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Sometimes all you need is an old school drama to keep the doctor away…

7 Feb

The Musthavesubs girls are all sick and unfortunately for us it isn’t pretty! We’ve abandoned school/ work and found ourselves wrapped in blankets sneezing and coughing our way through the last couple of days.

What is a girl to do when she is hurled up in bed unable or unwilling to do much?

Yep, you guessed it – watch a drama!

However when you’re this sick, it’s hard to focus on the subtitles, the plot or appreciate the cool/ breezy style the director is trying to portray, so times like this provides us with the perfect opportunity to raid the back catalogue and go all old school. Yay.

Sometimes all you need are your favourite drama tropes to make you feel better. It’s familiar and safe but still has the ability to make you turn into the worst type of fangirl around. Sickness be damned.

Here are our top five favourite old school drama tropes that remind us why we love dramas so much:

1. Poor girl meets super rich chaebol – Come on, it’s a classic!

Okay it’s been done to death over the years but who doesn’t love the idea of Lee Min Ho, Roy Qiu or some other hot actor stepping up and falling madly in love with some poor but brilliant girl that could be you!? Who doesn’t want to see them defy all odds – crazy parents, jealous ex girlfriends and their own stupidity to win the girl and get their happily ever after? Sign us up, we’re sold.

2. When hate turns to love – watch out for the fly kicks, death threats and other delightful pre-romantic interludes

We love when writers have the OTP hate each other at the start of a drama. Sometimes we love this more than the HEA. This is where you see all the magic. Their verbal sparring, their unspoken hot sexual tension and the anticipation of what is to come – the romance! The slow but obvious build up of friendship and romance is always a pleasure to witness. We love watching their insane and often hilarious interactions as they keep finding themselves at odds and somehow thrown together in ‘random’ situations. Of course they are, it’s a drama!

We really hope that this drama trope never becomes unpopular because we sure would miss all that fun, silly banter between the OTP.

3. The perfect love rival – the leading lady never had it so good!

Yes, yes, we have a ridiculous soft spot for love rivals and we need help but we can’t help ourselves. It’s only because we know that they get their hearts broken and lose the girl by the end of the drama. How can we not feel sorry for them?


What is a drama without that secondary character waiting in the wings to sweep in and take care of the leading lady when she needs it most? For us, a drama without a love rival isn’t a true drama. Yes, they can be annoying, frustrating and make you want to punch them in the face but they’re a necessity that you need to accept comes with the package. They are like Brussels spouts at Christmas, not to every ones liking but a must nevertheless.

4. She has twelve jobs, goes to school and doesn’t take your shit – Give us an old school, tough leading lady any day.

We adore old school leading ladies of yesteryear with their multiple jobs, unreliable parents, tough attitudes but kind personas. Yes, she’s dirt poor but has the latest mobile phone and  really cute clothes/ accessories but she’s earned it. Plus  the poor thing will suffer so much more before she gets her happily ever after, so leave her alone.

As much as damaged, silent leading ladies are interesting. Or ambitious, smart ones make us appreciate them. We would happily watch a good old fashion fighter that never gives up and uses her courage, sarky wit and lovable charm to seize the day and get her man.

5. If you looked that good as a boy, wouldn’t you try it? – Cross dressing your way to a HEA

You would think watching a girl dress up as a boy and lie to her OTP would get boring after a couple dramas but no, it hasn’t and we have a feeling it won’t.

It’s all about the delicious angst and the conflicting feelings running through the leading man’s head. This particular drama trope works so well for us because it’s one of the few genres where the writer really develops the friendship between the OTP before it moves onto the romance. The leading man falls first and foremost for his friend – a person, rather than a pretty girl and isn’t that lovely for us fangirls to witness? Sighs*

Classic dramas = the best form of medicine for drama junkies

We feel better already 🙂


Six reasons why we shouldn’t love dramas but still do anyway…

16 Apr

With one sister on self imposed lockdown due to exam season, it looks like the Musthavesubs girls are going to be deprived of our favourite habit for awhile. Well for as long as our self control can last and between you and us…that won’t be long. Hey, they don’t call it an addiction for no reason. Hehehe.

To keep us on the straight and narrow- here is our top 6 cons list for being a drama addict:

1. Sleep deprivation! You have the real risk of turning up to work/ school looking like a panda bear because you have been up all night devouring your new crack drama and the worst thing is: you don’t care!

