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Day 5: The Worst Drama that you watched until the end

29 Jan

We’re pretty sure we’ve watched a lot of crap over the years! When we first started watching dramas, we watched everything from start to finish, regardless of whether it was good or not. That’s how obsessed and naive we were. However, as the years have passed and real life became more demanding, we learnt to cut dramas quite quickly and gain a good crap detector for dramas that we knew weren’t going to work out for us. Thankfully for us, our crap detector has generally served us well – we avoided: Paradise Ranch, Myung Wol the Spy, Playful kiss…

However unfortunately for us, the odd drama has slipped through the net and we have found ourselves sitting there groaning and lamenting the hours of our lives we lost because we were far too stubborn and stupid to drop the drama when we should have.

Our drama choice for this topic may not be the worst drama out there but it made us mad, really mad that we dedicated 20 hours of our lives for what we have to call the most groan inducting, frustratingly annoying drama ever. The worse thing about this drama is the fact that it had soooooo much potential.

Our choice for worst drama we watched to the end is: Cinderella’s Unni

WTF was that, did we really waste 20 hours of our life on this crap?  They were the exact words we used after we watched the end credits roll.

The first five episodes were so amazing. The drama had us hooked. It was intense, dark and so emotionally compelling that we were obsessed. The acting by the cast was fantastic, the way it was filmed was beautiful, everything was spot on and then it just went horribly, horribly wrong.

Seriously, by the end of it we just wanted every single one of these characters to die a painful death. It was that bad. How did a writer manage to make such well written, crafted characters completely and utterly detestable by the end of it?? Now that is a skill.

The leading lady went from being this strong but broken character that you cared so much for. In to this weak, frustrating character that cried in dark corners ALL THE TIME and refused to accept the help or love of anyone around her. She had ZERO character growth. When you watch a character for 20 episodes, you hope that they evolve to get their HEA but no, not in this drama.

We love our drama characters to be complex and yes, screwed up because you want to see when change and get their HEA. However, in this drama nothing seemed to work on this leading lady. Her OTP confessed his love practically every other week only for her to reject him and cry some more in a dark corner. The lovely Jung Woo who adored her and showed her that screwed up kids could make good had no effect on her at all. The only thing we suggest for her now is Prozac. Yes, if there was ever a character that showed signs of being a manic depressive- it was Cinderella’s Unni’s Eun Jo.

The writers butchered what could have been an amazing Kdrama. 

As viewers we felt alienated by everything. The characters actions and personalities made no sense as we watched them become more deranged and damaged as the weeks went by. The OTP’s romance was so messy and frustrating that we just didn’t care because we were too busy hoping that they would all just die!

This was one of those dramas that made you want to sit down and write a long, detailed post WARNING everyone to avoid this drama. It was just bad, really, really bad. Just thinking about this drama makes us mad, our dislike is that strong. You’ve got characters that you hate, nonexistent plot development unless you count the leading lady finding a new location to cry in, an increasing sense of disappointment as you realised that the drama wasn’t planning to get better anytime soon and yes, did we mention that we hated everyone and everything in this drama?

Don’t watch it. We’re doing a public service here by saving you from unnecessary misery.

Other dramas we had the misfortunate to watch all the way through include:

I Am Legend: UGH – it was a confused drama that didn’t know what genre it wanted to be. Plus, it had NO romance. What is the point in tuning in if there isn’t even a romance???

Itazura na Kiss – It was gross. We don’t understand how this story keeps being remade. It’s horrible, the leading man is an idiot and the girl (in this version) is the most annoying, frustrating character EVER.


2010 ~ End of Year Review

31 Dec

We watched far too many dramas this year…it’s a disease, so don’t judge us too much!

This year’s lot of dramas were disappointing to say the least- We think that’s the general consensus amongst most drama viewers- there were far too many dramas that started off so well and got you completely hooked from the start and then quickly descended into stupidity or frankly crap. That’s got to be the most annoying thing about it all…you get all excited and invest yourself in the drama only to be disappointed even more than you would have if it was rubbish from the start.
So here is a rundown of all of the dramas we managed to watch during 2010 with our general thoughts and feelings as well as our marks out of 10.

