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School 2013: 12 – 15

28 Jan

One episode left and we’re gutted!

Oh Drama you sure have been good to us. We’ve seen so many lovely scenes between Nam Soon and Heung Soo that it’s hard to pick a favorite.

school episode 15 - 1

We have no time to post today but we just had to screencap and gush about the scene where Heung Soo asked Nam Soon to stop blaming himself for what happened to his leg. So much man pain, angst and such pretty, pretty tears from our favourite bromance.

School episode 15 - 3

school episode 15 - 2

Guys, you own our hearts completely. We sure are going to miss them when this drama ends. Sob*


Flower Boy Next Door – Fluff Lite

23 Jan

This drama is cute, quaint, so fluffy it barely constitutes as a drama. For us it’s perfect Sunday lunch viewing. It’s hardly taxing to the brain but instead a pleasant way to pass a couple hours every week. Frankly, we would have liked a little more substance but you never know maybe it’s easing us into the journey…

Wishful thinking? Maybe?

Despite everything we actually like how small scale the drama is. The characters are all well rounded and likable without ever becoming overbearing or unrealistic. Their interactions are so every day that we often forget exactly what happened in each episode because rather than a couple major scenes that drive an episode like most Kdramas, this drama is made up of lots of very small moments that piece the drama together. We think that the more the leading lady comes out of her shell, the more action and the bigger the scenes will become. It’s quite refreshing to watch a drama from the prospective of quite an ordinary/ shy character rather than the usual larger than life drama martyr.

Park Shin Hye is great as Go Dok Mi. She feels real and relatable as this recluse that is so shy that she barely speaks. She could have easily overplayed this character and alienated the audience but instead we get her fears and her distance.

Sometimes you need some random hot neighbour to get you out of your funk and we definitely look forward to seeing her get her HEA.

We’re sorry Yoon Si Yoon – we love you, we really do but you have been totally overshadowed by Kim Jung Sun.

Hello – where have you been hiding all this time?? How hot is this guy? No wonder Dok Mi spends her days spying through the window. We don’t have social or emotional issues stopping us from living our lives but we too would happily purchase a pair of binoculars and check out the view if it was that good.


Superficial thoughts aside:

Leading lady – We love her. We can’t wait for her to become stronger and take charge of her life.

Leading man – SOOOOOO CUTE. What a darling. We just want to keep him and play all day at the beach with him. It’s a shame he’s more cute than hot. It would have been nice to see Yoon Si Yoon bring his sexy on screen. Oh well, there is always next time.

The OTP: Enrique and Dok Mi are strictly giving off the ‘friends’ vibe  and haven’t really excited the shameless romantics in us at all.

The love rival: Welcome back Kim Ji Hoon! We love his portrayal of the lovesick neighbour next door. He’s a complete sweetheart and we maybe second lead shipping already. Oh dear.

First overall impressions:

Our expectations are rather low but hopeful for this drama. We hope it surprises us and that we can hang in and finish it with big silly grins on our faces. If not, hopefully the producers find an excuse to get Kim Jung Sun topless at least a couple times before we lose interest in the drama.   

How funny ( and right) is this photo? Hahah.

School 2013 – 10/11

16 Jan

Last week’s episodes just killed us with its perfect, perfect angst. Seriously, we didn’t think the drama could top the previous week’s effects but how wrong were we. Our hearts ached in the best way imaginable as we watched Nam Soon and Heung Soo take steps to rebuild their fragile relationship.

I’m not a victim. And Go Nam-soon isn’t an assailant. We’re just… friends. Friends who were just unlucky… and now, we’re in the middle of working it out.

school episode 11 

We love how the drama has shown the parallels between their happy past and their current state. The small snippets of the good times make the slow steps of progress in the present all the more precious to watch. Up until this week all we wanted from these two characters were for them to fight it out, cry, hug and get over their anger. Our impatient hearts thought it couldn’t take much more but the wait was so worth it. The waiting, the intense angst, regret and anger between the two characters was handled so well. It wasn’t rushed, it wasn’t over played and as viewers we couldn’t have been more pleased. Our hearts were literally lodged in our throats as Heung Soo and Nam Soon talked out their pain and hurt from the incident. The scene was just so electric. We love how Heung Soo is mostly all eyes and ridged jaw line but to finally hear his pain and feelings was so worth waiting 11 episodes and Nam Soon, our beloved Nam Soon was all kinds of wonderful in last week’s episodes. We were so damn happy that everything was finally working out for him and then for him to be asked to leave school was the perfect angsty twist to the story.

 school ep 10 1

School ep 10

The lunch scene was another example of perfect angst in motion. Nam Soon asking Heung Soo to have his potentially final lunch with him was such a sweet moment. We loved watching him cry as they silently shared their meal together. Some of the best scenes in dramas need no words what so ever and this is just another example of what good writing and acting can accomplish.

school episode 11 - 2

We wondered what needed to happen to allow these two characters to make up. We really feared it would be something weak like locking them up in a room or making them play basketball together but the final push was the idea of Heung Soo losing his friend again. Sighs*/ Swoons* – Could it get any more bromantic between these two characters?  It was just so perfect. Although now that they’re on the right track to friendship, we’ll be honest, we’re going to miss the angst ridden drama between the two characters.

We thought we were satisfied with just the development on the bromance front but then we watched the last five minutes of episode 11 and we swear we died and went to drama heaven.

school episode 11 - 1

school episode 11 - 3

How swoon worthy is this quote:

Because… you’re the teacher I wished I could be. You… are the teacher I tried so hard to be but couldn’t become… you are that teacher.

Yes finally, Teacher Kang has read our minds and said everything we’ve been waiting to hear from him since episode 1. Yay!

school episode 11 -4

This was the sweetest non love confession we’ve seen in a very long time.

All we have to say is: ABOUT BLOODY TIME TOO.

The professional breakdown of Teacher Jung was so hard to watch. She’s such a lovely teacher that tries so damn hard to please those ungrateful brats and so to watch her be rejected not only by her peers but by the students was just too cruel. We actually like the fact that she gave up. It was frustrating watching her suffer every week. A normal person wouldn’t have continued on under such circumstances and if this drama does one thing well, it’s definitely the realistic characterization of Teacher Jung. She makes mistakes, gets upset and angry and we think we love her all the more for those qualities because we can relate to her on a basic level. We really liked how the writer slowly broke her spirit over the weeks, it made her decision to quit have a bigger impact on us as viewers and yes, it got us good! We can’t tell you how pleased we were when Teacher Kang chased after her.

We demand HEAs all around for our favourite teachers and bromance – anything less is unacceptable!

Can’t wait for this week’s offerings 🙂

Now, we just need to squeeze in a few hours to binge – sleep deviation or anti social behaviour should do the trick. hehe.