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End of Year Review ~ 2011

31 Dec

We thoroughly enjoyed writing our end of year review last year. We were happy in the knowledge that we had found some real gems, along with a couple stinkers but this year we can’t help but feel a little disappointed by the drama offerings. Nothing really stole our hearts and made us feel like we’ve found a drama that would stay with us for the long run and be on our all time favourites list.

However that doesn’t mean that we didn’t enjoy what we did complete and like a true a drama addict would say… there is always next year.

Here is our list of completed dramas in 2011:

The crème of the crop:

Keizoku Spec 2: One word: Awesome.

It lulls you in with the first couple episodes. Then bam, you are hooked and before you know it, it’s finished and you’re desperate for more.

Someone tell us there is a second season in the works? We’d be sooooo happy.

We know we shouldn’t have liked it but we did anyway:

It’s okay, Daddy’s girl: Technically a complete mess, the plot, the acting, the romance, okay, okay it was all a tad on the ugly side but strangely we enjoyed it nevertheless. 

Call us suckers for a decent family in need.

The prize for the worse villain of the year goes to Jun Tae Soo:

Oh dear, the over acting was bad, real bad.

Biggest disappointment of the year:

49 days: Yes, we’re still mad at you drama, we may remain mad for quite some time too. The drama strung us along for 19 episodes, only to trample all over our betrayed hearts in the end.

Cruel, just cruel.

We did enjoy watching Jung Il Woo as the cutest Scheduler in town. Also, despite the fact that our beloved Bae Soo Bin overacted his way through all 20 episodes with his glares and ‘scary’ eyes, we found him strangely hot as a baddie. Heheh.

Our typical Jdrama of the year:

Buzzer Beat: It was totally underwhelming. The ending was so predictable and cheesy. We haven’t a clue why we bothered watching it in the first place.

Was it Yamapi and his giant purple rucksack?

Another over hyped Hong Sisters’ drama?

Best Love: We almost gave us on this drama multiple times throughout its run. The OTP consisted of an overgrown man-child that needed a good slap and a washed out pop star desperately clinging on to show business. Let’s face it the characters were REALLY annoying, the gags were the same old over the top gags the Hong sisters have been peddling  for a while now and once again, no other character other than the OTP had much substance.  However, the drama eventually found its groove and before we knew it we were rather charmed by how much the OTP cared for each other. Damn it.


Our old school drama of the year:

Baby faced Beauty: We think we watched this during our drama dry spell; it was familiar in a comforting way. It had a cute OTP, a leading lady we hoped would get a spine and she eventually does…sort of and of course evil villains who get what they deserve by the end of it.

What more could you ask for? It’s a nice way to past the time, also Daniel Choi is rather adorable in it. It might wash out the bad taste he left in your mouth from his horrible performance in The Musical

The drama that made Lee Dong Wook a man:

A Scent of a Woman: Yes, it became that stereotypical melodrama in the second half but we were sold from the first episode. Watch it for the hot OTP, watch it for a love rival who will break your heart and watch because it was the drama that reminded us why we became drama addicts in the first place.

Also did we mention the producers gave us plenty of fan service? Enjoy.

Another Mike He drama under our belts:

Sunny Happiness: In reflection we can’t really remember much about this drama… which is never a good thing.  It had something to do with a marriage contract right?

Oh, who cares we blatantly watched it for Mike He!

The sweetest drama of 2011:

Can you hear my heart? : Our favourite Kdrama of 2011.

 Loved it.  

Favourite Alternative couple: Dong Joo and Ma Roo – Come on, all those bed scenes, the flashbacks of romantic moments from the past and of course the smouldering stares they gave each other throughout the drama. Their children would be beautiful…

The Idols that made good in the end:

Dream High: We really enjoyed this drama despite rooting for the wrong OTP and hating broody Sam Dong. Is it the best drama? Hell no but its lots of fun. There is a scene which involves an MC Hammer dance, if you don’t laugh at that; there is something wrong with you. Just saying…


2011 dramas may not have been what we hoped but hey it could have been a lot worse!