2010 Dramas that we completed:
Prosecutor Princess– The most unexpected drama love of 2010. We started it thinking it was going to be completely stereotypical, fluffy and possible annoying but we were so wrong. We completely and utterly fell for the characters- especially the leading lady who could have been so 2D but instead conveyed such sincerity and warmth that you can’t help but root for her. The story was also well structured, so compelling and by the end of it you will be sad to see it finish. Plus the relationship between the OTP was at once sticky, angst ridden and so sweet.

Definitely a must watch:

How much we liked it: 9/10- How good it was technically: 9/10

My Country Calls– Loved this drama so much!!! We hadn’t really seen a K-drama that we could label ‘comedy’ but we definitely found one in the form of this drama. Every episode will have you laugh at something; the script is what really stands out- solid, well written and so very funny.

Who knew that Ryu Jin could be so funny? He has to be the best thing about this drama, he stole every scene he was in.

Why don’t more people know about this gem of a drama? It’s definitely worth watching.

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 9/10

Cinderella Unni– Oh dear where do we start with this one… First 3/4 episodes were drama gold. So well written, acted and we were utterly hooked. Then they had a time leak and we went from mild disappointment to anger as the weeks past- WTF? Has to be the only response by the time you finish this drama. Don’t watch it; it’s a waste of time- life’s too short to watch multiple crying scenes and pathetic siblings fighting over nothing.

How much we liked it: 4/10- How good it was technically: 2/10

I am Legend– Don’t watch it! Don’t be fooled by the first couple episodes being reasonable good, the majority of it is really rubbish. The drama had elements that could have been really good; like a potentially hot OTP- completed wasted and not even resolved at the end. Really good friendship dynamics ruined by long winded court cases and a repulsive ex husband that gets redeemed. It’s angering just reflecting on it.

Only good thing about it is the OST.

How much we liked it: 2/10- How good it was technically: 3/10

Pasta– Sure nothing ever happened and it had to be the fluffiest drama of 2010 but still… we really liked it. It was the OTP that did it for us. We loved them as a couple- so much chemistry, charm and it was lovely watching them do nothing for far too many episodes. (Don’t judge us too much).

How much we liked it: 8/10- How good it was technically: 3/10

Pick the stars– This was a drama that we didn’t expect to enjoy but we found ourselves recapping weekly and most importantly finishing it. We really liked the leading lady, the kids and eventually the leading man (we hated him for the first few episodes!). However the drama was messy, had irrational love rivals and by the end of it we found ourselves glad that it had finished.

How much we liked it: 4/10- How good it was technically: 4/10

Mary stayed out all night– The most disappointing drama of 2010?? Well it certainly sounds like it from the forums, blogs and ratings. It’s a shame it could have been really good but instead it just missed the mark. We think we were more forgiving than most… we actually liked the lead OTP, fell hard for the pitiful LR and just went with the silliness that was the drama but yes, we too have to agree it really wasn’t that great.

How much we liked it: 6/10- How good it was technically: 2/10

Baker King-We gobbled this drama up like the greedy drama lovers that we are- obsessed, hooked and emotionally invested right to the end. We loved the leading man Tak Gu so much- such a lovely character to root for- strong, lovable and he sure tugged at our hearts. We confess we cried during both reunions between Tak Gu and his mother and father. The drama managed to have the perfect mix of drama, angst and warmth and we were completely satisfied by the end.

This is a prime example of how the classic K-drama scenarios can be done well and even though you’ve seen it all before- trust us, you will still be hooked.

Definitely worth the crazy high ratings!

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 8/10

Down with Love (T)- Oh dear- we know this is a fan favourite and yes it started off cute, funny and very watchable but honestly it could have been resolved in half the number of episodes and it really didn’t need so many flash back scenes from the same flipping episodes.

Pros- Jerry is hot. Neg- every thing else.

