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Cruel City – first impressions / episodes 1-2

22 Jun

This drama knocked our socks off.

We heard positive murmurs about it but certainly didn’t expect much of it. Then we tuned in and we were hooked. We loved how dark, intense and smart the drama was. We sat at the edge of our seats from start to finish and now we want more!

If you’ve ever stumbled across our blog before, you may have noticed that we often stick to the light and fluffy. We admit it, we love us some romance and a happily ever after, so we tend to avoid genres that involve crime squads and drug dealers that love to kill people with golf clubs. However we’re happy to make an exception on this occasion. Yes, we know that we will probably regret it and be crying our eyes out because we rooted for a character/ OTP that are doomed to die but we’re hooked. Sleep be damned.

Thank goodness we’ve got six episodes to work our way through. The idea of having to wait to tune in would drive us mad.

The plot is shown from two perspectives. First the crime squad that have been assembled to bring down a massively successful drugs ring headed up by a crazy lunatic called Scale (he’s the golf club welding killer). The second perspective is from Shi Hyun aka The Doctor’s Son, who is trying to overthrow Scale and become the big boss in charge.

Ultimately their target is the same but for two very different reasons.  The pace is fast with plenty of twists and turns along the way. We love how the writer has made these characters smart and not dumbed them down for the audience’s benefit. They know exactly what is going on and why things have happened. It’s such a pleasure to watch a drama where we’re not waiting in frustration for the characters to realise what the hell is going on. It makes it easy for us to respect them and eager to see what they do next.

For us the best thing about this drama is definitely Jung Kyung Ho:

What a pleasant surprise.

We have a thing for flawed characters that often lose out in dramas but our love (obsession) for this character is on another level. We tuned in knowing there was no chance for a happy ending for this character but still we couldn’t help but get attached. He is just such a fantastic character to follow. He’s bad, a killer and oh soooooo hot. Wow, who would have thought that the adorable Jung Kyung Ho from Smile, you could be this damn sexy??? Certainly not us.

We love how he gives off this dangerous, untouchable aura; add the sharp suits and the 1920s hair- we’ve got a winner. Despite appearing calm and cool, you can see the dark undertones of pain and fury in his facial expressions and actions. He is one man we wouldn’t want to mess with… Maybe just make out with. Hehehe.

We love how he’s smart and ruthless but at the same time you see glimpses of his humanity through his friendship with Soo and his ‘Aunt’. Maybe it was his horrible upbringing in the Whorehouse or the desperately sad look on his face but we just want to take care of him and hope he lives happily ever after. Damn it, we’re just asking for heartache with feelings like that!

There were two major scenes that made us sit up and take notice of his character. The first scene was one where he and Soo were walking down a street and were attacked by hundreds of gangsters. Soo was naturally fighting them off to clear the way but Shi Hyun just walked through the violence like it was a normal sunny afternoon through the park. All we kept thinking was what is he capable of that no one is daring to touch him? Why does he look so calm and collected despite the madness surrounding him? The way the drama slowly presented the different facets of his character was just genius. At the beginning we got cold, calculating and super smart and then we got this:

OMG – honestly we sat there slack jawed in amazement at the scene above. Deadly and smart is a lethal combination and one we could happily watch.

We can’t wait to see how his character develops throughout the drama and don’t get us started on how excited we are about his romance. Please let it be epic, tell us we’re going cry like giant babies when they end?? Surely there is no other way but a tragic ending – he’s a killer and a baddie. Do we care? No, we’ll take it any way we can – gimme, gimme now.

The other leading man – Lee Jae-yoon as Ji Hyung-min

Considering we’re strictly team Shi Hyun, this character isn’t doing too badly as our obsessive cop tasked to bring down the baddies for the police.

We like how his morals are flexible and he’s got this deep rooted hunger to bring down the baddies at any cost. Also he’s just as smart as Shi Hyun. He was always at the forefront of the action and was completely aware of what was happening. The idea that he’s just as smart as Shi Hyun and is just as driven to destroy Scale and co is fantastic. We just love the fact that we don’t know what’s going to happen or who’s going to win in this battle of wills.