2. Your drama habit makes you think that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if you were a cross dressing nun/ barista/ student. On what planet is this okay?

3. You find yourself spending far too much time on dramawiki and watching drama MVs on YouTube. Sadly for us, we have lost many hours watching MVs. Come on, one is never enough.

4. Guys in really tight clothes (possible women’s wear) and far too much makeup suddenly look okay. Once upon a time we liked our men to look like real men but since joining the dark side – we would happily share our hair products with them. We draw a line at makeup though, we do have standards.  


Hahaha, this photo is so funny.

5. You spend your day at work/ school daydreaming about your new drama addiction and wondering whether subs will be available when you get home. When they are, you spend even longer waiting for it to fecking well buffer. It can’t be just us that have nearly destroyed a computer, waiting for a drama to hurry up and buffer already?

6. We sigh a heavy sigh, as we wonder when our very own emotionally stunted, rich chaebol with rock up and declare himself our OTP. We don’t even mind the dreaded wrist grap. Damn you, dramas what have you done to us that we don’t even mind a frigging wrist grab!?

Shit, this was meant to help but instead we want our drama fix now. Sob*

Wish us luck, we think we may need it.

The Unluckiest leading ladies in drama land

21 Jun

While watching Best Love we sat there wondering how is it possible for one person to be so unlucky? Ae Jung’s character happens to be hated by the nation for a bad reputation that just never seems to fade. This got us thinking about other leading ladies in drama land who may be just as unlucky (if not worst) and their struggle to finally get their HEA.  

As any drama viewer will know, it’s a long and bumpy road to happiness for any leading lady. There are many obstacles they face along the way including; evil parents, crazy love rivals and the fact that they must work at least four jobs to support their lazy family. We mustn’t forget that there is also a river worth tears they must shed, some brooding that needs doing in a dark corner and of course getting drunk and confessing their heartache to the person that has secretly crushed on them since their first meeting.

The unluckiest leading lady prize goes to the following:

49 days- Ji Hyun:

Surely she holds the prize for the unluckiest leading lady…ever?

She dies in a car accident when it really wasn’t meant to be her time.

She gets given the most impossible challenge ever in the aim to get her life back, while at the same time finding out that the love of her life was cheating on her with her best friend.

After a lot of heartache and tears she falls in love and wins her challenge (yay) only to getting one stinkin’ picnic with her OTP before she dies again. (Boo!)

We still can’t forgive you drama.  Honestly that is just too cruel.

Other unlucky leading ladies include:

Loving you a thousand times- Eun Nim

This woman truly suffered…shudder*

Her family goes bankrupt and her father suddenly falls sick – that’s fine, as that is a standard Kdrama scenario. However it doesn’t end there-

To earn money she becomes a surrogate mother- yes, you read correctly.

She changes her mind about giving her baby up, only to have it snatched away from her at the hospital. 

Then she tentatively falls in love with a young chaebol- of course! Only to find out that her OTP’s brother is in fact her baby daddy. It really is a small world in drama land.

Add a horrible confrontation, divorce and lots of tears.

Then to top it all off, Eun Nim gets stomach cancer, like she hasn’t suffered enough.

Well, at least she got to live unlike Ji Hyun.

Save the last dance for me- Eun Soo

Her father dies and her fiancé disappears on the same night!

She happened to fall in love with the only person in the world that has multiple lapses in memory and occasionally forgets his name and who his OTP is.

If that’s not bad enough, she gets into a horrible car accident caused by her psycho secondary love interest and loses the ability to walk. 

Shining Inheritance- Eun Sung

Her dad ‘dies’ and her evil step mother and sister throw her and her disabled brother out.

After almost committing suicide with her brother, she loses her brother!

Insert- leading lady hitting rock bottom: becomes a hostess ect ect.

Then she meets and falls in love with a nasty rich brat, who isn’t even good looking (sorry LSG fangirls/boys)

It’s not all bad, unlike her other leading lady counterparts she gets her dad and brother back and lives happily ever after.  


Down with Love- Yu Ping

How unlucky can you get… Jerry Yan ends up with Ella Chen.

Yes, we’re aware that Jerry Yan is not a leading lady but come on; we all know who was wearing the trousers in that drama!

