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Day 30: Your Favourite Drama Moments

21 May

It’s the small moments that make up a drama for us. They are the things that stay with us long after the drama is over and the reason why we are addicts in the first place. The small moments are the things that make us gush and fan girl our way through this blog. Without them there wouldn’t be an obsession and there certainly wouldn’t be a blog.

Despite this 30 day challenge taking far longer than we anticipated, we have thoroughly enjoyed completing it. We’re so glad that we finally made it to the last post without throwing in the towel. Yay.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our challenge posts as much as we’ve enjoyed writing them and hopefully in the process you’ve found a couple dramas worth checking out…or avoiding.

 Here is a quick rundown of some of our favourite drama moments:

The moment our expectations of true love went up:

Coffee Prince’s Choi Han-Gyul played by the lovely Gong Yoo has ruined us for any guy in real life. His love confession in this drama is still a standout even after all these years.

He didn’t care what she was; all he knew was that he loved her. Sigh*

The moment we knew that Hana Yori Dango would be one of favourite dramas of all time:

There are so many awesome moments like; watching Makino fly kicking her OTP, their first date, their break up in the rain but the moment that sealed the deal for us will always be the phone scene.

You know what we’re talking about. We’ve gushed about it on a number of occasions so forgive us if we’re on repeat but we just love that scene!  The scene was just drowning in angst and longing and we adored it so much. It was the scene that made us realise how much we love this OTP and despite all the crap that came their way, we were more than happy to watch it all just to witness their HEA.

The moment where we knew that we would love Jang Geun Suk for life:

You’re beautiful – watching him dancing around a field while a wild animal is charging at him was the funniest moment in You’re Beautiful but it was also the moment that made us JGS fan girls for life. It’s an irrational feeling; we try not to think about it too much.

The moment we wished we had our very own stalker:

Who wouldn’t want Park Shi Woo as your very own stalker? Yes, yes, he had sinister, vengeful motives but still…look at him, he’s so cute.  

How funny was the fishing rod scene in Prosecutor Princess? We love that scene.

The moment a trailer made us want to tune in:

Que, Sera, Sera – OMFG was exactly what we thought after we watched that trailer. It was the first and only time where we watched a trailer and had to immediately watch the drama because it was just sooooo intense and…wrong. We loved it and are so glad that our bad Youtube habits led us to one of our favourite Kdramas.

The moment we realized that Kim Hyun Joong still hadn’t found a decent acting coach:

Like fools we didn’t learn our lesson and we once again gave Kim Hyun Joong a chance even though we knew it was a mistake. Who thought it was a good idea to give him a leading man role in Playful Kiss? Seriously, did they not watch Boys before Flowers?

A moment that broke our hearts:

Scent of a Woman nearly destroyed our tear ducts with the amount of crying we did while watching that drama. However it was one particular moment that nearly did us in completely. The moment we’re talking about is where; Chae Eun Suk aka Doctor Poopie pant’s patient died and he totally lost it and broke down in front of Yeon Jae. Our hearts ached for him soooooo much as we watched the weight of his responsibility finally hit home and he realized that the woman he’s always loved may die regardless of how hard he works to save her. His desperate begging for her to live was so intense and hard to watch that it feels like it’s engrained in our memory as one of those moments that will always stay with you. Uhm Ki Joon was so brilliant as the love rival in this drama, he totally stole the show.

A moment we laughed so hard we almost peed ourselves:

Pretty much the whole first episode of Wild Romance made us laugh from start to finish. If you’re ever feeling down, watch it, you will feel so much better.

There are far too many moments to ramble about, so we’ll stop while we’re ahead!


Day 19 – Your Favourite Male Actor

29 Mar

Jang Geun Suk

For us he was a relatively easy pick, there is just something about him that we can’t help but love. Who else can stand in front of a camera wearing questionable men’s… okay women’s clothes and with a full face of makeup and still manage to evoke hot chemistry with his leading ladies?

He makes it easy to adore him in all of his roles. He has the uncanny ability to make you laugh really hard one moment and then tug at your heart-strings the next.

How is it possible that despite him wearing more make up than all three of us combined and clothes he clearly borrowed from his leading lady’s wardrobe- he is still outrageously manly? He’s got that deep voice, that stern glare and in all his dramas you know he’s going to deliver in the romance department.







We don’t know what we like more that evil glare or his smile… both are pretty appealing. Hehehe

The role that made him our favourite actor has to be his role as Hwang Tae Kyung in You’re Beautiful. He was hilarious in that drama. He never took himself too seriously and despite being in the most insane situation ever. He managed to bring so much depth to his character’s pain and love for his OTP, now that’s a hard challenge to accomplish, especially when the drama involves outrageous scenarios like; cross dressing nuns and idol bands!

Not only is he a great actor, he’s a brilliant singer and has really great hair – what conditioner does he use?- We would die for hair that glossy.

Oh, Jang Geun Suk- we love you so much, don’t stop being awesome anytime soon okay.

Other male actors we love:

Park Shi Hoo –  He’s not technically a good actor but we’ve seen him in so many dramas now and we couldn’t resist him in any of them – Prosecutor Princess made us fans for life.

Jung Il Woo – We adore this guy so much. We just need to see his name attached to a project and we’re there.

Cha Seung Won – If you have seen City Hall you know why he’s on our list. We love him!

There are plenty of others but we could be here for a really long time, so we’ll stop while we’re ahead.