Monstar: episode 8-9

14 Jul

Frankly episode 9 of Monstar was  torture to watch. We know *gasp*, how could we say that?? Trust us, we’re surprised as well…

The episode just felt so damn long, the characters spent the majority of the time moping around miserably. No one really voicing their thoughts or feelings, no one really doing anything. It felt flat and painfully boring to watch.

Se Yi spent the whole time either crying or saying ‘hmm’ or ‘oh’. The girl needs to expand her vocabulary and remind us why she has two guys fighting over her. At the moment, she’s coming across as this wet, dull girl and nothing like the quirky, confident girl of episodes past. Se Yi, come back please!

Sun Woo/ Se Yi moments are completely cringe worthy. They have no chemistry together at all. We wish the writer would just kill their ‘romantic’ link and focus more on the OTP and Sun Woo with Kim Na Na. Who else had the strong desire to roll their eyes at the hospital scene? Sun Woo couldn’t be more of a kdrama secondary love rival if he tried. School president – check, rich- check, smart/ talented- check and most importantly spends his spare time volunteering in the hospital where he sings to sick kids who adore him – check. Come on, really?

Also Sun Woo’s pathetic excuse of a love confession is right up there on the list of ways not to confess your love to the leading lady. Seriously, when you’re back is turned to her and eyes are on your rival rather than the girl you’re confessing to – does it really count as a love confession? For us we hoped for more, obviously nothing too romantic to sway us away from the OTP, but something better than that!

monstar 9

Seol Chan wasn’t much better, when is he going to man up and tell her how he feels? How is a girl supposed to know how her OTP feels when he blowing hot and cold all the time?

Okay, so we’re calling episode 9 a write off but we’re glad that episode 8 had a few goodies tucked away in it.

At the end of episode 8, all we could think was: now really, is this how you end an episode? We thought this was supposed to be a fun, teen, musical drama –  having one of the characters pushed to the point where he’s ready to jump of the school roof is a little harsh?

Don’t get us wrong, it was emotional, intense and captivating viewing  and we thoroughly loved it.

The last song was amazing. It broke our hearts, it was just so sad. This was a scene that summed up exactly how horrible bullying can be and how alone a person can feel in such a situation. It felt terribly realistic. Like this situation could happen to any of us. The build up of Do Nam and Kyu Dong’s fractured relationship has been an on going subject through the drama and to finally know the reason why they fell out is welcomed. We’re glad it had enough of an impact to warrant Do Nam’s anger towards Kyu Dong, anything less would have felt anticlimactic.

Aside from our hearts breaking a little when Kyu Dong sang, we also loved Seol Chan and Se Yi’s date/ guitar lesson!

The writer finally decided to move in the right direction and gave us some cute OTP action. Horray!

Their moments sparkle with chemistry and feel so refreshingly realistic. They have the perfect amount of awkward, unspoken (teen rated) sexual energy to make their moments work so well. Their scenes are like night and day compared to Se Yi’s moments with Sun Woo. We wish the drama had a few more sweet moments between Seol Chan and Se Yi. In reflection they spent an awfully large amount of time fighting and making up. Yes, we know, that’s how OTP’s usually act but this particular couple lacked more cute moments than most dramas, which is a shame because they are adorable together. After episode 9’s kiss, we’ve got our fingers crossed that this OTP stop fighting long enough to actually fall in love.

Other thoughts:

We’re so glad that Ji Woong Ahjussi got a haircut! Finally, that wig was so distracting.

What’s with Eun Ha’s bruises? Oh man, domestic violence/ bullying ect is just too much. She’s such a sweet, likable character. She often has funny, sweet one liners that make us smile. She’s a character that everyone knows in real life. She’s not particularly amazing at something but incredibly likable.

When is Sun Woo going to look at Kim Na Na and fall head over heels in love?? Are we really asking for too much?


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