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Sometimes all you need is an old school drama to keep the doctor away…

7 Feb

The Musthavesubs girls are all sick and unfortunately for us it isn’t pretty! We’ve abandoned school/ work and found ourselves wrapped in blankets sneezing and coughing our way through the last couple of days.

What is a girl to do when she is hurled up in bed unable or unwilling to do much?

Yep, you guessed it – watch a drama!

However when you’re this sick, it’s hard to focus on the subtitles, the plot or appreciate the cool/ breezy style the director is trying to portray, so times like this provides us with the perfect opportunity to raid the back catalogue and go all old school. Yay.

Sometimes all you need are your favourite drama tropes to make you feel better. It’s familiar and safe but still has the ability to make you turn into the worst type of fangirl around. Sickness be damned.

Here are our top five favourite old school drama tropes that remind us why we love dramas so much:

1. Poor girl meets super rich chaebol – Come on, it’s a classic!

Okay it’s been done to death over the years but who doesn’t love the idea of Lee Min Ho, Roy Qiu or some other hot actor stepping up and falling madly in love with some poor but brilliant girl that could be you!? Who doesn’t want to see them defy all odds – crazy parents, jealous ex girlfriends and their own stupidity to win the girl and get their happily ever after? Sign us up, we’re sold.

2. When hate turns to love – watch out for the fly kicks, death threats and other delightful pre-romantic interludes

We love when writers have the OTP hate each other at the start of a drama. Sometimes we love this more than the HEA. This is where you see all the magic. Their verbal sparring, their unspoken hot sexual tension and the anticipation of what is to come – the romance! The slow but obvious build up of friendship and romance is always a pleasure to witness. We love watching their insane and often hilarious interactions as they keep finding themselves at odds and somehow thrown together in ‘random’ situations. Of course they are, it’s a drama!

We really hope that this drama trope never becomes unpopular because we sure would miss all that fun, silly banter between the OTP.

3. The perfect love rival – the leading lady never had it so good!

Yes, yes, we have a ridiculous soft spot for love rivals and we need help but we can’t help ourselves. It’s only because we know that they get their hearts broken and lose the girl by the end of the drama. How can we not feel sorry for them?


What is a drama without that secondary character waiting in the wings to sweep in and take care of the leading lady when she needs it most? For us, a drama without a love rival isn’t a true drama. Yes, they can be annoying, frustrating and make you want to punch them in the face but they’re a necessity that you need to accept comes with the package. They are like Brussels spouts at Christmas, not to every ones liking but a must nevertheless.

4. She has twelve jobs, goes to school and doesn’t take your shit – Give us an old school, tough leading lady any day.

We adore old school leading ladies of yesteryear with their multiple jobs, unreliable parents, tough attitudes but kind personas. Yes, she’s dirt poor but has the latest mobile phone and  really cute clothes/ accessories but she’s earned it. Plus  the poor thing will suffer so much more before she gets her happily ever after, so leave her alone.

As much as damaged, silent leading ladies are interesting. Or ambitious, smart ones make us appreciate them. We would happily watch a good old fashion fighter that never gives up and uses her courage, sarky wit and lovable charm to seize the day and get her man.

5. If you looked that good as a boy, wouldn’t you try it? – Cross dressing your way to a HEA

You would think watching a girl dress up as a boy and lie to her OTP would get boring after a couple dramas but no, it hasn’t and we have a feeling it won’t.

It’s all about the delicious angst and the conflicting feelings running through the leading man’s head. This particular drama trope works so well for us because it’s one of the few genres where the writer really develops the friendship between the OTP before it moves onto the romance. The leading man falls first and foremost for his friend – a person, rather than a pretty girl and isn’t that lovely for us fangirls to witness? Sighs*

Classic dramas = the best form of medicine for drama junkies

We feel better already 🙂


Six reasons why we shouldn’t love dramas but still do anyway…

16 Apr

With one sister on self imposed lockdown due to exam season, it looks like the Musthavesubs girls are going to be deprived of our favourite habit for awhile. Well for as long as our self control can last and between you and us…that won’t be long. Hey, they don’t call it an addiction for no reason. Hehehe.

To keep us on the straight and narrow- here is our top 6 cons list for being a drama addict:

1. Sleep deprivation! You have the real risk of turning up to work/ school looking like a panda bear because you have been up all night devouring your new crack drama and the worst thing is: you don’t care!

2. Your drama habit makes you think that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if you were a cross dressing nun/ barista/ student. On what planet is this okay?

3. You find yourself spending far too much time on dramawiki and watching drama MVs on YouTube. Sadly for us, we have lost many hours watching MVs. Come on, one is never enough.

4. Guys in really tight clothes (possible women’s wear) and far too much makeup suddenly look okay. Once upon a time we liked our men to look like real men but since joining the dark side – we would happily share our hair products with them. We draw a line at makeup though, we do have standards.  


Hahaha, this photo is so funny.

5. You spend your day at work/ school daydreaming about your new drama addiction and wondering whether subs will be available when you get home. When they are, you spend even longer waiting for it to fecking well buffer. It can’t be just us that have nearly destroyed a computer, waiting for a drama to hurry up and buffer already?

6. We sigh a heavy sigh, as we wonder when our very own emotionally stunted, rich chaebol with rock up and declare himself our OTP. We don’t even mind the dreaded wrist grap. Damn you, dramas what have you done to us that we don’t even mind a frigging wrist grab!?

Shit, this was meant to help but instead we want our drama fix now. Sob*

Wish us luck, we think we may need it.

Day 10: A Drama which made you so sad

4 Feb

There are many dramas that make us sad for various reasons.

