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2010 ~ End of Year Review

31 Dec

We watched far too many dramas this year…it’s a disease, so don’t judge us too much!

This year’s lot of dramas were disappointing to say the least- We think that’s the general consensus amongst most drama viewers- there were far too many dramas that started off so well and got you completely hooked from the start and then quickly descended into stupidity or frankly crap. That’s got to be the most annoying thing about it all…you get all excited and invest yourself in the drama only to be disappointed even more than you would have if it was rubbish from the start.
So here is a rundown of all of the dramas we managed to watch during 2010 with our general thoughts and feelings as well as our marks out of 10.

2010 Dramas that we completed:
Prosecutor Princess– The most unexpected drama love of 2010. We started it thinking it was going to be completely stereotypical, fluffy and possible annoying but we were so wrong. We completely and utterly fell for the characters- especially the leading lady who could have been so 2D but instead conveyed such sincerity and warmth that you can’t help but root for her. The story was also well structured, so compelling and by the end of it you will be sad to see it finish. Plus the relationship between the OTP was at once sticky, angst ridden and so sweet.

Definitely a must watch:

How much we liked it: 9/10- How good it was technically: 9/10

My Country Calls– Loved this drama so much!!! We hadn’t really seen a K-drama that we could label ‘comedy’ but we definitely found one in the form of this drama. Every episode will have you laugh at something; the script is what really stands out- solid, well written and so very funny.

Who knew that Ryu Jin could be so funny? He has to be the best thing about this drama, he stole every scene he was in.

Why don’t more people know about this gem of a drama? It’s definitely worth watching.

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 9/10

Cinderella Unni– Oh dear where do we start with this one… First 3/4 episodes were drama gold. So well written, acted and we were utterly hooked. Then they had a time leak and we went from mild disappointment to anger as the weeks past- WTF? Has to be the only response by the time you finish this drama. Don’t watch it; it’s a waste of time- life’s too short to watch multiple crying scenes and pathetic siblings fighting over nothing.

How much we liked it: 4/10- How good it was technically: 2/10

I am Legend– Don’t watch it! Don’t be fooled by the first couple episodes being reasonable good, the majority of it is really rubbish. The drama had elements that could have been really good; like a potentially hot OTP- completed wasted and not even resolved at the end. Really good friendship dynamics ruined by long winded court cases and a repulsive ex husband that gets redeemed. It’s angering just reflecting on it.

Only good thing about it is the OST.

How much we liked it: 2/10- How good it was technically: 3/10

Pasta– Sure nothing ever happened and it had to be the fluffiest drama of 2010 but still… we really liked it. It was the OTP that did it for us. We loved them as a couple- so much chemistry, charm and it was lovely watching them do nothing for far too many episodes. (Don’t judge us too much).

How much we liked it: 8/10- How good it was technically: 3/10

Pick the stars– This was a drama that we didn’t expect to enjoy but we found ourselves recapping weekly and most importantly finishing it. We really liked the leading lady, the kids and eventually the leading man (we hated him for the first few episodes!). However the drama was messy, had irrational love rivals and by the end of it we found ourselves glad that it had finished.

How much we liked it: 4/10- How good it was technically: 4/10

Mary stayed out all night– The most disappointing drama of 2010?? Well it certainly sounds like it from the forums, blogs and ratings. It’s a shame it could have been really good but instead it just missed the mark. We think we were more forgiving than most… we actually liked the lead OTP, fell hard for the pitiful LR and just went with the silliness that was the drama but yes, we too have to agree it really wasn’t that great.

How much we liked it: 6/10- How good it was technically: 2/10

Baker King-We gobbled this drama up like the greedy drama lovers that we are- obsessed, hooked and emotionally invested right to the end. We loved the leading man Tak Gu so much- such a lovely character to root for- strong, lovable and he sure tugged at our hearts. We confess we cried during both reunions between Tak Gu and his mother and father. The drama managed to have the perfect mix of drama, angst and warmth and we were completely satisfied by the end.

