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Sometimes all you need is an old school drama to keep the doctor away…

7 Feb

The Musthavesubs girls are all sick and unfortunately for us it isn’t pretty! We’ve abandoned school/ work and found ourselves wrapped in blankets sneezing and coughing our way through the last couple of days.

What is a girl to do when she is hurled up in bed unable or unwilling to do much?

Yep, you guessed it – watch a drama!

However when you’re this sick, it’s hard to focus on the subtitles, the plot or appreciate the cool/ breezy style the director is trying to portray, so times like this provides us with the perfect opportunity to raid the back catalogue and go all old school. Yay.

Sometimes all you need are your favourite drama tropes to make you feel better. It’s familiar and safe but still has the ability to make you turn into the worst type of fangirl around. Sickness be damned.

Here are our top five favourite old school drama tropes that remind us why we love dramas so much:

1. Poor girl meets super rich chaebol – Come on, it’s a classic!

Okay it’s been done to death over the years but who doesn’t love the idea of Lee Min Ho, Roy Qiu or some other hot actor stepping up and falling madly in love with some poor but brilliant girl that could be you!? Who doesn’t want to see them defy all odds – crazy parents, jealous ex girlfriends and their own stupidity to win the girl and get their happily ever after? Sign us up, we’re sold.

2. When hate turns to love – watch out for the fly kicks, death threats and other delightful pre-romantic interludes

We love when writers have the OTP hate each other at the start of a drama. Sometimes we love this more than the HEA. This is where you see all the magic. Their verbal sparring, their unspoken hot sexual tension and the anticipation of what is to come – the romance! The slow but obvious build up of friendship and romance is always a pleasure to witness. We love watching their insane and often hilarious interactions as they keep finding themselves at odds and somehow thrown together in ‘random’ situations. Of course they are, it’s a drama!

We really hope that this drama trope never becomes unpopular because we sure would miss all that fun, silly banter between the OTP.

3. The perfect love rival – the leading lady never had it so good!

Yes, yes, we have a ridiculous soft spot for love rivals and we need help but we can’t help ourselves. It’s only because we know that they get their hearts broken and lose the girl by the end of the drama. How can we not feel sorry for them?


What is a drama without that secondary character waiting in the wings to sweep in and take care of the leading lady when she needs it most? For us, a drama without a love rival isn’t a true drama. Yes, they can be annoying, frustrating and make you want to punch them in the face but they’re a necessity that you need to accept comes with the package. They are like Brussels spouts at Christmas, not to every ones liking but a must nevertheless.

4. She has twelve jobs, goes to school and doesn’t take your shit – Give us an old school, tough leading lady any day.

We adore old school leading ladies of yesteryear with their multiple jobs, unreliable parents, tough attitudes but kind personas. Yes, she’s dirt poor but has the latest mobile phone and  really cute clothes/ accessories but she’s earned it. Plus  the poor thing will suffer so much more before she gets her happily ever after, so leave her alone.

As much as damaged, silent leading ladies are interesting. Or ambitious, smart ones make us appreciate them. We would happily watch a good old fashion fighter that never gives up and uses her courage, sarky wit and lovable charm to seize the day and get her man.

5. If you looked that good as a boy, wouldn’t you try it? – Cross dressing your way to a HEA

You would think watching a girl dress up as a boy and lie to her OTP would get boring after a couple dramas but no, it hasn’t and we have a feeling it won’t.

It’s all about the delicious angst and the conflicting feelings running through the leading man’s head. This particular drama trope works so well for us because it’s one of the few genres where the writer really develops the friendship between the OTP before it moves onto the romance. The leading man falls first and foremost for his friend – a person, rather than a pretty girl and isn’t that lovely for us fangirls to witness? Sighs*

Classic dramas = the best form of medicine for drama junkies

We feel better already 🙂


End of Year Drama Review – 2012

31 Dec

Another year down and another end of year post – Thanks for everyone that dropped by and read our fangirling, ranting and rambles this year. We thought this post would be short and sweet but by the time we had gathered all of our thoughts on 2012’s drama offerings we had somehow created this mega drama post that sort of took on a life of it’s own, so we hope you enjoy it and of course, please feel free to add your own thoughts, it’s always more fun with company!

2012 reveiw banner

2012 was a really busy year for us. We didn’t watch as much as we wanted and certainly didn’t blog as often as we wish we could. Which is a shame because we adore nothing more than sitting down and fangirling our way through dramas. Having less time to dedicate to our habit and becoming more picky over the years has meant that we have physically watched fewer dramas this year and have found that we have shelved more dramas than ever before.

This years offerings have been a lovely combination of the good, the bad and the dramas you wish you could erase from your memory. With cable dramas holding their hold and giving the mainstream networks a run for their money, we’re pleased with the vast number of options we’ve had this year as well as a positive shift towards dramas pushing the boundaries in terms of genres and plots on offer, which is always a good thing in our book. With two of our favorite dramas of 2012 coming from cable networks, we certainly look forward to see what they can offer us next year, so come on cable give us some goodies in 2013!

Below is our list of noteworthy dramas we’ve assembled from everything we’ve seen and shelved in 2012.