Just kidding…or are we? muhahah

Long Family dramas- A complicated love

25 Jan

We’re watching It’s okay, Daddy’s girl and although we’re enjoying it, we can’t help but wish this was a long family drama instead because we have a feeling that by the time we reach the finale the drama isn’t going to be able to successfully flesh out all the issues addressed.  We would have loved it if there were more episodes to truly give this drama justice for what it could be. It’s got all the components of a really good long family drama and it just kills us to think of all the potential wasted.


It’s got psychos, birth secrets, a murder mystery, multiple OTPs that we can’t wait to see get together (so excited), marriages and lots of tears.
Hello- there is so much to work with and you’re telling us this drama only has 17 episodes? Gutted.

Long Family dramas (LFD) – a quick rundown:

-The script has a nice combination of the mundane and outrageous all in one scene. You will probably watch a scene where war has been declared because someone finished all the rice or someone forgot to flush the toilet and then out of nowhere- a vital character will get a headache or a stomach bug and wham bam- its Cancer! Only in a LFD will you get such extremes and despite how insanely unbelievable it is- it’s all so damn addictive that you will leave all common sense at the door and go with the madness.

-The acting varies from good (Loving you a thousand times) to outrageously over the top or damn right bad – see Dae Pong in Sons of Sol Pharmacy House and pretty much every character in Gloria (sorry fans of this drama but it’s true).


-Having never been to Korea we don’t really know the reality of life for the average Korean family but strangely enough in LFD pretty much every household will not own a washing machine or have a real bathroom but they will all have half decent jobs and wear well assembled clothes, with nice high heels and yes, the main characters will be dirt poor but will all have the latest mobile phone model.  What is with that? Main characters getting nose bleeds from working so hard to keep loan sharks at bay but by some strange miracle they always have credit on their phones and it’s always a touch phone??? Ummm interesting. Daddy’s girl makes us laugh- the leading lady has a giant arse IPad but no money to get on a bus!

-Speaking of clothes- pretty much every LFD we’ve watched- the families manage to buy bulk loads of matching tracksuits.- So tacky but so cute.

-There is only one type of mother in a LFD- violent, crazy screaming types that love their sons far too much and as a result you will surely go insane from the annoyingness of it all. You will hear the following statements in pretty much every LFD:

‘You are not good enough for my son!’ or ‘how can you marry a girl like her?’ or our favourite – ‘You will marry her over my dead body!’  If you can get past this reality, you and LFD are a perfect match and will spend far too many hours together in the future.  


-In our opinion- LFD tend to have lots more laughs than your average 16 ep drama. Aside from the odd except we’re never laughed as much as have when watching a LFD. There is a lovely mix of silly visual comedy and a sharp script that makes this type of drama irresistible. Seriously, the first 20 episodes of Sons of Sol Pharmacy are comedy gold- so funny! Also early Assorted Gems was hilarious at times.

-LFD’s characters are redeemed the best. Every LFD we’ve watched there have been multiple characters that we utterly hated with a passion and spent many hours scowling at the screen whenever they were on it. However by some miracle the writers manage to effectively manipulate our fickle feelings and before we know it we’ve actually grown to like them.

-You are guaranteed the following in every LFD: A death, a marriage, a baby and a happily ever after! The best thing about a LFD is that you quickly become invested the lives of the family and by the time you’ve come to the end you’ll be rather sad to see it end.

Now if only there were more hours in a day…Yes, we’re aware we need help for our obsession- don’t judge us too much!

11 Things we learnt from dramaland in 2010

26 Dec

1. DON’T watch a drama because you crush (badly) on the leading man. We learnt that the hard way -cough* Down with Love and Jerry Yan. Base it on writing and acting.

Damn you Jerry, we wasted far too many hours on you and (Ella, yuck)!

2. Don’t watch a drama simply because it’s got lots of hype around it. *Snigger- Playful Kiss and Personal Preference.

3. Bromance can get us far in dramaland. 2010 had its fair share of bromance and once again we were complete suckers for it. –Sungkyankwan Scandal

4. Don’t allow sheer stubbornness stupidity to make you finish a drama that can only be classified as crap.  –I am legend, Down with Love.

5. Kim Bum really isn’t that bad. We took an instance disliking to him in BOF but strangely enough he totally won us over in The woman who still wants to marry. The same goes for Hyun Bin- hated him ever since MISKSS but it only took a really bad case of foot in mouth disease and a REALLY TACKY tracksuit to win us over. –Secret Garden.

