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Day 5: The Worst Drama that you watched until the end

29 Jan

We’re pretty sure we’ve watched a lot of crap over the years! When we first started watching dramas, we watched everything from start to finish, regardless of whether it was good or not. That’s how obsessed and naive we were. However, as the years have passed and real life became more demanding, we learnt to cut dramas quite quickly and gain a good crap detector for dramas that we knew weren’t going to work out for us. Thankfully for us, our crap detector has generally served us well – we avoided: Paradise Ranch, Myung Wol the Spy, Playful kiss…

However unfortunately for us, the odd drama has slipped through the net and we have found ourselves sitting there groaning and lamenting the hours of our lives we lost because we were far too stubborn and stupid to drop the drama when we should have.

Our drama choice for this topic may not be the worst drama out there but it made us mad, really mad that we dedicated 20 hours of our lives for what we have to call the most groan inducting, frustratingly annoying drama ever. The worse thing about this drama is the fact that it had soooooo much potential.

Our choice for worst drama we watched to the end is: Cinderella’s Unni

WTF was that, did we really waste 20 hours of our life on this crap?  They were the exact words we used after we watched the end credits roll.

The first five episodes were so amazing. The drama had us hooked. It was intense, dark and so emotionally compelling that we were obsessed. The acting by the cast was fantastic, the way it was filmed was beautiful, everything was spot on and then it just went horribly, horribly wrong.

Seriously, by the end of it we just wanted every single one of these characters to die a painful death. It was that bad. How did a writer manage to make such well written, crafted characters completely and utterly detestable by the end of it?? Now that is a skill.

The leading lady went from being this strong but broken character that you cared so much for. In to this weak, frustrating character that cried in dark corners ALL THE TIME and refused to accept the help or love of anyone around her. She had ZERO character growth. When you watch a character for 20 episodes, you hope that they evolve to get their HEA but no, not in this drama.

We love our drama characters to be complex and yes, screwed up because you want to see when change and get their HEA. However, in this drama nothing seemed to work on this leading lady. Her OTP confessed his love practically every other week only for her to reject him and cry some more in a dark corner. The lovely Jung Woo who adored her and showed her that screwed up kids could make good had no effect on her at all. The only thing we suggest for her now is Prozac. Yes, if there was ever a character that showed signs of being a manic depressive- it was Cinderella’s Unni’s Eun Jo.

The writers butchered what could have been an amazing Kdrama. 

As viewers we felt alienated by everything. The characters actions and personalities made no sense as we watched them become more deranged and damaged as the weeks went by. The OTP’s romance was so messy and frustrating that we just didn’t care because we were too busy hoping that they would all just die!

This was one of those dramas that made you want to sit down and write a long, detailed post WARNING everyone to avoid this drama. It was just bad, really, really bad. Just thinking about this drama makes us mad, our dislike is that strong. You’ve got characters that you hate, nonexistent plot development unless you count the leading lady finding a new location to cry in, an increasing sense of disappointment as you realised that the drama wasn’t planning to get better anytime soon and yes, did we mention that we hated everyone and everything in this drama?

Don’t watch it. We’re doing a public service here by saving you from unnecessary misery.

Other dramas we had the misfortunate to watch all the way through include:

I Am Legend: UGH – it was a confused drama that didn’t know what genre it wanted to be. Plus, it had NO romance. What is the point in tuning in if there isn’t even a romance???

Itazura na Kiss – It was gross. We don’t understand how this story keeps being remade. It’s horrible, the leading man is an idiot and the girl (in this version) is the most annoying, frustrating character EVER.


Ring Ring Bell – episode 8

28 Nov

WTF was episode 8 all about?
In one episode we had the following things happen:

We had a kidnapping, a bombing and a stabbing. Our leading lady dropped 50 IQ points between episode 6 and episode 8 and our leading man turned into a heartless idiot. Great.

Everything about episode 8 was bad and we mean really bad. The acting was appalling, the script was insane and it was all put together so badly that it made our eyes burn with rage. RAGE.

