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Day 5: The Worst Drama that you watched until the end

29 Jan

We’re pretty sure we’ve watched a lot of crap over the years! When we first started watching dramas, we watched everything from start to finish, regardless of whether it was good or not. That’s how obsessed and naive we were. However, as the years have passed and real life became more demanding, we learnt to cut dramas quite quickly and gain a good crap detector for dramas that we knew weren’t going to work out for us. Thankfully for us, our crap detector has generally served us well – we avoided: Paradise Ranch, Myung Wol the Spy, Playful kiss…

However unfortunately for us, the odd drama has slipped through the net and we have found ourselves sitting there groaning and lamenting the hours of our lives we lost because we were far too stubborn and stupid to drop the drama when we should have.

Our drama choice for this topic may not be the worst drama out there but it made us mad, really mad that we dedicated 20 hours of our lives for what we have to call the most groan inducting, frustratingly annoying drama ever. The worse thing about this drama is the fact that it had soooooo much potential.

Our choice for worst drama we watched to the end is: Cinderella’s Unni

WTF was that, did we really waste 20 hours of our life on this crap?  They were the exact words we used after we watched the end credits roll.

The first five episodes were so amazing. The drama had us hooked. It was intense, dark and so emotionally compelling that we were obsessed. The acting by the cast was fantastic, the way it was filmed was beautiful, everything was spot on and then it just went horribly, horribly wrong.

Seriously, by the end of it we just wanted every single one of these characters to die a painful death. It was that bad. How did a writer manage to make such well written, crafted characters completely and utterly detestable by the end of it?? Now that is a skill.

The leading lady went from being this strong but broken character that you cared so much for. In to this weak, frustrating character that cried in dark corners ALL THE TIME and refused to accept the help or love of anyone around her. She had ZERO character growth. When you watch a character for 20 episodes, you hope that they evolve to get their HEA but no, not in this drama.

We love our drama characters to be complex and yes, screwed up because you want to see when change and get their HEA. However, in this drama nothing seemed to work on this leading lady. Her OTP confessed his love practically every other week only for her to reject him and cry some more in a dark corner. The lovely Jung Woo who adored her and showed her that screwed up kids could make good had no effect on her at all. The only thing we suggest for her now is Prozac. Yes, if there was ever a character that showed signs of being a manic depressive- it was Cinderella’s Unni’s Eun Jo.

The writers butchered what could have been an amazing Kdrama. 

As viewers we felt alienated by everything. The characters actions and personalities made no sense as we watched them become more deranged and damaged as the weeks went by. The OTP’s romance was so messy and frustrating that we just didn’t care because we were too busy hoping that they would all just die!

This was one of those dramas that made you want to sit down and write a long, detailed post WARNING everyone to avoid this drama. It was just bad, really, really bad. Just thinking about this drama makes us mad, our dislike is that strong. You’ve got characters that you hate, nonexistent plot development unless you count the leading lady finding a new location to cry in, an increasing sense of disappointment as you realised that the drama wasn’t planning to get better anytime soon and yes, did we mention that we hated everyone and everything in this drama?

Don’t watch it. We’re doing a public service here by saving you from unnecessary misery.

Other dramas we had the misfortunate to watch all the way through include:

I Am Legend: UGH – it was a confused drama that didn’t know what genre it wanted to be. Plus, it had NO romance. What is the point in tuning in if there isn’t even a romance???

Itazura na Kiss – It was gross. We don’t understand how this story keeps being remade. It’s horrible, the leading man is an idiot and the girl (in this version) is the most annoying, frustrating character EVER.


Sunday Drama Rambles

9 Oct

Are we alone in our total lack of interest in the upcoming Kdrama Man of Honor? It starts this week and well frankly the hype, the premise and pretty much everything else is beyond lost on our obsessive Kdrama ways.

Despite coming to the realisation that Baker King was to put it bluntly rubbish…we utterly adored it when we watched it the first time. We love to root for a worthy underdog that prevails against bratty, rich half siblings and evil parents. However, having seen the promo shots and the trailer, this looks just like Baker King but with Baseball.

The funny thing is, generally we don’t mind that this is a carbon copy of another drama because let’s face it, most Kdramas don’t really step outside the box too often and when they do it’s a hit and miss affair (49 days, anyone?). However, in this case it doesn’t help when we’re not really fans of Chun Jung Myung. Yep, we said it. How can we not like him, when he’s such a sweetheart, we hear you say? Well, we’re sure he’s a nice guy but his character in Cinderella Unni ruined him for us. Just thinking back to how much we hated that OTP and his character just makes us shudder in fury.

Also, Park Min Young is a great actress and we’ve loved her dramas in the past but there is something about her acting that makes it hard for us to completely and utterly love her/ root for her leading lady character. It’s a strange one. Mentally we know we should love her character but it always feels forced…once again people must think we’re just mad. This post isn’t called a ramble for no reason!

A drama we want to watch against our better judgement: A Thousand Day’s Promise

We know we shouldn’t. It’s a freaking melodrama about a woman that is slowly losing her memory and more importantly forgetting the man she loves but damn it, it looks so good! We might as well invest in a box of multi pack super durable tissues now to mentally prepare ourselves to cry buckets of tears. Our tear ducts have only just recovered from Scent of a Woman but hey, who said being a drama obsessive was going to be easy?