This is a prime example of how the classic K-drama scenarios can be done well and even though you’ve seen it all before- trust us, you will still be hooked.

Definitely worth the crazy high ratings!

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 8/10

Down with Love (T)- Oh dear- we know this is a fan favourite and yes it started off cute, funny and very watchable but honestly it could have been resolved in half the number of episodes and it really didn’t need so many flash back scenes from the same flipping episodes.

Pros- Jerry is hot. Neg- every thing else.

How much we liked it: 3/10- How good it was technically: 1/10

PS Man (T)-  We really loved every episode up until around episode 10 and then we suddenly got really annoyed at this stupid OTP- they had no reason not to be together!!! It was infuriating to watch. Plus when you’ve got the most perfect love rival waiting in the wings, it just makes it all the more annoying.

Best thing about it: If you’re looking for a good laugh- check out Blue Lan’s crazy hair and leopard print trousers he would wear on a regular basis. 

Also a love rival that got viewers so excited that there was even a public vote to get the writers to change the end. Love fan power.

How much we liked it:  (up to episode 10: 9/10) the rest of the drama 4/10- How good it was technically: 3/10

Autumn’s Concerto (T)- We were completely hooked with this drama, it had everything that we can’t resist: an OTP who shared amazing chemistry and a drama that loved to bring in as much angst that was physically possible per episode! The sad thing with this drama is that it was so good up to about episode 6 and then that dreaded time leap occurred and ruined it! From episode 6 onwards the drama slowed down and cut the hot angst, which is a total shame because it was sooo good at the start. That said- do we regret watching it? No way- definitely one of the better T-dramas of the year.

How much we liked it: 7/10- How good it was technically: 7/10


Previous year’s dramas that we completed this year:

Que Sera, Sera– LOVED IT!!! It was all about the OTP- so intense, angsty and addictive. Watch it.

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 9/10

Loving you a thousand Times– We were hooked from the start. Melodrama at its best. We avoid melodramas like the plague but this was done so well- Such a tight script, well acted and intense. We cried so much- our feelings for characters were so turbulent we went from hate to like in literally half an episodes- now that’s good writing.

How much we liked it: 9/10- How good it was technically: 8/10

Save the last dance for me– One of the older dramas we watched this year but it was really good. Although the drama had many predicable elements- we fell hard for the OTP- they were so sweet together and when you’ve got a OTP that you like enough- you can get past ridiculous memory loss scenarios and the fact that the end was pretty a complete rip off of the Hollywood movie- An Affair to remember.

How much we liked it: 8/10- How good it was technically: 7/10

Thank You– We cried so much! We were emotionally invested from the start- the story was so compelling and pulled at our heart strings so much. Not your standard K-drama- it’s got so much more depth, heart and it was steeped in reality.

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 9/10

Lawyers of Korea- It’s a nice way to past the time. It was funny, romantic and had a very sticky love square.

How much we liked it: 7/10- How good it was technically: 7/10

How to meet a perfect neighbour– We enjoyed it while we watched it- if you’re looking for a dramatic OTP (concubine bracelet *shudder), cunning Love rivals and greedy evil people- look no further, my friends.

How much we liked it: 6/10- How good it was technically: 8/10

Smile, You– Curse you greedy drama makers- you ruined this drama by adding a 15 episode extension! Seriously, we really enjoyed this drama with its adorable trouble free OTP, annoying but funny love rivals and entertaining family dynamics.

How much we liked it: 7/10- How good it was technically: 6/10

Pride (J) – We loved everything- that’s right everything! From the music, the bromance and the lovely OTP. For a 12 episode drama- they managed to get so much packed in.

Definitely a much watch J-drama.

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 10/10


2010 dramas we shelved for various reasons:

Sungkyunkwan Scandal– We definitely plan to finish this drama- we got to episode 12 and we still loved pretty everything about it. Then Baker King entered our lives and every other drama became a distant memory.

