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Reply 1994 – A risk we dare take?

30 Sep

We’re super excited but scared at the prospect of watching Reply 1994

We remember watching Answer me, 1997 last year and loving it so much. As many of you may know we picked that drama as our favourite for 2012. It just owned us completely. It was funny, sweet and most of all we felt like we were watching a drama that was made with real heart. It felt like a script that was really thought out and written with care and love and like complete suckers we were sold – hook, line and sinker. As a result the idea of tuning in and watching a drama from the same makers makes us want to do a happy dance and cheer in excitement.  

The big question is: can they strike gold twice? Will we be sitting there disappointed because it’s just not as good and also what’s with the basketball??? Okay that was three questions. Hahah. 

We’ve noticed that quite a few people aren’t pleased by Go Ara being the leading lady. We’ll be honest we’ve only ever seen her in Who are You? and the girl made us cry our eyes out when her father passed away, so obviously she made us connect. Personally, we think she has massive shoes to fill after the wonderful performance by Jung Eun Ji in Answer me, 1997 but frankly whoever took the lead would have their work cut out. Jung Eun Ji did a great job acting the part but it was her character that everyone fell for. She was just awesome. Considering Answer me, 1997 had a cast of mostly unknowns, we’re hoping that the producers know what they’re doing and have selected their new cast for a reason. We’re got confidence, so fingers crossed that Go Ara does a good job and makes her haters find something else to moan about.

We want it to be good sooo much…but

We’re scared by the fashion, the sports, Go Ara’s hair and most of all our expectations.

Seriously, what is up with Go Ara’s hair? She deserves props for that alone! 


Answer Me 1997 – Series thoughts

12 Dec

Three words to sum up our thoughts on this drama: WE LOVED IT.

This is by far our favourite drama of 2012.

We gobbled it up in a week and half; happy to say goodbye to our social life and farewell to sleep because this drama rocked! It made us laugh, cheer and fall in love with every single character on screen.

As much as we love Kdramas, they can be sloppy, rushed and the writing can suffer due to live shooting and ambitious producers riding on popularity. However this drama achieved the rare feat of remaining awesome all the way through. The writing was so tight. Every action had a purpose, every speech had an impact and the quality of the script remained outstanding from start to finish. Dramas are a dime a dozen these days and they can feel like you have seen the same story told a million times over but with this drama it felt like we were watching something special. This script was so well thought out, planned to perfection and it felt personal. It achieved the lovely balance of remaining heartfelt, humorous and engaging without ever dragging. It never got bogged down in the details or killed us with angst, which is frankly a rarity for a Kdrama and one we are thankful for.

The plot could have easily been complicated, messy and confusing to follow what with the multiple time jumps back and forth throughout the drama but it was handled seamlessly. The script made us feel like we knew these characters. We had watched them grown up and find themselves both  individually and romantically as people.

After we had finished the drama it felt like we were saying goodbye to long standing friends who we had grown to love over the course of the drama. How many times have you watched dramas over the years where the leads, love rivals or random sides characters annoyed the hell out of you??? Too many times is our short answer. However, this drama managed to develop a really rich selection of characters that were all very human. None of them were perfect and they all made mistakes but we think we rooted for them more because of those flaws. We’re totally over watching the perfect, kind, selfless leading lady that sacrifices all for the people around her. Sure, she’s great and we wouldn’t mind being more like her but as a person can we relate to her on that basic level? No chance. This drama’s leading lady owned our hearts like no leading has in a long time. She was just so freaking awesome! She was that girl you would want to be friends with, get smashed with at a bar and get into a shit load of trouble while doing something completely mental. We loved her crazy fangirl ways, her sharp, poison tipped tongue and the fact that she always followed her heart. Once she knew what she wanted she went for it. Sung  Shi Won is by far our favourite leading lady of 2012.


Our favorite moments: Too many to be honest but…

Yoon Jae’s love confession:

Oh boy, we loved this scene so much. We sat there with our hearts in our throats as we watched him bare his soul to Shi Won so honestly. They shared such wonderful, natural chemistry leading up to this moment that we eagerly waited his love confession. It was going to be the moment that changed the dynamics between the OTP and allow us to see their relationship development into something more. The build up to the scene was just so brilliant. So much tension, so many unspoken feelings between the two characters and then Tae Woong destroyed all of Yoon Jae’s plans in one simple sentence. We adored how the writer had built up such a warm, supportive relationship between the two brothers by this point. It added such a wonderful layer of angst and conflict for Yoon Jae as he chose between loyalty for his brother and his love for Shi Won. You could feel the whirlwind of emotions going through Yoon Jae as he simultaneously confessed his love and let her go all in one moment. So perfect and completely heartbreaking. Loved it.