How utterly pretty does this trailer look? Also the OTP look like they’re going to be amazing together.

Currently watching rundown:

Despite our lack of posts in the last few months we have been watching dramas occasionally when we can.  With life being less manic, hopefully we can blog/ recap more often because we sure do miss it when we can’t!

My Love By My Side: This is our long family drama that no one seems to be watching, which is a shame because it’s so good! If you’re looking for a more traditional Kdrama that has plenty of secrets/lies then look no further. It’s a hell of a rid.

The Musical: We’re watched five episodes so far and we still think it’s great.

Protect the Boss: we got to episode 8 and we hit the wall. It’s like all the zany, funny charm dried up and suddenly we fell out of love with it. We plan to pick it again… (hopefully).

Scent of a Woman: We were awash in our own tears as we reached our tolerance level for melodrama. So we decided to stop for awhile and watch something happier like PTB. We definitely intend to return and finish off the last few episodes because seriously we adored EVERYTHING about it. This drama made Lee Dong Wook into a man and made us love Kim Sun Ah that much more. They are definite considers for the hottest OTP of the year, their chemistry was unbelievable.

We’re off to check out the first episode of Office Girls (T) because apparently it’s super cute and has catapulted our beloved Roy Qiu into a superstar.

One word: Finally! Hehehe. We love Roy.

2010 ~ End of Year Review

31 Dec

We watched far too many dramas this year…it’s a disease, so don’t judge us too much!

This year’s lot of dramas were disappointing to say the least- We think that’s the general consensus amongst most drama viewers- there were far too many dramas that started off so well and got you completely hooked from the start and then quickly descended into stupidity or frankly crap. That’s got to be the most annoying thing about it all…you get all excited and invest yourself in the drama only to be disappointed even more than you would have if it was rubbish from the start.
So here is a rundown of all of the dramas we managed to watch during 2010 with our general thoughts and feelings as well as our marks out of 10.

2010 Dramas that we completed:
Prosecutor Princess– The most unexpected drama love of 2010. We started it thinking it was going to be completely stereotypical, fluffy and possible annoying but we were so wrong. We completely and utterly fell for the characters- especially the leading lady who could have been so 2D but instead conveyed such sincerity and warmth that you can’t help but root for her. The story was also well structured, so compelling and by the end of it you will be sad to see it finish. Plus the relationship between the OTP was at once sticky, angst ridden and so sweet.

Definitely a must watch:

How much we liked it: 9/10- How good it was technically: 9/10

My Country Calls– Loved this drama so much!!! We hadn’t really seen a K-drama that we could label ‘comedy’ but we definitely found one in the form of this drama. Every episode will have you laugh at something; the script is what really stands out- solid, well written and so very funny.

Who knew that Ryu Jin could be so funny? He has to be the best thing about this drama, he stole every scene he was in.

Why don’t more people know about this gem of a drama? It’s definitely worth watching.

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 9/10

Cinderella Unni– Oh dear where do we start with this one… First 3/4 episodes were drama gold. So well written, acted and we were utterly hooked. Then they had a time leak and we went from mild disappointment to anger as the weeks past- WTF? Has to be the only response by the time you finish this drama. Don’t watch it; it’s a waste of time- life’s too short to watch multiple crying scenes and pathetic siblings fighting over nothing.

How much we liked it: 4/10- How good it was technically: 2/10

I am Legend– Don’t watch it! Don’t be fooled by the first couple episodes being reasonable good, the majority of it is really rubbish. The drama had elements that could have been really good; like a potentially hot OTP- completed wasted and not even resolved at the end. Really good friendship dynamics ruined by long winded court cases and a repulsive ex husband that gets redeemed. It’s angering just reflecting on it.

Only good thing about it is the OST.

How much we liked it: 2/10- How good it was technically: 3/10

Pasta– Sure nothing ever happened and it had to be the fluffiest drama of 2010 but still… we really liked it. It was the OTP that did it for us. We loved them as a couple- so much chemistry, charm and it was lovely watching them do nothing for far too many episodes. (Don’t judge us too much).

How much we liked it: 8/10- How good it was technically: 3/10

Pick the stars– This was a drama that we didn’t expect to enjoy but we found ourselves recapping weekly and most importantly finishing it. We really liked the leading lady, the kids and eventually the leading man (we hated him for the first few episodes!). However the drama was messy, had irrational love rivals and by the end of it we found ourselves glad that it had finished.

How much we liked it: 4/10- How good it was technically: 4/10

Mary stayed out all night– The most disappointing drama of 2010?? Well it certainly sounds like it from the forums, blogs and ratings. It’s a shame it could have been really good but instead it just missed the mark. We think we were more forgiving than most… we actually liked the lead OTP, fell hard for the pitiful LR and just went with the silliness that was the drama but yes, we too have to agree it really wasn’t that great.

How much we liked it: 6/10- How good it was technically: 2/10

Baker King-We gobbled this drama up like the greedy drama lovers that we are- obsessed, hooked and emotionally invested right to the end. We loved the leading man Tak Gu so much- such a lovely character to root for- strong, lovable and he sure tugged at our hearts. We confess we cried during both reunions between Tak Gu and his mother and father. The drama managed to have the perfect mix of drama, angst and warmth and we were completely satisfied by the end.

This is a prime example of how the classic K-drama scenarios can be done well and even though you’ve seen it all before- trust us, you will still be hooked.