5year old kids could have done a better job than that. Honestly what was everyone thinking?

Question: You get a phone call and you don’t know who it is but they ask you your whereabouts- Is your first thought really to tell them exactly where you are? Come on, surely the writers could have thought of a more sophisticated way for the leading lady to be kidnapped.

Don’t get us started on the stabbing scene. Ugh – We know that T-dramas love to have really crazy characters that do nutty things but seriously… this was too much.

What happened to this drama, it was so cute and fluffy at the start, now it’s become this mess, where we can’t relate to anyone in the drama.

We wanted to see this OTP come together organically and watch them realise their feelings for each other all over again. Rather than watch them be forced together by sad faced cute kids and pushy mothers. The last two episodes have made us question the OTP and how much we’re buying their so called love for each other. He doesn’t think much of her and she is so riddled with insecurities that makes it impossible to relate to her feelings for him. As you can imagine we weren’t touched at all by their lukewarm declarations of love for each other. In fact we sat there shaking our heads wondering what the feck happened to this drama??

The strangest thing about the whole episode was the fact that although it was silly and it enraged us to no end… we still want to see what happens next week. We're hoping that this is just a slump in the drama and that it will pick up and return to what we signed up for at the start rather than endure this mess for much longer.

A Valentine for our Drama Boyfriends

14 Feb

Happy Valentines to all! 

Beware this is completely self indulgent and girly. *giggles

Last year we commiserated our favourite Love rivals that failed to get the girl, but this year it’s all about our numerous drama boyfriends- old and new…a girl can dream right?

First off, something that made us want to gag and reach for the sick bucket but at the same time we couldn’t help but enjoy all the cheesiness on show. Plus when Boyfriend no.1 –Choi Siwon looks super (no pun intended) adorable in this MV, how’s a girl to resist?
Boyfriend no.2– Hyun Bin in Secret Garden– He literally died for her! Enough said. Okay maybe not- did we forget to mention the man tears, the intense ‘I’m going to rip your clothes off’ stares and the amazing ability to look good in a fugly sequinned tracksuit?!

Boyfriend no. 3 Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s Crazy Horse. Please note that we don’t find Yoo Ah In attractive at all in real life but as Crazy horse we adored him completely. What’s not to love about a mask crusader who hiccups uncontrollably around females? We loved him.


Boyfriend no. 4 – TOP (Big Bang and Iris) – TOP is strictly and possessively loved by Shams. Her fan girl ways are embarrassing and irrational when it comes to this guy- who loves to glare and occasional have really bad silver hair. (wtf is that about TOP? Shams may be able to forgive you but the rest of us can’t!)

 Boyfriend no. 5– Park Shi Hoo – The only drama actor alive that has managed to steal TWO leading men’s role from behind, plus look at him, he’s adorable.
Boyfriend no. 6Smile, You’s Jung Kyung Ho as Kang Hyun Su aka our Beta boyfriend. The perfect example of a Beta boyfriend who is at once smart, geeky and strangely attractive.


We mustn’t forget RoRo’s all time boyfriend – Big Bang’s Daesung. Muhahahah. What a hunk.  

Oh Drama boyfriends, we love so. *sigh.

11 Things we learnt from dramaland in 2010

26 Dec

1. DON’T watch a drama because you crush (badly) on the leading man. We learnt that the hard way -cough* Down with Love and Jerry Yan. Base it on writing and acting.

Damn you Jerry, we wasted far too many hours on you and (Ella, yuck)!

2. Don’t watch a drama simply because it’s got lots of hype around it. *Snigger- Playful Kiss and Personal Preference.

3. Bromance can get us far in dramaland. 2010 had its fair share of bromance and once again we were complete suckers for it. –Sungkyankwan Scandal

4. Don’t allow sheer stubbornness stupidity to make you finish a drama that can only be classified as crap.  –I am legend, Down with Love.

