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Baker King: episodes 1-2

29 Sep

We started this drama without any expectations what’s so ever- if we liked it, great, if not, no worries there are plenty of other dramas around. However we’re happy to report, we’re pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed it and definitely look forward to watching more of the same. Yep, we’re very aware that we’re a little late in regards to jumping on the BK bandwagon but we actually think this is a good thing, it allows us to judge for ourselves rather than be swayed by crazy fandom that naturally comes with 50+% viewership ratings.

So a few quick thoughts about Baker King-

In our opinion the drama gives off the same vibe as Shining Inheritance and Cinderella Unni (well when it was good anyway) combined. You’re presented with issues surrounding super rich families who also happen to have really screwed up family dynamics. Then there’s lots of focus on protecting and upholding the family legacy, throw in your standard greedy and manipulative characters and you get the picture.

 Being fans of family dramas we love the incredibly complicated and messed up family setup in this drama and we can’t resist family dramas that do angst, heart ache and betrayal really well because it’s always that much more personal when it’s within a family- so we definitely look forward to watching this ‘family’ interact in the course of this drama.

We really like the pace and feel of the drama. It’s so far got limited drag (thankfully) and it’s got a really good balance between serious and happy moments.

We really like how all the major characters have been presented so far. None of these characters are innocent (well except for the kids) – they have all done wrong one way or another  and as viewers its great watching these desperate characters be driven for so many reasons whether it’s by love or greed- sometimes both. It’s definitely refreshing to see that characters have been presented as neither strictly ‘good’ nor ‘bad’- which is so typical and boring of K-dramas in the past.

Although we’re at the start of the drama and it’s in the childhood proportion- we look forward to what these characters will become:

-Tak Goo is adorable -cheerful, funny and so sweet. How cute was it when he brought home the bread so he could share with his mother? Ahhh, so cute. 

-Yoo Kyung is shaping up to be a character that we will love as well. She’s an abuse victim with completely screwed up parents, plus Tak Goo’s first love. She will undoubtedly be completed messed up and bring lots of angsty goodness.

-Then there is the ‘legitimate’ heir to the family fortune (for now) – Ma Joon, who is currently a Korean version of Draco Malfoy. Bratty, rude and has that same evil smirk- we shudder at what he will become.  That said his upbringing hasn’t been a bed of roses with a seriously crazy grandma who openly hates him and an indifferent ‘father’.

Anyway we’re happy enough with how it’s progressing and look forward to seeing how the crazy madness unfolds over the course of the drama.


Hotaru no Hikari 2

28 Sep

As we impatiently wait for Sungkyankwan Scandal subs to be completed, we decided to finish off Hotaru no Hikari 2.

The verdict: Honestly we kind of wished we didn’t watch the second season and allowed our imaginations to come to a satisfactory conclusion for Hotaru and Buchou’s HEA.

Eeeew how weird is Buchou’s and Hotaru’s relationship!? We swear if it wasn’t for Hotaru acting like a complete freak over the lack of intimacy in their relationship, Buchou would have been happy to have a platonic relationship with her forever. Also when this couple finally did share a kiss, it was lame arsed! Bawhahaha.  Their relationship was so strange and we swear- as much we adored this OTP in season 1, watching them as a couple was just plain freaky. Plus we really didn’t notice until they shared lots of air time together but we hate to admit it but Hotaru and Buchou share practically zero chemistry together… it was all a bit awkward and stiff. EEK!

As viewers, we were a little alienated by this OTPs very strange relationship- by the end of it all we wondered why they actually liked each other- yes they told each other enough times that they liked each other ect but we just didn’t see or get it. This definitely wasn’t helped by the fact the writers decided to present ideal and very likable love rivals both of whom we couldn’t help but hope ended up with the leads. Especially the lovely Seno played by Mukai Osamu; how could we not root for a guy who was the exact male version of Hotaru? – The guy understood her so well and god knows she doesn’t think like most. They complimented each other brilliantly and as we watched the drama we couldn’t help but wonder why Hotaru didn’t like Seno over Buchou, which isn’t a good sign for any drama.

Although season two had it’s funny moments and it’s always lovely to see characters that we love return, watching season two was a mistake and reminded us that sequels rarely work- even knowing this fact we couldn’t resist, damn our greedy ways!

