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Rich Man, Poor Woman – We love you so much, it hurts to say goodbye

7 Oct

Thank you drama for being so awesome over the past few months.

We will miss you. Sob*

RMPW was that unexpected surprise that made us smile for an hour every week.

Thank you drama for:

1. Making us finally get all the fuss about Oguri Shun- yes, we confess we found him ridiculously attractive in this drama. Heheh.

2. For restoring our faith in Jdramas, for a second there we were ready to throw in the towel.

3. Thank you giving us a satisfying drama finale – what is it with Jdramas and scaring the crap out of viewers with their hit or miss drama finales? Yes, cliché comes to mind when thinking about the finale but frankly who cares when it’s done so well. We did indeed sit there with big fat grins on our faces when he chased her to the airport. If we wanted something realistic, we would have watched a documentary!

4. Most importantly, thank you drama for giving us, not one but two kisses between the OTP. Yay.

Who else spent multiple episodes screaming at the screen – kiss, kiss, god damn it!? Just us then….? heheh. We admit it, we would have been furious if we got a pathetic romantic exchange between the OTP- a hug, a hand shake… NOWAY, someone would have died if that happened and yes, this post would have been a vicious hate post of rage.

So, lucky for us (and the producers) we can say that overall we were left very happy and a little sad that this drama is over.

Despite finishing RMPW a couple weeks back now, we haven’t really had the urge to sit down and really write a post about the drama. For us, this drama is one that is better to watch than to review/ comment on. It’s such a simple, little drama that there is only so much you can talk about without repeating yourself endlessly. Seriously, how often can you say the OTP are awesome/ cute/ lovable?? Even if it is true, it’s a little boring to read over and over again, so here it just this once: we loved this OTP!

In reflection this drama didn’t break any new ground or do anything original with its script but for us it will definitely be one that we will return to again in the future. It was consistently good with wonderful characters that evolved authentically over 11 episodes. It was just a pleasure to watch every week and we will look back with fond memories for a very long time.

Personal highlights:

-You may have guessed already but the OTP were a standout for us.

-Hyuga’s breakdown/ goodbye party at work was amazing. It was just so intense and emotional.

-Yes, the airport confession scene was cheesy but our jaded hearts were desperate for any type of love admission, so to get one that was so romantic and sweet was a bonus.

How must we liked it: 9/10 – The best Jdrama we have watched in a long time. Watch it, you will love it!

How good it is technically: 8/10 – As much as we adored the drama, it wasn’t without its flaws mostly due to a weak plot focusing on a baddie that lacked substance. Other than that, it was perfect. 🙂


Day 30: Your Favourite Drama Moments

21 May

It’s the small moments that make up a drama for us. They are the things that stay with us long after the drama is over and the reason why we are addicts in the first place. The small moments are the things that make us gush and fan girl our way through this blog. Without them there wouldn’t be an obsession and there certainly wouldn’t be a blog.

Despite this 30 day challenge taking far longer than we anticipated, we have thoroughly enjoyed completing it. We’re so glad that we finally made it to the last post without throwing in the towel. Yay.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our challenge posts as much as we’ve enjoyed writing them and hopefully in the process you’ve found a couple dramas worth checking out…or avoiding.

 Here is a quick rundown of some of our favourite drama moments:

The moment our expectations of true love went up:

Coffee Prince’s Choi Han-Gyul played by the lovely Gong Yoo has ruined us for any guy in real life. His love confession in this drama is still a standout even after all these years.

He didn’t care what she was; all he knew was that he loved her. Sigh*

The moment we knew that Hana Yori Dango would be one of favourite dramas of all time:

There are so many awesome moments like; watching Makino fly kicking her OTP, their first date, their break up in the rain but the moment that sealed the deal for us will always be the phone scene.

You know what we’re talking about. We’ve gushed about it on a number of occasions so forgive us if we’re on repeat but we just love that scene!  The scene was just drowning in angst and longing and we adored it so much. It was the scene that made us realise how much we love this OTP and despite all the crap that came their way, we were more than happy to watch it all just to witness their HEA.

The moment where we knew that we would love Jang Geun Suk for life:

You’re beautiful – watching him dancing around a field while a wild animal is charging at him was the funniest moment in You’re Beautiful but it was also the moment that made us JGS fan girls for life. It’s an irrational feeling; we try not to think about it too much.

The moment we wished we had our very own stalker:

Who wouldn’t want Park Shi Woo as your very own stalker? Yes, yes, he had sinister, vengeful motives but still…look at him, he’s so cute.  