How much we liked it: 3/10- How good it was technically: 1/10

PS Man (T)-  We really loved every episode up until around episode 10 and then we suddenly got really annoyed at this stupid OTP- they had no reason not to be together!!! It was infuriating to watch. Plus when you’ve got the most perfect love rival waiting in the wings, it just makes it all the more annoying.

Best thing about it: If you’re looking for a good laugh- check out Blue Lan’s crazy hair and leopard print trousers he would wear on a regular basis. 

Also a love rival that got viewers so excited that there was even a public vote to get the writers to change the end. Love fan power.

How much we liked it:  (up to episode 10: 9/10) the rest of the drama 4/10- How good it was technically: 3/10

Autumn’s Concerto (T)- We were completely hooked with this drama, it had everything that we can’t resist: an OTP who shared amazing chemistry and a drama that loved to bring in as much angst that was physically possible per episode! The sad thing with this drama is that it was so good up to about episode 6 and then that dreaded time leap occurred and ruined it! From episode 6 onwards the drama slowed down and cut the hot angst, which is a total shame because it was sooo good at the start. That said- do we regret watching it? No way- definitely one of the better T-dramas of the year.

How much we liked it: 7/10- How good it was technically: 7/10


Previous year’s dramas that we completed this year:

Que Sera, Sera– LOVED IT!!! It was all about the OTP- so intense, angsty and addictive. Watch it.

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 9/10

Loving you a thousand Times– We were hooked from the start. Melodrama at its best. We avoid melodramas like the plague but this was done so well- Such a tight script, well acted and intense. We cried so much- our feelings for characters were so turbulent we went from hate to like in literally half an episodes- now that’s good writing.

How much we liked it: 9/10- How good it was technically: 8/10

Save the last dance for me– One of the older dramas we watched this year but it was really good. Although the drama had many predicable elements- we fell hard for the OTP- they were so sweet together and when you’ve got a OTP that you like enough- you can get past ridiculous memory loss scenarios and the fact that the end was pretty a complete rip off of the Hollywood movie- An Affair to remember.

How much we liked it: 8/10- How good it was technically: 7/10

Thank You– We cried so much! We were emotionally invested from the start- the story was so compelling and pulled at our heart strings so much. Not your standard K-drama- it’s got so much more depth, heart and it was steeped in reality.

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 9/10

Lawyers of Korea- It’s a nice way to past the time. It was funny, romantic and had a very sticky love square.

How much we liked it: 7/10- How good it was technically: 7/10

How to meet a perfect neighbour– We enjoyed it while we watched it- if you’re looking for a dramatic OTP (concubine bracelet *shudder), cunning Love rivals and greedy evil people- look no further, my friends.

How much we liked it: 6/10- How good it was technically: 8/10

Smile, You– Curse you greedy drama makers- you ruined this drama by adding a 15 episode extension! Seriously, we really enjoyed this drama with its adorable trouble free OTP, annoying but funny love rivals and entertaining family dynamics.

How much we liked it: 7/10- How good it was technically: 6/10

Pride (J) – We loved everything- that’s right everything! From the music, the bromance and the lovely OTP. For a 12 episode drama- they managed to get so much packed in.

Definitely a much watch J-drama.

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 10/10


2010 dramas we shelved for various reasons:

Sungkyunkwan Scandal– We definitely plan to finish this drama- we got to episode 12 and we still loved pretty everything about it. Then Baker King entered our lives and every other drama became a distant memory.

Queen of Reversals– We shelved Queen of Reversals because we didn’t like Tae Hee’s husband, we thought he was a complete idiot that didn’t really love his wife and the idea of watching this OTP was far too off putting BUT….news of an extension and Park Shi Hoo as a love interest, we may just need to tune in again. *giggles.

PSH must be a leading man’s nightmare- they must fear it every time he’s added to a drama list because seriously the guy managed to make himself a lead with sheer screen presence- man he’s good. We realised that Jung Joon Ho and Kim Seung Woowho was the leading man in How to meet the perfect neighbour are best friends in real life and if PSH gets upgraded to leading man (again) – that would mean that this set of best friends would both have been pushed aside from leading man because they can’t compete with the charms of PSH. How unlucky!

