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Cruel City – first impressions / episodes 1-2

22 Jun

This drama knocked our socks off.

We heard positive murmurs about it but certainly didn’t expect much of it. Then we tuned in and we were hooked. We loved how dark, intense and smart the drama was. We sat at the edge of our seats from start to finish and now we want more!

If you’ve ever stumbled across our blog before, you may have noticed that we often stick to the light and fluffy. We admit it, we love us some romance and a happily ever after, so we tend to avoid genres that involve crime squads and drug dealers that love to kill people with golf clubs. However we’re happy to make an exception on this occasion. Yes, we know that we will probably regret it and be crying our eyes out because we rooted for a character/ OTP that are doomed to die but we’re hooked. Sleep be damned.

Thank goodness we’ve got six episodes to work our way through. The idea of having to wait to tune in would drive us mad.

The plot is shown from two perspectives. First the crime squad that have been assembled to bring down a massively successful drugs ring headed up by a crazy lunatic called Scale (he’s the golf club welding killer). The second perspective is from Shi Hyun aka The Doctor’s Son, who is trying to overthrow Scale and become the big boss in charge.

Ultimately their target is the same but for two very different reasons.  The pace is fast with plenty of twists and turns along the way. We love how the writer has made these characters smart and not dumbed them down for the audience’s benefit. They know exactly what is going on and why things have happened. It’s such a pleasure to watch a drama where we’re not waiting in frustration for the characters to realise what the hell is going on. It makes it easy for us to respect them and eager to see what they do next.

For us the best thing about this drama is definitely Jung Kyung Ho:

What a pleasant surprise.

We have a thing for flawed characters that often lose out in dramas but our love (obsession) for this character is on another level. We tuned in knowing there was no chance for a happy ending for this character but still we couldn’t help but get attached. He is just such a fantastic character to follow. He’s bad, a killer and oh soooooo hot. Wow, who would have thought that the adorable Jung Kyung Ho from Smile, you could be this damn sexy??? Certainly not us.

We love how he gives off this dangerous, untouchable aura; add the sharp suits and the 1920s hair- we’ve got a winner. Despite appearing calm and cool, you can see the dark undertones of pain and fury in his facial expressions and actions. He is one man we wouldn’t want to mess with… Maybe just make out with. Hehehe.

We love how he’s smart and ruthless but at the same time you see glimpses of his humanity through his friendship with Soo and his ‘Aunt’. Maybe it was his horrible upbringing in the Whorehouse or the desperately sad look on his face but we just want to take care of him and hope he lives happily ever after. Damn it, we’re just asking for heartache with feelings like that!

There were two major scenes that made us sit up and take notice of his character. The first scene was one where he and Soo were walking down a street and were attacked by hundreds of gangsters. Soo was naturally fighting them off to clear the way but Shi Hyun just walked through the violence like it was a normal sunny afternoon through the park. All we kept thinking was what is he capable of that no one is daring to touch him? Why does he look so calm and collected despite the madness surrounding him? The way the drama slowly presented the different facets of his character was just genius. At the beginning we got cold, calculating and super smart and then we got this:

OMG – honestly we sat there slack jawed in amazement at the scene above. Deadly and smart is a lethal combination and one we could happily watch.

We can’t wait to see how his character develops throughout the drama and don’t get us started on how excited we are about his romance. Please let it be epic, tell us we’re going cry like giant babies when they end?? Surely there is no other way but a tragic ending – he’s a killer and a baddie. Do we care? No, we’ll take it any way we can – gimme, gimme now.

The other leading man – Lee Jae-yoon as Ji Hyung-min

Considering we’re strictly team Shi Hyun, this character isn’t doing too badly as our obsessive cop tasked to bring down the baddies for the police.

We like how his morals are flexible and he’s got this deep rooted hunger to bring down the baddies at any cost. Also he’s just as smart as Shi Hyun. He was always at the forefront of the action and was completely aware of what was happening. The idea that he’s just as smart as Shi Hyun and is just as driven to destroy Scale and co is fantastic. We just love the fact that we don’t know what’s going to happen or who’s going to win in this battle of wills.

