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Day 28: A Drama you judged too quickly

19 May

City Hall

Come on, you didn’t think we’d do this challenge without putting the spotlight on one of our favourite Kdramas, did you?

In reflection we can’t really remember why we watched this drama in the first place. As the title suggests we judged it way before we tuned in but thankfully found out how wrong we could be.


Can you really blame us, look how bad this looks?

It’s a political drama dubbed a romantic comedy- does that even make sense?

Plus, at that point we didn’t have a clue who Cha Seung Won was and well we had only seen Kim Sun Ah in My name is Kim Sam Soon and frankly we weren’t fans.

Oh how things changed so quickly.

Putting aside the confused drama genre, indifferent casting and really cheesy promo material, we tuned in and never looked back.

We adored this drama from start to finish. It was one of those rare dramas that had us engaged all the way through. We remember the day that we finished it; we were totally gutted it was over. Maybe it’s just us, but have you ever finished a really great drama and then tried to tune into something else but found yourself totally indifferent to everything? Well that is exactly how we felt after we finished City Hall.

It was just so romantic and funny that it brought our expectations of future kdramas up a notch.

This OTP owed us completely. They shared such intense, wonderful chemistry that we were completely smitten by them. Who would have thought that a political drama could be so romantic? There are so many moments scattered across the drama that will make you smile like a fool at how sweet they are together. Don’t get us wrong, their relationship didn’t come easy and it’s far from a fairytale but we think we liked it even more for that.  When a OTP can successfully make us believe their love and their chemistry is as lovely as this couple, we are more than happy to witness a healthy amount of yearning, angst and pain before they get their HEA. It makes their romance all the more sweeter when they finally get together.

Who else loved the fact that he spent half the time stalking her?

Aside from the romance and the OTP being completely amazing, the script and pace is a complete standout. The storyline moves along at a great pace. You never get a chance to stop and question the drama because everything is put together so well and the script is just so smart and witty. The first half of the drama is also so funny. The OTP’s interactions will have you in stitches and will make you wonder how the hell will they ever get together when she is just so embarrassing?  Then the second half will make you question how you could have ever doubted this OTP when they just so great together. The story thankfully concludes in a really satisfying manner, we were left feeling sad to say goodbye but oh so glad we gave it a shot despite writing it off as just another Kdrama.   

Watch it for…

the laughs, some great acting and most importantly an awesome OTP.

Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.


Day 19 – Your Favourite Male Actor

29 Mar

Jang Geun Suk

For us he was a relatively easy pick, there is just something about him that we can’t help but love. Who else can stand in front of a camera wearing questionable men’s… okay women’s clothes and with a full face of makeup and still manage to evoke hot chemistry with his leading ladies?

He makes it easy to adore him in all of his roles. He has the uncanny ability to make you laugh really hard one moment and then tug at your heart-strings the next.

How is it possible that despite him wearing more make up than all three of us combined and clothes he clearly borrowed from his leading lady’s wardrobe- he is still outrageously manly? He’s got that deep voice, that stern glare and in all his dramas you know he’s going to deliver in the romance department.







We don’t know what we like more that evil glare or his smile… both are pretty appealing. Hehehe

The role that made him our favourite actor has to be his role as Hwang Tae Kyung in You’re Beautiful. He was hilarious in that drama. He never took himself too seriously and despite being in the most insane situation ever. He managed to bring so much depth to his character’s pain and love for his OTP, now that’s a hard challenge to accomplish, especially when the drama involves outrageous scenarios like; cross dressing nuns and idol bands!

Not only is he a great actor, he’s a brilliant singer and has really great hair – what conditioner does he use?- We would die for hair that glossy.

Oh, Jang Geun Suk- we love you so much, don’t stop being awesome anytime soon okay.

Other male actors we love:

Park Shi Hoo –  He’s not technically a good actor but we’ve seen him in so many dramas now and we couldn’t resist him in any of them – Prosecutor Princess made us fans for life.

Jung Il Woo – We adore this guy so much. We just need to see his name attached to a project and we’re there.

Cha Seung Won – If you have seen City Hall you know why he’s on our list. We love him!

There are plenty of others but we could be here for a really long time, so we’ll stop while we’re ahead.

Day 18: Your Favourite Female Third Wheel

22 Feb

A female love rival that we actually like… come on, does that even make sense?

Unlike their male counterparts, female love rivals are rarely ever worth talking about unless it involves endless bitching and ranting about how annoying they are. For some reason drama writers have found themselves in a rut where they are unable to do anything original with a female love rival. As a result, they have become a stereotype that may be a constant in a drama but one that is rarely favoured. 

There appears to be two types of female love rivals in dramas:

  1. The beautiful but helpless first love that is perfect and oh so dull to watch.

The Leading man will spend multiple episodes moping over this type of love rival, while not realising that the woman of his dreams is the plucky, smart mouthed girl that he spends most of the time bickering with.

  1. The scheming, psychopathic love rival. She will deceive her way through the drama, doing unthinkable evil things while looking immaculate with her perfect hair and wearing really pretty designer high heels.

We hate this type the most. They are that unnecessary fixture that deviates away from the storyline and just makes you want to scream at your television screen in frustration as once again she does something to stop the OTP from finally getting together.

Don’t even get us started on dramas where the female love rival is both type 1 and 2. Groan*

As you can imagine this question was difficult to answer just because the options are rather limited to say the least.

