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Day 13: A Drama loved by many but you don’t seem to like

7 Feb

City Hunter. Yep, that’s right, Lee Min Ho kicking arse while looking ridiculously hot still isn’t enough to make us gaga over this drama. It’s strange our heads say we should love it but our hearts just don’t care.

We appear to feel completely indifferent to City Hunter and we haven’t a clue why. We’re aware that we are strictly in the minority and people must think we’re mad but this drama just didn’t work for us. It didn’t impact us emotionally at all. For us that crack factor wasn’t there and so we didn’t have that desire to tune in every week.

Maybe it was too polished for our liking and we just couldn’t relate to the OTP, who knows?  

The drama had all the components that should have really worked for us, like:

A hot leading man who was strong and compassionate and a little screwed up from his daddy issues.

A tough leading lady, who WASN’T annoying or required a slap.

A cute bromance between the leading man and his real OTP – his Ahjussi

But still… nothing. Nudda. Zilch.

That said, we did enjoy the fan service. Hehehe.


Office Girls – First impressions

11 Oct

How lucky is Alice Ke in this drama? She has Roy Qiu AND James Wen falling in love with her character. No fair.

It’s like the drama gods were listening to our fan girl gushes and have finally given us exactly what we want – Roy and James in the same drama. Hooray.

This naturally comes at a price- in this case, it’s the fact that James has some fugly hair problems that need to be attended to immediately and once again he’s the second lead that doesn’t get the girl – Again! When will your time come James? The up side is the fact that at least he isn’t playing a cheater in this drama.  Another downside is that Roy isn’t all broody and hot like he was in Easy Fortune Happy Life – the drama that made us fall in love with him in the first place but hell, he’s still not doing too badly as the adorable/ slightly dorky lead who we can’t wait to see become a man.

Alice Ke’s depiction of Xing Ren is likable enough. She’s naturally a penny pinching, hardworking woman who takes no nonsense. Of course, Tdramas don’t have their leading ladies any other way- it’s like a drama law. We already love her interaction with Roy’s Zi Qi. They have the bickering, friendly banter down perfectly and we’re only on episode 1.  They also happen to be quite funny together as well, something we didn’t really expect from either character prior to tuning in to this drama, so that’s definitely a pleasant surprise. More importantly, we sense the potential for HOT chemistry between the OTP. We’re hoping that it’s not just wishful thinking or overactive imaginations on our part. Sadly it wouldn’t be the first time.  Hehehe.

Apart from loving the cast, we like pretty much everything else about this drama so far. We like the concept – its very old school in the: will he/ won’t he succeed scenario? Will he be able to keep his true identity from everyone around him? Plus how will he fall in love with the ordinary but kind hearted girl when the hot girl with greedy intentions is throwing herself at him? 

This drama doesn’t have anything too innovative going for it but the pace, the feel and the OTP keep it floating along nicely. First impressions: So far so good.

Plus, did we mention we love Roy?

Weekend Rambles

20 Feb

49 Days- excited!

First off- promo shots for 49 days are out and all we can say is: YES PLEASE!

Bae Soo Bin- we love you- our favourite love rival (Shining Inheritance) and that smile, those earnest eyes…sigh*

Also Death is played by Jung II Woo- yum. So pretttty. Yes we’re aware we’re being completely perverted and superficial and what? Please note we’re not hormonal 12 year old girls. We just occasionally like to act like it.

Aside from man perving, we’re really excited about the concept and how there is so much potential to be really original and move away from the traditional K-drama set up that feels so outdated and artificial.

My Princess:

We hadn’t officially acknowledged it but yes we have indeed dropped My Princess. The cut off point for us was episode 6/7 where we realised that, this drama wasn’t working for us and we better get out before we’ve invested too much time and feel obliged to complete the drama (UGH- I am Legend.)  Funny enough, we think that was a lot of peoples cut off point as the ratings dropped drastically. We have been keeping up to date with recaps and they do nothing but make us grateful for using our instincts and dropping this timewaster, seriously, our lives don’t need to be wasted with so much fluffy, confused drivel! As cute as the OTP are, there is only so many episodes that a drama can ride on the ‘cute factor’ and then after that we require some substances…like a plot that doesn’t revolve around two grownups that act like weird freaks that gasp at their hands accidently (on purpose) brushing or a OTP that go between hate and love in a space of five minutes. We were thinking about the last time we watched a half decent RomCom and for the life of us we can’t think of one.

