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Weekend Rambles

20 Feb

49 Days- excited!

First off- promo shots for 49 days are out and all we can say is: YES PLEASE!

Bae Soo Bin- we love you- our favourite love rival (Shining Inheritance) and that smile, those earnest eyes…sigh*

Also Death is played by Jung II Woo- yum. So pretttty. Yes we’re aware we’re being completely perverted and superficial and what? Please note we’re not hormonal 12 year old girls. We just occasionally like to act like it.

Aside from man perving, we’re really excited about the concept and how there is so much potential to be really original and move away from the traditional K-drama set up that feels so outdated and artificial.

My Princess:

We hadn’t officially acknowledged it but yes we have indeed dropped My Princess. The cut off point for us was episode 6/7 where we realised that, this drama wasn’t working for us and we better get out before we’ve invested too much time and feel obliged to complete the drama (UGH- I am Legend.)  Funny enough, we think that was a lot of peoples cut off point as the ratings dropped drastically. We have been keeping up to date with recaps and they do nothing but make us grateful for using our instincts and dropping this timewaster, seriously, our lives don’t need to be wasted with so much fluffy, confused drivel! As cute as the OTP are, there is only so many episodes that a drama can ride on the ‘cute factor’ and then after that we require some substances…like a plot that doesn’t revolve around two grownups that act like weird freaks that gasp at their hands accidently (on purpose) brushing or a OTP that go between hate and love in a space of five minutes. We were thinking about the last time we watched a half decent RomCom and for the life of us we can’t think of one.

This drama may have been good, say three years ago but now it feels so old fashioned and unoriginal. As drama viewers in 2011, we think that we’ve well and truly seen the best we’re going to get out of the RomCom genre because anything produced now will automatically be something we’ve already seen like a million times before. The reason why dramas like My Girl and My name is Kim Sam Soon are so loved is because they were the first of their kind and will hold a special place in drama viewers hearts years later but ask yourself this: If you watched either drama in 2011, would you like them as much as you did the first time? Doubt it.

Cyrano Dating Agency:

We watched Cyrano Dating Agency hoping that all the hype would suffice and  we might actually find a half decent Korean movie but sadly for us the search continues. First 10 minutes were great, funny, interesting and very fresh but after that it was so boring that we blanked out multiple times before we literally turned to each other and questioned what the hell are we watching!?

Our advice- avoid, it’s not worth the hype.



Drama Rambles

31 Jan

Dream high’s Love triangle rambles-

Dream High’s popularity seems to have no limits and it’s so nice to see a drama that everyone seems to be loving and rightly so- there is so much to adore in this one drama.  We love the dividing opinions on who should be the rightful OTP. Naturally we made ourselves pretty clear from the start; we are strictly shipping Jin Gook and Hye Mi together. However sadly for us we think we might not get the OTP we were hoping for. *sob. The most annoying thing is, we have a distinct feeling that this writer might actually pull of getting Hye Mi and Sam Dong together really well.

Our problem with SamMi pairing is that Sam Dong had this instant love at first sight thing going and although it is cute and very sweet, we’re just not feeling it from Hye Mi’s side- especially when we’re hoping for hot, angsty stares between her and Jin Gook. If we’re honest we would happily ship SamMi together- Why not?  They are as cute as puppies, such a lovely contrast from one another and after all she’s gone through, she deserves a lovely guy who utterly adores her BUT why did the writer have to give us perfect, angsty, complicated OTP airtime between Jin Gook and Hye Mi?

Hello- we are complete suckers for damaged, angst ridden OTP courtships. It is the fuel to our drama obsession and the reason why we love dramas so much!

Anyway thinking about who will end up with Hye Mi has resulted in a headache and so we have decided that to ease our eventual disappointment…we are just not going to think about it (much). Hehe. We have decided right here and now: that we will just go with it and hope for a satisfying conclusion. If all else fails- we would actually be pleased with Hye Mi ending up single and being outrageously successful as the mysterious K. Oh, who are we kidding, this is a K-drama- she will never end up single!

Damn it- this photo is sweet. Must not be swayed, must not be swayed. Ohhhh.

Secret Garden –

A week ago we read on Allkpop’s website that Secret Garden was to get a two episode extension which is set to air in February. Of course this sent instant shudders down our shines and made us want to go to Korea and throttle who ever came up with that silly idea. Anyway a week has past and we have heard no further news from more reliable sources, so we’re hoping that this was Allkpop’s mistake or an attempt to fill up their pages but it is rather strange considering they claimed they read it on the official broadcasting site that this was set to happen.

 Either way- please, please drama makers- don’t do it, don’t ruin a good thing!
We beg you.

