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Day 10: A Drama which made you so sad

4 Feb

There are many dramas that make us sad for various reasons.

For example those amazing dramas that started off so well and then turned into utter crap. Ahem, we’re talking about you: Will it snow for Christmas, I am Legend and Cinderella Unni! Or worse, those bad dramas that you gave a shot despite your better judgement but only made you regret it. Ugh, we hate those dramas.

We have to admit we try and avoid most sad dramas because for us, watching dramas is our way of escaping real life and well frankly who wants to be miserable when you don’t have to be?

People ask us all the time, why don’t we watch historical dramas, you’ll love them and we always say the same thing, we can’t handle them. They are often too intense and far too tragic. The drama won’t just kill a character, they will do it in the most violent, horrible way possible and well, we’d rather avoid that. We’ve watched Brave Heart, we get the picture.

The same goes for melodramas, it’s rare that we would watch a melodrama because we can’t stomach all the crying, the pain and watching a character that we have grown to love die at the last hurdle. No thanks, give us a romcom any day over that!

That said, a couple melodramas how slipped through the net and we confess we really enjoyed watching them, despite needing a giant box of tissues and a mop to wipe up the tears we shed.

The drama that really comes to mind for this topic is MARS.

We loved this drama so much. The only time we would rewatch it, is on one of those dark days where you are so depressed that you need to wallow in your own misery until you feel better.

When you’re feeling like that, is it just us or do you find that watching a happy drama where characters are laughing and in love just makes you more depressed and only watching people worse off will do the trick?  Does that make us sound twisted?

Mars was incredibly dark and the characters were so utterly broken and scarred. It is intense viewing and we adored it from start to finish. It was one of those rare treats where the characters were all written and acted beautifully and your heart just ached for them as they suffered through the drama. The OTP were so different from each other. They were both damaged goods that came together and took solace from the world in their love and watching their romance blossom despite the odds was so fascinating for us.

Yes, it’s depressing and we’re not likely to rewatch it anytime soon (hopefully). However, it’s definitely a drama that all drama viewers need to watch at one point because it’s a standout classic in our opinion that is just brilliant viewing. Trust us, you’ll love it.

Other scenes from dramas that made us so sad:

Shining Inheritance:

There is a scene in the drama where Eun Soo is so desperate and broken that she takes her brother to high wall and tries to commit suicide with him. The scene made us so utterly sad as we watched the leading lady reach her breaking point after trying so hard to keep it together. This scene always stands out in our minds because the scene was so emotionally charged and intense that it impacted us in the way that only a good drama can do.

Scent of a Woman:

This drama made us cry a lot. Come on it’s a drama about a woman dying of Cancer! The scene that nearly destroyed out tear ducts was a scene with the love rival Eun Sook begging the leading lady to live after one of his patients passed away from Cancer. The scene was soooo good because Eun Sook had been trying to keep it together for 14 episodes and so watching him breakdown was heartbreaking for us. The poor guy had so much pressure on him already – the leading lady was not only the woman he loved but also his patient. He doesn’t even get the girl at the end, that’s just cruel!

Loving you a Thousand times:

This drama is just a weepfest of agony. Where do we start… there is her suicide attempt, her baby being taken away from her, her husband abandoning her, her cancer… the list goes on. It’s horrible and will make you cry a lot. Avoid this drama unless you’re feeling miserable.

Oh the tears!


Day 9: Your Best Actress

2 Feb

We’ve been picking off the easier questions for the past 8 days now and suddenly we’re left with just the tough ones. Damn it!
We thought about this topic for ages as we tried to establish who we would class as our outright favourite actress and you know what? We’re stumped. We naturally like a lot of actresses as a good leading lady is vital for any drama but to pick one out of so many is tricky. As a result, we decided to break the question down and list a few actresses that we have grown to love for a range of reasons.

Our Consistently Great Actress: Kim Sun Ah

KSA is one of those actresses who appears to divide an audience, you either love her or you hate her. We are firmly in the: we love her camp. We think she rocks. She is such a wonderful actress and has proven her acting chops in every drama she has done so far.

Out of all her dramas, we fell hard for her in City Hall. This was the drama where we went from appreciating her acting to loving it. She has the ability to make us laugh our butts off one moment and make you feel like someone has gripped your heart tightly the next. Regardless of whether it’s a political drama or a melodrama – she can turn her hand to any role and in the process make you really care for her character.

Then there is her chemistry with her leading men…We’ve said this before but KSA can generate chemistry with a dead poodle, she is that good. How does she do it every time?!  She just radiates intense chemistry with her leading men and naturally being OTP shippers, we are obsessed by them every time. Then again, you better believe we’d be making it work if Lee Dong Wook and Hyun Bin were playing our leading man. All we have to say is – how lucky is this lady?