Completed dramas in 2012:

Korean dramas:

Answer Me 1997 – The jewel in our 2012 drama crown

Despite completing this drama very recently it still finished off the year as our favourite drama of 2012.

For us Answer Me 1997 felt like it was made with so much love. The writing is heartfelt, seamless and by the time it ended we knew we had finished something special. Something that would stay with us for a very long time. As drama viewers we watch plenty of dramas throughout the year all in anticipation that it will be ‘the one’ and guess what folks, Answer Me 1997 is it!

Funny, romantic, sweet and old school in the best way possible. Watch it, you will love it.

Wild Romance – the prize for the worst hair cut goes to….

Okay, this drama was all over the place. At first it was pee your pants hilarious. It was wacky, zany and so much fun to watch. We didn’t know that Lee Dong Wook was capable of being so funny and more importantly who knew that he could work a porno moustache but he did! Sadly, the drama took a dark, moody twist where the lead lost her spunk and became all needy and pathetic and the story went from silly fun to downright creepy with a crazy stalker.

The genre change gave us a little whiplash but despite that, the drama is well worth checking out especially if you’re a Lee Dong Wook fan.

Me too, flower – Our messy pick of the year

Technically this drama was a mess. The plot fell apart towards the end and the characters lost their spark. However, the OTP kept us coming back week after week. We loved them, they felt like a real couple to us. They were two very screwed up characters that came together and were somehow functional as a couple. When everything else was a mess in this drama, this couple somehow made it alright. Both actors were brilliant, especially Yoon Shi Yoon. He was all wrong for the part but  he managed to carry this mountain of mess and made it work.

If you’re looking for an unexpectedly good OTP then look no further.

Nice Guy – The prize for the most screwed up couple goes to…

This drama was dark, depressing and intense. The writing, the acting and the way it was filmed was brilliant. That said, what was wrong with every single character in this drama???!!! Our heads hurt trying to rationalize their insane actions and there were multiple times when we wanted to punch a few of these characters in the face.

Reasons to tune in: Song Joong Ki

We’ve waited for so long to see him as a leading man in a drama and he delivered in spectacular fashion. Of course he was all kinds of hot but his acting was also wonderful. We look forward to his future projects where hopefully he doesn’t annoy the hell out of us.

If you like your dramas dysfunctional and screwed up in perfect Kdrama style, this one ticks all the right boxes.

Queen In Hyun’s Man – A nearly perfect moment in time

Nearly but not quite there.

2012 is most certainly the year of the time travelling drama and this drama is definitely up there as one to watch. We loved everything about this drama, it was beautifully executed, the OTP owned us completely and the plot was excellent throughout its run and then came that ending. Sighs* It was almost too good to be true and we were hoping that this would be that rare drama that was perfect but sadly the ending left a distinctly bitter taste in our mouths.

A lot of people loved the ending but for us it felt like a cope out. It was far too convenient and it killed some of the magic for us.

Don’t get us wrong, we gave this drama 9.5 out of 10, so we’re not going to complain that much, it’s just that it was sooooo close to being that perfect drama for us. The rare gem that we would love forever and having seen so many dramas of the years now, it’s no easy challenge to fall in that category.

Watch this drama, you won’t regret it, in our opinion it is one of the best romantic dramas to come out in a long time.

A Gentleman’s Dignity – Overgrown boys, bratty sisters who needed a slap and the realisation that we have no idea why we bothered tuning in…

Seriously, thinking back now, we don’t know what drew us to watch this Ahjussi drama where pretty much nothing happened across 20 episodes.

All we can really remember about this drama is our very strong desire to murder Im Me Ah Ri. She was a freaking grown woman that acted like a spoilt brat that cried and stomped her feet throughout the drama’s run. Groan*

The drama has left no real impact on us as viewers and there are no real moments that stick out from the dramas run.

Would we recommend it??? We’re not sure, we can’t actually remember.

Japanese Dramas:

Rich Man, Poor Woman – Our unexpected crush goes to…

This was our favourite (and only completed) Jdrama of 2012. It reminded us exactly why we love Jdramas and that maybe we shouldn’t give up on them just yet.

As well as being our favourite Jdrama, it also opened our eyes to Oguri Shun – why, why have we failed to notice this guy before???

The winner for unexpected crush of the year most definitely goes to Oguri Shun. He oozed chemistry, charm and strangely worked dodgy haircuts. Trust us, this drama has made fangirls out of us. heheh.

Back to the drama – the story was a simple love story between a socially awkward millionaire genius and a smart graduate who happened to end up working together and of course falling in love. The plot and the execution of the story was nothing to write home back but it was a pleasure to tune into every week. We were comfortable in the knowledge that the drama would make us smile and satisfy our  fluffy drama needs in the best way possible.

If you’re looking for a decent Jdrama look no further, this one will steal your heart.

Taiwanese Dramas:

Skip Beat! – Our surprise delight of the year

Who would have thought that this would be the only Tdrama we completed in 2012? Definitely not us!

The drama had so much going against it – a very loyal and obsessive fan base for the manga, two Korean actors in a Tdrama – wtf?, terrible dubbing and our expectations in the gutter before we even began.