I am Legend- 15-16/finale

26 Sep

If you haven’t watched this drama, we’ll save you some time by telling you- it really isn’t worth it. We were really hopeful that these two episodes would wrap up everything really nicely and finish the drama in a semi satisfying manner but we swear by the end of it all, we couldn’t quite believe the drama ended the way that it did. NOTHING WAS RESOLVED! For those who have watched the drama- please tell us it isn’t just us that feels totally unsatisfied by how the drama ended because we feel kind of like we’re in a twilight zone with other bloggers gushing about the last couple episodes and all we can think is: Did they watch the same drama we did?

Before we enter ranting territory we’ll mention a few reasons why we actually stuck with this drama rather than dropping like our instincts told us to do:

The music is great! When everything else went downhill super fast; the music and the band’s performances were always brilliant to watch and really entertaining- This was by far the drama’s saving grace.

The first couple episodes were really good and we were pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed them.

The OTP: So much potential, so many smouldering stares and just the sweetest duet ever but totally wasted on this drama- it’s so frustrating because it could have been so good.

Finally- the potential- the writing, acting and directing had so much potential and every week we hoped and hoped…but it just didn’t quite hit the mark.

That’s all the positives we can muster up and we were being generous because honestly the last episode left us with such a bad taste in our mouths that this post really should be a rage fest of frustration:

So nothing was resolved-

The band! How could they reduce the one good thing about this drama to nothing? We loved watching this unlikely band succeed in their journey to make music that they loved and be acknowledged for it and we’re pretty sure everyone watching would agree, so how could they end it with them being satisfied returning to their practice room and playing as a stress buster?

The drama made out that music was like breathing for Seol Hee and they presented a character that went out of her way to ensure that she could fulfil her dreams of being a performer, so why the feck would she give up that chance and be a flipping legal secretary!? We get why Fa Ja wasn’t cut out for it but it would have been so much better if they made Seol Hee a solo artist or at least something to do with music- it’s like the writers did a U-turn on what music symbolised in the drama: at the start, it was the aim; making it big, getting to perform live but by episode 16- music represented being fake and not being able to do anything other than being an ‘artist’. It’s just really disappointing because we would have been so pleased for them; if the drama presented this unlikely group reaching their goal and living the dream.
(We don’t care if that’s cheesy! hehe)

The bad guys managed to flash their money and get away without any real repercussions to their lives. Blackmail, tricking hundreds of people out of their livelihoods, kidnap and… NOTHING- great, so we had to sit through multiple boring court case scenes and it was all resolved out of court in the most predicable way ever… we didn’t see that coming at all (not). Sometimes drama writers should give their audience some credit and stop aiming for the lowest common denominator.

We hated how the majority of characters were resolved:

·         Ji Wook- His character development was minor- what’s all the fuss about this guy? – He still treated Seol Hee badly for years, cheated on her and really didn’t get punished or redeemed appropriately.

·         Ji Wook’s girlfriend- So let’s get this clear: Tae Hyun can NEVER get married or go out with anyone ever because it may affect their child negatively?? What a joke. She stopped the OTP from getting together by threatening to take away his kid- Yep that makes perfect sense, could it get anymore sillier?

·         Ji Wook’s evil mother- We wanted this witch punished! The woman should have gone to jail or at least been publically shamed- nothing! UGH

The OTP, WTF. What a waste of time for our imaginations! No hug, no wrist grab and no bloody KISS- zilch. How could they end it like that??? Yes we know that this drama was about the ‘journey’ and the music but damn it why flash multiple smouldering stares from the leading man in every episodes if the drama makers weren’t even going to make it a future romance or end it with the implication that they will get together. The romantic in us is furious and refuses to forgive the drama writers- you pigs!

To conclude:

The drama was unfocused, it didn’t know what it wanted to be: was it about an unlikely band trying to make it big, was it a legal drama, a romance or about trying to find yourself??

We think the writers tried to make it all of the above but sadly for them- they failed miserably. It simply came across as confused and messy.

Our advice: Skip this one- it’s all over the place and will leave you really unsatisfied by the end of it. Listen to the OST instead, it’s much better!

Sungkyankwan Scandal – episodes 7 & 8

25 Sep

It’s all progressing so nicely- we love how LSJ is so outrageously in love with Yoon Hee and doesn’t question it out all- yes it’s really normal to stare longingly at your ‘male’ roommate, or have the urge to tuck him in ever so gently while staring affectionately at his sleeping face. He’s a complete goner and we look so forward to all of his betrayed angst and heart ache when he finds out that Yoon Hee has broken every rule imaginable and gone against everything ethic he stands for by going to the university. Ooo, angst, brooding, heartache- can’t wait! Hehe.