5. Kim Bum really isn’t that bad. We took an instance disliking to him in BOF but strangely enough he totally won us over in The woman who still wants to marry. The same goes for Hyun Bin- hated him ever since MISKSS but it only took a really bad case of foot in mouth disease and a REALLY TACKY tracksuit to win us over. –Secret Garden.

6. Cross dressing never gets boring.

Question. What is about girls dressing up as boys and boys questioning their sexuality that gets us every time? Answer. All that good, hot tormented angst! – Sungkyankwan Scandal

7. Drama extensions still ruin good dramas. Smile, you!!!!! How dare they add 15 more episodes?!

8. Don’t allow stupid drama titles to put you off. – Prosecutor Princess, Baker King and Loving you a thousand times.

9. Warning- Time leaps kill dramas! – Cinderella Unni and Will it snow for Christmas. The only exception was Baker King but that drama was pure class.

10. Drama men are far too pretty (than us) weep* – Mary stayed out all night.

11. Good hair gets you far…Sometimes! (Sorry Kim Hyun Joong! We love you really)


9 Dec

Smile, You

Damn you drama makers- how many times do we need to tell you extensions kill good dramas! We ignored the gentle warnings from others telling us, you’ll only regret it and now we see the errors of our way.

Smile, You- episodes 1 to 26 great viewing- lots of laughs, so much cuteness and a OTP that you will adore and because of that we stayed faithful and continued watching until suddenly the drama became this frustrating, annoying THING that needed to end- NOW! Episodes 26 to 38 are a complete and utter waste of time- it’s only out of sheer stubbornness that we intend to finish it. We think that the drama writers have finally dragged as much as they can and it appears that some of the charm of earlier episodes has returned (thank goodness-we’re currently on episode 39) so hopefully we can finish the drama (if we can ever be bothered to complete it) on a semi high and try and block out the horrors of past episodes. Why, oh why do writers of long family dramas think that a good way to prolong a drama is by making the mother of the main characters insane and so hated that you want to watch her be killed slowly by their future long suffering daughter in laws!?

Anyway if you don’t wish to see crazy mothers and really annoying love rivals don’t bother with episodes 26 to 38. Trust us; we’re doing a public service here.

Mary stayed out all night:

We totally don’t get the Mary bashing- yes, it’s not going to be critically acclaimed anytime soon but come on, when you’ve got the words ‘love contract’ in the synopsis- did you really expect to watch a master piece? We can’t believe that people are really moaning about the lack of reality in this drama or the believability of certain characters- it’s a K-drama! Leave all common sense at the door people.
We’re still enjoying it- it’s at once silly and endearing and we thoroughly adore watching every scene with the OTP. It’s just such a shame that the drama has such low ratings- where are all you girly boy fan girls hiding? – Your favourite cross dressing leading man needs your support!

Birdie Buddy:

Yep, we heard that this drama got cancelled and although we’re super relieved that a drama with UEE realising her dream of being a top golfer (yes, you read correctly) didn’t happen. We’re kind of disappointed- how much fun would it have been to mock this drama when it aired!? MUHAHAHA.

Oh well, there is always next time, we hope. J

Random thoughts

3 Nov

Birdie Buddy

Seriously we thought this drama came and went -haha.

Who thought this drama was a good idea, really? The idea of making a Golf related drama must have been formed around the realisation that UEE could wear really tiny shorts/ skirts throughout the show and those smart Group Eight people thought- now that’s a concept!  It’s beyond our understanding why else smart money orientated people would think this could be a winner.

Also did people actually watch UEE in You’re Beautiful, *shudder?

If the actual concept and actors don’t turn people off- we promise the promo material will. Yuck!

Smile, You-

We confess that we put this drama off mainly because we found Lee Min Jung really, really annoying  after her BOF performance and the idea of watching her play a rich brat brought down to reality with a  bump was very unappealing but surprisingly enough- we thoroughly like her character and her acting.

Her character is really funny- she is what she is and she doesn’t care how she comes across and the fact that she is bratty, bad tempered and rather mischievous makes it all the more entertaining when she gets into scrapes. Also we love her relationship with the other characters especially Hyun Su’s mother and of course Hyun Su. We really like how the writers developed the relationship between the OTP and literally within a couple episodes sneaked in unexpected and unwanted feelings between the two leads. Nicely done drama writers, we approve.