The woman who still wants to marry– We really enjoyed watching this drama when we were tuned in. It was hilarious at times, depicted great friendships and made us laugh out loud multiple times. However even though it was all of the above, it just didn’t hold our attention enough to complete.


2010 really was the year that could have been. So many dramas that had so much potential to be amazing but failed to deliver the goods! It wasn’t all bad we found dramas that were unexpected loves that have a special place in our drama viewing hearts. Here’s hoping that 2011 will be filled with more tear jerkers, angst filled, laugh out loud funny dramas.

Happy New Year! Love the MustHaveSubs Girls XxX

I am Legend- 15-16/finale

26 Sep

If you haven’t watched this drama, we’ll save you some time by telling you- it really isn’t worth it. We were really hopeful that these two episodes would wrap up everything really nicely and finish the drama in a semi satisfying manner but we swear by the end of it all, we couldn’t quite believe the drama ended the way that it did. NOTHING WAS RESOLVED! For those who have watched the drama- please tell us it isn’t just us that feels totally unsatisfied by how the drama ended because we feel kind of like we’re in a twilight zone with other bloggers gushing about the last couple episodes and all we can think is: Did they watch the same drama we did?

Before we enter ranting territory we’ll mention a few reasons why we actually stuck with this drama rather than dropping like our instincts told us to do:

The music is great! When everything else went downhill super fast; the music and the band’s performances were always brilliant to watch and really entertaining- This was by far the drama’s saving grace.

The first couple episodes were really good and we were pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed them.

The OTP: So much potential, so many smouldering stares and just the sweetest duet ever but totally wasted on this drama- it’s so frustrating because it could have been so good.

Finally- the potential- the writing, acting and directing had so much potential and every week we hoped and hoped…but it just didn’t quite hit the mark.

That’s all the positives we can muster up and we were being generous because honestly the last episode left us with such a bad taste in our mouths that this post really should be a rage fest of frustration:

So nothing was resolved-

The band! How could they reduce the one good thing about this drama to nothing? We loved watching this unlikely band succeed in their journey to make music that they loved and be acknowledged for it and we’re pretty sure everyone watching would agree, so how could they end it with them being satisfied returning to their practice room and playing as a stress buster?

The drama made out that music was like breathing for Seol Hee and they presented a character that went out of her way to ensure that she could fulfil her dreams of being a performer, so why the feck would she give up that chance and be a flipping legal secretary!? We get why Fa Ja wasn’t cut out for it but it would have been so much better if they made Seol Hee a solo artist or at least something to do with music- it’s like the writers did a U-turn on what music symbolised in the drama: at the start, it was the aim; making it big, getting to perform live but by episode 16- music represented being fake and not being able to do anything other than being an ‘artist’. It’s just really disappointing because we would have been so pleased for them; if the drama presented this unlikely group reaching their goal and living the dream.
(We don’t care if that’s cheesy! hehe)

The bad guys managed to flash their money and get away without any real repercussions to their lives. Blackmail, tricking hundreds of people out of their livelihoods, kidnap and… NOTHING- great, so we had to sit through multiple boring court case scenes and it was all resolved out of court in the most predicable way ever… we didn’t see that coming at all (not). Sometimes drama writers should give their audience some credit and stop aiming for the lowest common denominator.

We hated how the majority of characters were resolved:

·         Ji Wook- His character development was minor- what’s all the fuss about this guy? – He still treated Seol Hee badly for years, cheated on her and really didn’t get punished or redeemed appropriately.

·         Ji Wook’s girlfriend- So let’s get this clear: Tae Hyun can NEVER get married or go out with anyone ever because it may affect their child negatively?? What a joke. She stopped the OTP from getting together by threatening to take away his kid- Yep that makes perfect sense, could it get anymore sillier?