Although we love Crazy Horse and Yoon Hee together, in our opinion there is absolutely no competition for Yoon Hee’s heart in this drama- it’s Lee Sun Joon all the way. Week by week, the writers subtly develop this unique and really sweet relationship between the OTP where friendship and mutual respect is at the heart of it all. Respect and friendship is great but it’s their unspoken sexual tension and lovely chemistry, which we love.

To put it simply we love this OTP! Great work drama makers – we are impressed (don’t let us down now).

Other mentions:

-Evil Eyed School President has literally spent the last few weeks walking around threatening people to no avail at all- we really wished that Crazy Horse lived up to his name and gave him a good hard punch in his face when he offered Yoon Hee the leftovers. OOoo, we look forward to the day he’s properly brought down a peg or two. Although Cho Sun was pretty great when she gave Yoon Hee her handkerchief in front of Crazy Eyes and declared her undying love for her. Her crush on Yoon Hee is so sweet, poor girl- in a way we hope she never finds out that Yoon Hee is a girl, it will totally break her heart.

-Oh Crazy Horse, if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, come on over we’ll be happy to wipe your tears.

We’re so pleased that he knows that Yoon Hee is a girl! We literally squealed with delight at the end of episode 7! Yay. We look forward to watching him protect her true identity both in secret and out in the open. Come on, if we wanted someone protecting us, we’d happily take him any day.

 Giggles* Whether it’s watching him defending Yoon Hee against the likes of evil eyed School presidents or hiccupping nonstop, we can’t get enough of this guy. Damn our love for those ill fated love rivals- We fall for them hook line and sinker EVERYTIME!

This week’s lot of episodes seemed to have only added to our outrageous fan girling for him- we love how this guy who happens to be a masked political activist, nicknamed Crazy Horse hiccups whenever he’s around a girl- how cute is that!? The whole bed scene was so funny- they have at least a sweet bed scene every week but watching CH stuffing clothes in his mouth to stop himself from hiccupping, followed by LSJ waking up to find CH literally sleeping against his stomach was hilariously adorable- could he be anymore different from his masked activist’s persona?

Also watching him take Yong Ha aka determined pervert/ cross dressing girl detector down in possibly the girliest tussle we’ve seen between two guys in ages, was so funny.  We’re so pleased the group are officially starting to have proper scenes together as a foursome and especially appreciate their F4 strut down the road at the start of episode 7- hello boys (+ girl).

Can’t wait for next week! 

I am Legend: episode 14

21 Sep

We finally watched this episode and all we have to say is:

What a waste of time, seriously we could have predicted this outcome ages ago- how boring.

Why, drama makers are you so coy with the romance in IAL? You give a little bit and then snatch it away- you big fat teasers! Anyone watching will know what we’re talking about- the drama throws us a very small scene between the OTP; where it’s really sweet and then quickly cuts the scene to something else before the scene actually gets started. How are we suppose to care about this OTP if you’re that stingy with their airtime? As viewers, trust us when we say we will happily take a dozen OTP scenes over any of your boring (+ predictable) court case scenes.

It is out of sheer stubbornness that we intend to complete this drama- so with our expectation rock bottom the only way is up for this drama – so drama makers- fighting!

Potential Drama viewing

20 Sep

Baker King:

Yes we’ve finally succumbed to the madness that is the highest rated drama of the year and admit that it took a lot of self control not to join in on the fandom while it aired but we’re glad that we waited it out and definitely look forward to the angsty, no doubt insane drama that is Baker King.

Reasons why we avoided this drama:

-We wanted to wait until it finished and see what the general consensus was, just because you get so many dramas that start off so well and then completely nosedive by the end- making you want to throw your screen out the window and wonder why the hell you wasted so many hours of your life.

-We hate anything over hyped or over exposed- doesn’t matter if it’s the best drama ever, our brains immediate dislike it.

-Eugene being a love rival, plus potentially evil- yes we admit that we like many others adore her and she can do no wrong in our eyes, so the idea of her being anything other than the leading lady is a total turn off. (However we’ve read that it’s not so bad and that Eugene is a great character- so yay)

However now that it’s finished, it looks like Baker King hasn’t done too badly by the looks of it- Hello 50% + in the ratings- how crazy is that? Also having dodged spoilers for the drama, most people seem satisfied by the drama as a whole, so it all looks promising.  

Other mentions:

Doctor Champ…ummmm, we really don’t know about this one. 