The Seo family were beyond annoying, however now that the tables have turned and the Kang family are no longer willing to play nice-the results are sooooo entertaining and funny to watch! We love when Karma returns to bite people in the butt in K-dramas- Muhahah.

Also we have to mention that Jung Kyung Ho who plays Hyun Su is so adorable to watch on scene- he’s like a cute puppy that you want to hug; also his character is so likable in a Beta male kind of way. He’s kind, thoughtful and rather lovable.

 OMO! so cute.

Although we’re still early on in the drama, we still enjoying it and look forward to watching the OTP develop as a couple- they are so charming together!

The year of the over hyped?

19 Oct

We feared that Baker King was going to go down the drain in the final few episodes as it had descended into sheer stupidity from  episodes 23- 27, however by some miracle the drama managed to salvaged  it’s self to have a satisfactory ending (thank goodness). Which we’re so pleased about because seriously what has been up with the dramas in 2010… So promising but completely failed to deliver.

Here are our list of dramas  which we had the misfortune of watching from 2010’s drama line up that we either utterly loved for like a split second but the drama quickly became crap or dramas that were tipped to be soooo good but turned out to rubbish or sleep inducing boring.

Cinderella Unni– By the end of it all it was painful viewing to say the least- wtf happened to this drama?? Those who watched will surely agree that this drama started off so well- all the angst, pain and so many sweet OTP moments but then they did the time leap and well it became a mess of melodrama at its worse- irrational behaviour, multiple crying scenes and a OTP that needed to have their heads banged together!

Oh! My Lady– Siwon and Chae Rim together- personal assistant and mega rich super star as the OTP, Siwon topless, plus a really cute child- sold. The reality- so boring!

 (She is so cute!)

I am Legend– it was completely buzzed about for months before it aired and we actually looked forward to the premise and we were pleasantly surprised by the first two episodes but honestly, what a waste of time- Don’t watch this drama people, it’s not very good! We wished we knew this before we watched it, we could have saved ourselves 16 hours!

Down with Love– so much fan love- the drama was even leaked online with fans going crazy viewing it but WHY, WHY, why? It was so pointless. The thing that makes us angry is the facts that we watched it all and each episode was an hour and a half! We are fools. We hang our heads in shame with this drama.

Personal Preference– Oh, Lee Min Ho, we had withdrawal symptoms after we finished BOF and we looked forward to PP soooo much but what was that about!? Apparently it gets better in the middle but still… we had such high hopes- man we can’t wait for City Hunter in January!

(He’s cute too)

P.S MAN– our other T-drama of 2010- it was an unexpected drama that we knew zero about and we fell quickly in love but after episode 10, the love quickly died as we only stuck around because we had a seriously unhealthy obsession with the Love rival and leading lady’s relationship that kept us glued to our seat, oh we can’t forget Blue Lan’s outrageous hair which seemed to become more and more out of control as the weeks past- he needed a comb asap! 

Hotaru No Hikari 2– Oh dear, what the hell was that about? EEEEW creepy OTP behaviour alert.

THE MOST AKWARD KISS EVER. We wish we never found out about this OTP HEA. SO WEIRD.

Plan B– Rain’s first drama in forever- the hype for this drama had its own hype that’s how crazy the expectation was!   Who are we kidding? We wanted to watch this drama because of Lee Jung Jin– sadly for us the drama looked pretty but has no substance at all. Plus as much as we can appreciate Daniel Henney- the guy can’t act to save his life!

Playful Kiss– Possibly the most hyped of all dramas of 2010?? For good and bad reasons we guess- the bad reasons- everyone wanted to see whether Ji Hoo sunbae’s acting had improved from his BOF days (well it couldn’t get worse could it? hehe) and for some strange reason the actual story is outrageously popular, which we totally don’t get.  To be fair, we gave it a shot, god knows there was plenty to mock but sadly for Ji Hoo Sunbae and the drama makers, it just didn’t work…for apparently anyone!