We like how his character is more emotional than Shi Hyun. He’s already lost his brother to drugs and his girlfriend is always at risk by being a part of his team. He has a lot to lose and that makes him a risk. He’s more than capable of just completely losing the plot and killing a string of people in his need for justice and revenge. We just know it’s going to be great viewing watching this character walk the thin line both morally and ethically in this drama.

Other thoughts:

We’ve seen very little of Nam Gyi Ri’s leading lady character yet. This actress has her fair share of haters but frankly we don’t mind her too much.  Once you get past the plastic face, she’s alright. Also we actually really liked her in the terribly disappointing 49 Days.

When Soo was stabbed, who else gasped?? Seriously we thought he was a goner. We loved how Shi Hyun carried him out and took him to the hospital. Please drama, give us a good bromance if all else fails.

Who else is loving the musicality and cinematography in this drama? We remember watching City Hunter ages ago and loving its visuals and use of music. It truly looked amazing but we failed to connect with it on an emotional level. The characters just didn’t matter to us and as a result we couldn’t be bothered to tune in every week. We care about all of the characters in Cruel City and fingers crossed, we have a feeling it might be a keeper.

If you’re looking for something dark and exciting look no further!


Day 26: A drama that surprised you

17 May

Call us boring or unadventurous but one of the things we like about watching dramas is it’s general reliability.

You usually have a OTP, a big bad to hate on, a couple of  love rivals and a HEA. It’s like a drama law to ensure that the above list happens and we’re totally comfortable with that fact.

However, there have been a few occassions over the years where we’ve been left totally surprised, sometimes not always in a good way.

Here is a quick rundown of dramas that made us sit up and take notice…even when we didn’t want to:

A drama that surprised us so much, we wanted to beat the crap out of the writer: 49 Days


Yeah, yeah we get it – it’s poetic and wise and blah, blah, blah but killing off the leading lady and leaving her OTP heartbroken was not something we thought we’d end up with.

Also wtf was the long lost sister crap all about?

Yes, we’re still mad but only because we care.

A drama that pleasantly surprised us with how awesome it was: Prosecutor Princess

Come on, it’s called Prosecutor Princess, obviously we didn’t expect much from it!

How wrong were we.

Okay, the first couple episodes took a while to find it’s groove but as soon as it did, we were hooked and so in love.

Despite the ridiculous title, the drama was smart, romantic and just a complete delight to watch from start to finish. Also, this drama surprised us by making us fall head over heels for Park Shi Hoo. We previously watched him in How to meet the perfect neighbour and well, he overacted his little heart out and made us groan endlessly. However in this drama he delivered the goods. All that heartache, angsty man pain and have you seen that smile? – We were sold completely and have become PSH fangirls for life. No regrets at all.

A drama that surprised us by being so bad:

Mary Stayed out all night

When you have Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk as a OTP in a drama you just expect it to be magic. They are so freaking talented as actors that we didn’t expect anything other than poetry in motion but seriously, what the hell was going on in that drama????


They are so adorable but honestly what a mess.

Who would have thought that everything except for the OTP’s acting would be totally terrible and ruin a drama so completely?  Sadly, not us.

A drama that surprised us in such an AMAZING way that we feel spoiled for anything else: Keizoku Spec 2

Whoop, Whoop, Keizoku Spec 2 Special is finally subbed and waiting for us. It’s on Dramacrazy for those who have impatiently been waiting for it as long as us.


For those who haven’t been tempted already by our gushes about this drama, read our pimp post – this drama is just tooooo good to miss. It will surprise you in the best way possible. It will lure you in slowly and then by the end of it you will be desperate for more.


End of Year Review ~ 2011

31 Dec

We thoroughly enjoyed writing our end of year review last year. We were happy in the knowledge that we had found some real gems, along with a couple stinkers but this year we can’t help but feel a little disappointed by the drama offerings. Nothing really stole our hearts and made us feel like we’ve found a drama that would stay with us for the long run and be on our all time favourites list.

