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Rich Man, Poor Woman – We love you so much, it hurts to say goodbye

7 Oct

Thank you drama for being so awesome over the past few months.

We will miss you. Sob*

RMPW was that unexpected surprise that made us smile for an hour every week.

Thank you drama for:

1. Making us finally get all the fuss about Oguri Shun- yes, we confess we found him ridiculously attractive in this drama. Heheh.

2. For restoring our faith in Jdramas, for a second there we were ready to throw in the towel.

3. Thank you giving us a satisfying drama finale – what is it with Jdramas and scaring the crap out of viewers with their hit or miss drama finales? Yes, cliché comes to mind when thinking about the finale but frankly who cares when it’s done so well. We did indeed sit there with big fat grins on our faces when he chased her to the airport. If we wanted something realistic, we would have watched a documentary!

4. Most importantly, thank you drama for giving us, not one but two kisses between the OTP. Yay.

Who else spent multiple episodes screaming at the screen – kiss, kiss, god damn it!? Just us then….? heheh. We admit it, we would have been furious if we got a pathetic romantic exchange between the OTP- a hug, a hand shake… NOWAY, someone would have died if that happened and yes, this post would have been a vicious hate post of rage.

So, lucky for us (and the producers) we can say that overall we were left very happy and a little sad that this drama is over.

Despite finishing RMPW a couple weeks back now, we haven’t really had the urge to sit down and really write a post about the drama. For us, this drama is one that is better to watch than to review/ comment on. It’s such a simple, little drama that there is only so much you can talk about without repeating yourself endlessly. Seriously, how often can you say the OTP are awesome/ cute/ lovable?? Even if it is true, it’s a little boring to read over and over again, so here it just this once: we loved this OTP!

In reflection this drama didn’t break any new ground or do anything original with its script but for us it will definitely be one that we will return to again in the future. It was consistently good with wonderful characters that evolved authentically over 11 episodes. It was just a pleasure to watch every week and we will look back with fond memories for a very long time.

Personal highlights:

-You may have guessed already but the OTP were a standout for us.

-Hyuga’s breakdown/ goodbye party at work was amazing. It was just so intense and emotional.

-Yes, the airport confession scene was cheesy but our jaded hearts were desperate for any type of love admission, so to get one that was so romantic and sweet was a bonus.

How must we liked it: 9/10 – The best Jdrama we have watched in a long time. Watch it, you will love it!

How good it is technically: 8/10 – As much as we adored the drama, it wasn’t without its flaws mostly due to a weak plot focusing on a baddie that lacked substance. Other than that, it was perfect. 🙂


Rich Man, Poor Woman – We maybe a little bit in love

27 Aug

It’s solely down to our love of Jdramas of yesteryear that keeps us coming back for more. We’re always hoping to stumble across another gem that we can happily gush about in years to come or at least reflect back on fondly. Sadly, the last few years have left us disappointed and cynical at what Jdramas can offer but we’re hoping, really, really hoping that we may have found us a winner.

Heeeee! Okay we will try to control our excitement, our desperate desire to fangirl all over this post and gush like the lunatics we are. Deep breaths, we can do it. We couldn’t bare it if we got too excited only to be left disappointed by a shitty ending or a WTF twist right towards the end.

Please drama gods – let this be a keeper.

Fed up of being constantly disappointed by recent Jdramas- dramas that lack direction, feeling and a decent OTP? Then look no further, your wait is over

Yes, yes, as always it’s all about the OTP for us.

Why do Jdramas shy away from romance when they do it so well?

7 episodes in and still no kiss, no real admission of feelings or even a wrist grab but we confess to being completely obsessed and utterly in love with this couple. They own us completely with their secret stares, their mutual respect and an understanding of each other that makes their bond as a couple all the more richer. Every interaction between this OTP makes us grin like fools. Their moments are the reason why we tune in week after week.

Despite their relationship starting off on shaky foundations, we love how the drama has slowly developed this couple in a subtle but believable manner. They share this unspoken romantic tension in every scene they’re in together. You know that spark, you always hope to witness in your OTP – they have it. Their chemistry is so lovely to watch because it screams so much promise. We are more than happy to see this OTP move slowly because watching them work out their feelings for each other and then act on them is pure drama heaven for us.

Natsui is so cute, where can we get one?

We love how she lied to get a job at Next Innovation. Who else is fed up of saints and leading ladies that accidentally find themselves in situations? This girl made the calculated decision to take a risk and lucky for her and us, it worked out.