Queen of Reversals– We shelved Queen of Reversals because we didn’t like Tae Hee’s husband, we thought he was a complete idiot that didn’t really love his wife and the idea of watching this OTP was far too off putting BUT….news of an extension and Park Shi Hoo as a love interest, we may just need to tune in again. *giggles.

PSH must be a leading man’s nightmare- they must fear it every time he’s added to a drama list because seriously the guy managed to make himself a lead with sheer screen presence- man he’s good. We realised that Jung Joon Ho and Kim Seung Woowho was the leading man in How to meet the perfect neighbour are best friends in real life and if PSH gets upgraded to leading man (again) – that would mean that this set of best friends would both have been pushed aside from leading man because they can’t compete with the charms of PSH. How unlucky!

The woman who still wants to marry– We really enjoyed watching this drama when we were tuned in. It was hilarious at times, depicted great friendships and made us laugh out loud multiple times. However even though it was all of the above, it just didn’t hold our attention enough to complete.


2010 really was the year that could have been. So many dramas that had so much potential to be amazing but failed to deliver the goods! It wasn’t all bad we found dramas that were unexpected loves that have a special place in our drama viewing hearts. Here’s hoping that 2011 will be filled with more tear jerkers, angst filled, laugh out loud funny dramas.

Happy New Year! Love the MustHaveSubs Girls XxX


Drama Memo: OMG WTF? Drama finale

20 Jul

We struggled with this topic simply because we’ve got to the stage in our drama viewing experience where we can pretty much tell where a drama is heading and as a result we usually drop a drama before we allow it to get to that WTF ranting stage, little lone to the finale. However unfortunately for us, we occasionally naively hope that we’re wrong and complete a drama, only to regret it later and end up ranting about the stupidity of it all in our blog!

First on our list is a drama that started off so well and then descended into pure frustration- Cinderella Unni. The fact that it was so good at the start makes it all the more annoying, seriously, what were the writers thinking? Even the most tolerant drama viewers would have been disappointed by the end of this train wreck of a drama. We’ll give the writers props because pretty much every episode up until the time leap was perfect- so much tormented angst, heart and the sweetest budding romance between two people that couldn’t have been more different from each other. The acting and writing was so good and we were utterly engrossed in this drama- like obsessed but then the time leap happened and the writers decided to fill 15 episodes with a whole lot of irrational behaviour, repeated scenes where the leading lady would reject the leading man’s heart, swiftly followed by her running off and crying…oh yes and more crying. Ugh.

So the WTF finale happened because; having stuck with this weep fest and hoping to conclude it in a satisfactory fashion- the writers decide to annoy the hell out of us viewers by prolonging this miserable drama by having the leading lady run away for no good reason at all. First of all this was an action she really wouldn’t do but more importantly at this point we really didn’t care what happened to this OTP. The finale was filled with a lot of lukewarm heartache and a leading man searching for a leading lady that really needed at least a couple years worth of therapy before she entered any type of relationship- she was that screwed up. There reunion was half assed and anti-climactic and pretty much as soon as the credits rolled we thought: WTF- did we just waste 20 hours of our life for this crap?

Our advice: Ignore the hype; it’s really not worth it.

Our second pick would definitely have to go to: Down with Love. We’ll keep this one short simply because we had a weekly bitch fest about this drama (see DWL tag for rant central).  This was another drama many adored but we have no clue why because it was just plain stupid. The only reason why we stuck with it was because Shams crushes on Jerry Yan on an unhealthy level but even he wasn’t enough to make us forget how vomit inducing sweet this drama’s finale was. It was just cheesy, silly and yuck.  To top it off the only couple we liked in the whole drama didn’t even get together, now what the hell’s that about?

Lessons we learnt from this ordeal:

Never watch a drama just because you crush on the leading man (although Jerry is so hot). Also avoid all future Ella dramas because she plays pretty much the same character in everything she’s in.

