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Drama update

30 Aug
We’ve been completely MIA for the majority of August, real life has kept us super busy, and so we haven’t had a chance to really blog. However we’re back and more than ready to gush/rant away our thoughts on all things drama related. Yay!

Dramas that we dropped:

Heartstrings: we got to episode 10 and found that you know what? – We don’t like this drama enough to bother watching it. Aside from the OTP sharing unexpectedly hot chemistry together, the rest of the drama was just meh for us. We cared very little for the characters, the storyline was on a downward swirl of boredom and frankly we don’t know why we stuck around for so long. Maybe because it had so much potential; the first couple episodes were fresh and had a laid back feel to it but there are only so many episodes that can ride on that vibe before people get bored and demand some substance. Take Mary stayed out all night– on paper it sounded brilliant, the first couple episodes were quirky/ music centred and charming. It made us sit up excitedly in hopes that this was a winner but then it crashed and burned fast. Such a shame.  Despite Mary being a disappointment, we stuck around till the end and forgave it for the most part because Jang Geum Suk and Moon Geun Young are so awesome but sadly for Heartstrings- Park Shin Hye and Yong Hwa have awhile to go before they can carry a drama with just their presence.
One thing we’ll take away from Heartstrings is the fact that Yong Hwa found himself a decent acting coach and can finally put behind him the embarrassment that was his awful performance in You’re Beautiful. Shudder* He gave Ji Hoo sunbae a run for his money in the worst actor category. Muhaha. 

City Hunter: We’ve got a really weird relationship with this drama. When we’re tuned in, we’re hooked but as soon as it’s over, we have very little desire to sit down and watch it ASAP. It makes no sense what so ever.  Especially when you consider how much fandom there is for this drama. For us it just doesn’t have that crack factor that makes us drama obsessives. We got to episode 11 before it was shelved, simply because life got really busy and we had to make cut backs. We definitely plan to finish this drama off and will probably be watching the OTP more closely now that we know that they are a real couple. Good for them- We wouldn’t say no to Lee Min Ho either. Heheh.

Seriously, Park Min Young is such a lucky girl. So jealous.

Myung Wol the spy: How glad are we that we didn’t stick with this drama. We sat down and watched episode 1 when it first aired weeks ago but we swear we were completely and utterly bored by it. The drama felt stilted, the comedy just missed the mark and most importantly we didn’t care for any of the characters. Also from what we’ve followed through recaps- leading men that are still arseholes when you hit episode 10+ aren’t worth watching, leading men that slap their OTP definitely aren’t worth watching and well as we haven’t seen the infamous episode 13 with that bed scene- we’ll reframe from commenting.

We feel sorry for Eric, we have a feeling that he’ll be glad when filming is over. Not to mention he’ll probably be relieved to see the back of Han Ye Seul. The off scene antics seem to be more interesting than the actual drama, which is never good.  In-house fighting, accidental murder, dramatic departures to the other side of the world…come on you can’t make this crap up. 

 Dramas we’re watching:

Scent of a woman: it’s love!  This is our crack drama at the moment. It’s soooooo good. Aside from the fact that we’re going to be completely and utterly heartbroken by the time it finishes, it’s completely worth it. We can’t think of a single thing we’d change, it’s that good.

If you haven’t watched it yet- we demand you watch it NOW!

My love by my side: The drama appears to have completely lost the plot. The writer must be smoking the wacky backy because the drama has truly gone mad. Despite this fact we’re still tuned in, engrossed in the crazy antics and the twisted rationality of the majority of the characters. We know it’s wrong but still we’re obsessed.

Episode 23 was amazing but still twisted. We don’t know what is worst- the fact that we liked it because it was twisted, or in spite of that fact. Either way it’s bad. We need help.