How funny was the fishing rod scene in Prosecutor Princess? We love that scene.

The moment a trailer made us want to tune in:

Que, Sera, Sera – OMFG was exactly what we thought after we watched that trailer. It was the first and only time where we watched a trailer and had to immediately watch the drama because it was just sooooo intense and…wrong. We loved it and are so glad that our bad Youtube habits led us to one of our favourite Kdramas.

The moment we realized that Kim Hyun Joong still hadn’t found a decent acting coach:

Like fools we didn’t learn our lesson and we once again gave Kim Hyun Joong a chance even though we knew it was a mistake. Who thought it was a good idea to give him a leading man role in Playful Kiss? Seriously, did they not watch Boys before Flowers?

A moment that broke our hearts:

Scent of a Woman nearly destroyed our tear ducts with the amount of crying we did while watching that drama. However it was one particular moment that nearly did us in completely. The moment we’re talking about is where; Chae Eun Suk aka Doctor Poopie pant’s patient died and he totally lost it and broke down in front of Yeon Jae. Our hearts ached for him soooooo much as we watched the weight of his responsibility finally hit home and he realized that the woman he’s always loved may die regardless of how hard he works to save her. His desperate begging for her to live was so intense and hard to watch that it feels like it’s engrained in our memory as one of those moments that will always stay with you. Uhm Ki Joon was so brilliant as the love rival in this drama, he totally stole the show.

A moment we laughed so hard we almost peed ourselves:

Pretty much the whole first episode of Wild Romance made us laugh from start to finish. If you’re ever feeling down, watch it, you will feel so much better.

There are far too many moments to ramble about, so we’ll stop while we’re ahead!

Day 26: A drama that surprised you

17 May

Call us boring or unadventurous but one of the things we like about watching dramas is it’s general reliability.

You usually have a OTP, a big bad to hate on, a couple of  love rivals and a HEA. It’s like a drama law to ensure that the above list happens and we’re totally comfortable with that fact.

However, there have been a few occassions over the years where we’ve been left totally surprised, sometimes not always in a good way.

Here is a quick rundown of dramas that made us sit up and take notice…even when we didn’t want to:

A drama that surprised us so much, we wanted to beat the crap out of the writer: 49 Days


Yeah, yeah we get it – it’s poetic and wise and blah, blah, blah but killing off the leading lady and leaving her OTP heartbroken was not something we thought we’d end up with.

Also wtf was the long lost sister crap all about?

Yes, we’re still mad but only because we care.

A drama that pleasantly surprised us with how awesome it was: Prosecutor Princess

Come on, it’s called Prosecutor Princess, obviously we didn’t expect much from it!

How wrong were we.

Okay, the first couple episodes took a while to find it’s groove but as soon as it did, we were hooked and so in love.

Despite the ridiculous title, the drama was smart, romantic and just a complete delight to watch from start to finish. Also, this drama surprised us by making us fall head over heels for Park Shi Hoo. We previously watched him in How to meet the perfect neighbour and well, he overacted his little heart out and made us groan endlessly. However in this drama he delivered the goods. All that heartache, angsty man pain and have you seen that smile? – We were sold completely and have become PSH fangirls for life. No regrets at all.

A drama that surprised us by being so bad:

Mary Stayed out all night

When you have Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk as a OTP in a drama you just expect it to be magic. They are so freaking talented as actors that we didn’t expect anything other than poetry in motion but seriously, what the hell was going on in that drama????


They are so adorable but honestly what a mess.

Who would have thought that everything except for the OTP’s acting would be totally terrible and ruin a drama so completely?  Sadly, not us.

A drama that surprised us in such an AMAZING way that we feel spoiled for anything else: Keizoku Spec 2

Whoop, Whoop, Keizoku Spec 2 Special is finally subbed and waiting for us. It’s on Dramacrazy for those who have impatiently been waiting for it as long as us.


For those who haven’t been tempted already by our gushes about this drama, read our pimp post – this drama is just tooooo good to miss. It will surprise you in the best way possible. It will lure you in slowly and then by the end of it you will be desperate for more.


Day 24: A drama you devoured far too quickly

15 May

Yes, we’re aware that a 30 day challenge should be done within 30 days but its sooooo hard! As you may have notice (or not) our blog has been a tad quiet due to exam season and real life being a total pain in the arse but watching dramas and fangirling our way through posts is something that we love to do, so everything else be damned- we’re back.