Our final pick is slightly cheating but we don’t care. We picked Alias season two finale, because we swear that even to this day we have not seen a season finale that tops that one- it was and still is the only drama finale that made us go OMG WTF- in a GOOD way and as a result it cemented its place in our all time favourite American dramas list. It was just perfect and so unexpected. The drama is similar to Asian dramas in the sense that it’s centred on the OTP and family ties first and everything else second, in this case that would be the Spy business.

So the whole of season two was building to the OTP relationship and by the end of the season they were a couple and like all the best K-dramas they get together in spectacular fashion and as viewers you just couldn’t be happier for this OTP, but then like the best dramas their happiness is short lived with our favourite season finale episode ever- which consisted of lots of revelations, the best girl on girl fight scene we have seen to date (there was nothing sissy about this fight) and a time leap with heart breaking consequences. We won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it but those who love Alias and have watched this season finale, you will no doubt know what we’re talking about- it’s so good and we’re pretty sure it wasn’t just us who went OMG WTF? by the end of that season!

Only watch the following video if you want to be spoiled:


(Man, we need to re-watch Alias – ASAP!)

Down with love- episode 16/ finale

26 May

All we have to say is what a waste of time that was. Don’t bother watching this pointless, poorly written, over the top rubbish. We had more fun mocking the drama in our recap posts than we actually did watching it. Seriously it was beyond fluff it was so sickly sweet that our teeth nearly fell out. From now on we will follow our instincts and ignore friends who raved about how brilliant this drama is. They have obviously lost their minds. 


Next time we want to know if our drama tastes are compatible with someone we will ask them if they enjoyed this drama along with My Name is Kim Sam Soon and if the answer is yes- sorry we’re incompatible, we can’t be drama buddies. Simple as that!


We won’t even go into details; we think we’ve wasted enough hours already.


How dare the only two people we like in this damn drama not get together!!?

Down with love- episode 15

19 May

We thoroughly enjoyed this episode of DWL, it was funny, sweet and packed with lots of action. We were pretty certain that the only way was up, after the writers for this drama cleared up all the loose ends that had being weighing the drama down for at least a few weeks.

We have to confess that this episode did make us feel sorry for Chin Strap…damn it. It’s only because he graciously gave up his pursuit for Yang Guo’s heart. He knew he did wrong and that the better man won. 

How annoying, we actually enjoy hating him, it’s more fun that way.


There were quite a few scenes that we really enjoyed this week:


-The scene where Yu ping listed off actions that Yang Guo can’t do with her fake boyfriend was very sweet. It’s lovely to finally see his unrequited love be acknowledged by Yang Guo- so glad the writers moved quite quickly in developing their relationship.


-The lunch scene with Chin Strap’s mother was hilarious! Could it get any worse?



-Yu Ping following Yang Guo and Chin Strap around was so silly and over the top but at the same time completely charming. Plus we got to witness Yu Ping and Chin Strap kiss as a result of it- that could a be a completely different drama all by its self.


-How could we forget the other KISS! Finally Yu Ping and Yang Guo lock lips and it was far from a Korean Prude’s kiss. 


Other news:

-We still adore Daddy Yang- he is simply comedy gold in this drama.


-Yang Duo and Liang Zhi Hao are dating! Yay- we loved it when she stood up for him in the office, so cute. They are most definitely our favourite odd couple in ages, he is such a sweetheart and she is just so feisty. Love them.

Favourite quote:


‘I doubt she has any maternal instincts, she probably sold it on eBay.’


– Office workers about Yang Duo.

Down with Love: Episode 14

15 May

Although there was a lot of hesitance on Shaps part for watching this episode, she had to confess it was….actually not that bad. *Gasp. Yes we are aware that the majority of the DWL posts tend to be incredibly bitchy and harsh, so it is indeed a  shock to be admitting to this statement. Aside from wanting to fast forward every scene with Ke Zhong and Yang Guo together, we’re pleased by the amount of progress made in this episode. We desperately hoped that they wouldn’t drag the Yu Ping VS. Ke Zhong competition for Yang Guo’s heart story line out, just because its yawn inducing boring and thankfully someone agreed and had everything sorted out in this one episode- we think this is possibly a small miracle for T-drama standards.