My princess- dilemma

To watch or not to watch? Dramaland’s pickings are rather sparse at the moment aren’t they?

It’s strange, it appears that most people watching are completely hooked, totally loving the OTP and the adorable fluffiness of it all but sadly we’re rather indifferent and frankly for a drama viewer that’s the worst feeling. Don’t get us wrong- we enjoy it enough when we’re tuned it but as soon as it’s over, we don’t give it a second thought and the urge to watch the next episode is practically nonexistent. So our dilemma is simple, should we stick with it or save us some time and drop it?

It’s a shame because Song Seung Hun is awfully pretty to watch on screen.


My Princess- episodes 4-6

22 Jan

Episode 4 was much better, it gave us what we wanted- lots of OTP airtime. The drama put other issues to one side and allowed us to bask in all their prettiness- seriously we don’t know who’s prettier- Kim Tae Hee or Song Seung Hung…? Okay Song Seung Hung wins- he’s hot. Giggles*

We kind of wish My Princess would pick a genre and stick with it- does it want to be fluffy or be taken seriously? We don’t think it’s accomplishing the task of being both at once. On one hand we’ve got uber cute scenes courtesy of the OTP that brighten up every scene they’re in with their adorable banter and subtle chemistry which is just waiting to develop into something hot and angsty. Then we’ve got serious issues like Hae Young’s father being banished because he didn’t agree with the restoration of the royal family and Lee Seol’s father dying trying to avoid entering that world of royalty- his reputation tarnished in the process. Also when you take into consideration that Lee Seol is practically stealing from her OTP…it all gets rather messy. Stealing sounds rather harsh but that’s what it comes down to, doesn’t it?

The scene where she woke up at his house and saw all the red tags should have been the moment where she realised exactly how much her decision to be a Princess impacts his life. However instead it was brushed aside really quickly and not made an issue of, which we thought was rather strange considering Lee Seol is thoughtful when she wants to be – like giving up her bed for the sick child at the hospital. Also realising that he was the one responsible for sullying her father’s name and ultimately the reason why she entered the palace should have had more of an impact- It’s strange episode 4 finished with her furious at the revelation and then after pouting at him for a bit in episode 5, she got over it and carried on as usual…inconsistent or what?

Things we liked:

-The scene where Lee Seol’s mother took Lee Seol off her family register so then she can officially be put on the royal family register was so sad! It was probably the first time in six episodes where we actually really felt for Lee Seol sincerely as a viewer. Before this scene, the drama had shown multiple scenes where she’s crying over numerous issues but frankly we really care that much simply because it was too earlier and the content was not thoroughly developed enough for us to connect. However the drama managed to develop a lovely relationship between Lee Seol and her mother and so that scene  particularly was really heartfelt and made us think that maybe there is some hope for this drama after all.

-Hae Young throwing Lee Seol into the fountain was hilarious and also when he took care of her when she was sick-  loved both scenes but for very different reasons.

-Kwon and Lee Seol’s friendship- cute!

Even though the drama is failing miserably in keeping an even and logical balance between fluffy and serious, we do have to confess that we really like how the love square has been handled. Especially the OTP- he’s her teacher! How many funny and cute scenes are going to come from the fact that he’s teaching this clueless girl to be a Princess?! Even the concept of a leading man teaching his OTP to become a Princess screams fluffy drama- why ruin a good thing with sinister undertones and politics? Okay we’re moaned enough about what we think it should be rather than what it is, so we’ll move on swiftly-

The love square are all entering the Palace- awkward anyone?

Yoon Joo- what a bitch- we wondered what root the drama  was going to take this character- pitiful love rival (with really, really bad hair) or nasty manipulative bitch that we will enjoy hating? We actually approve of the fact that she’s the latter of the two. Mainly because it will be interesting to see how her character develops. Both her men will undoubtedly fall for Lee Seol and this LR looks like a loose cannon with too much power, so she’s capable of lots of trouble- which is always fun to watch.

We love how Jung Woo rejected her so harshly- how dare she steal his research of 10 years and act like it was nothing!? If this was a darker K-drama -Jung Woo would have a subplot where he goes out of his way to ruin her life and make her pay. Alas this drama is called My Princess, so we won’t hold breath on that one. We really like his innocent (for now) relationship with Lee Seol- how cute was the scene where he confessed to reading her love letter. Ryu Soo Young always manages to effortlessly play the nice guy in all his dramas and this one is no exception. It will be nice to shake up the dynamics within the Palace when he enters- especially when you take into consideration how much Hae Young dislikes the guy. It appears that there is only room for one alpha male within the palace- so we definitely look forward to seeing how both men interact in the upcoming episodes. 