The drama wasn’t a ratings winner but we adored it. Once the drama fixed the dubbing issue and found their feet, this drama was great fun. Ivey Chen was fantastic as the crazy but lovable leading lady and Siwon made us even bigger fangirls after his brilliant performance as Ren/ Du He Lian. He played cold and damaged so well. Considering he could only act using his facial expressions, he was pretty wonderful.

When a drama has a broody Siwon and Donghae looking hot being bad – what are you waiting for?

Shelved Dramas:

Miss Rose – Another Roy Qiu drama we just couldn’t finish..

We know, we know, what is wrong with us? It’s not you Roy, it’s just everything else that ruins it for us!

Why are all of Roy’s leading ladies so hesitate to fall in love with this HOT HOT man? Why do we have to sit through so many episodes watching these annoying leading ladies cry over past loves or cry over the fact that they are scared/ poor/ stupid???

We were so excited by this drama but it got draggy so quickly. We wanted to love it but we just couldn’t.

We have no doubt we will one day finish a Roy drama but until then we’re more than happy  to keep watching perving our way through all of his dramas until we find one. heheh

Shut up flower boy band – The best cameo in a drama goes to…

Oh, Lee Min Ki you came and went so quickly but we’re pretty sure that you made everyone that watched miss you just a little bit.

Not completing this drama is strictly an oversight on our part. All of the ten episodes we completed were brilliant. The drama was so good we made a freaking GIF out of the famous hug scene and considering we’re incredibly technically challenged that’s definitely saying something!

Life happened and we just never got around to finishing the drama. Maybe this drama will be in next year’s review or may be not…

I need Romance 2012 – When love rivals make you switch off

We switched off for one reason only – the loval rival made us want to vomit into the nearest waste basket. He was so sickly sweet and was such a soppy puppy that we just wanted to kick him. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that he shared ZERO chemistry with the leading lady. How is that possible – two attractive, young actors and still they failed to generate any chemistry between them- none, zero, zilch, how???

The King 2 Hearts – We know what you’re thinking, are we mad???

Yes, yes, we hold our hands up and question our sanity and poor taste in dramas for not having the desire to complete this drama. It just didn’t click for us. We didn’t have that emotional connection with the characters and as a result didn’t really care what happened to them.

Plus, watching the leading man shot his OTP in the chest sort of kills the romance for us. Just saying…

Big – The biggest disappointment of the year?? Possibly, maybe, yes…

How is it possible that the Hong Sisters could make such a boring drama???

Why did Gong Yoo  have to look so damn hot in this drama?

 (you’re welcome)

For that reason alone, we’re gutted this drama was a complete waste of time. Sob*

Other notable dramas for 2012:

Rooftop Prince – The other time travel drama


What is with his horrible hair???

It was a toss up between this and Queen In Hyun’s Man at the time and we picked the latter. Frankly was there any point starting another time travel drama after you’ve completed something that was so nearly perfect? Anything we watched after that epic, romantic drama would have just been crap.

Gaksital/ The Moon that embraces the Sun – When leading men turn you off…

Sorry Kim Soo Hyun and Joo Won, we’re just not fans.



– We’re sorry!!!!!

It’s the strangest thing. Pretty much everyone loves these guys with a passion but we just need to know their name is attached to drama and it’s a pass from us.

Maybe we will grow out of it like we did with Hyun Bin but until then it will take something seriously special to make us tune in or a shiny sequined tracksuit…

Time Slip Dr. Jin – We found the car wreck of the year

Thankfully we saved ourselves from this nightmare. We confess that it was endless fun reading the hilarious bitching and disgust at this poor excuse of a drama. Muhahah.

Final rambles for 2012

As you can probably tell from this post, this year hasn’t treated us too badly but of course heres hoping 2013 gives us a few more drama gems worth fangirling about.

Thanks for popping by and joining us in our rambles this year, we hope you return in 2013.

Happy New Year everyone!


The Musthavesubs girls, xoxo

Day 30: Your Favourite Drama Moments

21 May

It’s the small moments that make up a drama for us. They are the things that stay with us long after the drama is over and the reason why we are addicts in the first place. The small moments are the things that make us gush and fan girl our way through this blog. Without them there wouldn’t be an obsession and there certainly wouldn’t be a blog.

Despite this 30 day challenge taking far longer than we anticipated, we have thoroughly enjoyed completing it. We’re so glad that we finally made it to the last post without throwing in the towel. Yay.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our challenge posts as much as we’ve enjoyed writing them and hopefully in the process you’ve found a couple dramas worth checking out…or avoiding.

 Here is a quick rundown of some of our favourite drama moments:

The moment our expectations of true love went up:

Coffee Prince’s Choi Han-Gyul played by the lovely Gong Yoo has ruined us for any guy in real life. His love confession in this drama is still a standout even after all these years.

He didn’t care what she was; all he knew was that he loved her. Sigh*

The moment we knew that Hana Yori Dango would be one of favourite dramas of all time:

There are so many awesome moments like; watching Makino fly kicking her OTP, their first date, their break up in the rain but the moment that sealed the deal for us will always be the phone scene.

You know what we’re talking about. We’ve gushed about it on a number of occasions so forgive us if we’re on repeat but we just love that scene!  The scene was just drowning in angst and longing and we adored it so much. It was the scene that made us realise how much we love this OTP and despite all the crap that came their way, we were more than happy to watch it all just to witness their HEA.