Other actresses that should be mentioned include:

Moon Geun Young: One word: AMAZING. She was the only thing worth talking about in that that car crash of a drama called Cinderella Unni. She played damaged, intense and lonely soooo well. She delivers her roles with the grace and experience of a seasoned pro and she’s only 24!!! Hurry up and return to dramaland, we miss you.

Other actresses we love: Kim So Yeon, Inoue Mao, Horikita Maki, Nakama Yukie, Ady An…

Our Favourite Girl Next Door: Lee Soo Kyung

People may look down on this choice but we really do love this actress. None of her dramas are particularly groundbreaking but strangely enough we’ve seen a lot of them and we have always liked her in them. She kind of reminds of us of Sandra Bullock in that sense. Sandra is a good actress that does okay movies but she remains popular because she’s so likable and has that every woman appeal about her. Girls want to be like her, guys want to be with her… 

We like the fact that she’s not afraid be over the top and be silly, we hate when actresses take themselves way too seriously. She also knows what she’s good at, in this case romcoms and we appreciate that. Come on, two times Oscar winning actress Hilary Swank was just plain weird in P.S. I Love you. We’d rather see leading ladies do what they’re good at then completely freak us out by doing something different when frankly they may not have the capabilities to do it justice.

LSK made us laugh a lot in My Country Calls. It was this drama which firmly placed her on our favourites’ list because she was just so funny in it. Aside from having great comic timing which is often highlighted in her dramas, we also think that she’s fantastic in her dramatic roles. Trust us, when we say that the woman can seriously cry. Her performance in Loving you a thousand times was amazing. She played her character with so much sincerity that you really felt for her emotionally despite how outrageous the scenarios became in the drama and believe us when we say they became extreme. 

Our Favourite Actress of Many Trades: Gong Hyo Jin

A single mother, a teacher, a washed out pop star, a chef… you name it she has played them and yes, we confess we’ve loved her as every one of them.

We like how she doesn’t shy away from doing a wide variety of roles and in each one of those roles she managed to successfully make us believe her character. Come on, who really believed that Park Min Young could be a bodyguard in City Hunter or Gu Hye Sun could be an actress in anything? (Muhaha, yes that was mean but true.)

She can turn her hand at any role and she will/ has been fantastic in them all. We first watched Gong Hyo Jin in Thank You and we confess she has held our hearts ever since. She was just so wonderful in that drama. She played a character that was brave and strong but at the same time was incredibly vulnerable. It’s hard to portray a character that is so complex in a natural manner but this actress manages to do it every time. Drama writing is of course important but the delivery is vital to ensure a good character. It always feels like GHJ transforms herself into the character she is. She always presents well thought out characters that are very human.

She is just effortlessly good at delivering unique and relatable characters in her dramas and that is why she is on our list of favourites. We look forward to her future dramas and hope she remains as awesome as she has been in the past.

Our drama love would be nothing without amazing leading ladies to root for, so thank goodness for the great actresses playing them. We salute you – you ladies all rock!

Wild Romance – episode 1 & 2/ first impressions

14 Jan

This was exactly the drama we needed after a horrible week of RL.

Episode 1 made us laugh, a lot. From start to finish we laughed our heads off and yes, we are completely charmed.

Okay, okay the chances that this drama will be a winner are slim to none but we’ve got our fingers crossed in hopes that we are wrong.

The plot is predictable and the characters lack depth (for now) but frankly when you can make us laugh that much, who cares? Maybe us after a few more episodes, when we still have no plot development…but we’ll get to that matter when/ if it happens.

For now, episode 1 was fast paced, over the top and oh so silly.

WR was nowhere near our drama radar, despite all the promo material. However as soon as we heard the word ANTIFAN we were sold. Yep that’s all it took. We love lots of drama troupes and a OTP consisting of enemies forced into close proximity, never gets boring for us. 

Lee Si Young- where have you been all this time? This girl is hilarious! Honestly, we’ve seen her in a few things in the past; Boys before flowers and Loving you a thousand times to name a few but she always played that love rival that is pitiful or bratty. As a result we’ve never really taken notice of her but in WR she is seriously delivering the goods. Her expressions, her comic timing and most importantly her interaction with the rest of the cast is spot on.

Also, her hideous hair cut has grown on us. We think she’s actually working it. Now that’s impressive.

Then there is Lee Dong Wook, who we didn’t know could be so funny until now. Let’s face it the last real comedy he did was My Girl and well Lee Da Hae outshined him at every turn in that drama. However, in WR, it’s like he’s on turbo charge and suddenly; we’re sitting up and taking notice of him. We like how he’s as far away from the perfect leading man as you can possibly get. He’s horrible and we love it!

