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End of Year Review ~ 2011

31 Dec

We thoroughly enjoyed writing our end of year review last year. We were happy in the knowledge that we had found some real gems, along with a couple stinkers but this year we can’t help but feel a little disappointed by the drama offerings. Nothing really stole our hearts and made us feel like we’ve found a drama that would stay with us for the long run and be on our all time favourites list.

However that doesn’t mean that we didn’t enjoy what we did complete and like a true a drama addict would say… there is always next year.

Here is our list of completed dramas in 2011:

The crème of the crop:

Keizoku Spec 2: One word: Awesome.

It lulls you in with the first couple episodes. Then bam, you are hooked and before you know it, it’s finished and you’re desperate for more.

Someone tell us there is a second season in the works? We’d be sooooo happy.

We know we shouldn’t have liked it but we did anyway:

It’s okay, Daddy’s girl: Technically a complete mess, the plot, the acting, the romance, okay, okay it was all a tad on the ugly side but strangely we enjoyed it nevertheless. 

Call us suckers for a decent family in need.

The prize for the worse villain of the year goes to Jun Tae Soo:

Oh dear, the over acting was bad, real bad.

Biggest disappointment of the year:

49 days: Yes, we’re still mad at you drama, we may remain mad for quite some time too. The drama strung us along for 19 episodes, only to trample all over our betrayed hearts in the end.

Cruel, just cruel.

We did enjoy watching Jung Il Woo as the cutest Scheduler in town. Also, despite the fact that our beloved Bae Soo Bin overacted his way through all 20 episodes with his glares and ‘scary’ eyes, we found him strangely hot as a baddie. Heheh.

Our typical Jdrama of the year:

Buzzer Beat: It was totally underwhelming. The ending was so predictable and cheesy. We haven’t a clue why we bothered watching it in the first place.

Was it Yamapi and his giant purple rucksack?

Another over hyped Hong Sisters’ drama?

Best Love: We almost gave us on this drama multiple times throughout its run. The OTP consisted of an overgrown man-child that needed a good slap and a washed out pop star desperately clinging on to show business. Let’s face it the characters were REALLY annoying, the gags were the same old over the top gags the Hong sisters have been peddling  for a while now and once again, no other character other than the OTP had much substance.  However, the drama eventually found its groove and before we knew it we were rather charmed by how much the OTP cared for each other. Damn it.


Our old school drama of the year:

Baby faced Beauty: We think we watched this during our drama dry spell; it was familiar in a comforting way. It had a cute OTP, a leading lady we hoped would get a spine and she eventually does…sort of and of course evil villains who get what they deserve by the end of it.

What more could you ask for? It’s a nice way to past the time, also Daniel Choi is rather adorable in it. It might wash out the bad taste he left in your mouth from his horrible performance in The Musical

The drama that made Lee Dong Wook a man:

A Scent of a Woman: Yes, it became that stereotypical melodrama in the second half but we were sold from the first episode. Watch it for the hot OTP, watch it for a love rival who will break your heart and watch because it was the drama that reminded us why we became drama addicts in the first place.

Also did we mention the producers gave us plenty of fan service? Enjoy.

Another Mike He drama under our belts:

Sunny Happiness: In reflection we can’t really remember much about this drama… which is never a good thing.  It had something to do with a marriage contract right?

Oh, who cares we blatantly watched it for Mike He!

The sweetest drama of 2011:

Can you hear my heart? : Our favourite Kdrama of 2011.

 Loved it.  

Favourite Alternative couple: Dong Joo and Ma Roo – Come on, all those bed scenes, the flashbacks of romantic moments from the past and of course the smouldering stares they gave each other throughout the drama. Their children would be beautiful…

The Idols that made good in the end:

Dream High: We really enjoyed this drama despite rooting for the wrong OTP and hating broody Sam Dong. Is it the best drama? Hell no but its lots of fun. There is a scene which involves an MC Hammer dance, if you don’t laugh at that; there is something wrong with you. Just saying…


2011 dramas may not have been what we hoped but hey it could have been a lot worse!

Here’s hoping that 2012 delivers the goods.

Happy New Year to everyone, love the Musthavesubs Girls xox


Mid week rambles

6 Apr

Best Love:

We have a complicated relationship with the Hong Sister’s dramas in the sense that as much as we love their sharp, witty dialogue and fresh spin on old stories, there are plenty of elements that make us want to switch off; such as their insane love rivals and dragged out mid portion. Also the mania that surrounds their dramas (regardless of being any good or not) always turns us off. However we must confess that we’re really excited about their new drama Best Love.

We mean really excited!

 We’re especially pleased now that they dropped the Noona love storyline and brought in a leading man instead of a leading boy – no offense Lee Seung Ki.

Seriously, who actually likes the Noona Love storyline? – There is only so much that can be explored with the she’s old- he’s young, what will people say scenario.

Reasons we’re tuning in:

It’s got Gong Hyo Jin as the leading lady- we’ve loved her in every drama we’ve seen her in and have no doubt that she will be great in this one.