Definitely worth the crazy high ratings!

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 8/10

Down with Love (T)- Oh dear- we know this is a fan favourite and yes it started off cute, funny and very watchable but honestly it could have been resolved in half the number of episodes and it really didn’t need so many flash back scenes from the same flipping episodes.

Pros- Jerry is hot. Neg- every thing else.

How much we liked it: 3/10- How good it was technically: 1/10

PS Man (T)-  We really loved every episode up until around episode 10 and then we suddenly got really annoyed at this stupid OTP- they had no reason not to be together!!! It was infuriating to watch. Plus when you’ve got the most perfect love rival waiting in the wings, it just makes it all the more annoying.

Best thing about it: If you’re looking for a good laugh- check out Blue Lan’s crazy hair and leopard print trousers he would wear on a regular basis. 

Also a love rival that got viewers so excited that there was even a public vote to get the writers to change the end. Love fan power.

How much we liked it:  (up to episode 10: 9/10) the rest of the drama 4/10- How good it was technically: 3/10

Autumn’s Concerto (T)- We were completely hooked with this drama, it had everything that we can’t resist: an OTP who shared amazing chemistry and a drama that loved to bring in as much angst that was physically possible per episode! The sad thing with this drama is that it was so good up to about episode 6 and then that dreaded time leap occurred and ruined it! From episode 6 onwards the drama slowed down and cut the hot angst, which is a total shame because it was sooo good at the start. That said- do we regret watching it? No way- definitely one of the better T-dramas of the year.

How much we liked it: 7/10- How good it was technically: 7/10


Previous year’s dramas that we completed this year:

Que Sera, Sera– LOVED IT!!! It was all about the OTP- so intense, angsty and addictive. Watch it.

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 9/10

Loving you a thousand Times– We were hooked from the start. Melodrama at its best. We avoid melodramas like the plague but this was done so well- Such a tight script, well acted and intense. We cried so much- our feelings for characters were so turbulent we went from hate to like in literally half an episodes- now that’s good writing.

How much we liked it: 9/10- How good it was technically: 8/10

Save the last dance for me– One of the older dramas we watched this year but it was really good. Although the drama had many predicable elements- we fell hard for the OTP- they were so sweet together and when you’ve got a OTP that you like enough- you can get past ridiculous memory loss scenarios and the fact that the end was pretty a complete rip off of the Hollywood movie- An Affair to remember.

How much we liked it: 8/10- How good it was technically: 7/10

Thank You– We cried so much! We were emotionally invested from the start- the story was so compelling and pulled at our heart strings so much. Not your standard K-drama- it’s got so much more depth, heart and it was steeped in reality.

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 9/10

Lawyers of Korea- It’s a nice way to past the time. It was funny, romantic and had a very sticky love square.

How much we liked it: 7/10- How good it was technically: 7/10

How to meet a perfect neighbour– We enjoyed it while we watched it- if you’re looking for a dramatic OTP (concubine bracelet *shudder), cunning Love rivals and greedy evil people- look no further, my friends.

How much we liked it: 6/10- How good it was technically: 8/10

Smile, You– Curse you greedy drama makers- you ruined this drama by adding a 15 episode extension! Seriously, we really enjoyed this drama with its adorable trouble free OTP, annoying but funny love rivals and entertaining family dynamics.

How much we liked it: 7/10- How good it was technically: 6/10

Pride (J) – We loved everything- that’s right everything! From the music, the bromance and the lovely OTP. For a 12 episode drama- they managed to get so much packed in.

Definitely a much watch J-drama.

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 10/10


2010 dramas we shelved for various reasons:

Sungkyunkwan Scandal– We definitely plan to finish this drama- we got to episode 12 and we still loved pretty everything about it. Then Baker King entered our lives and every other drama became a distant memory.

Queen of Reversals– We shelved Queen of Reversals because we didn’t like Tae Hee’s husband, we thought he was a complete idiot that didn’t really love his wife and the idea of watching this OTP was far too off putting BUT….news of an extension and Park Shi Hoo as a love interest, we may just need to tune in again. *giggles.

PSH must be a leading man’s nightmare- they must fear it every time he’s added to a drama list because seriously the guy managed to make himself a lead with sheer screen presence- man he’s good. We realised that Jung Joon Ho and Kim Seung Woowho was the leading man in How to meet the perfect neighbour are best friends in real life and if PSH gets upgraded to leading man (again) – that would mean that this set of best friends would both have been pushed aside from leading man because they can’t compete with the charms of PSH. How unlucky!

The woman who still wants to marry– We really enjoyed watching this drama when we were tuned in. It was hilarious at times, depicted great friendships and made us laugh out loud multiple times. However even though it was all of the above, it just didn’t hold our attention enough to complete.


2010 really was the year that could have been. So many dramas that had so much potential to be amazing but failed to deliver the goods! It wasn’t all bad we found dramas that were unexpected loves that have a special place in our drama viewing hearts. Here’s hoping that 2011 will be filled with more tear jerkers, angst filled, laugh out loud funny dramas.

Happy New Year! Love the MustHaveSubs Girls XxX

Drama Memo: OMG WTF? Drama finale

20 Jul

We struggled with this topic simply because we’ve got to the stage in our drama viewing experience where we can pretty much tell where a drama is heading and as a result we usually drop a drama before we allow it to get to that WTF ranting stage, little lone to the finale. However unfortunately for us, we occasionally naively hope that we’re wrong and complete a drama, only to regret it later and end up ranting about the stupidity of it all in our blog!