Dramas we want to watch:

Protect the boss:  It looks fun and silly, plus goofy guy with tough girl is always great viewing- see Hana Yori Dango. Also we’re hoping that this will be a great drama to balance out the angst fest that is our current drama list. Also Ji Sung and Hero had us sold on this drama before we even knew what it was about. They are both soooooo purrrty. Giggles*

Office Girls (T): We don’t really want to watch this drama- it sounds completely crap BUT it has not one but two of our favourite HOT Tdrama love rivals. Roy Qiu and James Wen in the same drama- thank you drama makers- we salute you!


Heartstrings: 5-7

24 Jul

We nearly gave up on this drama multiple times when watching episodes 5 and 6. Seriously we groaned and moaned all the way through both episodes; Shin was a love sick idiot and Kyu Won’s crush was too sudden, too unreasonable and far too annoying to watch. Then suddenly we’re watching episode 7 and we were given everything we’ve wanted since the start of this drama.  We’ve been waiting impatiently since episode 1 for Shin to realise how awesome Kyu Won is and for him to stop mooning over his dull Ballerina and now the moment has come, hooray! Yes, it was rather sudden and their feelings felt a little disjointed at times;  what with all the jumping from extreme feelings for each other but hell who cares- better late than never!

We hope that Kyu Won plays hard to get for a little while longer and lets Shin do a bit of the chasing for once. It was nice to see him be ruffled by his unexpected feelings for Kyu Won and do something other than quietly watch from a distance.  We really like the scenes where they perform together or they watch each other perform. They both manage to convey that look of being affected by the performance while trying to hide how impressed they are.  They both perform from their souls and love the music and watching them see that in each other is great as it’s a genuine connection  and it’s a much better reason for crushing on someone  than  just because they’re hot, although it helps. Heheh. 

It seems like Kyu Won and Ki Young aren’t going to be romantically connected anytime soon- gutted! We would have loved to watch them interact and watch Shin be actually jealous of a guy that is the same age and equally as talented as him. Please tell us this is going to happen?

Speaking of Ki Young- he got over his stage fright pretty quickly, especially for a guy that was brooding and angsting his way through every scene. It’s a shame because we do like a good damaged, broken character to obsess over.

Heartstrings- 1-4

11 Jul

This drama is killing us with its boring Noona Love! Please writers; kill this storyline quickly, really quickly. The main OTP have such great chemistry, it’s a shame that so much airtime is wasted on this storyline; come on, it’s as interesting as watching paint dry. Honestly, it would be one thing if they shared even an ounce of chemistry or if So Yi Hyun could actually portray a broken, damaged ballerina well but no. Instead we’re stuck watching Lee Shin behaving like a desperate stalker – he’s much cooler than this and So Yi Hyun’s character playing a dull walking corpse. Granted she’s a beautiful walking corpse but still nevertheless a walking corpse that sucks the life out of every scene she’s in. Is it us or is she playing exactly the same character she played in Gloria? We sound like haters but trust us, we’re not. We loved her in Assorted Gems; she was bright, cheeky and very entertaining. She’s wasted in roles like this, so we’re hoping that the writers give her a quick personality transplant and cut this storyline ASAP.

 Oh no you didn’t!

Aside from the Noona love storyline, we’re really enjoying this drama. It’s such a surprise and a refreshing change from what’s currently on air. We love the OTP, the music, the feel…okay pretty much everything. Plus it looks so pretty, we love the vibrant colours and how it’s filmed.

Park Shin Hye is awesome as the leading lady- Kyu Won. For once she’s a character that isn’t as dumb as a plank or a character that suffers from working 10 zillion jobs and keeping her family out of trouble. She’s smart, speaks her mind and thankfully she isn’t a naive dumbo! She’s so good as Kyu Won that we can easily imagine being friends with her or knowing a girl like her. She’s definitely a rarity for a Kdrama.

 Also she has lots of chemistry with her OTP, yay! We demand more airtime between Lee Shin and Kyu Won; seriously all that hot, unspoken tension is amazing. The slow but steady development in Shin and Kyu Won relationship is also really lovely to watch. Its pace is realistic but at the same time it feels natural. If we had any complaints, it would be that we would have liked it if she fell for him a little later, well at least at a point where he acknowledged her as a potential love interest.