My Princess: episode 3 and general thoughts

18 Jan

After we finished episode 3 our first thought was-
That was just meh.

We feel rather indifferent to this drama (at the moment); at least with dramas like Mary stayed out all night or Secret Garden you felt something regardless of it being good/bad. In the case of My Princess, there is only so many times you can say – it’s cute or the OTP are lovely together. We remember reading someone’s review (sorry can’t remember who) where they compared this drama to the K-drama Pasta BUT with plot- In the sense that you’ve tuned in to watch this charming OTP that have you fixed to your screen because they are that good together. However at least with Pasta, the writers knew what worked and that was the OTP being together on screen. They utilized it really well and ultimately the ratings, plus (unnecessary) episode extension spoke for itself.
When you’re watching My Princess, there is so much going on at once that it’s hard to stay focused and engaged not because it’s intelligently difficult to follow but more because we really don’t care.

You’ve got:

OTP romantic development– We adore them together. The OTP is the only thing keeping us tuned in.

All the princess business– Seriously so over it already. Not a good sign considering it’s called My Princess!

The political side – Blah

The historical stuff- Seol’s dad & the royal family business – Double blah. We know, so articulately put- but its soooo boring!

Grandfather’s quest for forgiveness and rebuilding a new monarchy – should be moved but don’t really care.

Seol’s family– Actually we really like her mother- very entertaining.

Not to mention two love rival competing for the affections of one another at numerous points in each episode – At this point the LRs are rather stereotypical. We really like the macho competitive side that both men seem to radiate whenever they’re around each other- sexual tension perhaps?? Okay more like overactive imaginations on our part- either way it could be fun to watch.

 Yoon Joo isn’t as boring as we thought she would be. She’s very ambitious, ruthless and the conversation where she told Seol to leave Hae Young alone and to go to her in future for any issues was really good. You could see how threatened she felt by Seol and she barely hid her hostility.

How tense was this scene?

Overall it’s all a bit much. We wish the writer would cut back and focus issues more evenly and thoroughly across each episode rather than have multiple snippets of lots of stuff all thrown at us at once. It all feels rather choppy and poorly edited at this point and makes it difficult to connect with the drama.

We’re sticking with it for now because when you’re watching its pleasant enough and we’re hoping that it improves. Plus we really do like the OTP and we’re intrigued by how their relationship will blossom considering how messy the set up is at the moment. You never know we might watch episode 4 and utterly love it, only to retract everything we said already- well heres hoping anyway.  

My Princess- 1-2

8 Jan

First impressions- cute, fluffy and very watchable.

We were rather hesitant on whether we should venture into the murky waters of watching a drama with not just one but two notoriously beautiful Android Actors in the form of Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hung. However we’re happy to report neither of them make us want to throw the screen out the window or scoff at how bad they are.  In fact we really like both lead characters and find them rather charming.

Lee Seol played by KTH is adorable as the sunniest, hard working leading lady around- she is funny, savvy and has her head completely in the clouds- we already like her a lot, which is always a must if we’re to stick with a drama.

Then we’ve got Park Hae Young played by SSH, who is rather refreshing as the leading man- no cold iceman behaviour insight (thank goodness). Instead he’s practically perfect as the lead but manages to carry it off with modesty and an infectious charm that makes it impossible not to like him. Plus aside from being super rich and with a good job, he acts like a normal, nice guy- which is really rare to see in our leading man. K-dramas in the last few years have boxed themselves in with the characterisation of their leading men- they are either: neurotic, clean freaks or bad tempered egomaniacs or Ice Robots. It’s been ages since we’ve seen a lead who is rich, good looking but not a complete nutcase!  

The OTP are much better than we thought they would be together. They have lovely chemistry together, with nice banter and lots of tactile moments- which we definitely approve of. They’re not steaming up the screen just yet with their scenes together but there is still plenty of time…we hope! We love how the OTP have known each other for literally two days but they are firmly stuck in each other’s worlds. We like how they never treated each other like strangers and you can believe that they like each other’s company- like the outdoor movie scene or how he took her home and made her steak…when he barely knows her. Scenes like those could easily have appeared totally contrived but they came across very sweet and believable within the insane context that is this drama.

We know the drama is called My Princess but…frankly we don’t really care about the logistics of how and when Lee Seol became a Princess. That was all a bit dull, so we’re really hoping the drama doesn’t dwell on that too much and maintains the light, fluffy tone it’s presented so far and steers itself away from being a wannabe historical.

Final thoughts: Definitely enjoyed it enough to stay tuned in.