First on our list is a drama that started off so well and then descended into pure frustration- Cinderella Unni. The fact that it was so good at the start makes it all the more annoying, seriously, what were the writers thinking? Even the most tolerant drama viewers would have been disappointed by the end of this train wreck of a drama. We’ll give the writers props because pretty much every episode up until the time leap was perfect- so much tormented angst, heart and the sweetest budding romance between two people that couldn’t have been more different from each other. The acting and writing was so good and we were utterly engrossed in this drama- like obsessed but then the time leap happened and the writers decided to fill 15 episodes with a whole lot of irrational behaviour, repeated scenes where the leading lady would reject the leading man’s heart, swiftly followed by her running off and crying…oh yes and more crying. Ugh.

So the WTF finale happened because; having stuck with this weep fest and hoping to conclude it in a satisfactory fashion- the writers decide to annoy the hell out of us viewers by prolonging this miserable drama by having the leading lady run away for no good reason at all. First of all this was an action she really wouldn’t do but more importantly at this point we really didn’t care what happened to this OTP. The finale was filled with a lot of lukewarm heartache and a leading man searching for a leading lady that really needed at least a couple years worth of therapy before she entered any type of relationship- she was that screwed up. There reunion was half assed and anti-climactic and pretty much as soon as the credits rolled we thought: WTF- did we just waste 20 hours of our life for this crap?

Our advice: Ignore the hype; it’s really not worth it.

Our second pick would definitely have to go to: Down with Love. We’ll keep this one short simply because we had a weekly bitch fest about this drama (see DWL tag for rant central).  This was another drama many adored but we have no clue why because it was just plain stupid. The only reason why we stuck with it was because Shams crushes on Jerry Yan on an unhealthy level but even he wasn’t enough to make us forget how vomit inducing sweet this drama’s finale was. It was just cheesy, silly and yuck.  To top it off the only couple we liked in the whole drama didn’t even get together, now what the hell’s that about?

Lessons we learnt from this ordeal:

Never watch a drama just because you crush on the leading man (although Jerry is so hot). Also avoid all future Ella dramas because she plays pretty much the same character in everything she’s in.

Our final pick is slightly cheating but we don’t care. We picked Alias season two finale, because we swear that even to this day we have not seen a season finale that tops that one- it was and still is the only drama finale that made us go OMG WTF- in a GOOD way and as a result it cemented its place in our all time favourite American dramas list. It was just perfect and so unexpected. The drama is similar to Asian dramas in the sense that it’s centred on the OTP and family ties first and everything else second, in this case that would be the Spy business.

So the whole of season two was building to the OTP relationship and by the end of the season they were a couple and like all the best K-dramas they get together in spectacular fashion and as viewers you just couldn’t be happier for this OTP, but then like the best dramas their happiness is short lived with our favourite season finale episode ever- which consisted of lots of revelations, the best girl on girl fight scene we have seen to date (there was nothing sissy about this fight) and a time leap with heart breaking consequences. We won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it but those who love Alias and have watched this season finale, you will no doubt know what we’re talking about- it’s so good and we’re pretty sure it wasn’t just us who went OMG WTF? by the end of that season!

Only watch the following video if you want to be spoiled:


(Man, we need to re-watch Alias – ASAP!)

Cinderella Unni: 19-20/ finale

6 Jun
 Are we glad it’s over? YES, most definitely.

How utterly pointless was episode 20? There goes an hour we’ll never get back. The final two episodes were incredibly anti-climatic and so contrived that we wonder how we even managed to finish it. We didn’t realise until we reached this point, how little we actually care for these characters and so to watch them get their half arsed ‘happy ending’ was incredibly unsatisfactory.

Our main problem with this drama was the fact that it was simply too long- honestly it should have finished with 15/16 episodes. We were a little fickle with this drama in the sense that we were so in love it at the start; it was well written, beautifully acted by all, we had that emotional connection and more importantly we were completely engrossed to the point we couldn’t wait to watch the next episode. However along the way, we fell out of love with it, the story become so tired and the drama had become an emotional waste land of multiple crying scenes, over the top angst and lots of misery and much of it was totally uncalled for.

Did we really wait 19 episodes to get a kiss?? Only for her to leave him again pawning him off onto Hyo Sun! How many scenes have we watched Eun Jo reject Ki Hoon followed by her telling him to go to Hyo Sun?- TOO MANY! After struggling through their multiple issues and endless hardship they finally find some common ground where they both acknowledge their feelings for each other and talk of their future as a couple- which is great, progress right? Finally Eun Jo has developed as a character and has taken a chance on love but then the writers decide to do a U-TURN on all of that making her irrationally decide to leave her home and the guy she has declared her love for because Hyo Sun might get hurt. Give us a break!

She ran away from her problems and her hardship, something which she didn’t do throughout the whole of this drama. She always stayed; an action which clearly showed her strength to handle adversity and a characteristic which made us as viewers respect her. Plus it was a sign that showed that she loved her family too much to ever abandon them.

So for her to leave in the final episode showed what?  That possibly all of her progression amounts to nothing, her love is something that she can give up and most importantly the precious insane family relationships that this drama has built its foundations on, really isn’t that much of a big deal???

Question: What were you writers thinking?