We like how his character is more emotional than Shi Hyun. He’s already lost his brother to drugs and his girlfriend is always at risk by being a part of his team. He has a lot to lose and that makes him a risk. He’s more than capable of just completely losing the plot and killing a string of people in his need for justice and revenge. We just know it’s going to be great viewing watching this character walk the thin line both morally and ethically in this drama.

Other thoughts:

We’ve seen very little of Nam Gyi Ri’s leading lady character yet. This actress has her fair share of haters but frankly we don’t mind her too much.  Once you get past the plastic face, she’s alright. Also we actually really liked her in the terribly disappointing 49 Days.

When Soo was stabbed, who else gasped?? Seriously we thought he was a goner. We loved how Shi Hyun carried him out and took him to the hospital. Please drama, give us a good bromance if all else fails.

Who else is loving the musicality and cinematography in this drama? We remember watching City Hunter ages ago and loving its visuals and use of music. It truly looked amazing but we failed to connect with it on an emotional level. The characters just didn’t matter to us and as a result we couldn’t be bothered to tune in every week. We care about all of the characters in Cruel City and fingers crossed, we have a feeling it might be a keeper.

If you’re looking for something dark and exciting look no further!


Day 13: A Drama loved by many but you don’t seem to like

7 Feb

City Hunter. Yep, that’s right, Lee Min Ho kicking arse while looking ridiculously hot still isn’t enough to make us gaga over this drama. It’s strange our heads say we should love it but our hearts just don’t care.

We appear to feel completely indifferent to City Hunter and we haven’t a clue why. We’re aware that we are strictly in the minority and people must think we’re mad but this drama just didn’t work for us. It didn’t impact us emotionally at all. For us that crack factor wasn’t there and so we didn’t have that desire to tune in every week.

Maybe it was too polished for our liking and we just couldn’t relate to the OTP, who knows?  

The drama had all the components that should have really worked for us, like:

A hot leading man who was strong and compassionate and a little screwed up from his daddy issues.

A tough leading lady, who WASN’T annoying or required a slap.

A cute bromance between the leading man and his real OTP – his Ahjussi

But still… nothing. Nudda. Zilch.

That said, we did enjoy the fan service. Hehehe.

Drama update

30 Aug
We’ve been completely MIA for the majority of August, real life has kept us super busy, and so we haven’t had a chance to really blog. However we’re back and more than ready to gush/rant away our thoughts on all things drama related. Yay!

Dramas that we dropped:

Heartstrings: we got to episode 10 and found that you know what? – We don’t like this drama enough to bother watching it. Aside from the OTP sharing unexpectedly hot chemistry together, the rest of the drama was just meh for us. We cared very little for the characters, the storyline was on a downward swirl of boredom and frankly we don’t know why we stuck around for so long. Maybe because it had so much potential; the first couple episodes were fresh and had a laid back feel to it but there are only so many episodes that can ride on that vibe before people get bored and demand some substance. Take Mary stayed out all night– on paper it sounded brilliant, the first couple episodes were quirky/ music centred and charming. It made us sit up excitedly in hopes that this was a winner but then it crashed and burned fast. Such a shame.  Despite Mary being a disappointment, we stuck around till the end and forgave it for the most part because Jang Geum Suk and Moon Geun Young are so awesome but sadly for Heartstrings- Park Shin Hye and Yong Hwa have awhile to go before they can carry a drama with just their presence.
One thing we’ll take away from Heartstrings is the fact that Yong Hwa found himself a decent acting coach and can finally put behind him the embarrassment that was his awful performance in You’re Beautiful. Shudder* He gave Ji Hoo sunbae a run for his money in the worst actor category. Muhaha. 