The moment where we knew that we would love Jang Geun Suk for life:

You’re beautiful – watching him dancing around a field while a wild animal is charging at him was the funniest moment in You’re Beautiful but it was also the moment that made us JGS fan girls for life. It’s an irrational feeling; we try not to think about it too much.

The moment we wished we had our very own stalker:

Who wouldn’t want Park Shi Woo as your very own stalker? Yes, yes, he had sinister, vengeful motives but still…look at him, he’s so cute.  

How funny was the fishing rod scene in Prosecutor Princess? We love that scene.

The moment a trailer made us want to tune in:

Que, Sera, Sera – OMFG was exactly what we thought after we watched that trailer. It was the first and only time where we watched a trailer and had to immediately watch the drama because it was just sooooo intense and…wrong. We loved it and are so glad that our bad Youtube habits led us to one of our favourite Kdramas.

The moment we realized that Kim Hyun Joong still hadn’t found a decent acting coach:

Like fools we didn’t learn our lesson and we once again gave Kim Hyun Joong a chance even though we knew it was a mistake. Who thought it was a good idea to give him a leading man role in Playful Kiss? Seriously, did they not watch Boys before Flowers?

A moment that broke our hearts:

Scent of a Woman nearly destroyed our tear ducts with the amount of crying we did while watching that drama. However it was one particular moment that nearly did us in completely. The moment we’re talking about is where; Chae Eun Suk aka Doctor Poopie pant’s patient died and he totally lost it and broke down in front of Yeon Jae. Our hearts ached for him soooooo much as we watched the weight of his responsibility finally hit home and he realized that the woman he’s always loved may die regardless of how hard he works to save her. His desperate begging for her to live was so intense and hard to watch that it feels like it’s engrained in our memory as one of those moments that will always stay with you. Uhm Ki Joon was so brilliant as the love rival in this drama, he totally stole the show.

A moment we laughed so hard we almost peed ourselves:

Pretty much the whole first episode of Wild Romance made us laugh from start to finish. If you’re ever feeling down, watch it, you will feel so much better.

There are far too many moments to ramble about, so we’ll stop while we’re ahead!

Day 23: Your Favourite Alternative couple

23 Apr

Over the last few years, we’ve seen quite a lot of dramas that have given us some great alternative couples that dare we say it, outshine the main OTP. The best thing we love about altOTPs is the fact that they come out of nowhere and they manage to evoke a response and suddenly you have something to fall back on when the main OTP are sulking and brooding in dark corners. Their romance is usually light and fluffy to counterbalance the angst of the main couple and when they are good, they are really good. Sometimes a good altOTP has the ability to make a rather average drama a little memorable and makes you think that maybe it was worth tuning in for after all.    

Notable alternative couples:

Favourite AltOTP of 2012 (so far)

Wild Romance – Dong Ah and Manager Kim

She was a complete weirdo – socially awkward, completely random and a little insane but we loved her nevertheless.

He was…a robot. Okay, not really an actual robot but near enough. His character is quite similar to Eun Shi Kyung in King 2 Hearts; Stiff, completely by the book and strangely appealing in a odd kind of way… don’t ask, we can’t work it out either.

Yes, Wild Romance was a tad messy and we spent far too many episodes questioning if the OTP would ever get together but luckily for us we had the adorkable altOTP to fall back on. Their moments were spontaneous; you never knew exactly what they would do or say to each other and we loved it. Not only did they share great chemistry together but they made us laugh a lot.

Who else loved the scene where Manager Kim finally asked Dong Ah out?

The whole sequence was so quirky and random – it summed them up perfectly.

An alternative couple that should have been:

Dream High: Jin Gook and Hye Mi

Sorry, Sam Dong fan girls/boys, we were totally team Jin Gook. It’s been a long time since we were both surprised and annoyed by the fact that our OTP didn’t happen. All we have to say is that Dream High’s writers are terrible teases. This altOTP shared soooo many awesome OTP moments and like the romantics we are, we lapped it up happily only to be crushed at the last hurdle.

Call us traditionalists but when you get the following from a couple- you expect a happily ever after:

–         They shared a past

–         Jin Gook rescued her multiple times

–         She sang a song to him (plus, it wasn’t on the toilet!)

–         He gave her a helmet to wear when she wanted to cry – we love that scene!

–         They went on a date

–         They kissed!

Seriously, DH writers – you are cruel, too cruel.

An AltOTP so good, they made you question the need for a leading lady at all:

Can you hear my heart? – Ma Roo and Dong Joo

The title blatantly referred to Ma Roo and Dong Joo and had absolutely nothing to do with Woo Ri at all. Poor girl, one day she’ll walk in on them frolicking in bed and wonder why she didn’t see the signs earlier.

Their bromance was on a whole new level of bromantic. It was often their relationship that kept us completely glued to the screen.  Their love for each other was slightly messed up, obsessive but soooo sweet.

We adored them completely.

Wild Romance – final thoughts

3 Mar

We laughed, we groaned and we wondered where the hell this drama was going but you know what? Now that it’s over, we have to confess – we’re going to miss it. At least we can say we were never indifferent.

The overall conclusion to the drama was actually quite satisfying. It wasn’t tied up in one pretty bow nor did it feel rushed.