We’re in two minds:

First of all we like the three main leads-

Kim So Yeon– We adore this leading lady after watching her in Prosecutor Princess and we said back then that we would definitely check out her next drama and so here we are and we have absolutely no doubt that she’ll be great in this drama but still…

Then there is Uhm Tae Woong– who will be brilliant as House…ahem we mean the grumpy crippled leading man.

Finally there is Jung Gyu Woon completing one side of the love triangle. We watched this guy in Loving You a Thousand Times and we loved him, we thought he was great. However we have a feeling we’re in the minority on this one- what’s with the fan hating on this guy? He is definitely not a wooden actor, we dare anyone to call this guy an Android actor after watching him in Loving you…the guy cries so well and definitely holds his own as a leading man.

The actors are definitely a pro for tuning in but then there’s everything else:

The storyline may appear to be from KSY’s prospective but let’s get real here; Doctor Champ is the K-drama version of the first season of House.

UTW plays the leading man who happens to be brilliant but outrageously grumpy, who is also a cripple- the writers didn’t even try to mask this one! Also there’s the fact that he’s working in close proximity to his first love that happened to abandon him when he needed her most- honestly, the writers now just need to give him a kind natured best friend called WilSon-shi and we’ve got everything covered. 

Other factors: We don’t like JGW’s hair cut, yes that’s right we’re being that superficial but we don’t care! Haha. Then there is the other issue, so small but it still bothers us greatly -The drama is called bloody- Doctor Champ! Please, what were they thinking?

Having written this post, we think we’ve answered our own dilemma about whether we’re going to tune in or not- however we’ll wait it out and see what the general feedback is before we decide whether we can move past the silly title and blatant plagiarism.

Here’s a trailer:

 Other dramas on our watch list:

Fugitive: aka Rain’s new drama and from the director of Chuno– which is reason enough to check it out but also we really liked the trailer and all the promo pics- so yep, it’s a definite contender.


I am Legend: episode 13

18 Sep

Sure, we’ve been working hard all week but when you’ve got one of us sleeping with her eyes open and the other two staying awake out of pure stubbornness, you know it’s time to throw in the towel and rule this drama a dud- which is so annoying because it could have been soooo good and you see shades of its potential in every episode but it’s just executed so badly that now that we’ve come to the final couple episodes we sit there wondering- what the hell, nothing happened in the whole of this drama!

Our biggest problem is the fact that we don’t care for the main storyline- at all! In this instance it’s the market people’s case. Usually we love a good story about the helpless rising up to fight the big bad corporation that swindled them out of their livelihoods but in this instance we’ve missing a vital component that makes the storyline compelling – that’s empathy. The writers failed to make us care at all for these UNGRATEFUL, JUDGEMENTAL AHJUMMAS! Come on! When the leading lady is working 24/7 trying to help people that really don’t give a damn whether she’s around or not- you can’t help but think- Seol Hee- forget these hags and let them suffer! Muhahah.  

So the whole episode consisted of Seol Hee working really hard and residing to the reality that maybe she’s out of her depth and that she’s more of a hindrance than help to these market people. As a result she decides to go to them and apologise for not being of much use to them and it’s this scene where you sitting there wondering; why is she apologizing?? She went out of her way to help these people- she’s not getting anything out of it and all she got was attitude. Sorry but she’s a complete pushover and is far too nice for her own good. It’s their own stupid fault for not reading the fine print- so when the episode ended with them all running up to her begging her forgiveness- we wished she pulled out a bag of salt and threw it in their faces! HA. Sadly for us, the leading lady is far too nice to match our vengeful characters, so of course we’re predicting a happy ending- where a legal secretary, who hasn’t been a legal secretary for years manages to take down the biggest law firm and best lawyer in the country all by herself…oh yes we can’t forget her boss; a Lawyer who appears to do absolutely nothing…ever and leaves it in the very capable hands of Seol Hee. – Yep, we suspended reality a long time ago as well.

Things we actually liked:

-Cute OTP moment No.1- goes to the scene where Tae Hyun caught Seol Hee listening to his song while giggling as she thought about their duet.

-Cute OTP moment No.2- Tae Hyun comforting Seol Hee in the car…And we achieve hand holding for our conservative OTP, it only took 13 episodes. Hahaha.

-Although we dislike the main storyline, the scene where Seol Hee is crying in the car as she came to the realisation that she can’t help the market people was really good. We liked how the music stopped and it was just her crying. She’s a wonderful actress and this scene really showed her acting chops- it was just a very heartfelt and enduring scene.

