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End of Year Review ~ 2011

31 Dec

We thoroughly enjoyed writing our end of year review last year. We were happy in the knowledge that we had found some real gems, along with a couple stinkers but this year we can’t help but feel a little disappointed by the drama offerings. Nothing really stole our hearts and made us feel like we’ve found a drama that would stay with us for the long run and be on our all time favourites list.

However that doesn’t mean that we didn’t enjoy what we did complete and like a true a drama addict would say… there is always next year.

Here is our list of completed dramas in 2011:

The crème of the crop:

Keizoku Spec 2: One word: Awesome.

It lulls you in with the first couple episodes. Then bam, you are hooked and before you know it, it’s finished and you’re desperate for more.

Someone tell us there is a second season in the works? We’d be sooooo happy.

We know we shouldn’t have liked it but we did anyway:

It’s okay, Daddy’s girl: Technically a complete mess, the plot, the acting, the romance, okay, okay it was all a tad on the ugly side but strangely we enjoyed it nevertheless. 

Call us suckers for a decent family in need.

The prize for the worse villain of the year goes to Jun Tae Soo:

Oh dear, the over acting was bad, real bad.

Biggest disappointment of the year:

49 days: Yes, we’re still mad at you drama, we may remain mad for quite some time too. The drama strung us along for 19 episodes, only to trample all over our betrayed hearts in the end.

Cruel, just cruel.

We did enjoy watching Jung Il Woo as the cutest Scheduler in town. Also, despite the fact that our beloved Bae Soo Bin overacted his way through all 20 episodes with his glares and ‘scary’ eyes, we found him strangely hot as a baddie. Heheh.

Our typical Jdrama of the year:

Buzzer Beat: It was totally underwhelming. The ending was so predictable and cheesy. We haven’t a clue why we bothered watching it in the first place.

Was it Yamapi and his giant purple rucksack?

Another over hyped Hong Sisters’ drama?

Best Love: We almost gave us on this drama multiple times throughout its run. The OTP consisted of an overgrown man-child that needed a good slap and a washed out pop star desperately clinging on to show business. Let’s face it the characters were REALLY annoying, the gags were the same old over the top gags the Hong sisters have been peddling  for a while now and once again, no other character other than the OTP had much substance.  However, the drama eventually found its groove and before we knew it we were rather charmed by how much the OTP cared for each other. Damn it.


Our old school drama of the year:

Baby faced Beauty: We think we watched this during our drama dry spell; it was familiar in a comforting way. It had a cute OTP, a leading lady we hoped would get a spine and she eventually does…sort of and of course evil villains who get what they deserve by the end of it.

What more could you ask for? It’s a nice way to past the time, also Daniel Choi is rather adorable in it. It might wash out the bad taste he left in your mouth from his horrible performance in The Musical

The drama that made Lee Dong Wook a man:

A Scent of a Woman: Yes, it became that stereotypical melodrama in the second half but we were sold from the first episode. Watch it for the hot OTP, watch it for a love rival who will break your heart and watch because it was the drama that reminded us why we became drama addicts in the first place.

Also did we mention the producers gave us plenty of fan service? Enjoy.

Another Mike He drama under our belts:

Sunny Happiness: In reflection we can’t really remember much about this drama… which is never a good thing.  It had something to do with a marriage contract right?

Oh, who cares we blatantly watched it for Mike He!

The sweetest drama of 2011:

Can you hear my heart? : Our favourite Kdrama of 2011.

 Loved it.  

Favourite Alternative couple: Dong Joo and Ma Roo – Come on, all those bed scenes, the flashbacks of romantic moments from the past and of course the smouldering stares they gave each other throughout the drama. Their children would be beautiful…

The Idols that made good in the end:

Dream High: We really enjoyed this drama despite rooting for the wrong OTP and hating broody Sam Dong. Is it the best drama? Hell no but its lots of fun. There is a scene which involves an MC Hammer dance, if you don’t laugh at that; there is something wrong with you. Just saying…


2011 dramas may not have been what we hoped but hey it could have been a lot worse!

Here’s hoping that 2012 delivers the goods.

Happy New Year to everyone, love the Musthavesubs Girls xox


The Unluckiest leading ladies in drama land

21 Jun

While watching Best Love we sat there wondering how is it possible for one person to be so unlucky? Ae Jung’s character happens to be hated by the nation for a bad reputation that just never seems to fade. This got us thinking about other leading ladies in drama land who may be just as unlucky (if not worst) and their struggle to finally get their HEA.  

As any drama viewer will know, it’s a long and bumpy road to happiness for any leading lady. There are many obstacles they face along the way including; evil parents, crazy love rivals and the fact that they must work at least four jobs to support their lazy family. We mustn’t forget that there is also a river worth tears they must shed, some brooding that needs doing in a dark corner and of course getting drunk and confessing their heartache to the person that has secretly crushed on them since their first meeting.

