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Day 27: A guilty pleasure

18 May


He spent most of the time firing her or yelling at her and she spent the majority of the time crying ‘chep’ in a cute voice. However despite it’s total lack of plot and it’s obvious flaws – this drama made us very happy.

It’s all about the OTP and their lovely, lovely chemistry  and that is totally enough for us when it comes to this drama.

If we cared even a fraction less for the OTP, we would have dropped this drama immediately but that is the power that a good OTP has over us. We are willing to forgive alot of crap when we’re invested in a decent OTP and well, it’s really hard not to be charmed by Chep and Yoo Kyung.

We know we shouldn’t love it but we just can’t help ourselves… don’t judge us too much!


Day 21: A drama you have watched more than once

7 Apr

Having seen our fair share of dramas over the years now, we love nothing better than to sit down and rewatch a classic drama from our back catalogue. Well, that is when we’re not obsessing over a currently airing drama or dealing with real life. When the mood strikes, we are more than happy to sit down and revisit a drama that takes us back to a time when we were obsessive fan girls and reminds us exactly why we adore watching dramas so much.

Dramas we have re-watched just because they are pure awesome:

Hana Yori Dango/ Boys before Flowers, Secret garden, City Hall, Pride, Que Sera, Sera, Soulmate, My Country Calls… okay this list could go on and on!

Our silly/ sweet pick – Nodame Cantabile


We’ve re-watched this drama so many times over the years, it’s a classic. This is one of our favourite Jdramas and is up there on our list of all-time favourites- that’s how much we love it. The drama is funny, silly and has plenty of heart. The musicality is fantastic and the OTP are adorable. If you haven’t watched this drama before, watch it and then rewatch it because it’s that good!

 A drama we rewatch but have no clue why – Pasta

We adore the OTP, the easy breezy tone of the drama and the fact that absolutely nothing much happens other than the OTP making goo goo eyes at each other for 20 episodes. This is the epitome of a ‘fluffy drama’ and despite its flaws, we could happily watch this drama again and again because once in a while it’s nice to see a OTP that just love each other with zero problems in their lives and when they’ re this cute, how are we to resist?

A drama we watch when we’re depressed – Mars


When we’re depressed we like nothing more than to wallow in that misery and well Mars does the trick perfectly.

It’s dark, twisted and there are multiple scenes that will make your heart ache with pain in the best way possible. It’s hard to think of a drama that tops this one in regards to how dark and angsty it is and that is the reason why it’s scattered all over our 30 day challenge posts.

An episode of a drama we have watched multiple times – Yukan Club: episode 8


This is our random pick… really random. Let’s call it what it really is: A guilty pleasure.

If you have seen this episode you will know what we’re talking about, if you haven’t – you will probably wonder what is wrong with us. Hahaha.

Overall, this series was just okay but we remember watching this episode the first time around and we thought it was soooooo funny. We laughed nonstop for 45 minutes and by the end of it, we had the biggest, goofiest grins on our faces. The actual episode is beyond ridiculous but it was so silly and over the top that we were charmed from start to finish.

It has all of the following: A vengeful heartbroken gay villain, a seriously bad case of diarrhea, a bomb and plenty of cross dressing. What more can you ask for?


Why does he look so good as a woman!?

We watched it again a few times over the years and still we laughed at how outrageous it all was and despite knowing we shouldn’t love it… we still do.

Some dramas stay with you more than others. Elements like; your mood, when you watch it and how much time you have to dedicate to it, all factor in on how much you will love a drama. For us, the dramas listed above have made us very happy over the years and they are the reason why we continue to tune in because we hope to add to that list of dramas that make us fangirls that forsake sleep and real life to obsess religiously over a drama…well that is until you find the next one anyway!  

Day 3: Your Favourite ‘I Love You’

27 Jan

It’s usually the scene you most anticipate in any drama. The moment where the OTP finally stops fighting, misunderstanding each other and puts aside everything else in their screwed up lives to stop and confess their feelings for each other. As hopeless romantics this is the moment we most look forward to. It’s also one of the moments that stay with us long after we’ve finished the drama.

When its good- we confess to being those giggling, giddy girls totally loving the moment. Sighing with the hopes that one day (without the evil mother in law) a guy will confess his love with as much heart and sincerity as they do in the dramas. One day…soon, we hope! Hehehe.