6. Cross dressing never gets boring.

Question. What is about girls dressing up as boys and boys questioning their sexuality that gets us every time? Answer. All that good, hot tormented angst! – Sungkyankwan Scandal

7. Drama extensions still ruin good dramas. Smile, you!!!!! How dare they add 15 more episodes?!

8. Don’t allow stupid drama titles to put you off. – Prosecutor Princess, Baker King and Loving you a thousand times.

9. Warning- Time leaps kill dramas! – Cinderella Unni and Will it snow for Christmas. The only exception was Baker King but that drama was pure class.

10. Drama men are far too pretty (than us) weep* – Mary stayed out all night.

11. Good hair gets you far…Sometimes! (Sorry Kim Hyun Joong! We love you really)

The year of the have-a-go actor in drama land

24 Dec

As we’ve previously mentioned this year has had some highs but mostly lows in regards to drama quality. We noticed that there have been lots of idol stars/ pop band members branching out into the big bad world of K-dramas with some mixed reviews.  We couldn’t help but also notice that the upcoming K-drama Dream high has pretty much every have-a-go actor going and we fear that it will either be okay or really, really bad. We’re hoping for the latter. Hehe.

The idea of band members branching into acting sends shivers down our spines with visual images of OTT circus style acting or worse wooden, expressionless acting and previous years have done little to put us at ease.

However surprisingly 2010 hasn’t been a bad year for these have- a- go- actors. In fact we’re quite impressed by some- which is such a shame because we really wanted to mock away and laugh at how bad they are. Muhaha

The ones we wanted to hate but actually did an upstanding job and can return again!

-The most surprising boy bander would have to be JYJ’S Mickey Yoochan aka the biggest boy band in the world. He played the lead in this year’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal.  This guy has never acted before, little lone play a lead in a much buzzed about fusion drama. The results…not bad. Frankly he played a stiff, robotic type of character but still, it’s impressive that he managed to hold his own against such a stellar cast of actors. Also his chemistry with his leading lady was so good that there was far too much speculation on whether they were an item in real life. Come on when you’ve got fans gossiping- you know you’re doing a good job. Nice work!

-Hero also from JYJ- He was in this year’s J-drama Hard to say I love you and in our opinion the guy was really great! First off it was a Japanese drama, second he was playing a rather sad, complicated character and lastly did we mention it was Japanese!? The drama was really disappointing and descended into annoying territory really quickly but he still held his own and definitely made the most of a poor script. Plus we think he’s hot!

-2PM’s Taecyeon in Cinderalla Unni as the adorable Jung Woo. We loved pretty much everything about him- from the way he would look at the completely screwed up Eun Jo, his cute country accent to how all he wanted to do was protect her and make the crap hole that was her life better. Man we’re suckers for a good LR and he delivered the goods.

– Choi Si Won- Our beloved Si Won from Super Junior was upgraded to leading man in this year’s Oh! My lady. Aside from giving us lots of fan service with a wide range of topless scenes and being provided with a really cute accessory in the form of a daughter- he was actually really good in this drama. Yep a have-a-go-actor that held his own against heavyweights including Chae Rim may definitely return.

OMG- choco abs alert! how insane is that body.

-Clazziquai’s Horan and Alex- The musical duo both stepped away from music to be in two dramas  we happened to watch this year and again- they didn’t make us want to scratch their eyes out and write hate posts about how bad they are.

Alex played it safe with his role as an extremely shy and the typical ‘perfect’ LR in Pasta. He was okay, a bit wooden but he’s forgiven because he character was a little on the bland side anyway and he was completely inoffensive.

Horan, on the other hand was great in the underrated My Country Calls. Once again playing a LR but we couldn’t hate her, as much as wanted to. She was tough, honest and actually made us laugh at times. Also she provided us with the funniest fight scene against the leading lady we’ve seen in ages.

People that should stick to what they’re good at and avoid dramas all together:

-Kim Hyun Joong- aka Ji Hoo Sunbae:


Dear Kim Hyun Joong,

We were willing to forgive and forget your amazing impression of an Android in Boys before Flowers but why, why hadn’t you taken our advice and gotten yourself a decent acting coach!?

Love, The Musthavesubs girls. Xxx

P.S- RoRo loves you despite everything and wants to see more of you.

