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Ring Ring Bell – episode 8

28 Nov

WTF was episode 8 all about?
In one episode we had the following things happen:

We had a kidnapping, a bombing and a stabbing. Our leading lady dropped 50 IQ points between episode 6 and episode 8 and our leading man turned into a heartless idiot. Great.

Everything about episode 8 was bad and we mean really bad. The acting was appalling, the script was insane and it was all put together so badly that it made our eyes burn with rage. RAGE.

5year old kids could have done a better job than that. Honestly what was everyone thinking?

Question: You get a phone call and you don’t know who it is but they ask you your whereabouts- Is your first thought really to tell them exactly where you are? Come on, surely the writers could have thought of a more sophisticated way for the leading lady to be kidnapped.

Don’t get us started on the stabbing scene. Ugh – We know that T-dramas love to have really crazy characters that do nutty things but seriously… this was too much.

What happened to this drama, it was so cute and fluffy at the start, now it’s become this mess, where we can’t relate to anyone in the drama.

We wanted to see this OTP come together organically and watch them realise their feelings for each other all over again. Rather than watch them be forced together by sad faced cute kids and pushy mothers. The last two episodes have made us question the OTP and how much we’re buying their so called love for each other. He doesn’t think much of her and she is so riddled with insecurities that makes it impossible to relate to her feelings for him. As you can imagine we weren’t touched at all by their lukewarm declarations of love for each other. In fact we sat there shaking our heads wondering what the feck happened to this drama??

The strangest thing about the whole episode was the fact that although it was silly and it enraged us to no end… we still want to see what happens next week. We're hoping that this is just a slump in the drama and that it will pick up and return to what we signed up for at the start rather than endure this mess for much longer.


Mid Week Rambles

16 Nov

December seems so far away:

Skip Beat! promos are out and Oooh lala, Siwon and Donghae look HAWT! We can’t wait for December to come.

We’re really hoping that Siwon doesn’t give us a boring depiction of Ren. It’s so easily done with such a complicated character, who often communicates more through his facial expressions than his words. Also we hope that Ivy Chen does well by Kyoko. We love how nutty and evil she is but at the same time she’s so lovable as a character. This Tdrama production better not get imaginative with the manga facts like they did with Hana Yori Dango, or else someone will surely pay!

We’re not going to lie; we’re scared by the prospect of this drama being dubbed. Dubbed dramas have to be the most distracting and annoying dramas to watch ever. We’ve got our fingers crossed that they do a  good job because this manga is so loved that it could get ugly if it’s butchered on screen.

Don’t do this to us T-dramas, you were our only hope…

What was episode 12 of Office Girls all about? Seriously, we’re going to pretend that the episode didn’t happen. It was a complete mess; there was no structure, theme or  real progress. It felt like it was made up of lots of gags (not always funny) badly put together. OG is better than that.

Not even our hesitant OTP could keep us interested. Their date felt contrived and made you question what the hell are they waiting for? They have both acknowledged they like each other, there aren’t any misunderstandings holding them back, so why so cautious?  

Come on QZQ- it’s time to man up and show us why we love you.

Ring Ring Bell episode 7 didn’t fare much better. This was the first time since watching this drama where we were unsatisfied by pretty much everything and everyone. We hoped that our OTP working and dating together would provide us with oodles of cute OTP moments and cement our feelings for this couple that never fail to make us smile. However, we were sadly mistaken. The whole set up infuriated us and made us want to shake Xiao Xiang for being so pathetic.

Okay, we’re annoyed at Kia Jai for giving her a job in enemy territory and telling her to get on with it. No support, no job title, not even a flipping desk! He treated her like an object that he thought he’d play with and see how it turns out. However, what’s worse is the fact that she accepted the position and she allowed herself to be treated so poorly by his employees. Where is our leading lady’s pride?

Naturally, she won over her enemies and earned their acceptance in predicable fashion but still…
We like our leading ladies strong and confident – Xiao Xiang needs to get some self esteem pronto and stop being such a loser!

Flower Boy Raman Shop

There is so much fandom surrounding this drama, everyone seems to love it but we’re not sure…
We hate Noona love with a passion, its groan inducing boring for us to watch. However on the other hand we LOVE Jung Il Woo- then again so doesn’t? Plus we like the idea of a tough, former trouble maker as the leading lady.

 Damn that smile.

  To watch or not to watch -that is the question?    

Ring Ring Bell – 5 and 6

13 Nov

We seem to be falling more and more in love with this little drama. Maybe it’s because it’s got lots of traits straight out of a romance novel or the fact that we utterly adore the OTP…

All we know is- we want more!