Here’s hoping that 2012 delivers the goods.

Happy New Year to everyone, love the Musthavesubs Girls xox


Buzzer Beat- Overall thoughts

15 Feb

With life being rather busy and hectic of late, it was nice to sit down and tune into a drama that was so relaxed and engaging to watch. We wonder if we would have liked this drama less if we watched it at a different point in our life where possibly we may have demanded more from our drama viewing? Frankly this drama had very little going on plot wise, there were no villains, no sudden illnesses…nothing other than a simple story about two characters brought together through a  mutual desire to achieve their dreams. Naturally this being a drama- the writers threw in some love and conflicting feelings, however even that was a little on the diluted side, which isn’t uncommon for J-dramas. Now if this was a T-drama this would be a completely different type of story…but in many ways that’s probably why we enjoy tuning in to  J-dramas every once in awhile- they always manage to maintain that sense of reality that is distinctly absent in Korean and Taiwanese dramas.

Despite the drama having a very abrupt and forced happy ending, we enjoyed the drama for the small things like; the characterisation of the lead OTP aswell being engaged in their situations, thoughts and feelings.

 Riko- the leading lady was great- she wore her heart on her sleeve, she was smart, emotional and very likable. The scene where she stood up and yelled at Naoki to try harder, fulfil his potential in his basketball game was brilliant. She just couldn’t stop herself- so passionate and sincere. In many ways her actions were similar to other leading ladies we love; in particular Makino (HYD). 

Naoki- as the leading guy was one we really adored. He is a prime example of a Beta male; quiet, considerate and thoughtful. He tidied her house and made her French toast, for gawds sake!

For us, he was too considerate and thoughtful at times but then he always managed to come across as human. We like how protecting his pride was a real reason for breaking up with Natsuki and despite falling for Riko, he still found himself caring about his ex- that’s a real character and a reason why he wasn’t a 2D boring one. Plus it was really refreshing watching a nice guy as the lead, who you wouldn’t mind being your boyfriend. As much as we love leading men that are rich bastards that learn the error of their ways, it nice to see a good guy get the girl for a change.  

The actions and conversations between the main characters in this drama were so realistic that it made it easy to understand and connect with them. As we mentioned in an earlier post we really liked Mai and Riko’s depiction of friendship between two women. It was honest and sincere and the conversations were at times so realistic but ordinary that we could have had exactly the same conversation between us.

The closest thing to a villain in this drama had to be Naoki’s ex girlfriend Natsuki. She was a complete bitch and a nasty piece of work but so realistic. You can see exactly what made her tick and why she was driven to act the way she did. We love how she’s never given even the slightly bit of hope from Naoki and how she spent the majority of the drama regretting her actions. We love when Karma is used well. Although we were a little disappointed by how her character was resolved- Why did she have to get a happily ever after, we wanted her to sit in a dark corner and cry sad, depressed tears!?


Things that made us laugh for all the wrong reasons:

-Naoki’s dress sense and his huge arse backpack! Why Naoki, tell us that was the only bag left in the store or that a poor child gave it to you as a present and you didn’t have the heart to reject it? Why so big and PURPLE? Also what the heck was with all the random colours in your wardrobe? Pinks and oranges are a distinct NO-No.

It’s nearly bigger than him!

-Did this director just like getting multiple shots of Riko running? We have a distinct feeling that the 75 minute finale was just an excuse to show her run ALOT. Riko for some reason seemed to have an aversion to public transport that resulted in her having to run everywhere- She nearly missed the most predicable Buzzer beat in the whole drama because she chose to run all the way to the stadium!

-Naoki’s phone would be covered in a plastic cover whenever he was in the bath. Some may say that’s very practical…if you were a doctor on call or a Spy but Naoki’s was a basketball player! It just looked so random and silly watching him lie in the bathtub while holding his phone in its plastic cover! Heaven forbid he might not be able to answer a text message from Natsuki.