City Hunter: We’ve got a really weird relationship with this drama. When we’re tuned in, we’re hooked but as soon as it’s over, we have very little desire to sit down and watch it ASAP. It makes no sense what so ever.  Especially when you consider how much fandom there is for this drama. For us it just doesn’t have that crack factor that makes us drama obsessives. We got to episode 11 before it was shelved, simply because life got really busy and we had to make cut backs. We definitely plan to finish this drama off and will probably be watching the OTP more closely now that we know that they are a real couple. Good for them- We wouldn’t say no to Lee Min Ho either. Heheh.

Seriously, Park Min Young is such a lucky girl. So jealous.

Myung Wol the spy: How glad are we that we didn’t stick with this drama. We sat down and watched episode 1 when it first aired weeks ago but we swear we were completely and utterly bored by it. The drama felt stilted, the comedy just missed the mark and most importantly we didn’t care for any of the characters. Also from what we’ve followed through recaps- leading men that are still arseholes when you hit episode 10+ aren’t worth watching, leading men that slap their OTP definitely aren’t worth watching and well as we haven’t seen the infamous episode 13 with that bed scene- we’ll reframe from commenting.

We feel sorry for Eric, we have a feeling that he’ll be glad when filming is over. Not to mention he’ll probably be relieved to see the back of Han Ye Seul. The off scene antics seem to be more interesting than the actual drama, which is never good.  In-house fighting, accidental murder, dramatic departures to the other side of the world…come on you can’t make this crap up. 

 Dramas we’re watching:

Scent of a woman: it’s love!  This is our crack drama at the moment. It’s soooooo good. Aside from the fact that we’re going to be completely and utterly heartbroken by the time it finishes, it’s completely worth it. We can’t think of a single thing we’d change, it’s that good.

If you haven’t watched it yet- we demand you watch it NOW!

My love by my side: The drama appears to have completely lost the plot. The writer must be smoking the wacky backy because the drama has truly gone mad. Despite this fact we’re still tuned in, engrossed in the crazy antics and the twisted rationality of the majority of the characters. We know it’s wrong but still we’re obsessed.

Episode 23 was amazing but still twisted. We don’t know what is worst- the fact that we liked it because it was twisted, or in spite of that fact. Either way it’s bad. We need help.

Dramas we want to watch:

Protect the boss:  It looks fun and silly, plus goofy guy with tough girl is always great viewing- see Hana Yori Dango. Also we’re hoping that this will be a great drama to balance out the angst fest that is our current drama list. Also Ji Sung and Hero had us sold on this drama before we even knew what it was about. They are both soooooo purrrty. Giggles*

Office Girls (T): We don’t really want to watch this drama- it sounds completely crap BUT it has not one but two of our favourite HOT Tdrama love rivals. Roy Qiu and James Wen in the same drama- thank you drama makers- we salute you!

A touch of everything…

5 Jul

Sadly life has been hectic and as a result we’ve had zero time to blog, which is such a shame for us because we like nothing more than gushing endlessly about our favourite obsession.  As it’s been awhile we thought we’d write up a mini-mega post about pretty much everything we’re watching/ watched in the last couple weeks.

City Hunter:

We’re going to sound like a broken record when we repeat what most of fandom have already said but we don’t care- we loving it! The twists, the turns, the oh so lovely romance- we can’t fault it! She took a bullet for him! Ahhhhhh.

Can you hear my heart?

The drama only has a couple weeks left and we’ll say it now- we’re going to miss it so much. *cries

It can’t be just us that cringes at every scene between Ma Roo and Woo Ri? Dude- get the hint, she only sees you as her brother! Honestly the scene she stayed over at his house was creeeepy.

With a just few episodes left, we really hope that crazy Madame Kang aka Dong Joo’s mother just lets her son be happy and be with the woman he loves. How cute is every scene between Dong Joo and Woo Ri, they make such a lovely couple. *Sighs

Baby-faced Beauty:

Jin Wook and So Young have to be the sweetest OTP this drama season. They are so adorable together! Sure they lack any angst and they behave like love struck pre-teens but they are so utterly charming and sweet together that we don’t care at all.