This drama may have been good, say three years ago but now it feels so old fashioned and unoriginal. As drama viewers in 2011, we think that we’ve well and truly seen the best we’re going to get out of the RomCom genre because anything produced now will automatically be something we’ve already seen like a million times before. The reason why dramas like My Girl and My name is Kim Sam Soon are so loved is because they were the first of their kind and will hold a special place in drama viewers hearts years later but ask yourself this: If you watched either drama in 2011, would you like them as much as you did the first time? Doubt it.

Cyrano Dating Agency:

We watched Cyrano Dating Agency hoping that all the hype would suffice and  we might actually find a half decent Korean movie but sadly for us the search continues. First 10 minutes were great, funny, interesting and very fresh but after that it was so boring that we blanked out multiple times before we literally turned to each other and questioned what the hell are we watching!?

Our advice- avoid, it’s not worth the hype.


A Valentine for our Drama Boyfriends

14 Feb

Happy Valentines to all! 

Beware this is completely self indulgent and girly. *giggles

Last year we commiserated our favourite Love rivals that failed to get the girl, but this year it’s all about our numerous drama boyfriends- old and new…a girl can dream right?

First off, something that made us want to gag and reach for the sick bucket but at the same time we couldn’t help but enjoy all the cheesiness on show. Plus when Boyfriend no.1 –Choi Siwon looks super (no pun intended) adorable in this MV, how’s a girl to resist?
Boyfriend no.2– Hyun Bin in Secret Garden– He literally died for her! Enough said. Okay maybe not- did we forget to mention the man tears, the intense ‘I’m going to rip your clothes off’ stares and the amazing ability to look good in a fugly sequinned tracksuit?!

Boyfriend no. 3 Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s Crazy Horse. Please note that we don’t find Yoo Ah In attractive at all in real life but as Crazy horse we adored him completely. What’s not to love about a mask crusader who hiccups uncontrollably around females? We loved him.


Boyfriend no. 4 – TOP (Big Bang and Iris) – TOP is strictly and possessively loved by Shams. Her fan girl ways are embarrassing and irrational when it comes to this guy- who loves to glare and occasional have really bad silver hair. (wtf is that about TOP? Shams may be able to forgive you but the rest of us can’t!)

 Boyfriend no. 5– Park Shi Hoo – The only drama actor alive that has managed to steal TWO leading men’s role from behind, plus look at him, he’s adorable.
Boyfriend no. 6Smile, You’s Jung Kyung Ho as Kang Hyun Su aka our Beta boyfriend. The perfect example of a Beta boyfriend who is at once smart, geeky and strangely attractive.


We mustn’t forget RoRo’s all time boyfriend – Big Bang’s Daesung. Muhahahah. What a hunk.  

Oh Drama boyfriends, we love so. *sigh.

The year of the have-a-go actor in drama land

24 Dec

As we’ve previously mentioned this year has had some highs but mostly lows in regards to drama quality. We noticed that there have been lots of idol stars/ pop band members branching out into the big bad world of K-dramas with some mixed reviews.  We couldn’t help but also notice that the upcoming K-drama Dream high has pretty much every have-a-go actor going and we fear that it will either be okay or really, really bad. We’re hoping for the latter. Hehe.

The idea of band members branching into acting sends shivers down our spines with visual images of OTT circus style acting or worse wooden, expressionless acting and previous years have done little to put us at ease.

However surprisingly 2010 hasn’t been a bad year for these have- a- go- actors. In fact we’re quite impressed by some- which is such a shame because we really wanted to mock away and laugh at how bad they are. Muhaha

The ones we wanted to hate but actually did an upstanding job and can return again!

-The most surprising boy bander would have to be JYJ’S Mickey Yoochan aka the biggest boy band in the world. He played the lead in this year’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal.  This guy has never acted before, little lone play a lead in a much buzzed about fusion drama. The results…not bad. Frankly he played a stiff, robotic type of character but still, it’s impressive that he managed to hold his own against such a stellar cast of actors. Also his chemistry with his leading lady was so good that there was far too much speculation on whether they were an item in real life. Come on when you’ve got fans gossiping- you know you’re doing a good job. Nice work!

-Hero also from JYJ- He was in this year’s J-drama Hard to say I love you and in our opinion the guy was really great! First off it was a Japanese drama, second he was playing a rather sad, complicated character and lastly did we mention it was Japanese!? The drama was really disappointing and descended into annoying territory really quickly but he still held his own and definitely made the most of a poor script. Plus we think he’s hot!