The thought of writing 6 challenge posts sounds like an impossible task but damn it, we’re ready.

6 posts, 6 days – challenge accepted.

We’re going to cheat a little bit, okay a lot by changing up the last remaining questions but only because the last lot of questions are boring and well, it’s our challenge, so we’ll do what we want. Hahah.

Day 24: A drama you devoured far too quickly

Short answer – too many.

Does this count as a post?

No, didn’t think so. It was worth a try…

We’ve devoured a lot of dramas over the years but the one that really sticks out for us, is a Japanese drama called Pride. You may have heard of it – it’s pretty awesome. If you haven’t seen it, seriously you need to, like right now. Leave and watch it immediately.

Pride was an unexpected treat for us. We tuned in with zero expectations and knew very little about it and fell head over heels in love pretty much instantly.

Three reasons why we loved Pride:

3. A romance worth rooting for.

Complicated, screwed up, achingly sweet and so utterly compelling that you will cry for them when they’re hurt and grin like fools when they get their happily ever after. As much as we like our fluffy dramas with the traditional bickering, silly OTPs, there is nothing like a OTP that delivers in presenting an intense relationship with hot chemistry and lots of realistic heartache. This OTP owned us completely.

2. Bromance and team sports – the Musthavesubs girls ideal scenario.

He’s so cute.

Give us a drama with men playing sports and we’re sold. No, it’s not their uniforms…heheh okay, sometimes it’s the uniform but mainly it’s because there is something about watching bromance blossom in a sporting environment that gets us every time; we just love the cameraderie, the bonding…the group showers. Haha.

Pride won us over with all those Alpha males in one room, who clearly loved and respected each other so much…sometimes too much. Halu and Hotta’s friendship was an absolute pleasure to witness. Their friendship felt so authentic and boy, did we fall hard for them all.

1. This drama packs a punch – it is eleven episodes of pure awesomeness.

We devoured this drama because pretty much everything about it was amazing – great writing, acting and not a single minute wasted. There were so many heartfelt, intense moments in this drama that will stay with you long after you have finished it. Considering there is a new drama out practically every other week, you know it’s got to be worth it if we’re still gushing about it after all these years.

 Also, did we mention it has a Queen OST? We love Queen!

Yes, you may lose sleep, flunk an exam or two and look a mess the next morning but trust us when we say: it’s so worth it.

Day 21: A drama you have watched more than once

7 Apr

Having seen our fair share of dramas over the years now, we love nothing better than to sit down and rewatch a classic drama from our back catalogue. Well, that is when we’re not obsessing over a currently airing drama or dealing with real life. When the mood strikes, we are more than happy to sit down and revisit a drama that takes us back to a time when we were obsessive fan girls and reminds us exactly why we adore watching dramas so much.

Dramas we have re-watched just because they are pure awesome:

Hana Yori Dango/ Boys before Flowers, Secret garden, City Hall, Pride, Que Sera, Sera, Soulmate, My Country Calls… okay this list could go on and on!

Our silly/ sweet pick – Nodame Cantabile


We’ve re-watched this drama so many times over the years, it’s a classic. This is one of our favourite Jdramas and is up there on our list of all-time favourites- that’s how much we love it. The drama is funny, silly and has plenty of heart. The musicality is fantastic and the OTP are adorable. If you haven’t watched this drama before, watch it and then rewatch it because it’s that good!

 A drama we rewatch but have no clue why – Pasta

We adore the OTP, the easy breezy tone of the drama and the fact that absolutely nothing much happens other than the OTP making goo goo eyes at each other for 20 episodes. This is the epitome of a ‘fluffy drama’ and despite its flaws, we could happily watch this drama again and again because once in a while it’s nice to see a OTP that just love each other with zero problems in their lives and when they’ re this cute, how are we to resist?

A drama we watch when we’re depressed – Mars


When we’re depressed we like nothing more than to wallow in that misery and well Mars does the trick perfectly.

It’s dark, twisted and there are multiple scenes that will make your heart ache with pain in the best way possible. It’s hard to think of a drama that tops this one in regards to how dark and angsty it is and that is the reason why it’s scattered all over our 30 day challenge posts.

An episode of a drama we have watched multiple times – Yukan Club: episode 8


This is our random pick… really random. Let’s call it what it really is: A guilty pleasure.

If you have seen this episode you will know what we’re talking about, if you haven’t – you will probably wonder what is wrong with us. Hahaha.