Yoon Jae rescues Shi Won:

am 1

The majority of the drama was heartfelt with lots of humour throughout but the snippets of drama scattered across the show was brilliant. The scene where Yoon Jae rescued Shi Won was intense. We loved how he ran on pure adrenaline to save her. For us this was one of the major turning points for thickheaded Shi Won to realise Yoon Jae loved her. The scene could have been over the top and predicable with the leading man swooping in and rescuing his OTP. Maybe with him shouting at her/ beating up her would-be attacker ect ect but it was the muted intensity of the moment that made the scene more intense. He held her close as he walked her to her door, made sure she was okay and then left. She needed few words to realise that he had run out like a mad man when she called or that he had obviously hurt himself badly trying to save her. All she had to know was that regardless of whether they were talking or not, he would come immediately if she called. Sighs*

HOT fangirls VS. Sechs Kies fangirls:


How funny was the face off between the two rival fangirls in the rain??? Who else loved the childish, petty fangirl trash talk between the two leaders. The whole scene was so over the top dramatic that we sat their laughing our heads off at how silly it all was. The thing about that scene that got us most was that we’ve all obsessed over stuff when we were younger or even now and so you can relate to how seriously they all took it all and reflect back on our actions and cringe.

Joon Hee secret crush on Yoon Jae:

Ahhhhh, we adored Joon Hee so much. He was such a sweetheart. His character was portrayed so realistically and sensitively without stepping into stereotypical territory. We loved the scene where the drama revealed when he started crushing on Yoon Jae. Watching the smartest guy in the school stand up in front of everyone and start a fight with the teacher over the elitist results system was so good. We turned to each other and said; we too would have a serious crush on Yoon Jae after that scene. Smart, good looking and brave, what more do you want? heheh.

Critiques…okay but only if we must:

As you may have guessed for our endless gushes, any criticism for this drama is minimal and trivial because frankly it’s been a very long time since we watched such a well assembled drama. 

Guessing who Shi Won’s husband was in 2012 got old really quickly. At first it was exciting to guess who it was but after we watched the OTP declare their feelings for each other, it was game over and really unnecessary to keep up the charade in the future scenes. Also this would have been a angry rage post if Shi Won got together with Tae Woong! They shared NO chemistry together and he was too old for her. 

Our only other criticism of the drama was that the second half wasn’t as tightly scripted as the first half, which was simply outstanding.

Overall thoughts:

This drama is our favorite for 2012 for lots of reasons but for us, it was the wonderful way the writer had captured reality so well. Obviously, not the two brothers fighting over you scenario (we wish) or the crazy fangirl business (we draw the line at blood pledges!) but everything else was spot on.

The relationship between Shi Won and her family was portrayed so authentically. The crazy, screaming fights over petty matters have happened in our house a million times. The friendship was also a major highlight for us. Fighting over something as stupid as liking a rival band happens. It’s trivial and not at all dramatic but it’s realistic and something we can relate to.

Then there was the romance. Oh the romance owned us completely.The OTP’s scenes oozed chemistry and made us giddy like the worst type of fangirls. We love the fact that they knew each other so well and were best friends even if they fought like cat and dog all the time. We loved how Yoon Jae hesitated for so long because of that friendship and his love for his brother and that Shi Won didn’t automatically realise that she loved Yoon Jae. She took so long to realise her feelings for him and yes, it drove us mad and broke us hearts when he was rejected but it was realistic! We can totally understand why she wouldn’t want to leave her comfortable bubble of friendship with him and risk losing it completely but seriously how awesome was she when she declared her feelings? For once we get why two smart/ good looking brothers would fight over one girl, we would too.

Generally we fear drama endings. It’s often disappointing or leaves us sad to say goodbye. However, this drama was so damn satisfying and ended on such a high, that we could happily finish it and say goodbye to a drama that will remain fondly in our memories for a very long time. 

How much we liked it: 10/10 – that was as obvious as finding out who Shi Won’s husband was!

How good it is technically: 9.99999/ 10