·         Ji Wook’s evil mother- We wanted this witch punished! The woman should have gone to jail or at least been publically shamed- nothing! UGH

The OTP, WTF. What a waste of time for our imaginations! No hug, no wrist grab and no bloody KISS- zilch. How could they end it like that??? Yes we know that this drama was about the ‘journey’ and the music but damn it why flash multiple smouldering stares from the leading man in every episodes if the drama makers weren’t even going to make it a future romance or end it with the implication that they will get together. The romantic in us is furious and refuses to forgive the drama writers- you pigs!

To conclude:

The drama was unfocused, it didn’t know what it wanted to be: was it about an unlikely band trying to make it big, was it a legal drama, a romance or about trying to find yourself??

We think the writers tried to make it all of the above but sadly for them- they failed miserably. It simply came across as confused and messy.

Our advice: Skip this one- it’s all over the place and will leave you really unsatisfied by the end of it. Listen to the OST instead, it’s much better!

I am Legend: episode 14

21 Sep

We finally watched this episode and all we have to say is:

What a waste of time, seriously we could have predicted this outcome ages ago- how boring.

Why, drama makers are you so coy with the romance in IAL? You give a little bit and then snatch it away- you big fat teasers! Anyone watching will know what we’re talking about- the drama throws us a very small scene between the OTP; where it’s really sweet and then quickly cuts the scene to something else before the scene actually gets started. How are we suppose to care about this OTP if you’re that stingy with their airtime? As viewers, trust us when we say we will happily take a dozen OTP scenes over any of your boring (+ predictable) court case scenes.

It is out of sheer stubbornness that we intend to complete this drama- so with our expectation rock bottom the only way is up for this drama – so drama makers- fighting!

I am Legend: episode 13

18 Sep

Sure, we’ve been working hard all week but when you’ve got one of us sleeping with her eyes open and the other two staying awake out of pure stubbornness, you know it’s time to throw in the towel and rule this drama a dud- which is so annoying because it could have been soooo good and you see shades of its potential in every episode but it’s just executed so badly that now that we’ve come to the final couple episodes we sit there wondering- what the hell, nothing happened in the whole of this drama!

Our biggest problem is the fact that we don’t care for the main storyline- at all! In this instance it’s the market people’s case. Usually we love a good story about the helpless rising up to fight the big bad corporation that swindled them out of their livelihoods but in this instance we’ve missing a vital component that makes the storyline compelling – that’s empathy. The writers failed to make us care at all for these UNGRATEFUL, JUDGEMENTAL AHJUMMAS! Come on! When the leading lady is working 24/7 trying to help people that really don’t give a damn whether she’s around or not- you can’t help but think- Seol Hee- forget these hags and let them suffer! Muhahah.  

So the whole episode consisted of Seol Hee working really hard and residing to the reality that maybe she’s out of her depth and that she’s more of a hindrance than help to these market people. As a result she decides to go to them and apologise for not being of much use to them and it’s this scene where you sitting there wondering; why is she apologizing?? She went out of her way to help these people- she’s not getting anything out of it and all she got was attitude. Sorry but she’s a complete pushover and is far too nice for her own good. It’s their own stupid fault for not reading the fine print- so when the episode ended with them all running up to her begging her forgiveness- we wished she pulled out a bag of salt and threw it in their faces! HA. Sadly for us, the leading lady is far too nice to match our vengeful characters, so of course we’re predicting a happy ending- where a legal secretary, who hasn’t been a legal secretary for years manages to take down the biggest law firm and best lawyer in the country all by herself…oh yes we can’t forget her boss; a Lawyer who appears to do absolutely nothing…ever and leaves it in the very capable hands of Seol Hee. – Yep, we suspended reality a long time ago as well.

Things we actually liked:

-Cute OTP moment No.1- goes to the scene where Tae Hyun caught Seol Hee listening to his song while giggling as she thought about their duet.

-Cute OTP moment No.2- Tae Hyun comforting Seol Hee in the car…And we achieve hand holding for our conservative OTP, it only took 13 episodes. Hahaha.