Our most favourite ‘I love You’ was an easy choice. It was a moment that made this drama for us and a moment that set the bar in regards to the standard we hope for in terms of love confessions.

Coffee Prince: Han Kyul to Eun Chan

“I’ll say this just once, so listen to me. I like you. Whether you’re a man, or an alien… I don’t care anymore. I tried getting rid of my feelings, but I couldn’t… So let’s go, as far as we can go.”

The most romantic, intense confession we’ve seen so far. This OTP were utterly brilliant together. They shared so much chemistry and charm, that we were smitten right from the start. We believed these characters as a couple. We loved watching them grow to love each other despite factors such as gender and sexuality. There love had no boundaries. He loved her as a person, now that’s the type of man we want.

Other noteworthy love confessions that stayed with us over the years:

Secret Garden: Jon Woo to Gil Rim- Quoted from his goodbye letter aka the scene with the most beautiful man pain!







‘This may be the most selfish decision of my life, but since it’s the decision of a leader in society, respect it. You were always really cool — be cool in the future, too. / I’m going to miss you a lot. I love you.’

He was willing to die for her. Ready to give up his whole existence and most importantly the chance to have his OTP, just so she could live. Sigh*

Prosecutor Princess: Hye Ri to In Woo

‘I Love you. You Bastard.’

He betrayed her in possibly the worst way imaginable but despite his deception, she still couldn’t help but confess her feelings to him. This was a love confession that made us squeal outrageously in a very fan girly way.

Pasta: Chep to Yoo Kyung

‘Yes its true Seo Yoo Kyung likes me, as for me….. I love Seo Yoo Kyung’

Come on, we couldn’t resist putting this quote on our list. We love Pasta despite its fluffy ways and the fact that nothing much ever happened. This scene was great and yes, a moment that we waited impatiently for from episode 1 and you know what – it totally delivered.

We’ve probably missed a million other love confessions, we would love to hear your favourites that we undoubtedly missed and we will probably regret not having on our list.

Romance Town – Impressions

6 Jun

We started watching Romance Town a couple weeks ago after reading lots of promising reviews from bloggers who seem to have loved it. So naturally we had to check it out and see what the fuss was all about. They don’t call us drama addicts for no reason!

RT is from the same writer of Pasta, a drama that completely lacked any form of a storyline but had the sweetest OTP, so all was forgiven. Our preconceived idea about this drama was that it would be in the same vein of being bright, cheerful and very light. However we were surprised by how much substance the drama had- the first few episodes were heavily influenced by the idea of social class, money and keeping up appearances- which all contributed to presenting quite a dark and thoughtful drama. All of which was appealing as it provided a nice balance to everything else we’re watching.

RT is full of the usual Kdrama clichés- we’ve got a hard working, feisty leading lady that spends half her time cleaning up the mess caused by her rotten dad. We’ve got a cold, rich leading man that frankly needs a good slap. Throw in a couple love rivals and we’ve got ourselves a Kdrama. This drama definitely gives off the same vibe as How to meet the perfect neighbour and Desperate Housewives combined.

As we’ve mentioned in the past- we love our leading ladies to be strong and forthright and lucky for us – Soon Geum is exactly that. She is definitely the reason why we’ve stayed tuned in for as long as we have. She is incredibly likable and a leading lady worth rooting for. It’s just such a shame that her OTP is a complete arse.

 The writer hasn’t veered that far away from Pasta in regards to the leading man’s characterisation. They both happen to be short tempered, rude and at times very unbearable to watch. We remember watching Pasta at the time and being completely oblivious to other bloggers dislike for the leading man, who was classified as borderline abusive. For us, we were smitten by how utterly cute the OTP were together- she was all sweet and loved up and he was stern and serious. They were an odd couple that shared lots of chemistry together, so despite his bad tempered ways we could understand why the leading lady would love her OTP in Pasta. However in RT- insert the same type of rude, aggressive and hypercritical leading man and suddenly it’s not as appealing. We thought for ages why it worked in Pasta but doesn’t quite appeal in RT and all we could conclude was that: Soon Geum can do better for herself. She wouldn’t put up with a guy like that. Yu Kyung in Pasta was mild natured and at times submissive- don’t get us wrong, she stood up for herself when she needed to but most of the time she just took it. Whereas, Soon Geum is the opposite and well it’s more realistic of her to shove two fingers up and tell him where to go rather than find his nasty ways attractive.