The revelation of Yu Ping’s love for Yang Guo was done really well- nothing outrageously dramatic, where you’d go: come on your joking right! Instead it was  more realistic in the sense that she found out quickly and didn’t ponder over it for the next twelve episodes. She told him she wasn’t ready and he told her, he would wait until she was. Sigh* – He is beyond adorable. 

 One thing we really hated about the episode was how the drama makers are trying to spin sympathy for Chin Strap. Honestly we get that Yang Guo is supposed to be compassionate and kind but let’s get real here, who forgives a guy like that? -A guy who strung you along for ages simply for the sake of another woman who he happened to confess his love for a couple weeks back. Then to make matters worse; Yang Guo kept having romantic moment flashbacks of Chin Strap, seriously how dumb of her, he was faking it!

What’s with the flashbacks anyway? Is it necessary to have every other scene a flashback of something that literally happened 10 minutes earlier?

We think it’s okay to have one maybe two flashbacks per episode but really, every thinking scene? We’re sure we can get an idea of what the OTP are crying about; if not -maybe we really shouldn’t be watching the drama and the actors possibly need to return to acting school or the pop band they came from because they’re obviously not doing a good enough job if they need visual assistance in practically all their scenes.


Almost forgot this was supposed to be a positive post about DWL- Oops! :S

We’ll try harder next time.


Things we actually liked:


-They had plenty of Yang Guo and Yu ping time, which is always great!

-We adore Daddy Yang- so sweet and funny- We love his moments with Yu Ping the most.



– We liked how Yu Ping was rather forceful in his pursuit of Yang Guo- about bloody time mate!


Things we learnt:

-Yang Guo is actually that dumb! How dare she forgive Chin Strap so easily and worse- hesitate over Yu ping- crazy!



– Yu Ping is rubbish at Basketball- the guy is hot, so hot but it was beyond hilarious watching him play basketball in this episode.



– Chin Strap is ugly without his glasses- so ugly we laughed nonstop for about ten minutes when we saw this picture.



So we’re glad that the drama has progressed from the horrible repetitive loop it was stuck in and we look forward to the next chapter where we hope for lots of the following: plenty of OTP time, less of Chin Strap with EITHER of the Yang sisters, zero Hui Fan and of course lots of Yang Duo air time- because she still rocks!  


Down with Love: Episode 13

5 May

The only word that ran through Shaps mind by the end of that episode was: FINALLY!

Finally the writers have cut loose the crap weighing this drama down and now hopefully it can progress into something worth watching- (Jerry aside of course, but that’s a given right?)

So after 12 episodes the writers have chosen to finally conclude the following unnecessarily LONG ARSE story arches much to the relief of all of the MustHaveSubs Girls watching especially the ones being forced against their will (ahem Shaps)

-So we’re desperately hoping  that Hui Fan has finally got the hint and will get lost. After so many episodes and Yu Ping saying lovely things like:

 ‘I can’t stand the sight of you’ and ‘I’m going to change my locks’, add a mental breakdown and food disorder (fake variety or other we’re still unsure) – She finally packed her bags and left- hooray!  Seriously we doubt we could stand to watch this actress ‘act’ any longer- why did the producers of this drama think it was a good idea to dub her voice, are there no other actresses in Taiwan?   

-Yang Guo knows about Chin Strap using her to keep Hui Fan happy. Thank the Lord; we don’t need to watch this stupid, illogical story line unfold any longer! A good side affect to his mad behaviour is that Yang Duo now knows what an idiot he is and is unlikely to get together with him at the end of the drama- yay J


-Yu Ping will not stand on the side lines any longer and he fully intends to get his woman! Hopefully now it should kick the story into gear and we’ll be that much closer to the OTP living happily ever after.