Sungkyankwan Scandal: episode 5-6

17 Sep

This drama makes us feel warm and fuzzy- honestly we sit there gushing and giggling our way through each episode- like those silly fan girls we would happily mock in the past- We are complete goners.

This photo screams:  screen shot- how cute was this scene?

These two episodes were all about Yoon Hee training hard towards her aims to win the Dae Sa Rae with the help of both her boys – Crazy Horse Jae Shin and of course Sun Jun. This week’s episodes had a distinct Mulan feeling, which we don’t mind at all- we adored Mulan.


-Crazy Horse- we knew we would like him from the start but after this week we have to confess that we love him. We giggled outrageously when he started hiccupping around Yoon Hee- poor guy he’s obviously going to get his heart broken by the end of the drama. His relationship with Yoon Hee is so sweet but it’s his future bromance in the making with Sun Jun that excites us. The rebel against the model student being friends…oooh we can’t wait! Plus their interaction is so interesting- they are very similar in many ways but they do things completely differently – we like how they respect each other even though they don’t get each other …just yet.

Although he spent the majority of the night bleeding heavily with an arrow in his stomach, Jae Shin forced himself to the competition the next morning, all because he made a promise to Yoon Hee- seriously how can we resist not fan-girling whenever he’s around?

 -Lee Sun Jun making a miracle happen! Smooth, so smooth- he maybe as stiff as a board but boy does this guy get the best lines.

-Yoon Hee- the girl can do no wrong in our eyes- plus watching her train this week was outrageously cute- how sweet was the scene where she finally hit the bulls eye and Sun Jun told her he was proud of her!! Ahhhh, the drama writers know exactly what we want from our cross dressing romance- just perfect!

Drama Rambles

14 Sep

Casting news:

We were a little intrigued by Mary stayed out all night when we heard that Jang Geun-seok was playing the leading man/ rocker in it. We confess we’re fans- even if he’s becoming more and more feminine by the day! However the news that his OTP is going to be none other than Korean’s Little Sister Moon Geun Young– makes this drama a must see. Come on MGY is brilliant- she was by far the best thing about Cinderella Unni and for an actress so young-she’s damn good. From our understanding this will be her first romcom/ fluffy drama in… forever and we’re so intrigued by how it’s going to turn out. We concluded that MGY is the equivalent of Hilary Swank in P.S. I Love You in the sense that Swank is an AMAZING ACTRESS- two Oscars speak for themselves but Swank in a romcom was plain weird.  We have the feeling that Moon will have the same effect or may actually elevate a potentially standard K-drama set up: contract marriage and rich perfect love rival (classic K-drama) into something much better. – Well that’s what we’re hoping anyway.


From what we’re read; the script is by the same people as Goong and Love and Marriage…which doesn’t quite fill us with excitement, also the news that JGS character has been adapted from a hard Rocker to a free spirit Hippy is kind of annoying- we would have far preferred a hard Rocker any day over a Hippy- we like our leading men strictly Alpha males and the fact that MGY is probably more masculine than JGS in real life should make this interesting viewing to say the least!


Maids– A K-drama version of Upstairs, Downstairs? – yes please!

A maid and her master…we mean her rich employer falling in love under the same roof: please- we’re so there. We don’t care if it’s cliché or predictable- we loved the rich man/ poor girl scenario. Oh the angst. Hehehe.

This upcoming drama is actually written by the same people as Pasta; for those who have seen Pasta, you will know that nothing much happens in the drama but it was so damn adorable to watch that we didn’t care at all- it was all about the OTP, so heres hoping that a decent OTP are picked for the drama. Ooo, we wonder who will be cast???


Quick Scandal gush:

We watched Sungkyankwan Scandal– episode 5 and its sooooo good! We intend to write a proper post once we’ve watched both episodes but seriously we adore this drama so much.


How sweet was the scene where Crazy Horse caught Yoon Hee crying in the classroom?

American remakes of your favourite K-dramas… surely that’s an oxymoron, right?

12 Sep

It’s been reported that an American production company has brought the rights to The Devil and Resurrection and intends to make the American remake of these K-dramas. Granted we haven’t watched either of these dramas and have no idea whether it will translate well but it got us thinking about the major differences between K-dramas and their American counterparts and we came to the conclusion that the prospect of adapting a K-drama to suit American audiences would undoubtedly take out the Korean-ness from the drama and what are you left with is..?  Just a script.