Answer: ‘How are we going to stretch out this long arse, already butchered drama any further? Let’s make her run away and possible cry some more.’

Ki Hoon and Eun Jo’s relationship: Seriously, whatever! By the end of the drama we really didn’t care if they got together, didn’t get together or accidently drowned to death in all that self loathing misery. Special praises go to the writers of CU in managing to make a really lovely and complicated OTP into a joke, impressive work guys.

Hyo Sun: The most developed character in this drama- the writers did really well in showing her progression from naive, slightly spoilt princess of the manor to a character thrust into the harsh reality of life. We really felt for her after her father’s death, after all she was an innocent character who fell into Kang Sook’s trap just like her father. As an innocent character, we feel she deserved so much more than what she ended up with at the end of this drama. When we reflect on the end, she’s the one character that is still pitiful and although she has grown as a person, she is still so emotionally and mentally dependant on her ‘family’ that she’s willing to forgive and forget the past as long as they don’t leave her, which is really sad. They could make a season two based solely on Hyo Sun’s crazy issues. (We hope this never happens.)

 Kang Sook– By the end of this drama, this character definitely left a bitter taste in our mouth. Are we really supposed to believe that she learnt the errors of her way because she spent a few nights away and saw her relationship reflected in her friend and her daughter? How very convenient and nicely timed for the happily ever after. The most annoying thing is she didn’t learn anything; she was completely unapologetic for her past actions both towards both Eun Jo and Hyo Sun. So she’s going to be completely honest with Hyo Sun from now on and has decided against treating her like dirt and kicking her out of her home. Are we really supposed to commend her on all of the progress she has made as a human being? If this situation took place with anyone other than the nut jobs in this drama, they would have told Kang Sook to go screw herself and kicked her out already. However, unfortunately this drama is filled with characters that all have severe abandonment issues and are in need of serious therapy.

Jung Woo– was it really necessary having the poor guy be madly in love with the ice queen Eun Jo? Some may say that his upbringing was 10X worse than Eun Jo, at least Eun Jo had her screwed up mother around to show she cared -Jung Woo had no one but you don’t see him act like Eun Jo, he got on with life. On the whole we wish the writers made his character a brother figure rather than a love rival because they were really sweet together and he was the only character other than Ki Hoon who managed to break through her armour.

Things we liked:

-Practically every episode before the time leap.

-The wonderful acting from the majority of the CU cast, especially Moon, who is just brilliant.

-Daesung and Eun Jo’s fragile relationship

– Jung Woo before he was infected with the airborne disease called misery- he was a welcome bright spot to a very depressing drama.

Things we didn’t like:

-Practically everything else, especially Eun Jo’s screams.

Overall verdict:
 If you’re feeling anything other than morbidly depressed don’t watch this. It’s dark, intense and at times incredibly repetitive. 

Cinderella Unni- episode 17-18

30 May

As we sat down to watch episodes 17-18 we wondered if we would regret completing this drama, like we did with Down with Love but with one week to go we can conclude that with all its faults and over the top angst, we won’t regret it…too much anyway. As we predicted in our last post, these two episodes were packed with a great deal of progress both plot wise and in the character development of the cast but we’re unsure of whether it’s a case of too little too late. What’s really changed from the last 4 to 6 episodes that has made these characters suddenly become better?…we can’t think of anything other than the usual angsty hardship that comes with the drama. This drama really should have had only 16 episodes, than possibly all the tears and angst would have been bearable but the writers made the fatal error of spreading out the heartbreak and pain over FAR TOO MANY episodes to the point where as viewers we really don’t care any longer. If the writers presented Eun Jo’s character development in small doses since the time leap rather than her instant transformation in the last couple weeks of the drama, than possibly we would be able to connect better to her as a leading lady but at this point her transformation is rather forced and her rationality is a tad unbelievable.


So the major event last week was Ki Hoon saving Dae Sung Doga from the evil clutches of Ki Jung and Daddy Hong. Frankly it was missing the dramatic impact that it should have had, considering this was the big bad in this drama. It could have something to do with the fact that Ki Hoon took it upon himself to swoop in and rescue the two damsels in distress – fair enough considering it was his family causing all the trouble but seriously we really don’t like how he took it upon himself to handle everything just in case heaven forbid Eun Jo and Hyo Sun are shocked or hurt by the news. It’s their family business and what century is this drama set in? Eun Jo and Hyo Sun are not helpless little girls that need protecting especially when it regarding something as important as their family heritage. It would have been so much better if they all had to work together to resolve the crisis working as a team highlighting the trust and confidence that they had built between each other- rather than having Ki Hoon running off and saving the day, all of which felt a little disjointed.  


Things we’ve been waiting for since the time leap:

-Eun Jo finally read Ki Hoon’s letter and realised that he truly loved her. In a way it’s a good thing she read it now rather than when she first found out about the letter because now she truly trusts him and believes in his love, where as if she read it earlier we doubt that she would know what to do with herself- considering her heart was made of ice back then, that is if she had one–Seriously she must be the most emotionally screwed up female lead ever.


-Eun Jo swooped in and rescued Ki Hoon from his HOT brother Ki Jung- which was swiftly followed by her running into Ki Hoon’s arms and hugging him! Oh yes, you read correctly the emotionally stunted ice pack heart Eun Jo hugged Ki Hoon.