The climax to the mystery was surprisingly good. We guessed who the stalker was from episode 3 and so our expectations were rock bottom in regards to the conclusion of this story but we have to hand it to the writer, we loved the swimming pool scene. The Ahjumma may have been mad as a hatter but the woman really knew how to get revenge in a twisted poetic way.

We enjoyed watching this odd group of characters all come together and work out who the stalker was and really liked their last minute scramble to rescue the girls. Plus, we’re pleased to report that the conclusion didn’t feel dragged out or anticlimactic, which is often a major deal breaker for mysteries in Kdramas. The scene where Moo Yeol found the Ahjumma’s stalker room was brilliant. We can imagine exactly how disturbed he must have felt looking around that creepy room covered with his photos. EEWWW, scary. The look of realisation was also good as you could finally see it dawn on him that the woman he thought of as a mother figure for ten years was actually a nutcase that crushed on him until she completely lost the plot.

The question sequence was an unexpected treat. We spent the whole time thinking – what fecking question do you want her to ask??? Why did you save Jong Hee over Eun Jae you idiot? Is she a mind reader- tell her what you want to hear?

Could the producers make it any more obvious that the answer had something to do with their shoes? There must have been a million shots of their shoes throughout that one sequence. Frankly, the idea that he would know who he was saving from just her shoelaces was a little farfetched for our imaginations but we’re willing to put it aside because the whole sequence was concluded so sweetly.  Like Eun Jae, we spent the whole time wondering why he went to save Jong Hee and we thought of pathetic excuses like he knew that Eun Jae could take care of herself or that Jong Hee was weak. We swear if any of those excuses came out of his mouth, someone would pay! Thankfully, for the producers of this drama and our blood pressure, we got ourselves a semi decent excuse. Is it bad that we didn’t completely buy his reason for saving her? Jong Hee was such a major part of his life for so long and his feelings for her were so intense despite them breaking up. As a result we couldn’t completely bring ourselves to believe that he wouldn’t have jumped in and saved Jong Hee first over his OTP. Naturally, we’re pleased he intentionally went to save Eun Jae but still… it felt rather contrived for our liking.

We really did like how the writer handled the OTP’s feelings for each other. Moo Yeol accepted his feelings like a real man. Once he knew he cared about her, he took the necessary steps to ensure he did things the right way. Horray, a leading man that doesn’t spend multiple episodes hesitating, denying and yes, acting like a fool while he works out his feelings for a leading lady that is more often than not too good for him.

We couldn’t have been happier for Eun Jae. We experienced her one-sided love with her, the writer and actress enabled us to really connect and feel for her and so, to see her feelings reciprocated was great viewing. Her reaction was so natural and refreshing to watch. That is exactly how we would have felt too – completely and utterly shocked at the realisation that the guy you have been crushing on for twelve episodes suddenly feels the same way. Slightly giddy, excited and at the same time hesitant of the possibilities.

Jong Hee’s response was also really good. We don’t like when the love rival miraculously accepts the facts after spending multiple episodes trying to win the leading man over and in the process annoy the hell out of the viewers, so it was nice to see a love rival that was genuinely upset and heartbroken over the news. The final scene between Moo Yeol and Jong Hee was also refreshingly frank. When he asked her whether he would see her again, she told him straight that there was no chance. After all they went through and after their double break up, there is no way we would ever want to see him again either. In real life, you would never invite the love rival to your wedding or have a sequences where your all hanging out together at a bar or café (Que Sera, Sera) but for some reason in dramaland it’s a regular occurrence and to this day, we will never get it!

If we saw a crazy ex, you better believe we would be running in the other direction. Hahah.

The last four episodes really stepped up a gear and enabled us to root for these characters and be completely invested in their lives. We’ll be honest here, the drama was at times really messy and was very flawed but we enjoyed it regardless of all its faults. Just like Its okay Daddy’s girl, we are more than happy to overlook technicalities when the characters are well thought out and likable. Trust us when we say: we really loved these characters!

Here is a rundown of some of our thoughts from the drama:

Things we liked:

WR had the funniest first episode we had seen in ever! The drama had us at hello, it was that good. It had such a wonderful mix of physical and scripted comedy. The characters were frank and vibrant and after episode 1, we thought we had found us that rare drama crack that we intended to obsess over for weeks.

Eun Jae was a leading lady worth rooting for:

Yes, her hair made our eyes burn and it just got worse as the weeks past and her outfits had to be the fugliest things we have seen a leading lady wear ever. But she made us laugh so much. We really liked the fact that she wasn’t a caricature of leading ladies of the past. She was tough and strong – come on, she’s frigging body guard but at the same time she was very much human, with insecurities and feelings all of which were presented in a reasonable, justifiable manner. She wore her heart on her sleeve and voiced thoughts and feelings that ordinarily people would bottle up – which made her brave or stupid at times but nevertheless a character that you couldn’t help but respect.  Lee Si Young’s depiction of Eun Jae was one of the main reasons why we stuck around to the end. She rocked!

 Our eyes burn from all the fugly!