We stayed tuned in for seven episodes because like we said, we enjoyed the different pace and feel of the drama at the start, however seven episodes in and suddenly it’s all gone downhill and we’re sitting there groaning at the stupidity of pretty much all of the characters.

Soon Geum aka the best thing about the drama has suddenly become all pathetic and needy. Why would she like a guy that is so nasty to her- has she forgotten how he packed her bags and kicked her out of the house in episode 2? Or the fact that he openly looks down at her as he truly believes he is better than her in every way? Oh yes, there is that little fact of him not recognising her at all after she put a little make up on and wore some nice clothes! If we were Soon Geum and we saw the drastically different manner in which he treats her in comparison to her alter ego Si Ah- it would be the nail in the coffin in making us realise that this guy is a conceited idiot that appears to care more about appearances and status than anything else. Where is this girl’s self respect and dignity when it comes to this man? Something major has to happen to humble the leading man and make him not only worthy of Soon Guem but also the audience because at this point- who actually wants to see him get his HEA?

For some strange reason we can’t connect or believe the friendship between the maids on 1st Street. We know exactly what’s going to happen at the end- we find out that the winning lottery ticket was actually the maid’s ticket and then they all equally share out the winnings and live happily ever after. Is it bad that we don’t want the other maids to get any of the money? Maybe it’s because we saw them turn on each other so quickly the last time they won some money… either way, we have a feeling this isn’t the way we’re suppose to feel about them.

Reason’s we’re dropping the drama:

-We hate the OTP.

-The storyline is far too slow and full of clichés- add a sick grandma to that list now- groan!

-The friendships in the drama feel contrived.

– Also you know it’s bad when the love rival isn’t even good enough to keep us interested.

It’s a real shame that this drama didn’t work out for us, it had a lot of potential and we really did want to like it. We guess we’ll stick to reading the recaps to see how it all pans out- We think it will be a lot less frustrating…hopefully!

Mid week Rambles

23 Mar
First up Maids

No offence to the makers of Maids and any fans out there of this future drama but why is it that we’ve got another drama with a plucky poor leading lady and a cold hearted chaebol? We wish that the Korean drama industry would be a little more daring at times, don’t get us wrong, we love a good poor girl/rich guy scenario (take- Boys before flowers, Secret Garden) but when potentially great dramas like What’s up! get shelved and dramas like Maids get aired…well let’s just say it’s annoying at times.

As much as we loved Jung Kyeo Woon in Loving you a thousand times, we don’t know about him being the lead in this drama. He’s a decent enough actor and has the cute puppy role done to a perfect T but when the drama is as simple and predicable as Maids is bound to be- the drama will need strong, charismatic leads to keep it afloat and well JKW just doesn’t cut it for us.  Look at Pasta as a key example- the writing and plotline was dull, unoriginal and never took off but we adored it because the OTP were delightful to watch together and that was down to the great acting ability of both Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Sun Gyun and the lovely chemistry they managed to create together.

We are more than happy to hold our hands up and admit when we’re wrong- it wouldn’t be the first time, so here’s hoping we’re wrong and that Maids is one of those unexpected gems that requires us to eat our words.

Also The Manny– WTF? It’s called The Manny – enough said. Groan*

Those drama writers, what will they come up with next?

Can you hear my heart?

Now this is what we’re talking about- a standard storyline with an interesting twist.

The leading man is deaf but pretends not to be and the leading lady is a smart girl who pretends to be dumb to spare the feelings of her father. Despite being a story about an OTP that come together through misunderstandings and conflicting issues like social backgrounds and emotional barriers at least there is a different element added to the mix to bring life and energy to a tired storyline that has been told in dramaland for far too long now.

 We definitely look forward to watching this drama when it airs next week.

Heartbroken club for three (this is old news but still…) – Go Soo is off the market…Nooooo.

 Not our beloved Go Soo!!! Sniff, sob, shakes fists*

Well there would have to be something seriously wrong with him if such a hot, smart guy like Go Soo remained single forever. We’re just glad he’s not gay. Hehe. 