-Why did Riko only know one tune on her violin?

-We loved the symbolism of the wall painting which read – Love makes me strong. It was a nice example of a giant, pink elephant in the room whenever Riko and Naoki would meet. That’s fine but seriously was it necessary to have some random, can’t act to save his life guy quote it in the last episode? How unbelievably cheesy! Drama we expected more.

Okay, now it sounds like we didn’t enjoy the drama but overall we did… promise. It’s nothing groundbreaking and it doesn’t compare to J-drama greats like Pride but still it’s a pleasant enough watch…just leave your brain at the door.

How much we liked it: 7/10

How good is it technically: 6/10

Buzzer Beat: 1-4 / first impressions

8 Feb

Yes, we’re aware that we’re a few years too late and fandom for this drama probably dried up long ago but hey better late than never, right?

As drama land appears to be a wasteland of lots of fluff or dramas which hold little interest for us eg. Korean CSI and cowboys (seriously Paradise Ranch’s promo team need to be sacked, those outfits are scary!) we decided to check out Buzzer Beat on a whim and we’re really glad we did because we’re thoroughly enjoying it and hope it remains as promising through its whole run.

The thing about J-dramas is that when they are made well- you will love them forever but when they’re not…shudder* you question the sanity and mindset of those people responsible for allowing the drama to be produced (Hotaru No Hikari 2). We love how J-dramas always manage to capture real life really well; the dialogue, the actions and consequences in dramas are so much more realistic and relatable than any Korean or Taiwanese drama out there and after you finish a good Jdrama it will stay with you for a long time and make you wish that Kimura Takuya and Yamapi were your boyfriend. Giggles*

Anyway back to BB- it’s all looking good so far… we actually like the slow, relaxed vibe from this drama, we can definitely tell that the writer also wrote My Boss My Hero (so much love for that drama) and  Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku (aka Matsumoto Jun’s latest drama). Also it’s got a distinct Pride –like vibe going for it. Which we don’t mind at all- we love conflicted man pain, bromance, team sports (especially when we get plenty of fan service!) and of course a very compelling OTP.

We adore the OTP already and we’ve only watched 4 episodes!  We love how even though they are from two different worlds  (he’s a pro basketball player and she’s a violinist) they’ve found themselves in exactly the same situation- their feelings, thoughts and insecurities mirror each other so well and watching the realisation of that connection makes it lovely viewing indeed.  


We love how realistic their relationship is. They’ve met in an unusual situation where they don’t really know each other but because they get each other, it’s easy to talk and vent about life…possibly because they don’t really know each other… Either way their scenes together are refreshing and really engaging to watch. The writer has done a great job of making their interactions and feelings natural but at the same time totally believable. For example the fact that they both felt strange when they realised that the other was in a relationship even though they barely knew each other. Rationally it makes little sense to feel disappointed by the news but still there was that unexpected feeling – We’ve all been there, right?

 Natsuki – Naoki’s fiancé is such an interesting character- yes, we utterly dislike her and all she represents but as a character we understand exactly where she’s coming from and what motivates her. Naoki is blatantly her safety net. He’s good, kind, reliable and perfect on paper but in reality her feelings are not enough. Giving real depth and making characters realistic is what J-dramas do best, they are so much better than some of the caricature villains and heroes Korean dramas produce. That said, poor, Naoki- she’s going to trample all over his fragile heart- the dirty tart!

 Speaking of characters that will surely get their heart broken by the end of the drama – Poor Kawasaki aka hot coach has it bad for Riko! As romantics, we love a bit of love at first sight, especially when it’s done well and we definitely approve here. We hope this isn’t another case us falling for the LR…oh that would be bad.

Finally we adore Mai and Riko together as well- how many times have we had silly, pointless conversations about absolutely nothing!? It’s such a good reflection of a real friendship between two women.

Overall verdict so far- hopeful and still very much enjoying it.