never ever want to see her again- we’d rather be alone than with someone like that- Hyo Sun- you idiot, you can do better than that hag!

-We still haven’t forgiven Ki Hoon, no matter how many times he bows for forgiveness or comforts Eun Jo with his hand on her shoulder- you Sir have work to do to make things right!

ALIAS- obsession continued

4 Mar

Seriously, having not watched Alias in soooooooo long, thinking about it reminded me why we love this show.

Here is a quick video with our very first and most favourite OTP!  We have so much love for Sydney and Vaughn it’s insane!


Also a bloopers video from the show, because they are so funny- Enjoy.  


Our first drama love: ALIAS

3 Mar


Just to put a little variation in our blog context we thought we should mention our first drama obsession and shock horror it was an English speaking show!



RoRo and Shaps ultimate drama love and a show which was outrageously underrated. The love for this show was both irrational and obsessive (we have all the box sets, the T-Shirt, the theme song and have a yearly Alias day marathon).

We understand that it might not be to everyone’s taste (Shams was not a fan) but boy did we adore this show.


– It was the first show where we completely fell utterly and madly in love with the OTP.


-Jennifer Garner was amazing in this drama- seriously her acting was that good- why the feck does she keep doing crappy romcoms? The woman should have won an Oscar already!


-The drama also had the most messed up family relationship- messed up in a good way of course.


-The pilot is pure brilliance! End Of.


-Season two finale to this date has the best girl on girl fight scene EVER!


-Even though we have seen it a zillion times over- it never gets old- now that is a true  sign of a good show.


Watch it, you will love it.  


Other shows you must watch:


Friday Nights Lights a practically perfect first season in our opinion- we don’t know anything about American football but it is sooo good. RoRo thinks it’s because we love a show which involves the ‘moulding of men’ – we also adore Coach Taylor and Matt Saracen the most! Why, why don’t more people watch this show!!??


Prison Break Once again the first season was near perfection in our opinion, can’t really speak for the other seasons but we literally went mad watching this amazing show.


Veronica Mars– Oh so good, the first couple seasons were brilliant, I try to purposely forget the last one, mainly because it was during the writers strike and well all T.V was rubbish then. (This is also sadly true for seasons 4-5 of Alias)