2010 ~ End of Year Review

31 Dec

We watched far too many dramas this year…it’s a disease, so don’t judge us too much!

This year’s lot of dramas were disappointing to say the least- We think that’s the general consensus amongst most drama viewers- there were far too many dramas that started off so well and got you completely hooked from the start and then quickly descended into stupidity or frankly crap. That’s got to be the most annoying thing about it all…you get all excited and invest yourself in the drama only to be disappointed even more than you would have if it was rubbish from the start.
So here is a rundown of all of the dramas we managed to watch during 2010 with our general thoughts and feelings as well as our marks out of 10.

2010 Dramas that we completed:
Prosecutor Princess– The most unexpected drama love of 2010. We started it thinking it was going to be completely stereotypical, fluffy and possible annoying but we were so wrong. We completely and utterly fell for the characters- especially the leading lady who could have been so 2D but instead conveyed such sincerity and warmth that you can’t help but root for her. The story was also well structured, so compelling and by the end of it you will be sad to see it finish. Plus the relationship between the OTP was at once sticky, angst ridden and so sweet.

Definitely a must watch:

How much we liked it: 9/10- How good it was technically: 9/10

My Country Calls– Loved this drama so much!!! We hadn’t really seen a K-drama that we could label ‘comedy’ but we definitely found one in the form of this drama. Every episode will have you laugh at something; the script is what really stands out- solid, well written and so very funny.

Who knew that Ryu Jin could be so funny? He has to be the best thing about this drama, he stole every scene he was in.

Why don’t more people know about this gem of a drama? It’s definitely worth watching.

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 9/10

Cinderella Unni– Oh dear where do we start with this one… First 3/4 episodes were drama gold. So well written, acted and we were utterly hooked. Then they had a time leak and we went from mild disappointment to anger as the weeks past- WTF? Has to be the only response by the time you finish this drama. Don’t watch it; it’s a waste of time- life’s too short to watch multiple crying scenes and pathetic siblings fighting over nothing.

How much we liked it: 4/10- How good it was technically: 2/10

I am Legend– Don’t watch it! Don’t be fooled by the first couple episodes being reasonable good, the majority of it is really rubbish. The drama had elements that could have been really good; like a potentially hot OTP- completed wasted and not even resolved at the end. Really good friendship dynamics ruined by long winded court cases and a repulsive ex husband that gets redeemed. It’s angering just reflecting on it.

Only good thing about it is the OST.

How much we liked it: 2/10- How good it was technically: 3/10

Pasta– Sure nothing ever happened and it had to be the fluffiest drama of 2010 but still… we really liked it. It was the OTP that did it for us. We loved them as a couple- so much chemistry, charm and it was lovely watching them do nothing for far too many episodes. (Don’t judge us too much).

How much we liked it: 8/10- How good it was technically: 3/10

Pick the stars– This was a drama that we didn’t expect to enjoy but we found ourselves recapping weekly and most importantly finishing it. We really liked the leading lady, the kids and eventually the leading man (we hated him for the first few episodes!). However the drama was messy, had irrational love rivals and by the end of it we found ourselves glad that it had finished.

How much we liked it: 4/10- How good it was technically: 4/10

Mary stayed out all night– The most disappointing drama of 2010?? Well it certainly sounds like it from the forums, blogs and ratings. It’s a shame it could have been really good but instead it just missed the mark. We think we were more forgiving than most… we actually liked the lead OTP, fell hard for the pitiful LR and just went with the silliness that was the drama but yes, we too have to agree it really wasn’t that great.

How much we liked it: 6/10- How good it was technically: 2/10

Baker King-We gobbled this drama up like the greedy drama lovers that we are- obsessed, hooked and emotionally invested right to the end. We loved the leading man Tak Gu so much- such a lovely character to root for- strong, lovable and he sure tugged at our hearts. We confess we cried during both reunions between Tak Gu and his mother and father. The drama managed to have the perfect mix of drama, angst and warmth and we were completely satisfied by the end.

This is a prime example of how the classic K-drama scenarios can be done well and even though you’ve seen it all before- trust us, you will still be hooked.

Definitely worth the crazy high ratings!