The unluckiest leading lady prize goes to the following:

49 days- Ji Hyun:

Surely she holds the prize for the unluckiest leading lady…ever?

She dies in a car accident when it really wasn’t meant to be her time.

She gets given the most impossible challenge ever in the aim to get her life back, while at the same time finding out that the love of her life was cheating on her with her best friend.

After a lot of heartache and tears she falls in love and wins her challenge (yay) only to getting one stinkin’ picnic with her OTP before she dies again. (Boo!)

We still can’t forgive you drama.  Honestly that is just too cruel.

Other unlucky leading ladies include:

Loving you a thousand times- Eun Nim

This woman truly suffered…shudder*

Her family goes bankrupt and her father suddenly falls sick – that’s fine, as that is a standard Kdrama scenario. However it doesn’t end there-

To earn money she becomes a surrogate mother- yes, you read correctly.

She changes her mind about giving her baby up, only to have it snatched away from her at the hospital. 

Then she tentatively falls in love with a young chaebol- of course! Only to find out that her OTP’s brother is in fact her baby daddy. It really is a small world in drama land.

Add a horrible confrontation, divorce and lots of tears.

Then to top it all off, Eun Nim gets stomach cancer, like she hasn’t suffered enough.

Well, at least she got to live unlike Ji Hyun.

Save the last dance for me- Eun Soo

Her father dies and her fiancé disappears on the same night!

She happened to fall in love with the only person in the world that has multiple lapses in memory and occasionally forgets his name and who his OTP is.

If that’s not bad enough, she gets into a horrible car accident caused by her psycho secondary love interest and loses the ability to walk. 

Shining Inheritance- Eun Sung

Her dad ‘dies’ and her evil step mother and sister throw her and her disabled brother out.

After almost committing suicide with her brother, she loses her brother!

Insert- leading lady hitting rock bottom: becomes a hostess ect ect.

Then she meets and falls in love with a nasty rich brat, who isn’t even good looking (sorry LSG fangirls/boys)

It’s not all bad, unlike her other leading lady counterparts she gets her dad and brother back and lives happily ever after.  


Down with Love- Yu Ping

How unlucky can you get… Jerry Yan ends up with Ella Chen.

Yes, we’re aware that Jerry Yan is not a leading lady but come on; we all know who was wearing the trousers in that drama!

Just kidding…or are we? muhahah

Best Love:10-14

21 Jun

How can a drama be so outrageously silly but at the same time be grounded in reality?

Somewhere between episode 10 to now, we fell for this drama and it’s such a pleasant surprise as we were so willing to write it off and move on to the next drama. However now that we’re in the last week… we’re actually kind of sad that the silliness is going to end soon.

Despite being set in the world of show business and all that glitters, this drama is a very simple story of immature boy meets unpopular girl. In fact the storyline is so simple that when reflecting on what exactly happens on a week by week basis we struggled to remember- they bicker, bicker some more and oh yes bicker a little more. Frankly we don’t have a problem with this scenario because as long as the OTP are interesting enough we’re game for anything. We have to hand it to the Hong Sisters as it appears that they have finally learnt to evenly spread out the painful angst proportion of their dramas. It can’t be just us that shudder in remembering the mid section of; My Girl, Delightful Girl ect– where we have lots of crying, longing and misery for the silliest of reasons. 

Gone are the days of hateful love rivals and meddling parents who cause nothing but pain and misery for the OTP and hello to angst worthy of tears- nothing is as big as life and death and we’re loving it!

We sat there with lumps in our throat as we watched this OTP come to terms with the idea that they might not get their HEA. This couple have come so far and watching their steady development over the weeks has been a pleasure.  Dokko Jin has transformed into possibly the sweetest leading man we’ve seen in ages- He’s willing to throw everything away to protect and love her in life and in death. Considering how immature, silly and outrageous he was at the start. He has grown into a leading man who is near impossible not to love.

Other quick thoughts:

-So glad Pil Joo has been rejected- he is sleep inducing dull.

-Se Ri has been redeemed enough. Please don’t give her a happily ever after!

-Dokko Jin’s engagement ring was pretty.

49 days has scarred us enough to question whether we will get a HEA- shudder* -Please drama don’t try to be too original, we demand a cheesy and OTT ending.

Best Love: 7-10

8 Jun

We really like how far this drama has come. It’s moved away from all the OTT silliness and has given us some depth and something we can connect with on an emotional level rather than lots of slapstick which frankly gets boring really quickly.

Watching episode 10 gave us the realisation that Dokko Jin aka Man child has actually grown up since he finally worked out:

A. he actually does love Ae Jung and B.  Unlike everything else in his life- he might not get what he wants- in this case his OTP.