P.PS. Shaps and Shams thinks she needs help.

He was just as bad in Playful Kiss and to make matters worse he was playing a teenager in a school uniform with a 5 o’clock shadow! KHJ is really great in his band SS501 and when we watch him perform we suddenly understand why he has so many fan girls. The question is why mess with that?

Please find below a rare example of a video where KHJ can actually act:

American remakes of your favourite K-dramas… surely that’s an oxymoron, right?

12 Sep

It’s been reported that an American production company has brought the rights to The Devil and Resurrection and intends to make the American remake of these K-dramas. Granted we haven’t watched either of these dramas and have no idea whether it will translate well but it got us thinking about the major differences between K-dramas and their American counterparts and we came to the conclusion that the prospect of adapting a K-drama to suit American audiences would undoubtedly take out the Korean-ness from the drama and what are you left with is..?  Just a script.

So we were thinking about standard musts in K-dramas that would either be no big deal or just get completely lost in translation if remade to suit American audiences:

K-drama romance:

Although we bitch and moan about it- a K-drama is not a K-drama without:

1. A wrist grab

2. A startled hug

3. A frozen Kiss- you know the one; the one you’re usually cringing at- the camera spins around as the OTP stand there frozen on the spot- lips firmly shut and definitely not moving. Hahahah


So unrealistic but utterly Korean- American response: No chance, although the list above happens over say 16 episodes- this will all possibly happen in the first 15 minutes of the first episode of an American show- let’s be honest here; although the relationships between K-drama couples tend to be on the unrealistic and dramatic side, we wouldn’t have it any other way.   

OTPs and Love Rivals:

K-dramas always have an OTP and a couple of Love rivals- it’s a must and feels rather strange if you don’t have that poor LR hovering around in the background pining for the leading lady/man. Regardless of genre all K-dramas have a OTP- that couple that often hate each other and then quickly fall in love suffering evil mothers, LRs and obsessive lunatics that have it in for them- this OTP are destined for only each other and you know that by the end of it all, they would have overcome great heart ache and cried an outrageous amount of tears to finally get their happy ending.


American response- okay they usually have ten zillion seasons and the leading lady or man will have multiple partners along the way- some that are in the moment romances but then some are real contenders with marriages and divorces scattered through the seasons. It’s really rare to come across any shows at the moment where you have a fixed OTP.  When we thought about it, only Alias’s Sydney and Vaughn came to mind but then again that show had many factors that transfer well- it’s all about the OTP and family. Also Friends’ Ross and Rachel (people loved this OTP but seriously we swear they were apart longer they were together- we personally would have preferred it if Rachel got together with Joey.) – However both shows finished ages ago. So we guess we made our point.


In all K-dramas family is everything; doesn’t matter if they’re all crazy, gamblers that happen to sell your property while you’re away studying in America (of course!) or constantly harassing you to get married. They’re your family and you’re stuck with them through the good and bad time, which is one of the reasons why we love K-dramas- we completely relate. Coming from a large, slightly eccentric bunch- we wouldn’t trade them in for the world and because we love and respect them, plus we’re (usually) dutiful and listen to what our parents have to say- just like most K-dramas.


American television has really lost the essence of family in recent years, which is sad- why do family’s in American dramas have to be so damn ‘real’ and yes, miserable? We get it- the definition of family has changed over the years but still… it would be nice to see more family’s that actually love each other despite all the crap in their life. Take Veronica Mar’s family- real in the sense that it’s a broken family but never do you doubt that Veronica and her dad love each other. Or our favourite Walker clan from Brothers and Sisters– totally insane and dysfunctional but just a great depiction of a large family that really love each other even when they want to kill each other (usually at the dining table!) We want more families like the Mars and Walkers on American T.V- so in this case having a more Korean influence in regards to presenting families would actually be really great and it may actually change people attitudes to how they ought to treat their families… you never know or is that strictly wishful thinking on our part?

K-drama stereotype/ traditions:

Things you find in K-dramas that mean zilch if converted to the American audience:

The importance of marriage– You’re an old maid if you’re unmarried past the age of 30. You’re constantly harassed by your mother who has a constant headache just thinking about the fact that you’re still unmarried considering that her friend’s daughter already has two children and is the same age as you- oh the shame of it all! Hahah.


Get married, don’t get married, same goes for divorce- it really is no big deal anywhere outside of Asia. It’s just the way it is now.