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 8/10

Down with Love (T)- Oh dear- we know this is a fan favourite and yes it started off cute, funny and very watchable but honestly it could have been resolved in half the number of episodes and it really didn’t need so many flash back scenes from the same flipping episodes.

Pros- Jerry is hot. Neg- every thing else.

How much we liked it: 3/10- How good it was technically: 1/10

PS Man (T)-  We really loved every episode up until around episode 10 and then we suddenly got really annoyed at this stupid OTP- they had no reason not to be together!!! It was infuriating to watch. Plus when you’ve got the most perfect love rival waiting in the wings, it just makes it all the more annoying.

Best thing about it: If you’re looking for a good laugh- check out Blue Lan’s crazy hair and leopard print trousers he would wear on a regular basis. 

Also a love rival that got viewers so excited that there was even a public vote to get the writers to change the end. Love fan power.

How much we liked it:  (up to episode 10: 9/10) the rest of the drama 4/10- How good it was technically: 3/10

Autumn’s Concerto (T)- We were completely hooked with this drama, it had everything that we can’t resist: an OTP who shared amazing chemistry and a drama that loved to bring in as much angst that was physically possible per episode! The sad thing with this drama is that it was so good up to about episode 6 and then that dreaded time leap occurred and ruined it! From episode 6 onwards the drama slowed down and cut the hot angst, which is a total shame because it was sooo good at the start. That said- do we regret watching it? No way- definitely one of the better T-dramas of the year.

How much we liked it: 7/10- How good it was technically: 7/10


Previous year’s dramas that we completed this year:

Que Sera, Sera– LOVED IT!!! It was all about the OTP- so intense, angsty and addictive. Watch it.

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 9/10

Loving you a thousand Times– We were hooked from the start. Melodrama at its best. We avoid melodramas like the plague but this was done so well- Such a tight script, well acted and intense. We cried so much- our feelings for characters were so turbulent we went from hate to like in literally half an episodes- now that’s good writing.

How much we liked it: 9/10- How good it was technically: 8/10

Save the last dance for me– One of the older dramas we watched this year but it was really good. Although the drama had many predicable elements- we fell hard for the OTP- they were so sweet together and when you’ve got a OTP that you like enough- you can get past ridiculous memory loss scenarios and the fact that the end was pretty a complete rip off of the Hollywood movie- An Affair to remember.

How much we liked it: 8/10- How good it was technically: 7/10

Thank You– We cried so much! We were emotionally invested from the start- the story was so compelling and pulled at our heart strings so much. Not your standard K-drama- it’s got so much more depth, heart and it was steeped in reality.

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 9/10

Lawyers of Korea- It’s a nice way to past the time. It was funny, romantic and had a very sticky love square.

How much we liked it: 7/10- How good it was technically: 7/10

How to meet a perfect neighbour– We enjoyed it while we watched it- if you’re looking for a dramatic OTP (concubine bracelet *shudder), cunning Love rivals and greedy evil people- look no further, my friends.

How much we liked it: 6/10- How good it was technically: 8/10

Smile, You– Curse you greedy drama makers- you ruined this drama by adding a 15 episode extension! Seriously, we really enjoyed this drama with its adorable trouble free OTP, annoying but funny love rivals and entertaining family dynamics.

How much we liked it: 7/10- How good it was technically: 6/10

Pride (J) – We loved everything- that’s right everything! From the music, the bromance and the lovely OTP. For a 12 episode drama- they managed to get so much packed in.

Definitely a much watch J-drama.

How much we liked it: 10/10- How good it was technically: 10/10


2010 dramas we shelved for various reasons:

Sungkyunkwan Scandal– We definitely plan to finish this drama- we got to episode 12 and we still loved pretty everything about it. Then Baker King entered our lives and every other drama became a distant memory.

Queen of Reversals– We shelved Queen of Reversals because we didn’t like Tae Hee’s husband, we thought he was a complete idiot that didn’t really love his wife and the idea of watching this OTP was far too off putting BUT….news of an extension and Park Shi Hoo as a love interest, we may just need to tune in again. *giggles.

PSH must be a leading man’s nightmare- they must fear it every time he’s added to a drama list because seriously the guy managed to make himself a lead with sheer screen presence- man he’s good. We realised that Jung Joon Ho and Kim Seung Woowho was the leading man in How to meet the perfect neighbour are best friends in real life and if PSH gets upgraded to leading man (again) – that would mean that this set of best friends would both have been pushed aside from leading man because they can’t compete with the charms of PSH. How unlucky!