However that doesn’t mean that we didn’t enjoy what we did complete and like a true a drama addict would say… there is always next year.

Here is our list of completed dramas in 2011:

The crème of the crop:

Keizoku Spec 2: One word: Awesome.

It lulls you in with the first couple episodes. Then bam, you are hooked and before you know it, it’s finished and you’re desperate for more.

Someone tell us there is a second season in the works? We’d be sooooo happy.

We know we shouldn’t have liked it but we did anyway:

It’s okay, Daddy’s girl: Technically a complete mess, the plot, the acting, the romance, okay, okay it was all a tad on the ugly side but strangely we enjoyed it nevertheless. 

Call us suckers for a decent family in need.

The prize for the worse villain of the year goes to Jun Tae Soo:

Oh dear, the over acting was bad, real bad.

Biggest disappointment of the year:

49 days: Yes, we’re still mad at you drama, we may remain mad for quite some time too. The drama strung us along for 19 episodes, only to trample all over our betrayed hearts in the end.

Cruel, just cruel.

We did enjoy watching Jung Il Woo as the cutest Scheduler in town. Also, despite the fact that our beloved Bae Soo Bin overacted his way through all 20 episodes with his glares and ‘scary’ eyes, we found him strangely hot as a baddie. Heheh.

Our typical Jdrama of the year:

Buzzer Beat: It was totally underwhelming. The ending was so predictable and cheesy. We haven’t a clue why we bothered watching it in the first place.

Was it Yamapi and his giant purple rucksack?

Another over hyped Hong Sisters’ drama?

Best Love: We almost gave us on this drama multiple times throughout its run. The OTP consisted of an overgrown man-child that needed a good slap and a washed out pop star desperately clinging on to show business. Let’s face it the characters were REALLY annoying, the gags were the same old over the top gags the Hong sisters have been peddling  for a while now and once again, no other character other than the OTP had much substance.  However, the drama eventually found its groove and before we knew it we were rather charmed by how much the OTP cared for each other. Damn it.


Our old school drama of the year:

Baby faced Beauty: We think we watched this during our drama dry spell; it was familiar in a comforting way. It had a cute OTP, a leading lady we hoped would get a spine and she eventually does…sort of and of course evil villains who get what they deserve by the end of it.

What more could you ask for? It’s a nice way to past the time, also Daniel Choi is rather adorable in it. It might wash out the bad taste he left in your mouth from his horrible performance in The Musical

The drama that made Lee Dong Wook a man:

A Scent of a Woman: Yes, it became that stereotypical melodrama in the second half but we were sold from the first episode. Watch it for the hot OTP, watch it for a love rival who will break your heart and watch because it was the drama that reminded us why we became drama addicts in the first place.

Also did we mention the producers gave us plenty of fan service? Enjoy.

Another Mike He drama under our belts:

Sunny Happiness: In reflection we can’t really remember much about this drama… which is never a good thing.  It had something to do with a marriage contract right?

Oh, who cares we blatantly watched it for Mike He!

The sweetest drama of 2011:

Can you hear my heart? : Our favourite Kdrama of 2011.

 Loved it.  

Favourite Alternative couple: Dong Joo and Ma Roo – Come on, all those bed scenes, the flashbacks of romantic moments from the past and of course the smouldering stares they gave each other throughout the drama. Their children would be beautiful…

The Idols that made good in the end:

Dream High: We really enjoyed this drama despite rooting for the wrong OTP and hating broody Sam Dong. Is it the best drama? Hell no but its lots of fun. There is a scene which involves an MC Hammer dance, if you don’t laugh at that; there is something wrong with you. Just saying…


2011 dramas may not have been what we hoped but hey it could have been a lot worse!

Here’s hoping that 2012 delivers the goods.

Happy New Year to everyone, love the Musthavesubs Girls xox

The Unluckiest leading ladies in drama land

21 Jun

While watching Best Love we sat there wondering how is it possible for one person to be so unlucky? Ae Jung’s character happens to be hated by the nation for a bad reputation that just never seems to fade. This got us thinking about other leading ladies in drama land who may be just as unlucky (if not worst) and their struggle to finally get their HEA.  