Gloria– Such borrring characters! When a rich business man/topless street fighter can’t hold our attention you know you’re in trouble! Not to mention the fact that the leading lady sang the same crappy song for 8 bloody episodes- BADLY!

Oh dear, we think we may have spent more time bitching about 2010 dramas than we actually spent gushing about them. A sad time for all drama obsessed fans- here’s hoping 2011 looks brighter. 

Mary Stayed Out All night

17 Oct


Android actors strike again

12 May

 Beautiful Robots! We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. According to Dramabeans page today, Kim Tae-hee has been cast as Song Seung-heon’s love interest in the already buzzed about / possibly so bad its good upcoming drama My Princess.

With the news that Kim Hyun-joong has also possibly been cast in the new Athena drama- drama viewers have found themselves in two camps- those who would rather switch off than watch this really bad actor on screen- even though he isn’t actually the lead and then there are those who don’t mind the bad acting and intend to continue/ fast forward certain scenes depending on whether he has to force himself to produce an emotion other than indifferent.

 The question is can excellent writing and direction make a drama survive really bad acting?

This got us thinking about the dramas- Asian and non Asian that we’ve watched that survived or in many cases didn’t survive with beautiful robots or as we like to call them android actors.

-The original android actor has to be Keanu Reeves right? Come on, what are the chances of this guy winning an Oscar with his back catalogue? Oh Keanu, you’re so handsome but boy you can’t act! Even though he is most probably the worst A list actor in Hollywood, he hasn’t done badly- who hasn’t seen Bill and Ted and the Matrix series? Everyone has, they were huge hits and have made him very rich. We guess this is our example of an android actor not killing a film through bad acting.

Android actor at his worst:

Don’t bother watching Sweet November, RoRo and Shaps were unfortunate enough to stumble across this really crap film late one night years ago and we still have the scar from the sheer dreadfulness that was this movie.

-Hayden Christensen has to be this generations beautiful robot- why does this guy keep getting work? It’s beyond our understanding how this android actor weathered the storm of crap that was Jumper, plus he ruined the new Star Wars movies all by himself with his one tone voice and blank expression. Not even Samuel L Jackson and RoRo’s girl crush Natalie Portman could rescue the movie from Hayden’s awfully bad acting- now that’s serious talent.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson need a category all to themselves- are these two possibly the most overrated and ungrateful actors in Hollywood!? Read the Twilight books they are significantly better than the pile of crap these two starred in. With Robert’s dodgy accent and Kristen’s twitchy and uncomfortable acting- we had a lot to laugh about after we had the misfortune to pay to watch the first movie.

They look like they had as much fun as we did when we watched their movie.

-Android actress who made us switch off:

We were unlucky enough to discover Han Ye Seul’s acting skills in Will it Snow for Christmas? And it was enough to make us switch off; even with the hotness that is Go Soo, we just couldn’t continue to watch her on screen. We started this drama and seriously we loved it, we were hooked…well until Han Ye Seul appeared on screen and killed the drama for us with her awful acting. Was she supposed to be portraying sadness or madness? Was she drunk in a scene or angry? Those questions ran through our minds as we tried to work out what the hell she was doing. She has definitely made the list of actresses to avoid in future dramas.

Kim Hyun-joong and Jung Yong Hwa aka Shin Woo from You’re beautiful have to be related or they must have both gone to the same acting school for boy-banders turned mocked actors because they practically played identical roles and in that same flat, android way. Seriously it’s amazing how bad these two were in their perspective dramas. KHJ in BOF was particularly bad and to make matters worse, the insane writers for BOF decided to just keep giving him more lines regardless of the fact that it was completely going off track from the original story- just to give him more air time.  The madness of it all!


The question of whether KHJ android actor/ Korean cousin of Hayden Christensen ruined BOF for viewers is still up for debate, we know from others that it definitely impacted their opinion of the drama but come on, who wasn’t obsessed and swept up in the hot mess of crazy that was Boys before Flowers?  We know we were.