-Everyone in K-dramas always have really low immune systems- If a lead happens to be caught in the rain for literally a minute- they will DEFINITELY get sick the next day- it’s just the way it is. Totally outrageous but 90% of the time the lead’s OTP will be on hand to nurse them back to health. So we don’t mind one bit- it makes for the sweetest OTP moments in a drama.

-The dreaded nose bleed- All poor leading ladies will undoubtedly get the dreaded nose bleed- it means 2 things:

A. They have worked too hard B. They have cancer – sometimes both.

The list could go on but seriously K-dramas are loved for not only the writing and acting but also for everything that makes it quintessentially a K-drama; culture, humour, even the food and hello a K-drama without a Soju drinking session in those make shift stalls really isn’t the same.

So do we think American remakes could work? You never know it may be great… but will we love it as much as the original? No chance! Nothing beats a good K-drama at its best- simple a that.

Drama repeat offenders:

28 Mar

Okay as we’re going through that phase where we’ve finished watching a string of good shows and have found ourselves without something interesting enough to hold our attention… well enough to distract us away from work and life. We thought we would reflect on actors/ actresses in dramas- in this case repeat offenders- you know what we’re talking about- those people who happen to be in everything all the bloody time that you’re completely sick of the sight of them!

Over exposed to another level- We’ve concluded that the Japanese drama scene must be a small industry because you happen to see the same faces over and over again and in some cases we really don’t get why!

So here is our list of offenders- who should consider taking a break- possibly starting up a fashion line or a perfume range (Why do celebrities always choose fashion& perfume- strange?) and then returning after a time where we can appreciate their return to showbiz.

J-Drama repeat culprits include:

Oguri Shun– This guy has been solidly working since 1995 and hasn’t taken a break since! He must have made a pact with the devil because he’s been in a string of super popular shows and to be frank we really don’t get why!?? Especially his acting in Hana Kimi- dear oh dear so bad!


Horikita Maki -Okay we admit that Maki is beautiful AND can actually act. So we get it why the industry want her so much but seriously we can’t watch another Horikita Maki drama for a long time just because it’s too much already. You’re a young girl- take a break already and return when we can actually appreciate and miss you, please.

T- Drama repeat culprits include:

Chen Qiao En– Actually looking at her dramawiki, she hasn’t worked as much as either of the ones above but boy does it feel like it. Maybe it’s because she too made a pact with the devil and has appeared in a string of successful dramas like Fated to Love you and Easy Fortune Happy Life.

Mike He– We love you Mike but we knew you were over exposed when you popped up in a random episode of Yukan Club with really rubbish Japanese. Hahahah

K- Drama repeat offenders include:

We struggled to think of anyone for this list mainly because the guys will at one point go off to the army and return to look even hotter- with muscles and that perfected manly look/ possible broody stare. Look at Go Soo he-he.

 We also struggled with possible female leads only because there is such a large selection of good female actresses for directors to select. -So their off the hook for now.

Our advice is simple- just say no. Spend some of that hard earned money and relax for a bit.


Love you Go Soo!

The curse of the drama extension

25 Mar

You know when you find an amazing show you’re completing loving and the thought of it ending soon is a little sad? All drama viewers have had that feeling no doubt at one point or another, so then the news of episode extensions should fill you with joy right? Wrong!

 Oh how we hate episode extensions! In our opinion it’s purely about money and ratings and hardly ever adds to a drama. We finally finished Pasta last night (there will be a post at one point) and although we adored this show to bits… could we have lived without the extra four episodes? YES, most definitely. We say this loosely because we did in fact eagerly anticipate each episode and could happily watch more, but that has more to do with the characters rather than the context of the show.  (Okay bad example ha-ha)

Shows ruined by adding extra episodes:

The First Shop of Coffee Prince –

 We watched this a year or so after it came out and so weren’t apart of the media frenzy that surrounded the show. So we watched it with no expectations what so ever and we’ve got to say we loved it… well up until episode 12/13. It was so good, well written, a great sound track and boy did the OTP have chemistry! Then they extend it by dragging the story line out and ending the show on a FLAT note because they’ve done everything already-Such a shame because when it was good, it was good.                         

The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House-    As we’ve previously mentioned before, this is the longest drama we’ve EVER watched with 54 episodes. We once again fell head over heels for this family drama- so funny, endearing and well worth checking out if you get a chance. (We also loved it because the family reminded us so much of our own family!)