As any drama viewer will know, it’s a long and bumpy road to happiness for any leading lady. There are many obstacles they face along the way including; evil parents, crazy love rivals and the fact that they must work at least four jobs to support their lazy family. We mustn’t forget that there is also a river worth tears they must shed, some brooding that needs doing in a dark corner and of course getting drunk and confessing their heartache to the person that has secretly crushed on them since their first meeting.

The unluckiest leading lady prize goes to the following:

49 days- Ji Hyun:

Surely she holds the prize for the unluckiest leading lady…ever?

She dies in a car accident when it really wasn’t meant to be her time.

She gets given the most impossible challenge ever in the aim to get her life back, while at the same time finding out that the love of her life was cheating on her with her best friend.

After a lot of heartache and tears she falls in love and wins her challenge (yay) only to getting one stinkin’ picnic with her OTP before she dies again. (Boo!)

We still can’t forgive you drama.  Honestly that is just too cruel.

Other unlucky leading ladies include:

Loving you a thousand times- Eun Nim

This woman truly suffered…shudder*

Her family goes bankrupt and her father suddenly falls sick – that’s fine, as that is a standard Kdrama scenario. However it doesn’t end there-

To earn money she becomes a surrogate mother- yes, you read correctly.

She changes her mind about giving her baby up, only to have it snatched away from her at the hospital. 

Then she tentatively falls in love with a young chaebol- of course! Only to find out that her OTP’s brother is in fact her baby daddy. It really is a small world in drama land.

Add a horrible confrontation, divorce and lots of tears.

Then to top it all off, Eun Nim gets stomach cancer, like she hasn’t suffered enough.

Well, at least she got to live unlike Ji Hyun.

Save the last dance for me- Eun Soo

Her father dies and her fiancé disappears on the same night!

She happened to fall in love with the only person in the world that has multiple lapses in memory and occasionally forgets his name and who his OTP is.

If that’s not bad enough, she gets into a horrible car accident caused by her psycho secondary love interest and loses the ability to walk. 

Shining Inheritance- Eun Sung

Her dad ‘dies’ and her evil step mother and sister throw her and her disabled brother out.

After almost committing suicide with her brother, she loses her brother!

Insert- leading lady hitting rock bottom: becomes a hostess ect ect.

Then she meets and falls in love with a nasty rich brat, who isn’t even good looking (sorry LSG fangirls/boys)

It’s not all bad, unlike her other leading lady counterparts she gets her dad and brother back and lives happily ever after.  


Down with Love- Yu Ping

How unlucky can you get… Jerry Yan ends up with Ella Chen.

Yes, we’re aware that Jerry Yan is not a leading lady but come on; we all know who was wearing the trousers in that drama!

Just kidding…or are we? muhahah

49 days episode 19-20/ final thoughts

24 May

We’ve decided to pretend that episode 20 never happened. Yes, we’re going to be childish and stubborn about this matter but seriously- how could you drama!!?

We get all the symbolism and the importance of fate and it is indeed original and touching but at the same time- completely and utterly unsatisfying! Why, why, why?

lots of rambling, gushing and occasional sobbing ahead

49 days – episodes 17-18

18 May

Like mad fan girls we found ourselves squealing with excitement by pretty much everything that happened in last week’s lot of episodes. The twists, the turns…oh drama you are just too good to us.

How utterly perfect was everything that happened last week? Seriously we wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Gushing rampage ahead – spoiler alert

49 days- episodes 15-16

11 May

This drama really stepped up a gear last week and we finally got major revelations, confessions and consequences- seriously it was just sooooo good to watch!

There was so much good stuff to mention that to be honest we don’t know where to start.

That’s not quite true- OMG everyone knows that Ji Hyun is a spirit, including Yu Kyung.

It’s got to be the most unbelievable scenario ever explored in a Kdrama and the fact that everyone just accepts it is…crazy/ stupid but who cares when it’s this good!?