-Although we dislike the main storyline, the scene where Seol Hee is crying in the car as she came to the realisation that she can’t help the market people was really good. We liked how the music stopped and it was just her crying. She’s a wonderful actress and this scene really showed her acting chops- it was just a very heartfelt and enduring scene.

I am Legend: 11-12

11 Sep

The best things about episodes 11-12:

1. Tae Hyun’s smouldering stares whenever Seol Hee was around- so intense and HOT!

(He’s not actually smouldering but still looks rather cute in this pic. hehe)

2. The duet between the OTP- how sweet was that scene. A scene like that could have easily become cheesy or really weird but it was subtly romantic and really charming at the same time. It was undoubtedly our favourite OTP scene so far (not that there are many to choose from).

Strangely enough we feel on the indifferent side to this week’s lot of episodes, which is weird considering that we’re heading towards the climax of the drama and the storyline is finally coming into effect. However it all feels… underwhelming, although the big court case is the focal point of the drama at the moment- the actual case really isn’t that interesting- the case hasn’t managed to generate that desire in us to see Seol Hee work exceptionally hard in the next few episodes and finally win a case. It’s no Erin Brokovick (which is something people like to compare IAL with all the time) and the drama definitely doesn’t compare to Prosecutor Princess’s major court case. At this stage, we’re mildly interested because we like Seol Hee but honestly we really don’t care for those ungrateful market people that pick and choose when they want Seol Hee’s help. If we were Seol Hee and those old hags threw salt in our faces we would have told them to go screw themselves! Anyway we hope that the next four episodes adds further depth to the storyline and allows us to move from mildly interested to actually caring.


1. What’s with the Disney style characterisation? They seem to come in only two forms- good OR bad. On one hand you have Seol Hee; who we adore don’t get us wrong but her character is completely unrealistic- she’s too kind, understanding and forgiving and if our evil ex mother in law or cheating ex husband came knocking whenever they felt like it, we’d slam the door in their face rather than go for a nice cup of tea in the local cafe! Then you have Ji Wook’s mother and girlfriend who think that the world revolves around them and that Seol Hee is so obsessed with them that all she does with her time is plot revenge against them. These characters make great drama villains but at the same time they are so unbelievable and 2D that we can’t help but think that if the drama writers added another layer to them, they could be even better characters and make for far more entertaining villains.

2. Zero romance- okay we’re in two camps regarding the romance in this drama:

Camp A: This drama really isn’t about romance- it’s about personal growth and pursuing what makes you happy in life- in this case music and friends ect. So the lack of romance is fine and is simply an added bonus.

Camp B: It’s a K-drama for god’s sake- romance is essential! Plus when you have a hot man who jumps in and kicks multiple men’s arses to protect you and stares at you with HOT bedroom eyes, we can’t help but wish Seol Hee would stop being so damn oblivious to it all and properly notice the hot man in front of her! 

The hopeless romantic in us is strictly in Camp B but we get it, she’s got a lot on her plate what with saving a bunch of ingrates from losing their livelihoods and trying to avoid her nasty ex-family members but still… we’d be so happy if the next lot of episodes turned the tables and finally showed Seol Hee actually showing some interested in Tae Hyun.

Anyway we’ve rattled on long enough…so we’ll stop while we’re ahead.

I am Legend: 9-10

4 Sep

Although last week’s set of episodes left us totally annoyed by the drama and made us wonder why we even bothered, we can happily report that we thoroughly enjoyed episodes 9-10, mainly because we got that much needed progress in the storyline, horray!

After watching this week’s set of episodes we’re got to confess that we have to backtrack on what we said in our last IAL post- we’re actually looking forward to watching Ji Wook in the role of the love rival. At first we hated the idea simply because we think he’s a complete idiot, but after we moved past that feeling we realised that we wouldn’t mind watching this guy spend the rest of the drama realising exactly what he missed out on and watch in satisfaction when he doesn’t get the girl in the end. Mahuuhaha. Although he may have had very little respect for Seol Hee for the majority of their marriage, we love how the writers have made it that Ji Wook is there to see her independently stand up for herself and really make something of herself- making it impossible for him not to respect her even if it’s a little bit.  Seol Hee is such a great character; strong, loyal and compassionate- he’s got to have a heart of stone not to be swayed by her!