It’s got Cha Seung Won as the leading man- We’ve loved him ever since we watched him in City Hall– if he can generate half the chemistry he did in that drama we’ll be really happy. Despite being known for his action man roles, CSW is actually very funny and charismatic on screen and if the Hong Sisters produce a half decent script this could be amazing.   

We like the concept as well- we never get bored of the hate to love scenario especially when it involves a woman scorned. Also the idea of the We got Married concept sounds like it will be alot of fun.

We recently read that  Lee Hee Jin has joined the cast as a love rival which is kind of sad because we adored her in It’s okay, Daddy’s girl and we definitely looked forward to seeing what she did next, however as we said before the Hong Sisters Love rivals are a hateful bunch of annoying/ crazy.  Remember Delightful girl, You’re beautiful to name a few. So heres hoping she’s an inoffensive LR (pretty please!).

We really hope that the combined heavyweight acting prowess that is GHJ and CSW together can produce some hot chemistry and give us a memorable OTP that we can happily root for.

Skip Beat! – Update:

Not so long ago we were outraged at the news that Arial Lin and Jerry Yan were the leads in the Skip Beat live action remake, however since then the drama was shelved and no news of a comeback was mentioned. Well until we stumbled across the Viikii page for the drama and found out that our beloved Si Won has been cast as Ren – love!!!!, not only that but Dong Hae has been cast as Sho.

OMG- how exciting. Frankly Dong Hae doesn’t hold a candle to our Si Won love/ obsession but he’s not bad either- we thought he was wonderful in Its okay, Daddy’s girl.

Whoop, Whoop- If this drama ever happens, we are so there!

Can you hear my heart?

Has anyone seen this drama yet? It aired last week but there has been little written about it. We’re definitely going to tune in as soon as it’s subbed and fingers crossed it’s as good as we hope it is.

We love a good correlation chart, although we couldn’t help but notice the following:

-Lee Kyu Han is playing a love rival AGAIN! The poor guy just can’t catch a break.

-We don’t care how cute you are- that mushroom mop hair style is a no-no. Seriously what was she thinking?

It’s okay, daddy’s girl – final thoughts

4 Feb

Oh drama, let us count the ways that we heart you even though we know you’re not right.

We wanted to do recaps for this drama but life is annoying at the moment so it’s difficult, plus we gobbled this drama up like the greedy obsessives that we are and so it’s harder to be precise for specific episodes. So we’ve decided to keep it simple and go on a rambling, gushing spree of obsessive proportions. Watch out- it might be scary.

beware mega post

Long Family dramas- A complicated love

25 Jan

We’re watching It’s okay, Daddy’s girl and although we’re enjoying it, we can’t help but wish this was a long family drama instead because we have a feeling that by the time we reach the finale the drama isn’t going to be able to successfully flesh out all the issues addressed.  We would have loved it if there were more episodes to truly give this drama justice for what it could be. It’s got all the components of a really good long family drama and it just kills us to think of all the potential wasted.


It’s got psychos, birth secrets, a murder mystery, multiple OTPs that we can’t wait to see get together (so excited), marriages and lots of tears.
Hello- there is so much to work with and you’re telling us this drama only has 17 episodes? Gutted.

Long Family dramas (LFD) – a quick rundown:

-The script has a nice combination of the mundane and outrageous all in one scene. You will probably watch a scene where war has been declared because someone finished all the rice or someone forgot to flush the toilet and then out of nowhere- a vital character will get a headache or a stomach bug and wham bam- its Cancer! Only in a LFD will you get such extremes and despite how insanely unbelievable it is- it’s all so damn addictive that you will leave all common sense at the door and go with the madness.

-The acting varies from good (Loving you a thousand times) to outrageously over the top or damn right bad – see Dae Pong in Sons of Sol Pharmacy House and pretty much every character in Gloria (sorry fans of this drama but it’s true).


-Having never been to Korea we don’t really know the reality of life for the average Korean family but strangely enough in LFD pretty much every household will not own a washing machine or have a real bathroom but they will all have half decent jobs and wear well assembled clothes, with nice high heels and yes, the main characters will be dirt poor but will all have the latest mobile phone model.  What is with that? Main characters getting nose bleeds from working so hard to keep loan sharks at bay but by some strange miracle they always have credit on their phones and it’s always a touch phone??? Ummm interesting. Daddy’s girl makes us laugh- the leading lady has a giant arse IPad but no money to get on a bus!

-Speaking of clothes- pretty much every LFD we’ve watched- the families manage to buy bulk loads of matching tracksuits.- So tacky but so cute.

-There is only one type of mother in a LFD- violent, crazy screaming types that love their sons far too much and as a result you will surely go insane from the annoyingness of it all. You will hear the following statements in pretty much every LFD:

‘You are not good enough for my son!’ or ‘how can you marry a girl like her?’ or our favourite – ‘You will marry her over my dead body!’  If you can get past this reality, you and LFD are a perfect match and will spend far too many hours together in the future.  


-In our opinion- LFD tend to have lots more laughs than your average 16 ep drama. Aside from the odd except we’re never laughed as much as have when watching a LFD. There is a lovely mix of silly visual comedy and a sharp script that makes this type of drama irresistible. Seriously, the first 20 episodes of Sons of Sol Pharmacy are comedy gold- so funny! Also early Assorted Gems was hilarious at times.

