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Crime Squad:4-6

30 Mar

Park Se is so broken – we just want to hug him and tell him that everything’s going to be okay! He’s fascinating as a character; as well as being clearly broken from the loss of his daughter, he’s driven, obsessive and reckless- all of which makes for great viewing!

 As hopeless romantics of the worst kind; we are already loving the odd couple interactions between him and Min Joo. We kept wondering: how on earth were they going to form a realistic relationship between these two characters? However to our delight it was done surprisingly well considering how screwed up he is and how annoyingly persistent Min Joo can be. We like how Park Se was worn down by her presence and at one point or another he just accepted her hanging around. We really like their interactions- there wasn’t an obvious chemistry between the leads, instead we got a weary exchange of meetings which slowly developed into an unexpected and reluctant partnership between the two. This in many ways is better as it allowed viewers to get a better representation of both characters as individuals rather than as just a couple. In lots of dramas the writers throw their OTP together really quickly and you get the bickering and the hate turns to love element but you lose out on who they as people and only get the superficial factors like; he’s rich and she poor ect.

To have Min Joo be present at one of the dark and lowest points of Park Se’s life was  the perfect way to show the audience that she can understand him despite the fact that he’s so damaged. We also like how Min Joo has issues of her own; they aren’t as obvious as Park Se but she’s from a broken home with an ill mother and no father present- so she’s not without her own heartache and pain. In many ways they complement each other really well and we look forward to seeing their odd couple relationship blossom as the weeks progress.  

Park Se’s baby mamma Eun Young is in a romantic relationship with Jung II Do – could it get anymore sticky and screwed up!? If we were Park Se we would totally lose it- we are actually surprised that he didn’t physically attack Jung II Do or tell Eun Young the first chance he got.  

Side note: Park Sun Young who plays Eun Young looks good in this drama- we last saw her in Sons of Sol Pharmacy where she looked okay but in CS she’s looking hot! 

Other mentions:

We’re really disappointed to hear that Sun Woo Sun who plays Jin Mi Sook in the drama has decided to leave. We liked the potential of her character and wanted to see how she would have developed in the drama. We thought she made a great addition to the team. She had an interesting role within the drama – as the only female within a team of guys that often let their emotions or their lack of common sense get the better of them. Also we liked how she was a tough cop who really wanted to do the best she could but at the same time she had a vulnerability to her character, it was nice to see a female cop presented in a realistic manner- usually they are either tough tom boys or hopeless damsels that get in the way. That said, we did notice a distinct lack of presence from her character in the last couple episodes, where she was relegated to being a part of the wall paper. So we can understand how that can be disappointing for an actress especially when she’s used to playing crazy love rivals that stomps and schemes her way through scenes.

Final thought: Did they really have a scene where Detective Nam complimented Detective Shin on the size of his manhood? Really?


49 days: 3-4

29 Mar

We have no idea what’s going to happen next and we love it!

What a rare thing indeed to have a Kdrama where everyone is left guessing who is going to end up with who and how on earth is Ji Hyun going to get her life back??? We are hooked and can’t wait for next week to see how it progresses.

We may just have overactive imaginations but our brains have been in overdrive with our thoughts and ideas on what might happen and more importantly what we want to happen. 

First of all the Scheduler!!! Is there a female out there who doesn’t love this guy and his character in this drama? If there is…you are strictly on your own. Hehe

There appears to be so much fan love for Ji Hyun and the Scheduler being the end couple and why not? We adore their odd couple relationship, he’s her reluctant confidant and despite trying his hardest to remain professional and non human, he always ends up helping her or comforting her one way or another. So cute! If we’re honest as much as we love their interactions together- we would prefer them to be friends…really sweet friends but strictly friends. Read on for lots of wishful thinking and theories galore:

Crime Squad 1-3

24 Mar

What an unexpected pleasure. We started this drama because frankly there was nothing better to watch and we thought it would have a few laughs but surprisingly it’s so much more than that.

This drama caught us completely off guard- we sat down and watched the first ten minutes with pleasure at the silly capers the leading man Park Se Hyuk got himself into and we’re in a comfortable lull of enjoying the goofiness on show. Then suddenly the drama switches on us in the best way possible and we’ve moved from amusement to something with more depth and heart and before we know it- we’re attached and we want to watch more. Now that’s impressive.

Crime Squad has so many of the elements that we adore in our dramas- broken and damaged (with reason) characters who are trying to simply survive, man pain with a healthy dose of angst (our favourite kind of angst!), the potential for a really lovely OTP, comedy, friendship and lots of trouble. Yes please, we’re so there!

It’s also got a great assembled cast of interesting complex characters that have layers and intrigue surrounding their back stories and unlike recent K-dramas where we have all the characters pegged from the first five minutes and know exactly how everything is going to play out before we’ve even got comfortable in our seats- this drama leaves issues hanging in the air making you want to watch more and ask questions like; why did Jung II Do shot at that car five years ago? When is Park Se’s baby mamma coming into the picture? Also more importantly please tell us we’re going to get a hot bromance between the leading men? – We demand it!

 We’re thoroughly enjoying this drama and have our fingers crossed that it remains as awesome as it has been.  Pretty please!