We haven’t really had the chance to blog much about this drama but we have thoroughly enjoyed watching it every week. It’s a very easy going drama with all the traditional Kdrama antics. It could have been a mundane drama but the OTP and the sweet natured charm of the drama lifts it up and makes it better. We literally groaned when the drama introduced a colour blind storyline – oh the angst and unnecessary misery for a leading lady that has suffered enough. However it was handled in a very sensitive manner and in the end allowed for the OTP to romantically develop further and enabled the leading lady to be stronger and more determined to succeed. Ultimately it was a pleasant surprise and a plot twist we thought we’d never approve of.   

With two episodes left, we’ll be sad to see it finish. Also we must confess that our hearts have soften towards the love rival over the weeks and surprise, surprise the musthavesubs girls have found themselves feeling sorry for another drama love rival…damn it. It’s just that we like how he’s so upfront and sincere about his feelings but at the same time he manages to remain manly and cool in the process. How is that possible? 

Other drama thoughts:

We’ve been thoroughly engrossed in My love by my side– which we love but sadly for us, no one seems to be interested in subbing this drama. Please, someone hear our cries for subs because we want more! If anyone else is watching this drama, we’d love to hear your thoughts because we’re hooked.     

We also watched the first episode of Heartstrings and really enjoyed it. We definitely plan to watch more…we just have to work out a way to get more hours out of a day! If anyone has any ideas about how to do that as well, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Hehe.

City Hunter: 5-10

25 Jun

We’re really enjoying this drama but we’re finding it hard to completely and utterly love it…just yet. When we’re watching we’re hooked, there is so much to love but at the same time we fear getting too emotionally attached because we have no doubt that this drama will break our hearts in the worst way possible by doing something evil like- killing Yoon Sung off to protect Na Na or having a faceoff between father and son and both ending up dying…shudder*

However as much as we try to reframe from getting too attached, we’re finding it really hard, especially when it’s soooooo good!

Lee Min Ho, what are you doing to us? Just when we thought we couldn’t love you anymore- you decide to do a drama about an idealistic hero willing to risk life and love to honourably get justice. Damn you- we’re goners. We love how he’s far from perfect, he acts like an idiot around Na Na half the time and the other half he’s stopping himself from making out with her on the Judo mat. His feelings for her are so sweet and sincere, that we just hope that nothing happens to ruin their romance or else someone will pay!  

Then there is the other romance in this drama between Yoon Sung and Ahjussi. Sooooo sweet! We love their moments together. As a character, Yoon Sung is really pitiful and so having a mother hen in the form  of a fat, balding man is perfect. We love how he fusses around him and is his partner in action. Once again- nothing better happen to him. Please writers, we beg you!

Evil Daddy dearest is such a great character, so many drama viewers utterly hate him but we think he’s amazing. This character is so driven by hate and revenge that watching how far he will go is fascinating. We have a feeling that this character is going to die in his pursuit of revenge or die protecting Yoon Sung. Either way, the chances of him surviving all 20 episodes is like 1%. Then again, this drama does surprise us at times, so we never know. Yes, he’s evil and hell bent on revenge but you have to admit he’s good. We loved the Russian roulette scene in episode 9. For an old, crippled dude, he’s still got it.

It can’t be just us that think that Young Yoo is an idiot. He’s a hopeless Prosecutor and most of the time he has his cases literally handed to him by Yoon Sung. Plus the scene where Na Na was left dangling off the second floor railing pretty much sealed our dislike for this character. For a character that has a major crush on Na Na, he didn’t look that interested when he ran off in pursuit of Seo Yong Huk while she was left hanging off a thin edge, at least Yoon Sung knows what’s important.

Quick thoughts:

-We loved Na Na’s love confession. She’s such a refreshing leading lady- she wears her heart on her sleeve, she’s smart, emotional and so very likable.

-We’re so glad that she knows all of his secrets- including the fact that he’s City Hunter! Yay, looks like he’s got someone else on team Yoon Sung. Heeeee.