-Eun Jo acknowledged Dae Sung as her father to Hyo Sun and the elders. About bloody time too! It was a sweet scene of reflection as Hyo Sun asked her why she had been so stubborn for so long and Eun Jo realised that Hyo Sun has grown as a person so much and that she had remained the same and possibly it was time to move forward too. Shame it took 18 episodes to realise that fact. 



-Hyo Sun transformation from spoilt, naive girl to what she is now was the only transformation that was done well in this drama. Honestly we couldn’t stand her for so long but now we can’t help but like her, if anything the girl has suffered long enough that all is forgiven.


Other news:


Kang Sook has finally learnt what it means to be ashamed. As a character we knew that she was going to be redeemed for all her sins, after all forgiveness seems to be a focal theme in this drama. Also we doubt that Eun Jo would ever get over it- they share a really twisted relationship. We’re glad about this because for all her faults Kang Sook really does love Eun Jo. It was a great scene when Eun Jo phoned her mother up and asked her not to return- she would take her mother’s punishment in her place, their relationship is so bittersweet and complex.  


Poor Jung Woo, yes we’re aware we sound like a broken record when it comes to discussing him but seriously the guy is going to be so heartbroken at the end of this drama- he gets neither girl or a family- sob* Please writers, give Jung Woo a happy ending, he is the only character that we didn’t dislike at any point throughout the duration of this drama- plus he accomplished the impossible by making Eun Jo smile- he deserves a medal just for that!



As long as there is a happy-ish ending and no mass killings next week- we’ll survive.

Cinderella Unni – episode 15&16

24 May

Cinderella Unni episodes 15 & 16 =
Another level of twisted crazy!

For us this drama is all about family and the importance it plays in shaping ones destiny. Could Hyo Sun and Kang-Sook’s relationship be any more screwed up? Honestly we thought Eun Jo and her mother were messed up but this is beyond crazy. Hyo Sun hates Kang-Sook for betraying and using her father but at the same time she can’t bare the thought of her leaving…seriously???
We love the twisted irony of the situation, Kang-Sook wanted that life so badly that she cheated and faked her way through eight years of marriage and now Hyo Sun has made it so, she can’t escape it whether she wants to or not- the saying: you’ve made your bed and now you have to lie in it– couldn’t be more fitting in this situation.   


We really do like the transformation in Hyo Sun’s persona; finally the writers have introduced the catalyst that changed her character from being a person that just put up with all the crap that Eun Jo and Kang Sook threw at her and has moved on to become a character that will not be taken advantage of ever again. Thank goodness for that! You know what, we’re glad that this happened but the writers took their sweet time. It would have been so much better if this happened after Dae Sung’s death, when she realised that her mother’s a nasty witch and would happily treat her like dirt, regardless of the fact she just lost her father. Instead the writers chose to drag out Hyo Sun’s pathetic needy side. If it wasn’t for the fact that we thoroughly enjoyed watching Kang-Sook and Hyo Sun’s interaction, especially the chase scene- we would have concluded: too little too late but seriously the cast can act! They manage to convey so many conflicting, insane emotions so well that somehow they manage to pull off the insanity of it all, a lesser cast would have killed the drama already.  


Elsewhere in the depressing land of Cinderella Unni….


Jung Woo, we beg you, stay away from Eun Jo! She will only tell you something incredibly depressing causing you nothing but pain and possibly make you cry pretty man tears!



Yikes, that scene between Jung Woo and Eun Jo was beyond morbid. You know the scene we’re talking about- Eun Jo telling Jung Woo how she saw little point in living and that after she met Ki Hoon; she found a reason to wake up in the morning. Woman, you know full well how he feels about you, do you honestly need to tell him all this? Maybe we would sympathize with her if it wasn’t for the fact that we’ve seen nearly twelve thousand variations of Eun Jo rejecting Ki Hoon…so far! – Yes she’s heartbroken that Ki Hoon’s leaving and she won’t be able to ignore or scowl at him and oh yes reject his love confess AGAIN but at this point with two weeks left of this drama, we really don’t care anymore. Get together already and may they live miserably ever after! 


We know this is wrong and totally going against the OTP in this drama but we wouldn’t mind Eun Jo getting together with Ki Hoon’s brother Ki Jung or at least having a steamy make out session giggles*

It can’t have just been us who thought that their meeting was outrageously HOT! Come on they both happen to be two very cold, intelligent attractive people, it would be so much more interesting than the sleep inducing romance between Eun Jo and Ki Hoon yawn* We are so over them.

With two weeks to go, we have no doubt that the drama will kick up a gear and that we will see some much desired progress, we just wish it came sooner.  



Cinderella Unni – episode 13&14

15 May

What has happened to Cinderella Unni? We’re confused, so confused- this drama was so brilliant, we couldn’t praise it enough but somewhere along the way it just become more and more detached from reality and the characters that we once felt such strong emotions for (good and bad)  have become characterchures of themselves.


What was with Eun Jo trying to drown herself!!? It made no sense at all. Her life as it currently stands isn’t as bad as it has been. Plus it was a tad over the top if it was just trying to scare Jung Woo’s father.  It’s like the writers thought-


‘I know, why  don’t we make things really dramatic by making Eun Jo try and drown herself.’