Other notable android actors/ actresses:

Shin Dong Wook– We adored this guy in Soulmate, just a great drama and he was such a sweetheart of a character but what happened to his acting in Pick the Stars? It was bad, really bad- over acting to the max.

Park Shi Yeon– okay she can be classified as a half android, simply because there isn’t technically anything wrong with her acting but we wouldn’t watch a drama with her as a lead, she just doesn’t evoke that type of response in her acting.

How could we forget: Hugh Grant and Orlando Bloom…okay add Keira Knightley to the list just because is it really necessary to pout so much in a movie?  

So what have we concluded? 

A better acting school is a must and never fear android actors everywhere, the list above proves that beautiful robots can make huge hits in spite of their lack of talent. Just prepare to be mocked tirelessly by the Musthavesubs girls Muahaha!

Shag, Cliff or Marry

14 Apr


As we’re once again waiting impatiently to watch our drama selection- especially Cinderella Unni, which we are ridiculously excited about after watching the preview on Viikii. We decided to play a game- strictly tongue ‘n’ cheek of course called: Shag, Cliff or Marry. We’re not actually sure whether this is just a cheeky English game amongst the immature and perverted but it’s quite simple to follow. You are given three names and you’ve got to decide between the three who you would

1. Shag– one night of HOT passion! (Mainly, the man that you are most attracted to).  

2. Cliff– Who you would throw over a cliff.

3. Marry– The one you’re stuck with forever in happiness (or not).

The first selection is as followed: Go Soo, Jerry Yan and Vic Zhou.

Go SooWill it Snow for Christmas: A unanimous vote that we would all shag him! Come on who can resist those bedroom eyes and that broody glare that screams “come with me for a good time, I shall ravish you right now!” (Yah if it’s a historical!!!)

Jerry YanDown with Love: (If you haven’t noticed we kinda like Jerry…just a bit he he) another unanimous vote that we would marry Jerry. He is the type of guy that would bring you flowers home every day and make you delicious diner. And also be a tender, giving lover. He has that sexy voice working for him, who would ever get bored?

Vic ZhouMars: The decision to cliff Vic was a very hard one, the competition was very tough. Shaps wanted to shag him because she thought it would be a crazzzzzy night. Shams thought that because he is so mentally damaged that if we didn’t cliff him he would end up doing it himself.  We are sorry Vic we still love you, forgive us!

The next bunch of guys (once again in a tough category) is as followed: Super Juniors’ big guy, Deasung from Big Bang and Phillip-shi from Soulmate.  

Mushroom head from Super Junior: We decided we would shag him. It would be interesting to have a shapely lover. And also we really had no choice with the other two that we had to chose from.

Daesung from Big bang (RoRo’s OTP): We would marry him because he is so funny and sings like an angel. He would serenade you to sleep every night. However, for ethical reasons we would have to share separate beds.  

 Choi Phillip from Soulmate who plays Phillip-shi: super yuck, his character is repulsive! We would definitely have to cliff him. To be honest how could anyone with a heart cliff Daesung or the mushroom? There so lovely!

The final selection (somehow all the villains have ended up together) are: Bad Family’s Kim Gyu Chul who plays Han In Soo, Delightful girl’s Uhm Tae Woong who plays Byun Hak Do and finally Mars’ An Jun Can as Tong Dao.  

Delightful girl Choon Hyang Byun Hak Do – scary evil: Out of the three we would have to marry him. We have to keep in mind that he is super rich and although he may be evil he is very handsome (Even our mum said that he should be the main guy in delightful girl!!)

Mars creepy Ling stalker! – An Jun Can as Tong Dao: Ahhhh we have no choice. Although we are scared that he might do creepy stuff to us WE CANNOT MARRY THE TOAD!

Bad family’s the Toad Ha In Soo – yuck: We would have a lot of pleasure whilst we pushed him of the cliff!! Yes he is absolutely evil and yes he does deserve to be pushed!