-LFD’s characters are redeemed the best. Every LFD we’ve watched there have been multiple characters that we utterly hated with a passion and spent many hours scowling at the screen whenever they were on it. However by some miracle the writers manage to effectively manipulate our fickle feelings and before we know it we’ve actually grown to like them.

-You are guaranteed the following in every LFD: A death, a marriage, a baby and a happily ever after! The best thing about a LFD is that you quickly become invested the lives of the family and by the time you’ve come to the end you’ll be rather sad to see it end.

Now if only there were more hours in a day…Yes, we’re aware we need help for our obsession- don’t judge us too much!

Its okay, daddy’s girl: 1-4

25 Jan

We are currently watching Dream High (utterly adore) and My Princess (meh), so naturally being the drama obsessives we are- we needed to add something to our watch list that would balance out all the fluffy, breaking out into song cuteness that we’ve been submerged in since Secret Garden finished and so we decided to check out It’s okay, Daddy’s girl. Frankly we wanted to watch something seriously angsty and OTP centric but we couldn’t think of any dramas that we haven’t already watched…if anyone has any suggestions, we’d love some recommendations please.

Anyway after drawing a blank we thought we’d check out this drama and we’re really pleased we did- we’re only four episodes in and yes, there is plenty of time for the drama makers to screw things up but we’re really enjoying for now and everything looks hopeful.

Read more

It’s okay, Daddy’s girl:1-4

24 Jan

We are currently watching Dream High (utterly adore) and My Princess (meh), so naturally being the drama obsessives we are- we needed to add something to our watch list that would balance out all the fluffy, breaking out into song cuteness that we’ve been submerged in since Secret Garden finished and so we decided to check out It’s okay, Daddy’s girl. Frankly we wanted to watch something seriously angsty and OTP centric but we couldn’t think of any dramas that we haven’t already watched…if anyone has any suggestions, we’d love some recommendations please.

Anyway after drawing a blank we thought we’d check out this drama and we’re really pleased we did- we’re only four episodes in and yes, there is plenty of time for the drama makers to screw things up but we’re really enjoying it for now and everything looks hopeful.

For us the drama has a very similar vibe to Shining Inheritance and How to meet the perfect neighbour in the sense that the drama is centred on a family and their trials and tribulations. Like Shining Inheritance and How to meet the perfect neighbour– the drama has a clear cut divide between the goodies and the baddies- naturally this being a K-drama, the baddies are really bad and the goodies are pure hearted and kind, which we don’t mind, especially if the writing makes up for it.  So far the drama has had a decent pace- it has managed to introduce the main set up really well as well as clearly presenting a family dynamic that is both believable and very likable. The thing that made us really connect with the drama was the main family- they are so similar to ours -it’s eery. Aside from seeing a lot of our own family reflected in this family, we were seriously relieved that Moon Chae Won’s character Eun Chae Ryung wasn’t completely annoying or outrageously bratty…just a little spoilt but she’s got her family priorities right and she truly does love her dad.

Her father played brilliantly by Park In Hwan has stolen the show so far- He’s a lovely father that does the best he can by his family and others. His relationship and general personality was presented really well and developed quickly so even though we’re four episodes in, we are already emotionally connected to the character and really, really hope that nothing bad happens to him!

As well as being family centric, the drama has a clear mystery/ hidden crime that needs to be solved and thankfully the right people are already asking the right questions- we can’t tell you how utterly frustrating it is watching dragged out mysteries within K-dramas (it’s so boring). So we’re glad that this drama isn’t wasting too much time laying out small clues here and there but instead getting key characters to use their brains instead- hurray!

Apart from the Eun family- every other family in this show is seriously screwed up and needs mental help ASAP. As soon as the drama introduced the Choi brothers we knew that we’d fall for them pretty quickly. How could we resist two brother that obviously really care for each other but are stuck with horrible parents in terrible living conditions just barely making a living and despite their grief and heartache they manage to think of others and do all they can to help the Eun family…? Oh K-dramas we do love when you us give us men we can fall for!  We haven’t really been given must of an impression of the leading man’s character but his younger brother- Wook Gi is so sweet and considerate.

Although the drama is rather rough around the edges- the acting is occasionally laughable- especially Jun Tae Soo, who plays a villain (again) and it appears that he only knows how to glare or scowl in a really over the top fashion. (We think he might have gone to the same acting school as Kim Hyun Joong.) Also the actual story and directing is very standard but still…we’ve really enjoying this drama but it’s strange because we don’t why! Okay we have an inkling it may have something to do with the fact that the majority of the characters are all very likable and are decent human beings and well frankly it’s rare to see a K-drama where the majority of characters are so appealing. The drama manages to suck you in and make you really root for the characters on a very basic level. They are so likable, you want them to be happy and overcome all the crazy evilness that surrounds them. So although this drama may not be particularly well produced or very flashy- it’s accomplished the most important challenge faced by any drama- it’s made us connect and want to watch more….and more!

For now we’re happily hooked and pleasantly surprised by how much we’re enjoying this drama. Heres hoping it keeps up the good work.