The woman who still wants to marry– We really enjoyed watching this drama when we were tuned in. It was hilarious at times, depicted great friendships and made us laugh out loud multiple times. However even though it was all of the above, it just didn’t hold our attention enough to complete.


2010 really was the year that could have been. So many dramas that had so much potential to be amazing but failed to deliver the goods! It wasn’t all bad we found dramas that were unexpected loves that have a special place in our drama viewing hearts. Here’s hoping that 2011 will be filled with more tear jerkers, angst filled, laugh out loud funny dramas.

Happy New Year! Love the MustHaveSubs Girls XxX

Pasta 19-20/ finale

25 Mar

Here is our selection of favourite moments from the show… well the ones we could be bothered to collect he-he. If you’ve seen the show many of the pics will be very familiar and we’re sure you loved the scenes as much as we did.

Our final thoughts from the show are a little mixed -don’t guess us wrong, we adored watching the show and don’t regret it at all. However if you are looking for a show with a lot of bite- a story with plot twists and endless amounts of drama- this is not it.

The story has no big evils or angst worthy love rivals. It’s simple a story about a guy and a girl who fall in love and their everyday issues they face together. However in this case this isn’t a bad thing- it’s so wonderfully put together: the acting, the writing and musicality is spot on. We loved the OTP so much; they are definitely the reason why this show was a success.  Overall the show was charming, funny and sweet.

We would recommend this drama for those looking for some light relief after watching a more heavy weight drama where the leading lady has died of cancer or half the cast were killed in a bloody war- you get the idea.

Don’t bother watching the show if you’re looking for traditional k-drama components- such as lots of angst, drama, insane love rivals, disapproving parents or social/ economic barriers- you’re in the wrong place: Pasta is as far away from the tradition format as it gets- that you may not ‘get’ the show at all, which is shame because it was a refreshing change for us. Like we mentioned in the last post, it was completely unnecessary to have the four episode extension and it resulted in the show being needlessly drawn out- which was a pity but strangely enough we won’t hold it against the show too much because after all it prolonged our viewing time with the cutest OTP we’ve seen together in ages.

On the whole we enjoyed the show so much and will undoubtedly miss it. L


Pasta: Episode 18

13 Mar


We finally managed to watch episode 18 of Pasta and we’re scared, we’re really scared! Only because episode 18 was a little like a filler episode when it really should be building up to the grand finale.

Don’t get us wrong it was fine- light, funny and it tied up loose ends here and there but it was a little flat in its context. This maybe because we’ve been watching other shows which are currently towards the end of their run and everything is getting a lot more intense in regards to the story line ect.

However we try to remind ourselves that Pasta isn’t your typical Korean drama. Hats off to the writers who didn’t succumb to peer pressure in reference to making the show more ‘traditional’ in format- what we mean is- a drama which has a big bad, crazy love rivals, annoying in laws and lots and lots of angst ect. This show is as mild as it gets, in a good way of course; it’s incredibly refreshing, fun and just great to watch. If it had a different leading couple, who might have had less chemistry and spark together it most definitely would have been a different story- the show’s most appealing quality is without a doubt the OTP:  Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Sun Gyun are so lovely to watch on screen together!

So we’re gutted the show has ended and we really, really hope that it ends with a high- if not we’ll cry…a lot.  Heres hoping that the subs will be available soon.

Pasta search

11 Mar

Where are all the subs hiding for Pasta 18-20?! It finished on Tuesday and we want to watch it NOW! Oh how cruel of Viikii for being so greedy with their subs in certain regions *sob!

Musthavesubs hearts Pasta too much.

Pasta episode 17

4 Mar

Pasta episode 17-

So glad it’s back to it’s lovely, charming, funny self gushing* at how much I adore this show. Gotta say episode 16 left me a tad bit disappointed, only because I had been spoilt rotten by previous episodes but happy to report its back yay!

-Could Eun Soo and Chef get any cuter together? The lolly pop scene was adorable.

-Loving practically every episode so far is a sign of a good show, fingers crossed it stays like that till next week’s finale

-Or else someone will pay! MahahaHAH