Seriously it was THAT out of the blue and unnecessary. As a character she has progressed so far from the screwed up teenager she was at the start of the drama to what she is now. Honestly it was weird, one thing that makes her such a appealing character and one you ultimately root for despite her not so sunny disposition as a leading lady is the fact that she is so strong, loyal and really does care for those around her even if she can’t show it directly, so to have her suddenly try and kill herself was very strange. We swear it was simply for shock factor- which is a shame because this drama doesn’t need to stoop to such levels, the writing and acting is still up there with the best k-dramas this season.


Even though Ki Hoon is annoying the hell out of us, we’re glad that he told Hyo Sun bluntly without muddling his words that he didn’t like her that way. It was actually quite a dignified rejection. We’re even more pleased that she took it like a lady and doesn’t plan to hold on for dear life like other delusional love rivals.

We like how Ki Hoon has finally decided to pick Eun Jo and stick with her but how many times is he going to get rejected? This part of the drama is actually getting really tiresome to watch, it’s as if the story is on loop- he makes a major declaration of love and then she knocks him back- they both cry sadly about it for awhile and then repeat the process all over again in the following episode.

It couldn’t have just been us who felt like they were in a twilight zone while watching the scene where Hyo Sun and Ki Hoon were pleading with the rice merchant. We were a little repulsed by Hyo Sun using her dead father’s memory to secure the rice deal. It was beyond emotional manipulation; it was so fake and forced- we knew what she was doing and so did the rice merchant. Who does that? It wasn’t so bad the first time, a mention of what a great man her father was and the loyal working relationship shared between the men over the years is fine but this was just…yuck- over the top and disrespectful. The thing that made it all the more infuriating was the fact that neither she nor Ki Hoon thought it was wrong. In fact Ki Hoon smiled at her, why didn’t he just high five her when they left the office?  

Shshjfshhnas- annoying, these two losers should just run off into the sunset together.


Jung Woo has the one characteristic that we love in a drama love rival. Even though he knows that he has no chance with the leading lady and he is completely heartbroken, he loves the leading lady so much that all he wishes for her is not to be hurt in anyway usually by the guy she actually does love. It’s just such a lovely heartbreaking quality to watch in a drama and we never get tired of seeing it.

Poor Jung Woo, he too has joined the rest of the cast in this drama- who are in desperate need of some Prozac. We hope he smiles again simply because he is just a sweetheart. It was really sad when Jung Woo’s father didn’t recognise him, considering he’s the closest thing to family in Jung Woo’s rather sad upbringing. We really hope that he gets a happy ending at the end of this oh so depressing drama.


Our ahjumma perving continues with Eun jo’s mother- seriously she is so beautiful and for a woman of a certain age she is looking hot. She practically dazzles on screen, plus she can act. We loved her discovery of Dae Sung’s diaries, how good was the scene where she cried in front of their wedding photo? It was just such a great realisation of regret and lost moments, she’ll never get back. In her whole life no other man loved her so much- for better and more importantly for worse and she treated him so badly.

We wonder if this is the panicle moment in the drama where she will realise that perhaps it’s time to change her evil ways and be a better person.     


Did you see the madness in Hyo Sun’s eyes at the end of episode 14?

We sense trouble!  

Cinderella Unni – episode 11&12

8 May

‘And so she cried for the last time for him’……until probably later on in the episode, when something equally as horrific happens and requires her to weep beautiful tears by herself in a dark room!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re still obsessed, still soaking up the angst and the twisted madness that is Cinderella Unni but now this is over kill- mix it up a little bit, use another emotion other than heartbreaking angst/sadness/madness.

Since Dae Sung’s death- the Angst Barometer went from:

7= the general broody angst that we’ve come to associate with the drama to

 9= practically every other scene is a weeping, angst fest of loathing, guilt and sadness.

BTW- 10 = Suicide and possible murder- which we’ve only seen shades of in this oh so happy drama. 

Everything about this drama ticks the boxes for us, it’s so well written, acted and when you’re watching the drama, you feel for these characters so much, even if you don’t understand them sometimes, it’s difficult not to empathise with them on a basic level at least. We just wish that they would cut back on the multiple weeping scenes, yes we get it: life’s hard, lost love, crazy mum- blah blah- the crying scenes are of course brilliant to watch, very poignant, heart retching ect, but we feel we’ve become immune to them in the sense that we literally saw an identical scene oh, 15 minutes earlier and so it’s not as emotionally pulling as it once was.

We keep thinking about Sidney Bristow from Alias- just the most kick arse heroine on American television. The woman suffered: her fiancé was murdered, her best friend killed, her mother betrayed her (several times), her OTP got married when she disappeared for three years of which she had no recollection of, but we swear- she didn’t cry as much as Eun Jo does in Cinderella Unni! The rare scenes where they showed her cry were probably the saddest scenes to watch throughout 5 seasons- they really had an impact on the viewers and it made the viewing experience that much richer and your love/ admiration for the leading lady that much stronger.

Oh Alias you were good to us. Seasons 2 and 3 were probably our most favourite American television viewing experience to date.   

Love this scene from season 3:

 Other mentions:

-Whenever Jung Woo is on screen everything is so much brighter. He is such a lovable character. We adore him and fear his heartbreak when he eventually loses out to Ki Hoon, who is still annoying. We loved the scene where he gave her the brooch/ bread and told her to wear  it so then she won’t ever starve. *so sweet- what made it all the more cuter is the fact that she actually did wear the brooch and how he’s the only character other than her mother that she actually shows an interest in. We use the word ‘interest’ loosely of course but it’s Eun Jo, so it’s major. For us, it’s just nice to see a relationship in this drama that isn’t SO messed up, plus we love how he invades her space and treats her like a person rather than a predator that you approach with caution.