As a character he has evolved so much since the first episode where he was full of ego and only thought about himself. We love how he beat up her old manager for spilling his coffee on her- finally! We hate her manager, he is so horrible. Beating up a person will no doubt have huge consequences on his career but he did it for love, he did it for her! For the first time in the drama he did something that wasn’t about him or progressing his career but all about protecting her pride/ honour. We love how this one action may affect everything but at the same time it was his choice and regardless of the impact it may have on his career- he chose to do it and there is no one to blame but himself.

We wondered how the drama was going to handle the status issue between the OTP. We worried that it would be very Cinderella-like and he would choose her and they would both live happily ever after. – Groan* that is so unoriginal and boring.  Plus the likelihood of that happening in real life is zero considering how hated she is by the public. In reality, Ae Jung would tarnish his good reputation and if they stayed together they would surely resent each other. However, Dokko Jin’s actions have already jeopardised his career and now Ae Jung will know that he not only cares more about her than his career but is also willing to risk everything for her. If the woman didn’t believe he loved her before, she better now!

 We are so loving the development between Ae Jung and Dokko Jin’s relationship that we just want the drama to kill Pil Joo and Ae Jung’s relationship already! Please, this is a slow torture watching this very boring couple on screen. Yes, yes he’s very sweet but their moments are so stilted and dull together. Ae Jung needs to put him out of his misery already- it’s just too cruel!    

Muhahaha, how glad are we that Pil Joo completely ignored Se Ri’s confession of love! Seriously we hate that girl, she’s so manipulative and nasty- her actions ruined Ae Jung’s life for 10 years and still she feels like the victim- what a brat. We really hope that the drama reveals her true colours by the end of it and she really suffers.

Final thoughts:

-We really hope that Ae Jung picks Dokko Jin before she finds out that he has a heart condition.

-Every scene with Dokko Jin and Ae Jung’s nephew is just too cute.

-Who is the big backer that protected Ae Jung back in her girl band days?

Best Love- 5-6

26 May

What a difference a week makes.

Finally some decent OTP action- let the angst begin!

Now this is what we’re talking about- mutual attraction, chemistry and trouble. Finally, we’ve been waiting for this progress for ages and now it’s finally arrived and we couldn’t be happier!
The thing we like most about their relationship is the fact that it’s so honest. They are refreshingly frank with one another- no facades, no mincing of words- they say it as it is and we love it. It makes their scenes together unpredictable and very entertaining. We really like the unexpected twist in their relationship- the drama went from Ae Jung being completely indifferent to Jin to feeding his fish and buying him potatoes in matter of two episodes! We really liked how the Camellia story was used as a way to manipulate the storyline and get that much desired progress between the OTP. Also how funny was it watching Jin trying to get her ‘chicken?’ – That sounds so wrong.

As much as we think that Ae Jung and Pil Joo are outrageously cute together, there is something about their moments that just doesn’t connect for us on an emotional level. When she’s with him- Ae Jung comes across rather fake and more interested in how she may come across on camera. She completely lacks sincerity in her conversations with him and as a result it dims our level of interest in their budding relationship.

We actually think that Se Ri and Pil Joo’s moments together are more interesting. Who would have thought we’d say that? The scene where she ate all of his ramen was so cute. They are rather awkward and geeky together. She’s found herself with a guy that isn’t awestruck by her sheer presence and he manages to make her relax long enough to do something human like- eat or laugh.  As a result we find that their moments together are a lot more authentic and natural to watch and if they happen to end up together, we guess it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Love rival appreciation corner:

The thing about Pil Joo we like most is the fact that he never misunderstands Ae Jung…ever. There are so many opportunities for him to get the wrong idea and think badly of her but he never does. The scene where he saw Jin drive away with her at the club and again at the cinema were key moments for him to think that she’s a cheat or a liar but instead he manages to rationalise her behaviour- which makes him a sweetheart and us complete suckers for him! Also how sweet was the whole pen scenario? Seriously the guy went to such lengths just to make sure she didn’t feel guilty for losing his pen. Damn it, we hate when we fall for the love rivals, it just makes it harder later.

Other thoughts:

-CSW looks weird without his chin strap- it might take awhile to get use to his new look.

-We can’t wait to watch Jin weasel his way back in Ae Jung’s good graces- honestly the man has the worst case of foot-in-mouth disease we’ve seen in a Kdrama in ages.

-We wonder how far Jin will go to be with Ae Jung and at what expense? We’re hoping for lots of romantic, angst worthy moments between our screwed up OTP.

-Finally, why does Ae Jung’s ex manager hate her so much?

Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Best Love- episodes 3-4

17 May

We really want to love this drama but at the moment it’s just not working for us.