Mid week Rambles

23 Mar
First up Maids

No offence to the makers of Maids and any fans out there of this future drama but why is it that we’ve got another drama with a plucky poor leading lady and a cold hearted chaebol? We wish that the Korean drama industry would be a little more daring at times, don’t get us wrong, we love a good poor girl/rich guy scenario (take- Boys before flowers, Secret Garden) but when potentially great dramas like What’s up! get shelved and dramas like Maids get aired…well let’s just say it’s annoying at times.

As much as we loved Jung Kyeo Woon in Loving you a thousand times, we don’t know about him being the lead in this drama. He’s a decent enough actor and has the cute puppy role done to a perfect T but when the drama is as simple and predicable as Maids is bound to be- the drama will need strong, charismatic leads to keep it afloat and well JKW just doesn’t cut it for us.  Look at Pasta as a key example- the writing and plotline was dull, unoriginal and never took off but we adored it because the OTP were delightful to watch together and that was down to the great acting ability of both Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Sun Gyun and the lovely chemistry they managed to create together.

We are more than happy to hold our hands up and admit when we’re wrong- it wouldn’t be the first time, so here’s hoping we’re wrong and that Maids is one of those unexpected gems that requires us to eat our words.

Also The Manny– WTF? It’s called The Manny – enough said. Groan*

Those drama writers, what will they come up with next?

Can you hear my heart?

Now this is what we’re talking about- a standard storyline with an interesting twist.

The leading man is deaf but pretends not to be and the leading lady is a smart girl who pretends to be dumb to spare the feelings of her father. Despite being a story about an OTP that come together through misunderstandings and conflicting issues like social backgrounds and emotional barriers at least there is a different element added to the mix to bring life and energy to a tired storyline that has been told in dramaland for far too long now.

 We definitely look forward to watching this drama when it airs next week.

Heartbroken club for three (this is old news but still…) – Go Soo is off the market…Nooooo.

 Not our beloved Go Soo!!! Sniff, sob, shakes fists*

Well there would have to be something seriously wrong with him if such a hot, smart guy like Go Soo remained single forever. We’re just glad he’s not gay. Hehe. 

Thorn Bird- Impressions

20 Mar


Aside from 49 days, we’ve only been watching this drama and well it must be slim pickings because frankly we spend the whole time groaning at the stupidity of it all…despite this fact we find ourselves strangely intrigued by this car wreck of a drama and wonder how far the writers will go in suspending all sense of reality.

lots of bitchy rambles behind the cut

49 days- first impressions/ 1-2

20 Mar

We’ve been in a drama slump for a while now and have been looking forward to watching something new and different for ages and well it appears that we may have found it in the form of 49 days. Hooray!

After watching two episodes we definitely look forward to watching more and seeing how the different elements play out. It’s been ages since we’ve watched a Korean drama and finished the first couple episodes with questions, intrigue and anticipation of what’s going to happen next. It can’t be just us that have felt that dramaland has been pretty disappointing in regards to its offerings in the last few months? There have been so many predicable, fluffy, dull dramas floating about. UGH. So we can’t tell you how pleased we are that we’ve found ourselves a drama that is both unpredictable and original, let’s just hope it stays that way… pretty please. further rambles ahead

Keizoku Spec 2: Series Review

10 Mar

We finally watched the last two episodes of Keizoku Spec 2 after fearing that they would never be subbed, however all we have to say is:

Our jaws are still literally on the ground after finishing the drama. Please, please tell us that there is a second series on its way?

We’ve pimped this drama before but having completed it- we can’t recommend it enough.

Incoherent ramblings ahead- spoiler alert

Sunny Happiness- Series thoughts

8 Mar

It’s been ages since we properly watched a decent Taiwanese drama and as a result we’ve been on the hunt for awhile now… Thankfully it looks like the wait is over. Hooray.

 We stumbled across Sunny Happiness awhile ago and found ourselves unexpectedly drawn in from the get go:

1. The leading man is Mike He- we love him! The man can produce chemistry with a dead poodle, he’s that good. Plus, that smile and all that charm. Sigh*

2. Each episode is only 40 minutes long with minimum flashbacks- Thank you drama makers; it’s been far too long!

3. SH has every drama cliché going for it and we love it. – A marriage contract and a rich man/ poor girl OTP- sign us up- we’re sold.

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Sunday Giggles

6 Mar

As Big Bang fan girls we found ourselves in hysteretics when we stumbled across this Secret Garden Parody. It’s hilarious to say the least.

Things we took away from the parody:

1. Why is it that G-dragon always looks good as a woman?

2. If What’s Up! doesn’t work out for Daesung, maybe he could play an Ahjumma in a K-drama. He plays Joo Won’s mother far too well.

Plus here is All My Love’s parody for SG which is just as funny.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Sunday Giggles

6 Mar

As Big Bang fan girls we found ourselves in hysteretics when we stumbled across this Secret Garden Parody. It’s hilarious to say the least.

Things we took away from the parody:

1. Why is it that G-dragon always looks good as a woman?

2. If What’s Up! doesn’t work out for Daesung, maybe he could play an Ahjumma in a K-drama. He plays Joo Won’s mother far too well.

Plus here is All My Love’s parody for SG which is just as funny.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!