-Poor Yoon Sung, the poor guy gets shot and he spends multiple episodes getting poked and punched- Ouch, we felt for him. 

City Hunter- First Impressions/ episode 1-4

14 Jun

Strangely enough we avoided this drama for ages before we gave in and found that it’s not too bad and…yes, we confess we’re really enjoying it! We blame rubbish promo material and a confused genre for the delay, however when one musthavesubs sister is possibly Lee Min Ho’s biggest fangirl (ahem Shams) – there is no escaping this drama. Add some real fan love for something other than HOT LMH and well it seems like a given that we’re going to check out this unexpected surprise.

If there was one word to sum up this drama we would have to choose- slick.

The drama is incredibly well executed from all angles. It not only looks amazing and at times very pretty to watch but it’s got a rock solid script and standout performances from pretty much the whole cast.

How is it that this drama manages to effortlessly fit in as much as it does in an hour slot? It’s amazing. From the promo material, we worried that the drama would go down the same route as Plan B and Crime Squad, where it completely failed to maintain a balance between the genres explored. However, so far sooooo good! Not only do have a very compelling revenge scenario at the heart of the drama, we’ve also got a very sweet romance blossoming between the dramas OTP- add a dash of humour and family related issues and it’s all looking very promising.

Thank you drama for giving us a decent excuse for revenge and crazy daddy figures. Seriously, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a drama where the plot is driven by a valid reason other than cheating husbands who have scorned illegitimate children looking for revenge or past psychos with random grudges. Killing 20 men right before your eyes and a big fat lot of betrayal is a good enough excuse for us to continue to stay tuned in.

We confess that despite episode 1 and 2 being extremely well produced and interesting to watch- we just couldn’t connect on an emotional level…just yet anyway. However the more we watched, the more we liked it.

We love LMH’s depiction of Yoon Sung. The character could have easily been a very stereotypical Kdrama leading man- damaged, cold and ruthless. Which he is to some extent but at the same time Yoon Sung has heart, he’s got a moral compass which his crazy daddy is lacking and despite the way he’s been brought up- he wants to eventually get his HEA. The guy was raised for the sole purpose to get revenge and kill five people responsible for his real father’s death- however at the same time he’s idealistic and hopeful that he can get justice within the framework of the law. We love that- he is definitely rare breed for a Kdrama. He’s not scared to challenge his father or stand up for himself and others when needed. Honestly, it can’t be just us that are tired of watching the same parental issues play out in dramas? So this is definitely a refreshing change and we love the crazy/ dangerous standoffs between father and son. So exciting to watch!

The leading lady of the drama Na Na played by Park Min Young is our favourite type- hardworking, strong and fearless. We approve. Na Na is an interesting character in the fact that she’s probably shrouded in the most mystery out of all of the characters in the drama. Who is her Daddy Long legs, how is Yoon Sung’s Ahjussi related to her and what’s the mystery behind her parent’s accident 10 years earlier??? The fact that she’s so strong and independent despite being possibly the most pitiful character in the drama makes us automatically like this character. Her life is pretty grim but still she just gets on with it and does the best she can.

We love the relationship between Na Na and Yoon Sung- it’s a bit slow but we’re not complaining. Their moments together are refreshingly frank despite their differences in status. We like how they are already friends and how the writer has slowly snuck in a little jealousy and romantic tension between our OTP. It’s just the right amount to balance out the action in the drama, it also feels more natural and realistic than if the drama went full throttle and shoved it in our face. Yoon Sung is from a different world from Na Na and so it’s nice to see him slowly understand her world and how she lives in it. We can’t wait to see further developments in their relationship but at the same time we fear the fallout when she finds out that their relationship has been based on a lie. Shudder*

Everything is looking very promising so we’ve got our fingers crossed that it stays like that way for its whole run. If not, at least we’ve got LMH to look at. Hehehehe- he’s so puuurrrty.