Overall, this series was just okay but we remember watching this episode the first time around and we thought it was soooooo funny. We laughed nonstop for 45 minutes and by the end of it, we had the biggest, goofiest grins on our faces. The actual episode is beyond ridiculous but it was so silly and over the top that we were charmed from start to finish.

It has all of the following: A vengeful heartbroken gay villain, a seriously bad case of diarrhea, a bomb and plenty of cross dressing. What more can you ask for?


Why does he look so good as a woman!?

We watched it again a few times over the years and still we laughed at how outrageous it all was and despite knowing we shouldn’t love it… we still do.

Some dramas stay with you more than others. Elements like; your mood, when you watch it and how much time you have to dedicate to it, all factor in on how much you will love a drama. For us, the dramas listed above have made us very happy over the years and they are the reason why we continue to tune in because we hope to add to that list of dramas that make us fangirls that forsake sleep and real life to obsess religiously over a drama…well that is until you find the next one anyway!  

Mid Week Rambles

7 Mar

General rambles on upcoming dramas:

Rooftop Prince looks unbelievably gooooood! We confess that we find Micky Yuchun’s acting to be a tad wooden. Also on a superficial note we don’t particularly think he’s good looking either, we just don’t get it. He is like Lee Seung Gi – everyone thinks he’s hot but we just don’t see it. Putting our reservations aside, the promo material looks hilarious and we love the scenario – there is so much to love about watching people out of their comfort zone.

Also Ryu Jin is back and doing a comedy in Standby– Yay. Ryu Jin made us fans after he stole the show in My Country calls and we’ve got our fingers crossed that this will be just as good. We’re so pleased that he is finally playing a leading man and isn’t playing his trademark rich, boring love rival that never gets the girl.

Another favourite love rival of ours, Lee Kyu Han is also finally getting to play a leading man in the upcoming drama The Marriage Plot.

This drama caught our attention for a couple reasons, first off – forced cohabitation is always fun to watch. Secondly, forced cohabitation orchestrated by the leading lady’s mother sounds even better. Hehehe. Sounds like something our mother would plan.

Also we like the idea of your standard headstrong leading lady who is independent and smart falling in love in such a situation. Hopefully it will be interesting.

Fashion King doesn’t interest us in the slightest. Not even Crazy horse himself could tempt us to tune in. Also King 2 Hearts hasn’t captivated our hearts like it seems to have for everyone else. Yes, we’ve seen the trailers and the posters and still…nothing. We know what you’re thinking, are they insane or do they just not have any taste – probably, yes to both! Heheh.

Switch Girl

We’ve been watching Switch Girl sporadically whenever it’s subbed which is hardly ever – someone take pity on us and sub this drama please because we’re really enjoying it! It’s very short at 25 minutes an episode and the scenarios are focused around something really small and silly but it’s got a certain charm to it that keeps us coming back for more. We like how the drama is actually quite cheeky in its content and the conversations between the OTP are really frank.

Switch Girl is like Hotaru no hikari on acid – we mean the transformation from the leading lady’s on to off mode is yuck- at least Hotaru looked reasonably acceptable when she was in her loungewear and to certain degree we could believe her OTP falling for her. However, in this drama Nika looks so gross that we just can’t believe she can physically allow herself to leave the house looking so bad.

The leading man is played by Kiriyama Renn and well he’s hot in a brooding, angry kind of way. The glasses he wears on his apparent off mode are hilarious, something you might find in a joke shop but still we’re willing to ignore his appearance because we like his character. Anyone that can still like a girl that dresses the way Nika does on her off mode is okay in our books. He’s a sheltered, damaged character that finds himself thrown together with Nika and their moments are just so engaging to watch. They have an easy chemistry together and their interactions are so cute that 25 minutes just doesn’t feel long enough.

Episode 4 was the best yet – the scene where she told him that she would eat her meals with him whenever he was lonely made our hearts ache. It was such a lovely moment for this OTP that are nowhere near admitting their feelings for each other.

Finally, now that we’ve finished Wild Romance, we’re thinking about watching Me too, Flower to fill in the gaps while we wait for all the dramas listed above to come out in a couple weeks. Despite the crazy promo material, we’ve heard good things about the drama, so we’ve got our fingers crossed it’s a winner.

Fluffy Drama Round Up

14 Feb

While we wait impatiently for Shut up flower: Boy Band and Wild Romance, we thought we’d ramble about our fluffy drama selection we’re currently watching.