For example those amazing dramas that started off so well and then turned into utter crap. Ahem, we’re talking about you: Will it snow for Christmas, I am Legend and Cinderella Unni! Or worse, those bad dramas that you gave a shot despite your better judgement but only made you regret it. Ugh, we hate those dramas.

We have to admit we try and avoid most sad dramas because for us, watching dramas is our way of escaping real life and well frankly who wants to be miserable when you don’t have to be?

People ask us all the time, why don’t we watch historical dramas, you’ll love them and we always say the same thing, we can’t handle them. They are often too intense and far too tragic. The drama won’t just kill a character, they will do it in the most violent, horrible way possible and well, we’d rather avoid that. We’ve watched Brave Heart, we get the picture.

The same goes for melodramas, it’s rare that we would watch a melodrama because we can’t stomach all the crying, the pain and watching a character that we have grown to love die at the last hurdle. No thanks, give us a romcom any day over that!

That said, a couple melodramas how slipped through the net and we confess we really enjoyed watching them, despite needing a giant box of tissues and a mop to wipe up the tears we shed.

The drama that really comes to mind for this topic is MARS.

We loved this drama so much. The only time we would rewatch it, is on one of those dark days where you are so depressed that you need to wallow in your own misery until you feel better.

When you’re feeling like that, is it just us or do you find that watching a happy drama where characters are laughing and in love just makes you more depressed and only watching people worse off will do the trick?  Does that make us sound twisted?

Mars was incredibly dark and the characters were so utterly broken and scarred. It is intense viewing and we adored it from start to finish. It was one of those rare treats where the characters were all written and acted beautifully and your heart just ached for them as they suffered through the drama. The OTP were so different from each other. They were both damaged goods that came together and took solace from the world in their love and watching their romance blossom despite the odds was so fascinating for us.

Yes, it’s depressing and we’re not likely to rewatch it anytime soon (hopefully). However, it’s definitely a drama that all drama viewers need to watch at one point because it’s a standout classic in our opinion that is just brilliant viewing. Trust us, you’ll love it.

Other scenes from dramas that made us so sad:

Shining Inheritance:

There is a scene in the drama where Eun Soo is so desperate and broken that she takes her brother to high wall and tries to commit suicide with him. The scene made us so utterly sad as we watched the leading lady reach her breaking point after trying so hard to keep it together. This scene always stands out in our minds because the scene was so emotionally charged and intense that it impacted us in the way that only a good drama can do.

Scent of a Woman:

This drama made us cry a lot. Come on it’s a drama about a woman dying of Cancer! The scene that nearly destroyed out tear ducts was a scene with the love rival Eun Sook begging the leading lady to live after one of his patients passed away from Cancer. The scene was soooo good because Eun Sook had been trying to keep it together for 14 episodes and so watching him breakdown was heartbreaking for us. The poor guy had so much pressure on him already – the leading lady was not only the woman he loved but also his patient. He doesn’t even get the girl at the end, that’s just cruel!

Loving you a Thousand times:

This drama is just a weepfest of agony. Where do we start… there is her suicide attempt, her baby being taken away from her, her husband abandoning her, her cancer… the list goes on. It’s horrible and will make you cry a lot. Avoid this drama unless you’re feeling miserable.

Oh the tears!

Day 6: Your Worst Drama Couple

30 Jan

As the biggest romantics and OTP shippers out there, a bad OTP is the one thing we can’t tolerate. As a result we’ve been quite lucky in avoiding bad drama couples who need to be murdered or have their eyes scratched out for being really annoying or just plain dumb. The only time we’ve had to suffer the wrath of a bad drama couple is when we’ve been lulled in by their initial hot chemistry or how good they look together. Yes, we are indeed suckers!

Our choice for Worst couple is: P.S MAN – He Jie and Xiao Qian

How can a couple have so much chemistry but be utterly frustrating and annoying at the same time?! UGH

Don’t be fooled by the MV – trust us when we say it’s all show and no action.

We blame the writers completely for wasting what could have been an unbelievably hot OTP. The OTP in P.S Man spent 21 episodes going back and forth – doubting each other, accusing each other and yes, lusting after each other in a vicious cycle of pure annoyance for any viewer that had the misfortune to be sucked in by them.

We would have dropped this drama after the initial repetitive pattern of them confessing their love one moment and then taking it back the next, if it wasn’t for James Wen stepping in and saving the drama.

Enter the HOT LOVE RIVAL that changed everything.

The audience got so frustrated by the OTP that there was even an official poll created to decide who the leading lady should get together with. Clearly, Blue Lan’s He Jie wasn’t fairing too well in the popularity stakes and who can blame us? He was weak and a complete coward. How hard is it to confess your true feelings to the girl you love!!!? We know that Tdramas like to drag storylines out but still… the guy was keeping the florist industry in business with the number of bouquets he brought to confess his love every week, only for him to chicken out right at the last hurdle.

There got to a point in the drama where we sat there wondering why the hell they weren’t together already. They had no real excuse to be apart, aside from the fact that she was insecure and he was a coward. No evil villains scheming in the background, no crazy mother in laws…nothing.

We grew to hate the OTP even more as the drama progressed because the leading lady strung along possibly the sweetest love rival out there. The biggest kick in the teeth was the fact that we not only saw our love rival get his heartbroken over the pathetic leading lady but he had to be the one to finally get the OTP together. Seriously, hasn’t he suffered enough!?

It took something as elaborate and over the top as a staged kidnapping courtesy of the love rival to bring them together. Come on, you’ve got to be kidding us.

Our advice: Avoid this drama – this couple will give you a headache.
Other drama couples we hated: Easy fortunate, happy life: He killed her grandmother!!!