Aside from cleaning up the wasteland that was this drama, nothing other than the usual happened in this week’s episode. The best part about this episode was Yu Ping taking care of Yang Guo- he has to be the just the sweetest guy in the drama world- well at least in Taiwan anyway. Not only did he take her to just the most beautiful mountain top, just so she can cry about another man, he spent the remainder of the time feeding her all of her favourite foods, just to cheer her up,- now that’s our kind of guy- its definitely the way to OUR hearts.  How long is Yang Guo going to be blind to Yu Ping’s Hotness and blatant love for her? – We know she’s slow but come on woman, open your eyes!

-Are they really going to have a faceoff between Chin Strap and Yu Ping for Yang Guo’s heart? How boring and predictable. Plus Chin Strap and Yang Guo share absolutely ZERO chemistry- which always makes it harder to watch.

-We beg you writers, don’t make this last longer than an episode, let Yang Guo develop some brain cells and work out that Ke Zhong is a stupid idiot and that Yu Ping is waaaayyy better.


Down with Love- episode 12

29 Apr

Shaps officially wants to stop watching this drama….actually she wanted to stop watching at least three episodes ago but Shams is still hooked. Her favourite line is:

‘We invested our time in twelve episodes, we can’t stop now!’

Usually Shaps would respond to that statement with a simple:

‘Get lost; I’m done with this crap!’

However it’s difficult because as drama viewers we always watch things together- you will never find us sitting alone watching a drama by ourselves, it’s just not us, plus who would we possibly rant, vent and gush our thoughts to, if not to the person you’re watching with?  

So for now Shaps is trapped watching this LONNNNNG arse drama which seems to have not progressed at all in the past four episodes mainly because Shams is:

1. Mesmerised by Jerry Yan’s hotness.
2. …… um no that’s it- it’s all about Jerry Yan for her.

The episode only had one redeeming factor and that is Yang Duo and Liang Zhi Hao’s budding relationship! Like we’ve previously mentioned- we adore Yang Duo, add the sweet natured darling that is Lawyer Liang and its great viewing.

-We loved how he hasn’t given up and he’s using her love of money and practical nature to get close to her. As a character he’s simply adorable and the fact that he likes the bossy, aggressive and mean Yang Duo makes it so interesting- come on everyone loves an opposite’s attracts storyline!

-Everything about the Cactus scene was so sweet. The fact it’s still on her desk makes us hopeful- She better not get together with Chin Strap- Or else someone will pay!

– We like how everyone responded to the news that someone likes Yang Duo- Yang Guo and her dad were so funny together. Plus the office staff is on fire with their teasing.

People and issues that make us want to switch off:

-the main issue that ruins the drama for us, is the lack of progression in the story line. The drama has focused on the same points for far too long now. It’s most definitely time for the OTP to start looking at each other in a more romantic light. – In this case- Yang Guo needs to open her eyes and realise that Yu Ping is crazily in love with her. (What a lucky……girl he-he) 


-The love Square all need to get a reality check!

-Yang Guo- inoffensive she may be but boy is she DUMB. She needs to stop being so ‘helpful’ and caring for everyone. We’re glad that Yu Ping yelled at her this week for interfering in his relationship with Hui Fan- The girl needs to read the atmosphere better- obviously Yu Ping really doesn’t want to get back together with Hui Fan.

-Hui Fan and Yu Ping this week were beyond annoying. He’s staying with her because he feels sorry for her- is this not the oldest cliché in Asian dramas? Oh it’s hard to watch, oh so hard.

-Ke Zhong aka Chin Strap wasn’t so bad this week but he’s still an idiot for stringing Yang Guo along- From the preview it looks like this element will be resolved/ addressed next week- thank goodness!

For Shams’ sake we hope something happens next week, or else Shaps may just kill her. Muhahaha!