Lee Dong Wook:

He is knocking them out the park (no pun intended) since he returned from the army. Pre-army duty, we liked him but we could take him or leave him but post army duty, we have watched him steam up our screens with Kim Sun Ah in A Scent of a Woman and surprisingly enough – bringing the funny in Wild Romance. It was a real pleasure watching LDW really go for it and try comedy despite the drastic genre change. There were plenty of occasions throughout the drama where he managed to make us laugh really hard. Plus, we’ll miss his handle bar/ porno moustache which we found strangely…appealing. Giggles*

Side Characters!

Who would have thought it – a drama with side characters we loved.

They were pure awesome. WR had really well written thoughtful characters that had us actually engaged in their scenes and for once they contributed to the actual plot development. How many dramas have you watched over the years where the side characters were just there to fill in the gaps? Groan*

Dong Soo and Soo Young were actually quite good as side characters. Their friendship with Moo Yeol was realistic and one you could relate to as a viewer. We like how the writer explored their insecurities and regrets in such a natural manner. Their decision to leave for the countryside was one we welcomed because seriously, we just couldn’t picture them going back to how things were after everything they went through.

Manager Kim and Dong Ah – we love you.

He was a robot and she was a socially awkward weirdo but together they were magic. Now this is how you do a secondary romance successfully. They were just so cute together; every scene with them had us giggling or utterly intrigued as we watched them awkwardly date each other. If the characters as individuals weren’t so well thought out, we have a feeling that the romance wouldn’t have worked as well but the writer did well in introducing them separately and making it impossible to dislike them and so watching this unlikely pair come together was fabulous viewing.

They are currently our best alternative couple this year… for now.

A love rival we didn’t hate – shock horror.

There was quite a lot of hate for Jong Hee in the blogosphere but as we mentioned before we just couldn’t bring ourselves to dislike her. As a result she has officially joined the short list of female love rivals that we don’t want to throttle. Congratulations Jong Hee!

Despite having multiple scenes where she played Sleeping Beauty, Jong Hee was actually rather relatable as a character. She didn’t scheme or behave badly in the drama, thank goodness. Instead she turned up looking for a second chance at a romance with the only man she ever loved. We appreciated the fact that she wore her heart on her sleeve and took a chance. You can’t really blame her for that.

Plus, it helped that we loved her unexpected friendship with Eun Jae – what a cute odd couple. Thank goodness the writer decided to stay clear of stereotypical relationships in this drama, especially the standard hateful one between the leading lady and female love rival-  that has been done to death.

Favourite moments/ scenes:

The funniest scene in WR is still the scene where Eun Jae allowed someone to attack Moo Yeol with an egg! It was so over the top and hilarious to watch. Loved that scene.

The scene where Eun Jae goes to comfort Moo Yeol after Dong Soo confessed to being the stalker. We liked how he asked her what took her so long. It was a simple question with so many emotions attached to it. We thought the whole sequence with Moo Yeol sitting in his bedroom completely broken and shocked by his friend’s apparent betrayal was really great. Lee Dong Wook managed to convey such complex emotions so well and we really felt for him in that moment.

We really adored the scene where Moo Yeol realised he loved Eun Jae. Maybe it’s because we had been waiting so long for it to happen but when it finally did we were so happy. It was just a perfect way for him to realise his feelings. If only it happened a few episodes earlier, we would have been over the moon!

Things we didn’t like:

The drastic genre change took a lot to get use to. We signed up for a fluffy, screwball comedy and ended up with a serious, intense mystery. Thankfully the script was handled appropriately but still…

That fight scene in episode 4:

The scene that literally made one sister switch off. His reaction was irrational, her justifying his violence was idiotic and frankly the whole scene left us cold and confused. We imagine this was the cut off point for a lot of viewers.

The fight scene was the start of it but this drama had a hell of a lot of irrational behaviour.

Dong Soo – seriously WTF??? Okay, you find out that your wife may have been responsible for being the stalker and so naturally you go crazy and take the blame for her – attacking innocent reporters and beating the crap out of your best friend. Yeah… the writer didn’t really think that one through. It was so over the top.

The last episode appeared to be made up of voiceover monologues from the Ahjumma. We don’t think the final episode really had any real substance to it other than voicing the regrets and crazy ramblings of the Ahjumma/ Stalker. Personally we think the writer really missed a trick in cementing the romance between the OTP but hey, having watched a million drama endings, we know it could have been worse so we won’t complain too much!

It took so damn long for any romance to happen in this drama. We find this particularly ironic considering the drama is called Wild Romance. As romantics of the worst kind, we nearly gave up on the drama multiple times for various reasons but the lack of romance had to be up there at the top of list for reasons why we would have shelved this drama for good.

Final thoughts:

Sure it wasn’t particularly polished but it had plenty of heart. The drama was strangely addictive with its quirky characters and insane situations. As a result, by the end of its run you’ll be glad you stuck around.

How much we liked it: 7/10

How good we think it was:  6.5/10

Wild Romance: episodes 11-12

12 Feb

And the prize for the most predicable stalker in a drama goes to…

Wild Romance

Yep, we guessed it all the way back in episode 3. Frankly, we’re a little disappointed as we hoped that we were wrong and that the writer would give us more of a challenge but we guess it could have been a lot worse. We could have had the stalker be a long lost half brother wanting revenge for his repressed life or something stupid like that.