Now that the court case is over we’re pleased that we have more band action- for us this is one of the reasons that keeps us tuned in, the band has lots of heart and you can really believe that these girls are friends that spend hours making music together. We really like how music and the band is a focal point in the drama and thankfully so far it’s not taken that serious route yet, it plays nicely as the often funny and happy side to the drama as opposed to the more serious issues addressed.
Come on, the elevator dance routine was funny!

We’ve also have slow but steady progress on the love front as well- thank goodness for that. Tae Hyun seriously crushes on Seol Hee; it’s ridiculous he can’t even hide it. He wrote a song for her, how sweet! That said surprisingly enough none of the band have worked it out yet, which is mad considering Tae Hyun’s kid connected the two as a potential couple in like five minutes. He’s either really smart or they’re plain stupid…we’re thinking it’s a combination of both. HeHe.
Kang Soo In’s crush on Tae Hyun looks to complete the already complicated and messy love pentagon- oh dear they even showed a scene where she clasped a hand against her heart after thinking about him potentially liking her…. Poor Kang we sense heart break in her future. 

Just as we hoped, Seol Hee’s new job has opened up lots more storylines and has allowed us to see more of Seol Hee’s kick arse personality- the woman rocks, we loved it when she took on four grown men and won! Now that’s the type of lead we like.

Anyway we’ll be more than happy if the drama carries on in the same direction, so till next week.

I am Legend: episode 8

29 Aug

One word sums up how we felt while watching episode 8 – FRUSTRATION!

Seriously, how annoying was the conclusion to the court case? Yes, Seol Hee was the bigger person- she left with dignity and grace and revealed that she was a leading lady with integrity but aside a little squirming from Ji Wook and girlfriend, they managed to finish the case as the victors and without parting from a single cent. We really waited 8 episodes for that, we wanted to see those suckers suffer!? We get it, it would be far too drastic if Seol Hee revealed the tape, especially if you consider how connected everyone is in this drama, it would have had far too much of an impact on the storyline, but still….after 8 episodes of building up to this point, the conclusion was really anti climatic and disappointing.

After Seol Hee essentially saved Ji Wook’s arse from professional suicide, we really can’t believe that he had the nerve to offer her money and asked her to live a quiet life AGAIN- what a cheek! We fear that the writers are going to make him the love rival in this drama and honestly we would HATE THAT. We really can’t stand this guy; we don’t even like looking at his face. UGH. So to see this character redeemed would be so annoying to watch- yes he is a complicated character; he did actually love Seol Hee once upon a time, which they showed through the video during the case and he is also burdened with upholding his family name but he’s still a cheating, weak excuse for a husband who treated his wife badly, allowed his nasty family to disrespect her for years and showed absolutely zero consideration for her in the last 8 episodes. Generally we like the story of a reformed character but in this case, no thanks.

Okay episodes 7 and 8 left us totally unsatisfied but we see progress in the horizon- finally!

Now that Seol Hee has a job with her lawyer friend, we’re hoping for some more variation in the storylines- the last 8 episodes have focused on the court case and the band (usually failing), which is fine because that’s what the dramas about but it would be great if the writers injected a bit of life back into the storyline by mixing it up a bit with different characters and issues or at least showing some progression in the band’s aims to be successful.

More importantly with 8 episodes to go we want Tae Hyun to stop watching Seol Hee from a distance like a stalker and start taking some action. Yes their few interactions have been hot but we demand more!

Till next week, hopefully we can be nicer.

Drama Ramblings… continued

25 Aug

I am Legend episode 7:

Generally we like to do a proper post about the weekly episodes of IAL but seriously it can’t just be us that can’t wait for this court case to be finally over- it’s been dragged across eight episodes, that’s insane, plus it’s getting really boring now! It would be one thing if the case was incredibly complicated with several arches with major consequences as a result of the outcome of the case but no, its cut and dry- Seol Hee wins, nasty good for nothing husband loses. The suspense and intrigue of the case is kind of lost when you know how Seol Hee’s going to bring down her cheating husband and skanky lawyer/ girlfriend. That said we can’t wait to see that smug/ arrogant look wiped off their faces for good.