Yung Yong Hwa isn’t as bad as we thought he would be. Yes, we have previously been really mean about his lack of acting skills in YAB but surprisingly enough, he’s not too bad in this drama. If he didn’t share that great chemistry with PSH’s character, it would be a different matter but as he does- we won’t bitch too much. Heheh.

Other thoughts:

Suk Hyun needs to grow up ASAP. Honestly how childish and petty of him to do a whole drama production just to shame an ex girlfriend that broke up with him six years earlier. Get over it already! The annoying thing is that we actually really like his interactions with everyone else in the drama especially Kyu Won and Shin.

We want more Ki Young on screen!!! If you’re going to have an entrance, that’s the way to do it. Please tell us that he’s romantically linked with Kyu Won, we would love that. We’re already rooting for this couple even though they don’t exist yet…that’s not a good sign. Plus how can we not like a character that is all angsty and broken because he has stage fright?

Finally, how utterly adorkable is Joon Hee in this drama- soooooooooo cute.

A touch of everything…

5 Jul

Sadly life has been hectic and as a result we’ve had zero time to blog, which is such a shame for us because we like nothing more than gushing endlessly about our favourite obsession.  As it’s been awhile we thought we’d write up a mini-mega post about pretty much everything we’re watching/ watched in the last couple weeks.

City Hunter:

We’re going to sound like a broken record when we repeat what most of fandom have already said but we don’t care- we loving it! The twists, the turns, the oh so lovely romance- we can’t fault it! She took a bullet for him! Ahhhhhh.

Can you hear my heart?

The drama only has a couple weeks left and we’ll say it now- we’re going to miss it so much. *cries

It can’t be just us that cringes at every scene between Ma Roo and Woo Ri? Dude- get the hint, she only sees you as her brother! Honestly the scene she stayed over at his house was creeeepy.

With a just few episodes left, we really hope that crazy Madame Kang aka Dong Joo’s mother just lets her son be happy and be with the woman he loves. How cute is every scene between Dong Joo and Woo Ri, they make such a lovely couple. *Sighs

Baby-faced Beauty:

Jin Wook and So Young have to be the sweetest OTP this drama season. They are so adorable together! Sure they lack any angst and they behave like love struck pre-teens but they are so utterly charming and sweet together that we don’t care at all.

We haven’t really had the chance to blog much about this drama but we have thoroughly enjoyed watching it every week. It’s a very easy going drama with all the traditional Kdrama antics. It could have been a mundane drama but the OTP and the sweet natured charm of the drama lifts it up and makes it better. We literally groaned when the drama introduced a colour blind storyline – oh the angst and unnecessary misery for a leading lady that has suffered enough. However it was handled in a very sensitive manner and in the end allowed for the OTP to romantically develop further and enabled the leading lady to be stronger and more determined to succeed. Ultimately it was a pleasant surprise and a plot twist we thought we’d never approve of.   

With two episodes left, we’ll be sad to see it finish. Also we must confess that our hearts have soften towards the love rival over the weeks and surprise, surprise the musthavesubs girls have found themselves feeling sorry for another drama love rival…damn it. It’s just that we like how he’s so upfront and sincere about his feelings but at the same time he manages to remain manly and cool in the process. How is that possible? 

Other drama thoughts:

We’ve been thoroughly engrossed in My love by my side– which we love but sadly for us, no one seems to be interested in subbing this drama. Please, someone hear our cries for subs because we want more! If anyone else is watching this drama, we’d love to hear your thoughts because we’re hooked.     

We also watched the first episode of Heartstrings and really enjoyed it. We definitely plan to watch more…we just have to work out a way to get more hours out of a day! If anyone has any ideas about how to do that as well, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Hehe.