Sure their media scandal was completely unrealistic and silly but who cares? We are more than happy to leave common sense at the door and go with it. We love how they have decided to date, no strings attached, no silly contract- they’ve just decided to just go for it. They have both been burned by love and are in many ways damaged goods, so watching them come together and try and build a relationship is lovely viewing.  We love their history and the fact that this is their second chance of a romance that didn’t happen seven years earlier. They’ve found each other in two different worlds, with reality very much at the forefront of their everyday lives but despite this fact, they’re going for it, putting aside insecurities and external dramas and giving us plenty of adorable OTP moments.  For a fluffy drama, what more do you want?

For us this drama is all about the OTP, their every scene together is perfect. We love how Jia Kai has taken it upon himself to be her knight in shining armour and frankly if anyone needed one, it would be this leading lady.

For us, she isn’t that weak leading lady that annoys you because she can’t do anything for herself. Xiao Xiang does the best she can but something the trouble she gets into is more than she can handle on her own. She has to be the most self sacrificing leading lady we’ve seen in ages, so watching Jia Kai (the man of her dreams) step in and support her is absolutely fine by us.

The press conference sequence was at once completely cringe worthy, heartbreaking but so good. How can you not love a leading lady that’s willing to make a fool out of herself to protect her OTP’s reputation and at the same time teach her little girl that taking responsibility for her mistakes is an important life lession?

Favourite scene:

We adored the scene where Jia Kai took care of her when she was sick. How cute was the comment he made about how he’s usually the one unbuttoning women’s blouses not buttoning them up for them!

Random Thoughts:

-Seriously producers- trying to convince us that Janine Chang is an ugly duckling is such a joke. She’s so beautiful in this drama, even when she’s walking around in a bin bag.

-Duo Duo is going to be one screwed up little girl when she grows up, honestly so much heartache for someone that young. Imagine getting teased because there are photos of your naked mother plastered all over the news papers?  Shudder*

– Jia Kai’s face was priceless when he saw Xiao Xiang after her make over. Giggles*

Bring on episode 7- Our OTP are dating and working together now, yay!

Scent of a Woman – final thoughts/ push post

6 Nov

For some strange reason it was difficult to write this post. There was far too much to talk about, too many thoughts and feeling about how awesome this drama was but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do and in this case it’s push this drama until we manage to make at least one person want to tune in and watch. If we can achieve that, we’ll be very happy Musthavesubs girls.

This drama was an unexpected treat for the soul. Don’t be discouraged by the bleak subject matter- in this case cancer because this drama is so much more than that.

 The romance will knock your socks off. It’s a rare thing to find a drama where you are engrossed solely by the OTP and their every move. Que Sera, Sera and more recently Secret Garden come to mind but Scent of a Woman delivered big time in making us fall hard for this couple. Hot tango scenes, intense chemistry and a love rival worth rooting for- what more do you want? Read more

Office Girls- episode 11

6 Nov

This was a rather quiet but thoughtful episode. Nothing much happened aside from the fact that QZQ manned up and finally admitted his feelings for SXR (to himself) and more importantly put Kai Er out of her misery, hooray! For a filler episode we have no complaints because we’re still smitten with this OTP and could happily watch them bicker all day long.

Let’s talk about the kiss- THE KISS, yay. Okay, it was a peck on the cheek but still…heeee! It was definitely more poignant than if they had a full blown make out session; simply because it was the first tentative step towards acknowledging their feelings for each other. Also it couldn’t have come sooner, we feel like we’ve been impatiently waiting for this moment since episode 1. We love how they’ve taken that slow approach to the OTP’s romance. More often than not the slow burner approach to a OTP romance doesn’t quite work because the couple aren’t compelling enough and yes, it's slow! However this couple have enough spark and underlined chemistry to keep us completely hooked from start to finish. Just look at the way they look at each other, no words needed, their unspoken feelings for each other is written all over their faces. For us, their intense stares speak volumes over a clear cut declaration of love. Plus it’s oh so hot to watch Roy Qiu smoulder his way through scenes. Hehe.  

The doll’s house scene played out differently from what we hoped, which consisted of a girly romantic declaration of love and acceptance from the OTP, maybe some crying…you get the picture. However we liked her response to the gift. It was more realistic and definitely something we as a viewer could relate to better than the OTT scene we pictured in our dramatic minds. Naturally the symbolism and gesture of the doll’s house was outrageously romantic already, so we’re pleased enough. Also we love how touched she was by the gesture, she was literally speechless. If she ever doubted his feelings for her, this was the moment that changed everything in the drama.

Other quick thoughts for episode 11:

-Props to the writer for giving us so many lovely OTP moments, honestly it’s always a delight to watch. Favourite OTP moment so far still has to be the promise scene aka the Dinosaur scene. So sweet.  

-SXR’s manager and Le Le’s blossoming romance is hilarious. The two funniest people on the show together AND as a couple- We love it.

-We could watch hours of Mama Sen with QZQ – they are just so cute together.

-We still have a zillion episodes to go, we’re scared…we don’t want OG to run out of steam!