Down with Love – episode 11

21 Apr


OH YES- we’ve been waiting for this moment for sooooo long! Good work Yu Ping- finally you lay your cards on the table and show that you actually have some balls.

Yu Ping was by far the best thing about this episode- yes we know we say this every week but this time it’s really true.

‘When I think of you, I feel disgusted!

-Firstly he brutally tells Hui Fan exactly what he thinks of her- yay – she obviously needs it spelt out for her, as she didn’t get the hint when he told her he planned to change the locks to his house. She is a prime example of an overly dramatic/ verging on crazy love rival. (we seriously hate LRs like that, they are just too much to stomach at times- especially the Hong Sisters LRs- they are all super crazy)

-Then he tells Chin Strap aka Ke Zhong that he likes Yang Guo and that if he doesn’t treat her right he’ll snatch him away from him… heheheheh. For us, Yu Ping as the leading man was getting a little pathetic in his moping and puppy love for Yang Guo, so we’re pleased that he has finally decided to take a stand and move forward- it was getting really annoying to watch.
-We’ve concluded we still hate Chin Strap and are unlikely to change our minds anytime soon- he’s such a loser!

-Yang Duo- we love you- you rock!

Aside from Yu Ping, Yang Duo is the best thing about this drama. She is funny, bossy, confident and just so entertaining. Now they’ve given her a potential love interest and we’re soooooo pleased! Mainly because Chin Strap doesn’t deserve her- He and Hui Fan can get lost together.  What makes it even better is the fact that her love interest is the polar opposite of her character- he is quiet, polite and an all round sweetie pie. We loved the whole scene where he’s asking the guys in the office about her- so funny!

Other mentions:

-We appreciate Yang Guo as an individual- she is as we’ve previously stated harmless, sweet and earnest in a stupid girl kind of way- but at times its beyond our imagination to believe that Yu Ping loves her so much- for gods sakes he rescues her from some kind of disaster every episode and he’s constantly thinking about her but their interaction feels… forced at times, like we’re suppose to believe that they are the OTP rather than actually investing our emotions into following their interactions.

-We loved the scene with Yu Ping and Yang Guo’s dad- It’s lovely to see Yu Ping doing something other than rescuing Yang Guo or pining for her in his office. Even if it’s getting drunk!


‘For tonight can I call you Pa?’ – So sweet.


Down with Love- episode 10

13 Apr

Jerry Yan would be our drama husband- honestly the girly gushing that goes on when watching this guy on screen is ridiculous! He is the sole reason why we’re still watching this drama- yes we put our hands up and confess to this very superficial reason but there you go- the guy is outrageously HOT and his character in the show is so adorable that we can’t help ourselves. Not only is it his appearance- which is a given but also his character; he plays such a lovely guy- smart, funny and charming but not in a boring way, (us Musthavesubs girls tend not to go for ‘perfect’ type leading men- we like them a little damaged and angsty but we’ll happily make an exception any day for Jerry Yan.)

Aside from the Jerry perving, the actual episode was still trailing on the repetitive and slow side but it was better than the previous week. 

It’s like the story is trapped in a horrible loop that revolves around the same issues:

1. Yu Ping pining over Yang Guo and running to save/ help her out of a tricky situation.

2. Hui Fan deciding that she’d return to Yu Ping, only to get knocked back AGAIN- honestly woman get a clue!

3. Ke Zhong running to Hui Fan’s side and listening to her bitch about her love life and then returning to Yang Guo and emotionally manipulating her to think that he actually likes her. We can’t express how annoying it is to watch their interaction! Yang Guo is too dumb and good to see it and he’s just a weirdo who lacks logic in his madness.

Things we liked:

-Yu Ping- surprise, surprise we know but its true- it’s not just because Jerry is hot we promise!

Yu Ping was so sweet in the whole episode- he learnt magic for Yang Guo- so that she could impress another guy, come on that’s major crushing on his part.