Okay, we admit it; we watched it because we think Mukai Osamu is hot. Look at him- that smile, that hair… how’s a girl to resist?

We’ve fallen into this trap before where we’ve tuned in to a drama that is more often than not completely rubbish all because we crush on the leading man. Yep, we regret it every time but sadly for us weak willed girls, we doubt it will be the last time.

Who else watched Gokusen 3 for Miura Haruma or Down with Love for Jerry Yan?


In regards to Hungry! It’s strictly average. It’s not sure what it really wants to be – a food drama, a rock drama and human drama…? Confused is more like it. It’s your typical breezy J drama where the characters gradually learn things and are better people by the time we reach the drama finale.  The drama also happens to have great food porn. Seriously, it all looks sooo good. Plus, who doesn’t like the idea of watching a hot guy rock out with his cool band and then watch him whip you up a delicious meal afterwards?

We enjoyed the first couple episodes, it was easy going, funny and we confess we have a soft spot for Mukai Osamu ever since we watched him in Hotoru 2. Just in case you’re wondering whether to watch Hotoru 2, we’ll save you some time by telling you straight: don’t, it’s bad, really bad. That sequel should never have been made and for the shame of it, we can’t believe we watched all of it! Embarrassed cries*

Skip Beat!

Why don’t people like this drama?

Yes, it’s slow and Ivy Chen’s Gong Xi is over the top but so is the manga. We love the fact that the writer has stayed so close to the manga and the anime and has successfully captivated the essence of what makes Skip Beat! so great.

What a difference redubbing has made, it’s amazing. We are no longer fixated by Siwon’s mouth moving strangely but instead, we’ve relaxed enough to enjoy the drama as a whole.  We love Siwon’s depiction of Ren. It’s exactly how we hoped it would be. He’s stern and serious but he can’t hide the fact that Gong Xi get’s under his skin. Their interactions are pretty great to watch as well. You can feel the tension and the chemistry between the two characters.  Yes, it’s a slow simmer but when it’s got the right amount of chemistry, we’re more than happy to wait.

Bianca Bai is the biggest surprise for us in Skip Beat! For once she’s not playing that annoying, pathetic love rival that you want to push off a cliff. Instead, she’s got the stern, sarcastic reluctant friend down perfectly.

Then there is Donghae’s Shang – we want to beat him up everytime he’s on screen but at the same time he makes us grin like crazy fangirls. Damn him.

Day 7: Your Favourite Story

31 Jan

Isn’t it obvious? We like them all!

We joke but it’s true, we can’t resist a good drama trope – whether it is a marriage contract, birth secrets, rich guy/ poor girl romance… you name we’ll watch it.

If we really had to pick one type of drama story we can’t resist it would have to be the cross dressing storyline.

We love cross dressing dramas! Okay, that is a sentence we didn’t imagine we’d write down…ever. Heheh

Coffee Prince, You’re Beautiful, Hana Kimi and Sungkyunkwan Scandal are a few that come to mind and yes, we adored them all.

What is there not to like about a guy falling for a girl simply for who she is? Gender barriers be gone – he loves her as a person!

We also love that sticky angst portion that comes with this type of story as we watch the leading man or love rival wrestle with their feelings as they come to terms with the fact that they love a dude.

The leading ladies are always strong and likable.  In every drama we’ve watched under this topic, they always dress up for a greater purpose like saving their brother from trouble, getting money or in Hana Kimi’s case because it was a single sex school and it was the only way in.

This drama story always has two types of male characters both of whom we adore:

The guy that knows the secret and spends the majority of the drama protecting her and keeping her out of trouble

Tae Kyung from You’re beautiful was so lovable and remains one of our favourite leading men. Then there is Crazy Horse from SS. He was her silent protector that hiccupped his way through the drama until he got himself an awesome bromance.

The guy that falls for the leading lady despite thinking they are a man

Nakatsu from Hana Kimi still holds our hearts as the sweetest love rival from a Jdrama.

Also, how can anyone forget Han Kyul from Coffee Prince? He played tormented angst beautifully in that drama.

For us this type of drama storyline often develops the OTP’s romance better because let’s face it – they need to, the leading man thinks she’s a man! The writer has to go deeper than superficial factors and really give the OTP connections and build a relationship on a better foundation than just the usual misunderstandings, accidental kisses ect.

When one story gives us; great angst, real romance, friendship and plenty of laughs, what’s not to love?

We just love this drama story and we’re hoping for our 2012 fix real soon!!!