There are lots of grumbles from other bloggers stating that this drama smells distinctly like Lie to me and all we can say is – we hope not! The drama is written by the same writer as Mixed up Investigation Agency– which had great comic timing and had a consistent plotline from start to finish, so hopefully this bodes well for WR.

Favourite scene: The egg scene!

If you have seen it, you will know what we’re talking about. We don’t know what was funnier, the actually egg scene or Eun Jae retelling her elated family the story of what happened.

Episode 2 wasn’t as funny but it did one better; it gave us plot development and plenty of hilarious OTP scenes. Seriously, this OTP are awesome together- they bounce off each other so well. They are exciting to watch because you just don’t know what they will do together or more interestingly to each other.

 Random quick thoughts:

-Is it just us or does anyone else think that Director Kim is so cute. We like how he’s so serious all the time but finds himself caught up in the OTP’s madness. We hope he isn’t a love rival in this drama; it would totally ruin his character if he became all love sick on us.

-We love Eun Jae’s family, in particular her father. We love how they consist of a bunch of eccentric fanatics. Can you imagine what will happen when the OTP actually get together?? It’s going to be messy, really messy.  

-Is it wrong that we don’t mind that porno moustache on LDW?

My Love by My Side: 1-10

7 Jul

We finally found ourselves a long family drama this season and we’re obsessed- it’s as simple as that! My Love By My Side has all of the elements that we look for in our LFD; it’s naturally centred on a family, it’s insane, over the top and has enough makjung elements to make it crazy addictive.

The drama is from the same writer as Loving you a thousand times– a weepfest of awesomeness in our opinion. This was another drama that was absolutely nuts but written really well, so we’re confident that we are in safe hands with this writer (fingers crossed, we don’t regret our words!)

Don’t let the dull drama synopsis put you off- We know what you’re thinking: a single mother that sees the bright side to life. Yep it really does sound lame but it’s not! Trust us. The drama is presented in a realistic manner- these characters are very human; you can believe their decisions, mistakes and even their crazy actions. The drama has heart, it makes you care and want to know what happens next and most importantly we finish one episode and want to watch the next. That’s enough for us- we’re sold!

Reasons to tune in aside from the writing…

Watch it for the leading lady- Mi Sol. It’s scary to think that someone’s life could change so drastically all because of one rainy night. (Ahem, hehehe) The thing about her character we like most is the fact that she is realistic; her actions aren’t perfect but as a viewer you can relate to her and feel for her. Like all leading ladies, she’s seriously unlucky and we predicate a very bumpy road ahead of her- we can’t wait to see how crazy it all becomes before she finally gets her HEA!

Watch it for the guys- on one side we’ve got: Seok Bin aka Mi Sol’s baby daddy/impregnator. He abandoned her when she needed him most. He loves her but in the end chose to save himself rather than do the right thing and support Mi Sol. Something tells us that he’s going to regret it. The thing that makes his character compelling is the fact that we get his mixed feelings and let’s face it, the guy’s only human. We desperately want to see some Mi Sol/ Seok Bin scenes; it’s bound to be intense.

Then there is So Ryong- the leading man of the drama and all round lovely guy. Can we have one please! Seriously he’s such a sweetheart but at the same time he’s not a pushover beta male (thank goodness).  We love the fact that despite the limited scenes between him and Mi Sol, they happen to share a healthy dose of chemistry together and we have a feeling that they will make a very nice couple once they finally get past all the madness that’s bound to come their way.

Watch out for Seok Bin’s mother. One word: INSANE. Her antics are irrational, obsessive and manipulative. At first we hated her but now we’re fascinated by how far she will go. She defines the word Makjung.

We would love it if we could convince at least one person to watch this drama and then hopefully join in and gush with us. Hehehe.

The Unluckiest leading ladies in drama land

21 Jun

While watching Best Love we sat there wondering how is it possible for one person to be so unlucky? Ae Jung’s character happens to be hated by the nation for a bad reputation that just never seems to fade. This got us thinking about other leading ladies in drama land who may be just as unlucky (if not worst) and their struggle to finally get their HEA.  

As any drama viewer will know, it’s a long and bumpy road to happiness for any leading lady. There are many obstacles they face along the way including; evil parents, crazy love rivals and the fact that they must work at least four jobs to support their lazy family. We mustn’t forget that there is also a river worth tears they must shed, some brooding that needs doing in a dark corner and of course getting drunk and confessing their heartache to the person that has secretly crushed on them since their first meeting.

The unluckiest leading lady prize goes to the following:

49 days- Ji Hyun:

Surely she holds the prize for the unluckiest leading lady…ever?