Natsui is quite an easy leading lady to root for. She is outrageously smart but not in that freaky/ geeky way that dramas like to overuse. She’s thoughtful, opinionated and thankfully isn’t a weak submissive leading lady that has to get a backbone as well as win her OTP.

One of our favourite things about Natsui is her honesty (okay after her initial lie!). She is a refreshing character that often wears her heart on her sleeve. The scene that cemented our love for her was in the latest episode of RMPW, where she asked Hyuga if he would give her a job, any job just as long as it was working for him.

The scene was achingly frank, her feelings completely on display to him. Their time had come to an end and she knew that she would lose him soon unless she took a chance. You’ve got to respect a character like her; we know we couldn’t be that brave. The way she desperately tried not to cry and brushed away her tears so briskly made it impossible not to root for this leading lady.

Plus she is so damn cute!

Who would have thought it, RMPW have made fangirls out of us.

It’s like a light has been switched on and now we finally get what all the fuss is about.

Is it strange that we suddenly find Oguri Shun ridiculously sexy??? After all these years of indifference, we’re suddenly looking at him wondering whether he was always this charismatic. Every week we sit back and appreciate his wonderful acting skills. His acting elevates an already great character and makes him more appealing. Yep, we’re sold. Bring on the next Oguri Shun drama, we’re ready.

Maybe it’s our attraction to Hyuga as a character that makes us suddenly see Oguri Shun in a different light, either way we’re not complaining.

Hyuga is such a great character to watch. Who can resist complicated, brilliant leading men that make you want to reach in and hug them tightly? Not us! Oguri Shun manages to present a lovely vulnerability to Hyuga’s character that compels us to root for him. We just want Natsui to take care of him and protect him from two-faced crazies and slaggy chefs.

If we’re honest we were sold from episode 1, we could feel ourselves falling for this leading man slowly but it was the end scene where he rocks up to her university with her shoes that sealed the deal. It was just such an unpredictable, sweet moment that made us sit up and wonder what more will happen between this OTP. Then there is the way he looks at her. His secret stares are enough to make us giggle like outrageous fangirls. As much as he tries, he can’t hide his feelings/ interest whatever you want to call it and for once a slower burner suddenly doesn’t seem like a bad idea to us.

Other thoughts:

Hyuga’s best friend/ partner Kosuke must suffer.

As much as we adore this drama, we’re not blind to some of its weaker aspects. The character development of Kosuke was outrageous. He went from being a realistic second in command with insecurities and envy conveyed really well to becoming a Disney villain that was willing to do whatever it took to bring down his enemy. The drastic character change was a little disappointing as we hoped that the drama was more sophisticated than that.

We are grateful that the drama doesn’t dwell on matters too long. That is one of our major pet peeves about T/K dramas, they sure know how to flog a dead horse!

The deception matter between Hyuga and Natsui was resolved quickly but didn’t feel like it was brushed over. Sure their reasons for meeting were incredibly contrived but come on, it’s a drama so we’re happy to let things slide, especially when it means we get more OTP time.

Also the revelation that Kosuke was the big bad was swiftly dealt with as well. Thank goodness for that. Watching Kosuke walk around with that smug look on his face was enough to make us reach for the sick bucket. Seriously, what does he hope to accomplish without Hyuga?? Hyuga was clearly the brains behind the operation. His brilliance was what made Next Innovation a success. His logic behind his plan is flawed and for a character that is supposed to be smart, it’s hard to understand why he would do what he’s doing. Surely, he would be aware that he will lose in the long run.

Yoko aka Slaggy Chef has a lot of haters but frankly we remain indifferent to her as a love rival. The OTP in this drama is so solid and fascinating to watch that she doesn’t even come into consideration for us. Like her brother, it looks like she doesn’t know when she’s in a losing battle because clearly she hasn’t seen the way Hyuga looks at Natsui! The kisses shared between Yoko and Hyuga have been a source of much frustration for a lot of viewers but for us, it makes her effects appear more pathetic.  She can only manage to get his attention when he is most vulnerable and after he tried to contact Natsui. Thankfully, she doesn’t appear to be that crazy love rival that you hope gets run over (Hong Sisters anyone?) but simply there to add tension between the OTP. We hope that she quickly realizes that her angry chef has the hots for her and she moves on. Who else thinks that they could have a drama on their own?

As you may have gathered from our ramblings in this post, we’re sold and very much loving this drama. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go for it. You won’t regret it! If you have, what do you think? Any ideas on what you want to happen at the end? Who else is praying that we don’t get a lame arse union between Natsui and Hyuga – he better kiss her or else someone will pay!