When the drama finally revealed the housekeeper’s creepy room for stalkers, we couldn’t help but notice all of the topless photos she had of Moo Yeol.

This got us thinking:

  1. How did she manage to sneak all those pervy pics without him noticing?
  2. Do you think she’ll give us copies, if we ask nicely? Hehehe

Rationalising the irrational:

To a certain extent we can understand her behaviour after Jong Hee arrived, as it was clear that she wanted to keep him all to herself. However, prior to Jong Hee arriving on the scene, her actions were only destroying his reputation. A damaged reputation means he wouldn’t be able to work and therefore afford a housekeeper. Surely, that means she’ll be out of a job, unless… she wanted him to become completely dependent on her??? Ewww, how creepy.

One crazy person isn’t enough for this Kdrama, so onto discussing the other nut job – crazy/ cute barman.  What a psycho! The whole sequence with Dong Ah was so creepy, how dare he attack her. We loved watching his face off with Manager Kim. Poor Manager Kim, his robotic heart must be malfunctioning with all this drama in his life. The way he attacked him with that napkin was more effective than if he punched him, as it was unexpected and an action more likely to come from a reserved, introvert like Manager Kim. We love how he’s brooding over his feelings for Dong Ah. He’s the sensible, sane one and she’s well eccentric to say the least and so watching him make sense of her actions and try and step back from his feelings for her is quite sweet to watch.

We’ve got to hand it to the writer of Wild Romance– we’re impressed, really impressed.

A week ago, we couldn’t fathom how we were to believe any type of romantic relationship between Eun Jae and Moo Yeol but fast forward a week later and now suddenly it looks like there is hope. Hurray!

Only in Wild Romance would we watch a sequence where the leading man finally realises his feelings for his leading lady, only for it to follow swiftly with her knocking him out cold. Haha.

We wondered when this moment would come and let’s just say better late than never. As you may have noticed from our previous posts, we were getting a little impatient with this drama but we’re glad that we’re finally going to get some romantic action between the OTP. In reflection, we can now understand why it took so long. Episode 12 allowed us to witness him truly let go of his past and his feelings for Jong Hee. The sequence where he’s envisioning their future together was actually quite thoughtful in our opinion. It’s only natural you would think of the possibilities before you make a major decision and come on, he loved her for 10 years!  This week’s lot of episodes really showed the progress in Eun Jae and Moo Yeol’s relationship, which was often highlighted through Jong Hee’s perspective. Through Jong Hee’s eyes, we could see the way he has developed affection for Eun Jae and the way that they talk and interact with each other has that added level of closeness that you associate with someone you have romantic feelings for. We hope that Moo Yeol rejects Jong Hee quickly and doesn’t drag his feet in wooing Eun Jae.  Heeeeee, we can’t wait to see the new dynamics in their relationship. Finally!

Random thoughts:

Eun Jae’s mother has serious issues. She should be the bigger person in her relationship with Eun Jae as she abandoned them!  Poor Chang Ho, he didn’t even recognise his own mother, that’s so sad.

We’ve been loving the interaction between Eun Jae and Jong Hee – who doesn’t love a good odd couple? This was an unexpected treat for us, because we feared that the drama may become annoying with further focus placed on Jong Hee.

Manager Kim and Dong Ah better sort out their issues next week. We missed watching them act all socially awkward and strange together.

With only two weeks to go, we actually think that the drama may be able to turn it around and give us a satisfactory ending. Fingers crossed*

Wild Romance – Thoughts up to episode 10

6 Feb

The look on your face when you realise that your Antifan has just confessed their love for you:


Okay, okay, we couldn’t resist. We continued watching Wild Romance despite the fact that we were mortified by the actions that took place in episode 4 but we just couldn’t help ourselves!  One sister dropped this drama immediately, taking the moral high ground and declaring it WRONG, so that left behind two less morally objective sisters tuned in, hoping for the best. This drama is very strange, we were drawn in with the wacky, over the top funny comedy in episode 1 and 2 but after episode 3, it became a completely different drama. WR is now a more serious mystery with a dark sense of humour. The characters are clearly complex and damaged and they are handled in the manner better suited for a drama rather than a comedy.

Has the writer changed or something, because it’s like the drama has received a complete personality transplant?

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mind this new change of direction. The new change in genre now kind of reminds us of watching the Kdrama Crime Squad. Like WR, Crime Squad revolved around solving mysteries. It was also quite dark but still had hints of comedy that often felt out of place but still strangely worked. However, unfortunately like Crime Squad, WR fails to really work as a mystery or a comedy. It’s not strong enough in either genre to really impact the viewers enough to make us stay completely hooked, like the drama wants us to be.

The drama is all kinds of messy but still we feel compelled to tune in every week and frankly we haven’t a clue why!?

We don’t know where the drama wants to take this OTP. We’ve reached episode 10 already and still we have had no real indication that he likes her at all in a romantic manner. He clearly has affection for her like a little sister but nothing more. Generally by episode 11, the OTP have acknowledged their feelings for each other and are on the home stretch to their HEA, however it looks like the drama either needs a time leap or we need to come to the conclusion that Eun Jae is not going to end up with Moo Yul.