However, if we really had to choose:

We guess Secret Garden’s Yoon Seul

She started off rather typical and we groaned in anticipation of her annoying actions but she turned out to be great! She was direct, honest and very cool. Also it helped that she wasn’t a fully fledged love rival hell bend on getting the leading man. This still counts right!?

City Hall’s Go Hae

Unlike normal love rivals, she wasn’t really in it for the romance but more about keeping up appearances. We like her because she was smart and tough. She was the type to smile sweetly while saying something really cutting and evil. Yes, we confess we liked that about her even when it was aimed at our leading lady. She was also a powerful love rival, which in itself was a rarity as female love rivals often appear to be the weaker sex, who are just obsessed over the leading man. So yay for progress.


Look at that face, she means business.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could appreciate a female love rival as much as we do a male one? We would love to question our loyalties and root for a female love rival for once. Come on writers, it’s time to get inventive and think outside the box!

Day 9: Your Best Actress

2 Feb

We’ve been picking off the easier questions for the past 8 days now and suddenly we’re left with just the tough ones. Damn it!
We thought about this topic for ages as we tried to establish who we would class as our outright favourite actress and you know what? We’re stumped. We naturally like a lot of actresses as a good leading lady is vital for any drama but to pick one out of so many is tricky. As a result, we decided to break the question down and list a few actresses that we have grown to love for a range of reasons.

Our Consistently Great Actress: Kim Sun Ah

KSA is one of those actresses who appears to divide an audience, you either love her or you hate her. We are firmly in the: we love her camp. We think she rocks. She is such a wonderful actress and has proven her acting chops in every drama she has done so far.

Out of all her dramas, we fell hard for her in City Hall. This was the drama where we went from appreciating her acting to loving it. She has the ability to make us laugh our butts off one moment and make you feel like someone has gripped your heart tightly the next. Regardless of whether it’s a political drama or a melodrama – she can turn her hand to any role and in the process make you really care for her character.

Then there is her chemistry with her leading men…We’ve said this before but KSA can generate chemistry with a dead poodle, she is that good. How does she do it every time?!  She just radiates intense chemistry with her leading men and naturally being OTP shippers, we are obsessed by them every time. Then again, you better believe we’d be making it work if Lee Dong Wook and Hyun Bin were playing our leading man. All we have to say is – how lucky is this lady?

Other actresses that should be mentioned include:

Moon Geun Young: One word: AMAZING. She was the only thing worth talking about in that that car crash of a drama called Cinderella Unni. She played damaged, intense and lonely soooo well. She delivers her roles with the grace and experience of a seasoned pro and she’s only 24!!! Hurry up and return to dramaland, we miss you.

Other actresses we love: Kim So Yeon, Inoue Mao, Horikita Maki, Nakama Yukie, Ady An…

Our Favourite Girl Next Door: Lee Soo Kyung

People may look down on this choice but we really do love this actress. None of her dramas are particularly groundbreaking but strangely enough we’ve seen a lot of them and we have always liked her in them. She kind of reminds of us of Sandra Bullock in that sense. Sandra is a good actress that does okay movies but she remains popular because she’s so likable and has that every woman appeal about her. Girls want to be like her, guys want to be with her… 

We like the fact that she’s not afraid be over the top and be silly, we hate when actresses take themselves way too seriously. She also knows what she’s good at, in this case romcoms and we appreciate that. Come on, two times Oscar winning actress Hilary Swank was just plain weird in P.S. I Love you. We’d rather see leading ladies do what they’re good at then completely freak us out by doing something different when frankly they may not have the capabilities to do it justice.

LSK made us laugh a lot in My Country Calls. It was this drama which firmly placed her on our favourites’ list because she was just so funny in it. Aside from having great comic timing which is often highlighted in her dramas, we also think that she’s fantastic in her dramatic roles. Trust us, when we say that the woman can seriously cry. Her performance in Loving you a thousand times was amazing. She played her character with so much sincerity that you really felt for her emotionally despite how outrageous the scenarios became in the drama and believe us when we say they became extreme. 

Our Favourite Actress of Many Trades: Gong Hyo Jin

A single mother, a teacher, a washed out pop star, a chef… you name it she has played them and yes, we confess we’ve loved her as every one of them.

We like how she doesn’t shy away from doing a wide variety of roles and in each one of those roles she managed to successfully make us believe her character. Come on, who really believed that Park Min Young could be a bodyguard in City Hunter or Gu Hye Sun could be an actress in anything? (Muhaha, yes that was mean but true.)

She can turn her hand at any role and she will/ has been fantastic in them all. We first watched Gong Hyo Jin in Thank You and we confess she has held our hearts ever since. She was just so wonderful in that drama. She played a character that was brave and strong but at the same time was incredibly vulnerable. It’s hard to portray a character that is so complex in a natural manner but this actress manages to do it every time. Drama writing is of course important but the delivery is vital to ensure a good character. It always feels like GHJ transforms herself into the character she is. She always presents well thought out characters that are very human.

She is just effortlessly good at delivering unique and relatable characters in her dramas and that is why she is on our list of favourites. We look forward to her future dramas and hope she remains as awesome as she has been in the past.

Our drama love would be nothing without amazing leading ladies to root for, so thank goodness for the great actresses playing them. We salute you – you ladies all rock!