-Min Ho’s confrontation with Ji Hyun was brilliant. He’s transformed himself from being a minor baddie that had issues to being a complete villain in the space of two episodes and we love it! If we are going to have a character that we want to hate, at least make him a true villain and Min Ho fits the bill really well. He was unbelievably sneaky and ruthless in last week’s lot of episodes. Who would have thought that our favourite love rival Bae Soo Bin could play such a character so well? Still hot AND evil- love him!

-Yu Kyung can not only hear but also see Ji Hyun now!!! She has officially acknowledged her…well she asked her to leave but still, it’s the first steps to friendship. Heheh.

Listening to Yu Kyung describe her ghost to Doctor Noh was really sad. How pitiful and lonely must you be as a person if you’re comforted by a ghost? We wonder if Kang will come to the rescue and convince Yu Kyung to help save Ji Hyun? We do adore Kang’s inspirational speeches.

-We finally got to see In Jung get beaten up. Thank you writers for giving us what we wanted. We would have been so happy if only we got to see Seo Woo give her a few more slaps before flashing to another scene. MUHAHAH. Her reasoning for vowing revenge is pathetic!

-We got a love confession from Ji Hyun- so sweet. The best thing about the confession was how straightforward and heartfelt it was. She wants to live so she can confess her feelings to him. Kang and Ji Hyun’s relationship is by far the best thing about this whole drama. The development of their relationship was so lovely to watch- it was handled so sensitively and intelligently by the writers, that it makes it that much more poignant and engaging to watch.  

-We got lots of Scheduler angsty goodness. He now knows EVERYTHING and is impatiently waiting to get his girl. We love how protective he is of Yu Kyung, it’s really nice to hear someone speak about her that way, considering she has no one that looks out for her, well except Ji Hyun but she really doesn’t count. Please let them be a couple again- they have both suffered enough!

Two weeks left and then it’s all over. SOB*

We are so excited.

49 days: 13-14

4 May

Ji Hyun knows – Hurray!

-She knows that Kang knows she’s a spirit.

-She also knows that Kang loves her- not Yu Kyung.


It’s all changed AGAIN- we went from Kang secretly helping and loving Ji Hyun to Ji Hyun knowing everything. We can’t wait for their relationship to develop further and watch her move from being completely oblivious to Kang to actually falling hard for him. Now that her eyes are wide open to the awesomeness that is Kang, we doubt that it will take too long – come on the guy was the sole reason her beloved father decided to have surgery. –He has to be the sweetest Kdrama leading man in 2011 (so far).

We utterly love the complex relationships in this drama and as the weeks pass and we think that we’ve finally got the relationships and interactions pegged, the writers add another level of intrigue/ mystery to the mix and we’re right back to guessing just how it’s all going to play out.

How sticky are the relationships in this drama?!

-The 360 degree turn in Kang and Min Ho’s relationship is great- we love how they’ve gone head to head against each other – we can’t wait to see Kang dig deep and bring Min Ho down.  It was so creepy listening to Min Ho perfectly rationalise his actions and choices to destroy Ji Hyun’s family business all because he suffered when he was younger.

– Also, In Jung and Yu Kyung continue to provide really hostile and bitchy interactions- its fascinating viewing. They have no facades with each other what so ever, which is interesting considering this drama is all about presenting yourself as something else and hiding your real self for a greater purpose.

Other thoughts:

The Scheduler knows he’s connected to Yu Kyung- yay! How glad are we that the writers didn’t drag this fact out too long. We love how our favourite Scheduler has gone from being all cool and slick to a hot mess of strange feelings and questions.

Yes, we’re super pleased that we’ve got our much desired progress on the Yu Kyung and Yi Soo front but what the hell was up with the scene in the cafe with the Scheduler and Yu Kyung???

On one hand it’s all poignant and serious as we watch the Scheduler come to terms with the fact that he is the reason why Yu Kyung is a walking zombie/ the love of her life. However how are we supposed to connect at all when all we want to do is laugh our heads off at the Scheduler’s disguise?! Seriously we went from sympathising with the Scheduler’s confused feelings to laughing at the perverted fat guy with a moustache eyeing Yu Kyung while lurking around outside the cafe.