Don’t get us wrong- we find it very funny and we like the characters but it’s all just so messy and unbelievable. The drama still feels disjointed and lacks that element that hooks you in. In many ways it feels like the drama is made up of lots of funny clips placed together in a really sloppy and unrealistic manner.

As drama viewers the thing that makes or breaks a drama for us is how much we care about the OTP and sadly (for now) we just haven’t connected with Jin and Ae Jung – despite really wanting to. Damn it!

Ae Jung…has disarmed me. –That whole sequence was so funny!

They are very funny together but they lack chemistry. It’s as simple as that. As a result watching Jin’s discovery of love for Ae Jung feels rather flat and so very OTT. Jin’s character is very similar to Hyun Bin’s character in Secret Garden in the sense that they both feel that they are better than their OTP but despite that fact they are both utterly obsessed pretty much from the first meeting. The big difference between both characters is that; Hyun Bin’s character was indeed unbelievable and OTT like Jin but his chemistry with his OTP was HOT. We remember sitting back in our seats, eyes glued to the screen as we watched their lovely chemistry- we were fascinated by them as a couple and happily tuned in every week to see it develop.

We really want that for Jin and Ae Jung, we want to feel something other than mild amusement caused by an embarrassing situation.  We want that spark that makes us want to root for this couple for 16 episodes rather than secretly wanting Ae Jung to get together with the dashing Doctor Yoon.

Speaking of Pil Joo- could he be anymore adorable- where can we get one from?? The more scenes we see him in the more we like him. Normally we’re not that interested in the ‘nice’ guy but Ae Jung as a character has suffered so many knocks over the years that we can’t help but feel that a nice guy is exactly what she needs. It also helps that they are really charming together.

How sweet was the scene above where he shielded her ears from listening to his staff bitch about her? Sigh* What a sweetheart.

Despite its flaws we can’t help but want to tune in again with the hope that it can live up to the all that untapped potential which is just dying to be released. Plus let’s face it -this drama maybe a mess but at least it’s a fun mess.  Come on drama -you can do it! We’ve got our fingers crossed that you will fix up and give us what we want.

Best Love- first impressions/ 1-2

11 May

We finally got around to watching Best Love and all we have to say is:

Yay for the Hong Sisters finally growing up- We have a feeling this OTP is going to be HOT!

If we’re honest- we didn’t completely and utterly fall in love with this drama (just yet anyway). We think this may be because it had a lot of hype surrounding it and the drama has received praise from pretty much everyone who tuned in, so naturally our expectations were sky high.

Episode 1 felt a little disjointed at times but as soon as it got into a rhyme we found ourselves happily enjoying it. The drama naturally had the Hong Sister’s trademark funny, sharp dialogue and fast as lightening pace, which we loved and have missed.  As a result we found ourselves laughing and cringing at the mishaps the OTP got themselves into and by the time we finished episode 2 we were left feeling excited by the possibilities and most importantly wanting to watch more!

Things that worked for us:

-The OTP: Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin don’t disappoint at all – you can already see all the potential hot chemistry and angst coming their way. They are funny, charming and very engaging together.

We love how Ae Jung is a mess- she’s far from the typical leading lady we get in K-dramas. She’s presented as very human; she’s impulsive, opinionated and a person that has a desperate need to hold onto the spotlight- sometimes at the expense of her pride/ dignity. We don’t think we’ve seen a Hong Sisters drama with such a realistic type of leading lady and well it’s a refreshing shake up to say the least. The fact that Ae Jung is so very realistic is something that works for us because we can’t help but connect and want to see how she gets her HEA.   

-Cha Seung Won is great as the leading man. We were so excited to hear that CSW was going to be in this drama because we knew he would be amazing. We’ve only ever seen him in City Hall and well we’ve been fangirls ever since. He was so romantic and funny in that drama. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s definitely one worth tuning in for- it’s rocks!  Plus, trust us when we say- if you don’t already love CSW…City Hall will make a fan out of you for sure!

-How cute is Yoon Kye Sang as the love rival Yoon Pil Joo? We loved his first scene with Ae Jung- what an introduction! We really like how quirky and blunt he is as a character. Finally the Hong Sisters have given us a couple love rivals that have some substance, rather than simply being crazy and boring.  From what we’ve seen of him so far we fear we may start rooting for him and Ae Jung to be the main couple…not again! Our soft spot for love rivals just seems to be getting worst. Oh Dear. 

-We love the comedy- yes, it’s the Hong Sisters all grown up but  the drama still remains whimsical and silly, which we adore.

 After a bumpy start, the drama is looking very promising – we’ve got an OTP worth tuning in for, a decent script and most importantly a very entertaining concept- can’t wait for the reality show to begin! HEEEE

What more can we ask for?