Why oh why do producers think it’s a good idea to extend a long running drama?? Everyone knows that you get a slower pace, more stories and more heartache with longer dramas- so why would they think it’s a good idea to make the process longer… .?? It boggles the mind. We read that the current Sons of Sol Pharmacy rip off… we mean the show Three Brothers has been extended by a massive 20 episodes- that’s longer than many K dramas on its own! Same goes for Smile, You– another popular show breaking the 20% mark who decides to add an extra 16 episodes. It’s not a show we’ve watched but from what we’re read and heard from others, the show went completely downhill trying to fill so many episodes. Was it worth it? We doubt it.                        

Boys Before Flowers:      

Yes, we confess we got swept up in the madness that was BOF (remember Shams is totally hot for Lee Min Ho), but seriously! It was dragged across so many episodes with little context to spread out. Instead we recommend everyone watch Hana Yori Dango– the far superior version of the story- Simple as that.


The list could go on but we’ve made our point, great shows can be ruined by extensions, so don’t bother, leave them as they were intended to be- more people will appreciate it than watching extra filler episodes and outrageous plot extenders. Look at some of the best J dramas- shorter in the number of episodes and length of the show but still sooo good!

The ones that got away…

27 Feb

Although we make a solid effort to try and watch dramas we start right to the end, sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way for various reasons- some we regret, some we don’t and there are even a few which we really, really hope we finish one day because we thoroughly enjoyed it while it held our attention.

 The one we couldn’t believe we managed to watch as much as we did…until we wanted to throw the screen across the wall in rage

Itazura na Kiss (Japanese – It Started with a Kiss)   

We started it, hoping it would be amazing- why else would they make a T- drama and rumoured Korean version of this show?? Honestly, it was horrible- it was unbelievable rubbish and we love J dramas. I thought there would be a lot of correlation between this and Nodame– silly, crazy girl completely love struck by perfect guy. However at least Nodame was incredibly talented in music, much loved and although silly throughout had some depth. This girl was dumb, talentless and just insane-

The moment we stopped watching:

– When she spills all of the urine samples on her OTP after meeting him after a really long time

-The guy was a horrible, dull loser, who never, ever showed an interest in her romantically- well why would he, she was crazy?

The T-drama was much better, end of.

 The one we really, really did love while we were watching and WILL one day finish soon…promise-

Save the Last dance for me (Korean drama)

We were engrossed in this great K drama, it was – is really good and worth watching. We got to episode 16 of 20, so it still has the chance of going downhill but so far soooo good.

This was our first and only Eugene drama as a leading lady and we loved her. She had all the qualities we love in our heroine. She was strong, hard working, lovable and not afraid of anything-(we hate, those leading ladies that need rescuing and cry all the time)

The male OTP looked like a Korean Disney prince, very handsome, so sweet and one who deserved the amazing leading lady. (I hate dramas where you question whether the OTP should have got together in the end- it shouldn’t be a question of IF but WHEN– Easy Fortune Happy life comes to mind…he killed her grandmother!)

We liked the story and the soundtrack- If you get a chance check it out, it’s well worth watching and we plan to finish it….. one day.

 The one we loved and would have gobbled up if it wasn’t for unforeseen circumstances-

Assorted Gems

 This was a drama we started on a whim, bored one Sunday but we grew to love it and all of the characters involved. Aside from the Sons of Sol pharmacy House, we generally make it a rule to avoid 30+ episode shows- (time constraints) but we got sucked in and found that we loved watching this dysfunctional family. The unforeseen circumstance in this instance was Viikii, bloody Viikii strikes again!

 Quick summary- five siblings who get fed up of their unreliable, selfish, horrible parents-after one too many mishaps they kick the parents out and well it revolves around each of their love lives, their insane parents, bickering grandmother and so much more. The show is made up of a really great ensemble of characters- ones you will no doubt grow to love and root for.

 Our favourites include the eldest daughter- also the head of the family- wise, smart, beautiful and kind- You just want her to get a break, get swept up by her HOT love interest and live happily ever after- the girl had suffered enough!

The grandmothers- Boy we laughed at their verbal and sometimes physical sparring… we laughed a lot!

These are the dramas that come to mind….. heres hoping one day we finish them off!

Such a beautiful picture awww