Funny but strange…

WTF was the end sequence all about!!?

Is it the real Yu Kyung? – remember she actually met him briefly when she ‘woke up’ in Jinan. Also how’s a girl to forget that extravagant white suit he wore…the outfit was so wrong but why did he still look hot? We need help.

Is it Ji Hyun? That’s hard to believe considering she has to return Yu Kyung’s body by a specific time so that Yu Kyung can go to work.

Or is it the Scheduler swooping in to save Ji Hyun from being discovered again?

We’ve given up guessing what this drama will do next, there are no rules, no obvious structure and you know what- we love it!

49 days: 9-13

26 Apr

Three major things happened in last week’s lot of episodes:

-Ji Hyun got herself a tear- hooray!

-Kang knows she’s a spirit

-We got further evidence that the Scheduler and Yu Kyung were definitely a couple and seriously, how cute were they together in the past.

We salute you drama writers for giving us exactly what we wanted.

We are loving the development of Kang and Ji Hyun’s relationship- for us this is what we would classify as smart romance- especially for a Kdrama. It’s also original and quirky enough that it leaves us guessing how this OTP are going to get together. At first we were dubious as to how a romance between Kang and Ji Hyun was going to work, especially when Yu Kyung played such a vital role. However in many ways the sincerity of Kang’s love for Ji Hyun has only been magnified by having Yu Kyung as a substitute body as we’re shown time and time again that all he can think of is Ji Hyun’s character, rather than anything connected to Yu Kyung -like her appearance.

Now that Kang has worked out that Ji Hyun is actually a spirit, we imagine that we’ve got lots of sweet OTP moments ahead of us- yay. Honestly as a viewer it’s pretty hard not to like Kang- the guy has thrown all rationality and logic out the window and simply accepts that the woman he loves is a spirit who is sharing a random woman’s body to complete her 49 days of unfinished business… ummm we doubt we would have come to that conclusion first, but hey how often do you get a realistic Kdrama- where is the fun in that? In regards to Kang knowing about Ji Hyun, we really like how we’re provided with another voice in the drama that empathizes and is given an insight into the hardships that Ji Hyun has gone through. Also watching Kang adapt to the new situation is lovely- he’s gone from gruff and cold to considerate and supportive and it’s exactly what she needs- the woman has suffered enough!  

We can’t wait to for further progress in this dysfunction OTP relationship.

Tear theory week- 9-10:

Kang– Yep- the first tear is from none other than the adorable Kang- surprised? Not so much. However we have a feeling that Ji Hyun might be when she finally works out who gave her the first tear.

How glad are we that Ji Hyun got her tear when she did? That whole sequence of her bidding her final goodbyes was so sad and heartbreaking as we clearly saw her at her lowest point in her 49 day journey. She went from believing that she had lived her life in vain and that no one truly loved her and then suddenly gets a tear just when she needed it, it was just perfect.  

We’ve seemed to have developed a slightly obsessed connection to the Scheduler and Yu Kyung’s relationship in the sense that we love it and are utterly hooked. In many ways we find their relationship more compelling than Kang and Ji Hyun’s one, simply because it’s shrouded in mystery and each week the writers slips a scene in between the two that leaves us wanting more…and more.  Hehe

We love their back story- two orphans that were raised together and then fell in love- he is her family and the love of her life and to lose both at once is just cruel. No wonder she’s been a walking zombie for so long- we would be too. As drama viewers we love stuff like this- it invokes strong emotions that makes for great viewing and the more we watch, the more we hope for a HEA for this OTP. Pretty please.

The scene where Yu Kyung collapsed and the Scheduler caught her was such a subtle but lovely scene to watch. You could literally see the conflicting/ strange feelings that the Scheduler felt for her- even though he couldn’t explain why. Then to have her beg Yi Soo not to appear even in her dreams was so sad. Five years has passed since his death and she is still grieving and heartbroken, now that’s what you call OTP territory- what are you doing to us drama?!