(Yu Ping’s attempts at magic)

-We also really love Yang Duo, she’s such a great character. Her reaction to her sister and Ke Zhong’s relationship was perfect and so bitter sweet but like the amazing sister she is- she took it like a big girl and supported them…eventually, even though she’s loved Ke Zhong forever, even before she knew who he was!

Next week’s preview looks like we might actually get some progression in the story line – FINALLY!

(we loved his expression in this scene)


P.S Man – Episode 7

12 Apr

 Cinderella Unni (which rocks) and P.S Man win the prize for most obsessed over dramas for the Musthavesubs girls- two dramas we have been thinking about on an unhealthy level.

Introducing the contenders giggles*


(Beware this post is outrageously spoilertactic)

Okay so we’ve become a little obsessed by this drama- we realised this gradually but all the signs are there:

1. We think way too much about it- especially about the characters and what we think is going to happen in the next episode.

2. Whenever P.S Man is brought up (in some instances unnecessarily) we giggle/ squeal with excitement.

3. We finish an episode and say- ‘oooohhhh, we have to wait till next week till we can what the next one’.

4.  We want to watch the drama as we’re writing this post- enough said!

So episode 6 didn’t fail to deliver and trust us when we say our expectations were sky high after seeing the preview last week! We are absolutely loving the pace of this drama, seriously they have already packed in so much and we’re only on episode 6.  Down with Love is on currently on episode 9 and we’ve moaned about the level of repetition and the oh so SLOW pace that the drama is moving at and did we mention out of the 9 episodes, at least 2 of them were filler episodes? We think it’s time for Down with Love to move over, because we’ve found a new front runner for currently airing T-dramas.

Major things that took place in episode 6:

-Xiao Qian and (Love rival) Cheng En FINALLY met! We can’t express the level of giddy fan girl behavior that took place while watching this episode. We are so pleased by how they met, not so much the circumstances but the amazing sexual chemistry that they shared. Honestly it was perfect. (Come on she was fixing a broken toilet!) We really hate when the love rival has zero chemistry with the leading lady- it’s a fundamental necessity for an Asian drama that the LR and the leading lady share at least a tiny spark. Anyway we love how he’s a real contender for Xiao Qian’s love, plus he’s honourable: which he proved by confessing that he was the reason why her (crazy/ amazing) Grandma was at the party and subsequently the reason why she was hurt.

In conclusion we approve giggle.*

-Finally someone knows about Amanda and her son! When compared to other dramas, this revelation wouldn’t have been found out until at least episode 12, so we’re rather pleased. Amanda is also a really interesting female love rival in the sense that we really like her. She is just a straight laced, lovely person who just happens to have a secret son that no one knows about. We concluded that in regards to being a love rival she isn’t really an official LR- that would be Cheng En (rich, hot and charming…tick, tick and tick). Instead we think she’s going to be the consolation prize that He Je will pick before he realises that he really does love the leading lady.   

-Other mentions- He Jie loved Braces Girl! Swooning*:

We knew the Horse shoe would be symbolic but this was better than we could have envisioned. So sweet and finally Xiao Qian knows that he wasn’t just a complete idiot that bullied her for years, but instead a complete idiot that obviously loved or majorly crushed on her. What makes it sweeter is the fact he originally picked on her when they were around 7 years old and he still has a special spot in his heart for Braces Girl all these years later.

What we expect/ hope for in the upcoming episodes:

-We expect a lot of longing from the OTP, especially now that Xiao Qian has promised her Grandma that nothing will ever happen with He Jie. We love the ‘Brothers’ relationship that they decided to share in episode 5- very Coffee Prince like. Which we don’t mind at all because that was angst at it’s very best.

– From the preview, it looks like Cheng En and Xiao Qian are going to start off on a bumpy road to romance, with lots of bickering and clash of values. Mmm, we really shouldn’t be this excited about the LR but we can’t help ourselves. It should be interesting watching these two interact- so excited. J

Till next week

P.S Man loves Braces girl forever!!!!!