Anyway, episode 8 looks like everything will be cleared up and we can finally move on and watch Seol Hee and Tae Hyun’s relationship properly develop as well as watch in satisfaction as Ji Wook’s nasty mother watches her precious son’s reputation crumple right in front of her own eyes! Muhahaha.  The long arse court case will be worth watching just to see this evil hag’s reaction when her son loses his first case ever to the likes of her trashy daughter in law, who really did end up disgracing the family. Ha! Karma’s a bitch.


We really did try with this drama, honestly we had high hopes and although we spent hours of fun mocking it when it was bad, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to continue with it. We were sitting there watching the first half of episode 7 and we just couldn’t believe how poor the acting was- it was distracting, it was that bad! Plus the script is just so over the top and not in a good way. It felt like we were watching a parody of a good drama. So we’ve decided to drop the drama, with the possibility of picking it up after it’s completely aired and we get a proper sense for how people feel about the overall drama.

As we dropped Gloria, we decided to pick up Hotaru no Hikari- yes we know this is rather old and that a second season is currently being aired but we were bored and in the mood for something fluffy. We watched the first two episodes and we really enjoyed it. The story is pretty simple; the leading lady Hotaru is hardworking and efficient at work but at home she is a complete slob, who would happily lazy around in tracks drinking beer than go out to socialize. Due to circumstances she ends up living with her boss, who is the complete opposite of her and is far from impressed by Hotaru’s habits. The drama’s all about them living together and Hotaru rediscovering love and life outside of her messy house. The drama is funny, sweet and we really like Hotaru; who is silly and at times outrageous but so very endearing at the same time.

Although Hotaru is an extreme case of an uncover slob, let’s be honest here-Every girl has a bit of Hotaru in them and those who say they don’t are lying!

Final ramble: We can’t wait for Playful Kiss and Sungkyunkwan Scandal to start next week- totally obsessed.

I am Legend: episodes 5-6

19 Aug

This week’s set of episodes were on the disappointing side for us only in the sense that there was practically zero progress in the storyline. 

Episodes 5 and 6 did confirm one thing for us- we officially can’t wait to see Seol Hee’s ex husband and his girlfriend get what they deserve! Oh it was good to watch them squirm when they received the x-rated package; we hope it only gets worse because this couple is so repulsive and arrogant to watch on screen and just the thought of them losing their first ever case to the likes of Seol Hee is too good to miss. Hehe.  

Being the romantic saps that we are we can’t wait for this OTP to get together as a couple; however that said we really do like the slow development of their relationship- we can’t resist a bit of romance from a distance especially when you know that it has a happy ending, so we are currently content with watching Tae Hyun broodily stare from the sidelines and secretly help Seol Hee when he can.  Also from Seol Hee’s prospective we think It would have been totally unbelievable if Seol Hee suddenly went from loving her husband to feeling absolutely nothing for him, so watching the scene where she went to warn her ex husband really did highlight the complicated emotions that she’s going through and definitely adds that realism that is often missing from K-dramas.

Other noteworthy thoughts:

The Madonna band finally got to perform live in a proper venue- yay! So glad that the music in the drama isn’t cheesy or annoying, plus the director uses it so well- their performance was great.

Ji Wook’s mother is NAAAAASSTY. Seriously is she not the epitome of an evil mother in law in a K-drama? Just when we thought she couldn’t get worse, they wheel her out in the next episode with something even crueler to say. It’s unlikely to happen but we would love it if this old hag got some form of punishment as well, preferably with rotten fruit or a bucket of water…we’re not fussy really.

Ran Hee got her hair yanked out by Hwa Ja- thank you; we’ve been waiting for someone to give that woman a beating from practically episode 1. Muhaha.