Min Ho is still hot and evil but our attraction for the character is slightly dimming as the weeks go on. At first we were fascinated by the twisted relationship between him and Ji Hyun (as Yu Kyung) but now it’s like- why the hell would he bother- she’s clearly insane with her hot/cold responses. It’s just bazaar viewing for us- his reasoning to be with her makes little sense to us and the more we watch them together the less interest their interactions hold.

 Thoughts for the upcoming episodes:

-We wonder if Yu Kyung will find out that Ji Hyun’s been using her body through her hypnotherapy sessions – she’ll probably check herself into a mental institution herself!

-We really hope for more Scheduler and Yu Kyung moments.

-Also we love the bitchy/ uncomfortable scenes between Ji Hyun and In Jung and would happily welcome more- so much fun to watch!

49 days: 7-8

13 Apr

This was the scene that did it for us- the moment that we knew that the Scheduler and Yu Kyung had to be more than siblings- come on, this moment screamed OTP and yes the scene was literally two seconds but you can’t deny the chemistry! Yay- we can’t tell you how pleased we are. Hehehe

Aside from the semi verification that Yu Kyung might get some love by the end of the drama, the drama is moving along quite nicely and we eagerly wait for more- which is a refreshing change from the drama wasteland offerings we’ve had for the majority of 2011.  

The thing that is holding this drama together and makes it so appealing is the various and complicated relationships explored; most notably Ji Hyun and Yu Kyung. Despite being a one sided relationship (for now) it’s lovely to watch these two very isolated characters interact. Ji Hyun is rather sweet to Yu Kyung and the idea that she is indirectly taking care of Yu Kyung is lovely to watch as we know exactly how broken Yu Kyung is. The scene where Yu Kyung snapped and tried to hang herself was great…but disturbing. You could feel the urgency and the horror from Ji Hyun and such an experience will no doubt stay with her and cement their relationship in one form or another. We really hope that these two characters become ‘real’ friends by the end of it.

Kang made us laugh in this week’s lot of episodes- seriously she’s a housekeeper not his live in lover! His outrage at Yu Kyung working at Min Ho’s house was just a tad over the top for our liking. We had multiple scenes where he tried to drag her away from the ‘house of sin’- where she might be subjected to do horrible things like cooking rice and mopping the floors- shudder*  

Despite his macho protector of poor damsels act, we’re pleased to see more scenes between him and Ji Hyun. We love their odd couple routine with him being all gruff and serious and her being all sunshine and smiles. It’s nice to see why he cares so much about her and allows us to envision them as a couple rather than Kang with Yu Kyung. However the flash back scenes with Kang in a school uniform still makes us laugh for all the wrong reasons.

We can’t help ourselves- it’s Bae Soo Bin.

We’re sitting there and we’re watching Min Ho be a bastard and a real sleazebag but at the same time we’re literally sat there staring at him thinking one thought: you are so hot!

Hahaha. Yes, we’re aware we’re probably in the minority on this one, but still- he’s hot AND evil!

We approve.

Okay superficial thoughts aside; Min Ho is developing as a character really well.  It could be just us but who felt the flashback of In Jung being rescued by Min Ho felt…staged? Has Min Ho been planning his revenge longer than In Jung could ever imagine?  Oh that would be interesting.

Tears theory – week 7-8

Frankly we’re still lost on who will give Ji Hyun her three tears

-We’ve still got the Scheduler on the list: their friendship is adorable and we never get bored of watching them bicker.

Kang– He has to give her a tear, he’s her OTP.

– It’s the third tear that’s got us stumped… seriously, we don’t have a clue.

Does anyone have any theories that might shed some light; we’d love to hear people’s thoughts? It’s been ages since we’re watch a drama where we didn’t know everything after the credits rolled.

Other quick thoughts:

-The writers can’t kill off Ji Hyun’s daddy! That’s just too cruel.

-Scheduler attempts to get Yu Kyung another job was hilarious.

-Is anyone ever going to find out about Ji Hyun being a spirit?