-Damn you writers for making us sympathise with Hyo Sun and even….like her just a tiny bit gasp* The development of Hyo Sun and Eun Jo’s relationship was really well put together, it wasn’t forced or unrealistic and we’re glad that its played out this way because in our eyes these last two episodes have shown the extent of how pitiful Hyo Sun actually is and frankly she was never really a contender to Eun Jo in any respect, so it would be wrong if they finished the drama with her alone and completely ruined.

-How horrible is Eun Jo’s mother!? Just completely heartless and nasty, we like how Eun Jo knows exactly how to manipulate her to make her behave. If our ‘mother’ suddenly showed us her true colours, we would tell her to get lost and never ever want to see her again- we’d rather be alone than with someone like that- Hyo Sun- you idiot, you can do better than that hag!

-We still haven’t forgiven Ki Hoon, no matter how many times he bows for forgiveness or comforts Eun Jo with his hand on her shoulder- you Sir have work to do to make things right!

Cinderella Unni – episode 9&10

2 May

It’s all changed now! Although we thoroughly liked Hyo Sun’s Dad, we didn’t cry while watching these two episodes *gasp – it could have something to do with the fact that we’ve been anticipating his death practically from the first time he was introduced in the drama and so we were mentally prepared, also his death scene was very cut and dry, so there wasn’t that visual element to induce the tears but we wanted to cry damn it! We guess it’s okay considering this drama knows how to pull at the heart strings well, which in our opinion is most definitely down to the brilliant acting from the whole cast.


For the first time….ever, we actually feel for Hyo Sun as a character, which we never thought that we would. There was no doubting her love for her father and instant love for Eun Jo’s mother, so to lose both at the same time is hard. Imagine loving someone for eight years and living in ignorant bliss to what they were truly like, only to find out while you’re at your lowest point that it was all a facade. Kang Sook was so cold and ruthless; it was uncomfortable to watch her with Hyo Sun. As a character Hyo Sun is so dependent and eager to be loved that  to watch her visually be left helpless makes Kang Sook’s actions all the more despicable. We wonder where the writers will take Kang Sook’s character in the drama- she is nearly as complex as Eun Jo, on one hand she obviously loves her daughter and in her own twisted logic does what she thinks is best by her but on the other hand, she causes nothing but trouble and her treatment of others like Hyo Sun can’t go ignored…can they? It will definitely be interesting to watch her character develop now that she has no husband and ultimately no need to pretend to be anything other than herself.


How are the writers going to redeem Ki Hoon? Although he didn’t intentionally cause the death of Goo Dae Sung, he is ultimately at fault for it. He is also the main reason why the family business is at risk of financially collapsing and falling into the hands of his brother or father.  In our eyes he has to do something pretty impressive to make up for his mistakes. Also we really can’t stand his flip flopping between Eun Jo and Hyo Sun- pick someone and stick with them! Both females actually deserve someone better than him…okay Eun Jo does, Hyo Sun can have him! The fact that Eun Jo believes that she is the main reason for Dae Sung’s death is the hardest issue in regards to redeeming Ki Hoon’s character. Of course it’s a difficult situation to be in, but to allow Hyo Sun to continue to blame Eun Jo (the person he supposedly loves) for something that he’s more at fault for is hard to forgive. So far he’s character has been presented as nothing but honourable and upstanding so we’re hoping that he’ll redeem himself quickly, so that we can go back to liking him and rooting for him to win Eun Jo ‘s heart like we did before the eight year leap into the future.


Other mentions:


-Eun Jo looked so lost after Dae Sung’s death, We would have slapped Hyo Sun if she asked us whether we truly loved her Dad, how dare she? Is she completely blind to Eun Jo’s feelings, she’s known her for eight years, in all that time did she not learn anything about the type of person Eun Jo is? The only reason we’ll let it slide is because she’s grieving- these last couple episodes have really shown us Seo Woo’s acting chops. Maybe we didn’t notice because Moon is so good or because before she simply played that silly, bratty princess of the manor character but now, she is really impressive and its made such a difference to the drama.


-The scene by the river was brilliant, if Eun Jo was capable of comforting Hyo Sun; things would be so different, the whole dynamic of the drama would change, because since the very beginning all Hyo Sun ever wanted from Eun Jo was her love and even after all they’ve been through we have no doubt that Hyo Sun would except Eun Jo’s affections without much hesitation.

-When is someone going to realise that Eun Jo really isn’t as bad as people think she is!? She does so much for them and it goes completely unacknowledged.  


-We love Jung Woo- we like how Eun Jo is less harsh with him, if others invaded her space the way he did, she would no doubt have told them to feck off. We also like how he’s able to comfort her when she needs it most. In this drama we’ve seen her work through her problems and heartache all by herself, so it’s nice to see that there is someone there who has her back.


-Finally, we almost forgot about the letter!!! Add this to the list of times Eun Jo was justified to beat the crap out of Hyo Sun. At least she now knows that he didn’t abandon her and that he did actually care.


 Man this OTP are messed up- just the way we like it. We are seriously hoping for a happy ending after all this heartache. Please!