It’s horrible watching Eun Jae’s one sided love for Moo Yul. Choosing to leave her post as his bodyguard was the best thing to do in our opinion. It must have felt like torture watching the man she loves with another woman. We wanted to watch her step back from his life and see him miss her and realise that he really did have feelings for her as woman but no, the writer decided to focus on his relationship with Jong Hee! Seriously, what are they trying to do to this drama?! This is not the drama OTP and drama we signed up for.

We don’t know how the drama will salvage itself and bring it to a satisfactory conclusion. It feels like the writer has sold the drama out by extending Jessica’s part in a desperate attempt to keep viewers. Clearly, her part as a love rival wasn’t meant to be as important as it has become now. We hope that it will be resolved swiftly and doesn’t impact the drama any further but we have a feeling that we may be out of luck on this occasion and that we may actually find that Wild Romance now has a new OTP.

We seriously hope not.

Other thoughts:

Dong Ah and Manager Kim rock! How utterly hilarious and adorable are they together. Their scenes together never fail to make us laugh or giggle. We love a good odd couple and these two are exactly that. What is it with Im Joo Eun – she manages to steal the show again. First What’s up? Now Wild Romance… she needs her own drama already!

The stalker has to be Moo Yul’s House keeper. We really hope we’re wrong because how obvious is she. Groans*

Wild Romance episode 3-4

16 Jan

WTF?! This drama has multiple personality issues and it has left us feeling rather uneasy and yes, disturbed.

WR started off so great; funny, charming and silly. However, by episode 4 we are left with this train wreck of a drama where the leading man has literally beaten the crap out of his leading lady. It was horrible and utterly unacceptable. Yes, she’s a Judo champion and can take care of herself but there is no excuse for his behaviour in that scene. He was aggressive, violent and to make matters worse, he showed no remorse what so ever. In fact, the leading lady, who is no pushover, actually felt guilty for upsetting him.

Does that make sense!? She literally had bruises on her neck and face from the attack. This type of behaviour does not fall under the category of a romantic comedy!

Are we really supposed to root for a couple like this? There was a sequence that followed that scene, where Moo Yul got angry at Eun Jae and literally for a split second, we wondered whether he would hit her again. It was that thought that made us think we can't carry on watching a drama like that. It's unacceptable on every level.

We wish we could pretend that we never saw that scene but frankly we can't. Damn it.

One thing we'll take away from this drama is the fact that it had by far the funniest first episode ever. Shame about the rest of it.

Wild Romance – episode 1 & 2/ first impressions

14 Jan

This was exactly the drama we needed after a horrible week of RL.

Episode 1 made us laugh, a lot. From start to finish we laughed our heads off and yes, we are completely charmed.

Okay, okay the chances that this drama will be a winner are slim to none but we’ve got our fingers crossed in hopes that we are wrong.

The plot is predictable and the characters lack depth (for now) but frankly when you can make us laugh that much, who cares? Maybe us after a few more episodes, when we still have no plot development…but we’ll get to that matter when/ if it happens.

For now, episode 1 was fast paced, over the top and oh so silly.

WR was nowhere near our drama radar, despite all the promo material. However as soon as we heard the word ANTIFAN we were sold. Yep that’s all it took. We love lots of drama troupes and a OTP consisting of enemies forced into close proximity, never gets boring for us. 

Lee Si Young- where have you been all this time? This girl is hilarious! Honestly, we’ve seen her in a few things in the past; Boys before flowers and Loving you a thousand times to name a few but she always played that love rival that is pitiful or bratty. As a result we’ve never really taken notice of her but in WR she is seriously delivering the goods. Her expressions, her comic timing and most importantly her interaction with the rest of the cast is spot on.

Also, her hideous hair cut has grown on us. We think she’s actually working it. Now that’s impressive.

Then there is Lee Dong Wook, who we didn’t know could be so funny until now. Let’s face it the last real comedy he did was My Girl and well Lee Da Hae outshined him at every turn in that drama. However, in WR, it’s like he’s on turbo charge and suddenly; we’re sitting up and taking notice of him. We like how he’s as far away from the perfect leading man as you can possibly get. He’s horrible and we love it!

There are lots of grumbles from other bloggers stating that this drama smells distinctly like Lie to me and all we can say is – we hope not! The drama is written by the same writer as Mixed up Investigation Agency– which had great comic timing and had a consistent plotline from start to finish, so hopefully this bodes well for WR.

Favourite scene: The egg scene!

If you have seen it, you will know what we’re talking about. We don’t know what was funnier, the actually egg scene or Eun Jae retelling her elated family the story of what happened.

Episode 2 wasn’t as funny but it did one better; it gave us plot development and plenty of hilarious OTP scenes. Seriously, this OTP are awesome together- they bounce off each other so well. They are exciting to watch because you just don’t know what they will do together or more interestingly to each other.

 Random quick thoughts:

-Is it just us or does anyone else think that Director Kim is so cute. We like how he’s so serious all the time but finds himself caught up in the OTP’s madness. We hope he isn’t a love rival in this drama; it would totally ruin his character if he became all love sick on us.

-We love Eun Jae’s family, in particular her father. We love how they consist of a bunch of eccentric fanatics. Can you imagine what will happen when the OTP actually get together?? It’s going to be messy, really messy.  

-Is it wrong that we don’t mind that porno moustache on LDW?