So we were thinking about standard musts in K-dramas that would either be no big deal or just get completely lost in translation if remade to suit American audiences:

K-drama romance:

Although we bitch and moan about it- a K-drama is not a K-drama without:

1. A wrist grab

2. A startled hug

3. A frozen Kiss- you know the one; the one you’re usually cringing at- the camera spins around as the OTP stand there frozen on the spot- lips firmly shut and definitely not moving. Hahahah


So unrealistic but utterly Korean- American response: No chance, although the list above happens over say 16 episodes- this will all possibly happen in the first 15 minutes of the first episode of an American show- let’s be honest here; although the relationships between K-drama couples tend to be on the unrealistic and dramatic side, we wouldn’t have it any other way.   

OTPs and Love Rivals:

K-dramas always have an OTP and a couple of Love rivals- it’s a must and feels rather strange if you don’t have that poor LR hovering around in the background pining for the leading lady/man. Regardless of genre all K-dramas have a OTP- that couple that often hate each other and then quickly fall in love suffering evil mothers, LRs and obsessive lunatics that have it in for them- this OTP are destined for only each other and you know that by the end of it all, they would have overcome great heart ache and cried an outrageous amount of tears to finally get their happy ending.


American response- okay they usually have ten zillion seasons and the leading lady or man will have multiple partners along the way- some that are in the moment romances but then some are real contenders with marriages and divorces scattered through the seasons. It’s really rare to come across any shows at the moment where you have a fixed OTP.  When we thought about it, only Alias’s Sydney and Vaughn came to mind but then again that show had many factors that transfer well- it’s all about the OTP and family. Also Friends’ Ross and Rachel (people loved this OTP but seriously we swear they were apart longer they were together- we personally would have preferred it if Rachel got together with Joey.) – However both shows finished ages ago. So we guess we made our point.


In all K-dramas family is everything; doesn’t matter if they’re all crazy, gamblers that happen to sell your property while you’re away studying in America (of course!) or constantly harassing you to get married. They’re your family and you’re stuck with them through the good and bad time, which is one of the reasons why we love K-dramas- we completely relate. Coming from a large, slightly eccentric bunch- we wouldn’t trade them in for the world and because we love and respect them, plus we’re (usually) dutiful and listen to what our parents have to say- just like most K-dramas.


American television has really lost the essence of family in recent years, which is sad- why do family’s in American dramas have to be so damn ‘real’ and yes, miserable? We get it- the definition of family has changed over the years but still… it would be nice to see more family’s that actually love each other despite all the crap in their life. Take Veronica Mar’s family- real in the sense that it’s a broken family but never do you doubt that Veronica and her dad love each other. Or our favourite Walker clan from Brothers and Sisters– totally insane and dysfunctional but just a great depiction of a large family that really love each other even when they want to kill each other (usually at the dining table!) We want more families like the Mars and Walkers on American T.V- so in this case having a more Korean influence in regards to presenting families would actually be really great and it may actually change people attitudes to how they ought to treat their families… you never know or is that strictly wishful thinking on our part?

K-drama stereotype/ traditions:

Things you find in K-dramas that mean zilch if converted to the American audience:

The importance of marriage– You’re an old maid if you’re unmarried past the age of 30. You’re constantly harassed by your mother who has a constant headache just thinking about the fact that you’re still unmarried considering that her friend’s daughter already has two children and is the same age as you- oh the shame of it all! Hahah.


Get married, don’t get married, same goes for divorce- it really is no big deal anywhere outside of Asia. It’s just the way it is now.

-Everyone in K-dramas always have really low immune systems- If a lead happens to be caught in the rain for literally a minute- they will DEFINITELY get sick the next day- it’s just the way it is. Totally outrageous but 90% of the time the lead’s OTP will be on hand to nurse them back to health. So we don’t mind one bit- it makes for the sweetest OTP moments in a drama.

-The dreaded nose bleed- All poor leading ladies will undoubtedly get the dreaded nose bleed- it means 2 things:

A. They have worked too hard B. They have cancer – sometimes both.

The list could go on but seriously K-dramas are loved for not only the writing and acting but also for everything that makes it quintessentially a K-drama; culture, humour, even the food and hello a K-drama without a Soju drinking session in those make shift stalls really isn’t the same.

So do we think American remakes could work? You never know it may be great… but will we love it as much as the original? No chance! Nothing beats a good K-drama at its best- simple a that.