-2PM’s Taecyeon in Cinderalla Unni as the adorable Jung Woo. We loved pretty much everything about him- from the way he would look at the completely screwed up Eun Jo, his cute country accent to how all he wanted to do was protect her and make the crap hole that was her life better. Man we’re suckers for a good LR and he delivered the goods.

– Choi Si Won- Our beloved Si Won from Super Junior was upgraded to leading man in this year’s Oh! My lady. Aside from giving us lots of fan service with a wide range of topless scenes and being provided with a really cute accessory in the form of a daughter- he was actually really good in this drama. Yep a have-a-go-actor that held his own against heavyweights including Chae Rim may definitely return.

OMG- choco abs alert! how insane is that body.

-Clazziquai’s Horan and Alex- The musical duo both stepped away from music to be in two dramas  we happened to watch this year and again- they didn’t make us want to scratch their eyes out and write hate posts about how bad they are.

Alex played it safe with his role as an extremely shy and the typical ‘perfect’ LR in Pasta. He was okay, a bit wooden but he’s forgiven because he character was a little on the bland side anyway and he was completely inoffensive.

Horan, on the other hand was great in the underrated My Country Calls. Once again playing a LR but we couldn’t hate her, as much as wanted to. She was tough, honest and actually made us laugh at times. Also she provided us with the funniest fight scene against the leading lady we’ve seen in ages.

People that should stick to what they’re good at and avoid dramas all together:

-Kim Hyun Joong- aka Ji Hoo Sunbae:


Dear Kim Hyun Joong,

We were willing to forgive and forget your amazing impression of an Android in Boys before Flowers but why, why hadn’t you taken our advice and gotten yourself a decent acting coach!?

Love, The Musthavesubs girls. Xxx

P.S- RoRo loves you despite everything and wants to see more of you.

P.PS. Shaps and Shams thinks she needs help.

He was just as bad in Playful Kiss and to make matters worse he was playing a teenager in a school uniform with a 5 o’clock shadow! KHJ is really great in his band SS501 and when we watch him perform we suddenly understand why he has so many fan girls. The question is why mess with that?

Please find below a rare example of a video where KHJ can actually act:

Pervert’s Gallery 2: Music edition – M/V

27 Mar

Can’t really have a music edition of Pervert’s gallery without alittle music- plus you get to see them in action!

Classic Killers- Jadore.

Yes thats right- Hero is Topless haha!

Big Bang classic- lots of T.O.P and Roro’s man Daesung muhahah.

Pervert’s Gallery 2: Music edition

27 Mar

Super Junior’s Si Won– Shap’s bit on the side- Yum!

DBSK’S Hero– He can sing, dance and act- there must be something wrong with him! He is HOT.

The Killer’s Brandon Flowers– Our only non Asian addition to the list (shocking we know) We’ve been Killer’s fans since the beginning and Shaps has been madly in love ever since. Even though he wears more eyeliner than her (btw she wears alot!) and went through that awful phase of having that horrible moustache, she still stood by her man, now that’s real love!

Big Bang’s T.O.P– Ever since Sham’s caught a glimpse of his evil stony glare, she was hooked. It is beyond Shap’s comprehension why- but there you go. Shams loves TOP too much!

F4’S Jerry Yan– Okay, Okay we know we’re pushing it here by having him again but come on – look at him, he’s soo hot. Swoon*

Ro Ro’s Men– hahhahahaha!

(Laughed too hard looking for pics!)



Pervert’s Gallery 2010

20 Mar

(We had too much fun while looking for pictures!)


Ji Sung- The prince charming of the Korean drama world, loved you oh so much in Save the Last dance for me!


Bae So Bin- Oh how we love you: So handsome with those earnest eyes AHHHHH Fell in love with him in Shinning Inheritance.

Go Soo- Hot and smart, there must be something wrong with him. Old school handsome. Although we hated Will it snow for Christmas? You made it all the more bearable with your hotness *giggles uncontrollably*

Shin Dong Wook- How we adored this guy so much in Soulmate!!


 Gong Yoo- even though you are cross eyed we fell in love with your character in Coffee Prince; how can resist tormented angst at its best.


Jerry Yan- We didn’t realize how hot you were until we watched Down with Love, where have you been hiding? hehehe