She dies in a car accident when it really wasn’t meant to be her time.

She gets given the most impossible challenge ever in the aim to get her life back, while at the same time finding out that the love of her life was cheating on her with her best friend.

After a lot of heartache and tears she falls in love and wins her challenge (yay) only to getting one stinkin’ picnic with her OTP before she dies again. (Boo!)

We still can’t forgive you drama.  Honestly that is just too cruel.

Other unlucky leading ladies include:

Loving you a thousand times- Eun Nim

This woman truly suffered…shudder*

Her family goes bankrupt and her father suddenly falls sick – that’s fine, as that is a standard Kdrama scenario. However it doesn’t end there-

To earn money she becomes a surrogate mother- yes, you read correctly.

She changes her mind about giving her baby up, only to have it snatched away from her at the hospital. 

Then she tentatively falls in love with a young chaebol- of course! Only to find out that her OTP’s brother is in fact her baby daddy. It really is a small world in drama land.

Add a horrible confrontation, divorce and lots of tears.

Then to top it all off, Eun Nim gets stomach cancer, like she hasn’t suffered enough.

Well, at least she got to live unlike Ji Hyun.

Save the last dance for me- Eun Soo

Her father dies and her fiancé disappears on the same night!

She happened to fall in love with the only person in the world that has multiple lapses in memory and occasionally forgets his name and who his OTP is.

If that’s not bad enough, she gets into a horrible car accident caused by her psycho secondary love interest and loses the ability to walk. 

Shining Inheritance- Eun Sung

Her dad ‘dies’ and her evil step mother and sister throw her and her disabled brother out.

After almost committing suicide with her brother, she loses her brother!

Insert- leading lady hitting rock bottom: becomes a hostess ect ect.

Then she meets and falls in love with a nasty rich brat, who isn’t even good looking (sorry LSG fangirls/boys)

It’s not all bad, unlike her other leading lady counterparts she gets her dad and brother back and lives happily ever after.  


Down with Love- Yu Ping

How unlucky can you get… Jerry Yan ends up with Ella Chen.

Yes, we’re aware that Jerry Yan is not a leading lady but come on; we all know who was wearing the trousers in that drama!

Just kidding…or are we? muhahah

Mid week Rambles

23 Mar
First up Maids

No offence to the makers of Maids and any fans out there of this future drama but why is it that we’ve got another drama with a plucky poor leading lady and a cold hearted chaebol? We wish that the Korean drama industry would be a little more daring at times, don’t get us wrong, we love a good poor girl/rich guy scenario (take- Boys before flowers, Secret Garden) but when potentially great dramas like What’s up! get shelved and dramas like Maids get aired…well let’s just say it’s annoying at times.

As much as we loved Jung Kyeo Woon in Loving you a thousand times, we don’t know about him being the lead in this drama. He’s a decent enough actor and has the cute puppy role done to a perfect T but when the drama is as simple and predicable as Maids is bound to be- the drama will need strong, charismatic leads to keep it afloat and well JKW just doesn’t cut it for us.  Look at Pasta as a key example- the writing and plotline was dull, unoriginal and never took off but we adored it because the OTP were delightful to watch together and that was down to the great acting ability of both Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Sun Gyun and the lovely chemistry they managed to create together.

We are more than happy to hold our hands up and admit when we’re wrong- it wouldn’t be the first time, so here’s hoping we’re wrong and that Maids is one of those unexpected gems that requires us to eat our words.

Also The Manny– WTF? It’s called The Manny – enough said. Groan*

Those drama writers, what will they come up with next?

Can you hear my heart?

Now this is what we’re talking about- a standard storyline with an interesting twist.

The leading man is deaf but pretends not to be and the leading lady is a smart girl who pretends to be dumb to spare the feelings of her father. Despite being a story about an OTP that come together through misunderstandings and conflicting issues like social backgrounds and emotional barriers at least there is a different element added to the mix to bring life and energy to a tired storyline that has been told in dramaland for far too long now.

 We definitely look forward to watching this drama when it airs next week.

Heartbroken club for three (this is old news but still…) – Go Soo is off the market…Nooooo.

 Not our beloved Go Soo!!! Sniff, sob, shakes fists*

Well there would have to be something seriously wrong with him if such a hot, smart guy like Go Soo remained single forever. We’re just glad he’s not gay. Hehe. 

Long Family dramas- A complicated love

25 Jan

We’re watching It’s okay, Daddy’s girl and although we’re enjoying it, we can’t help but wish this was a long family drama instead because we have a feeling that by the time we reach the finale the drama isn’t going to be able to successfully flesh out all the issues addressed.  We would have loved it if there were more episodes to truly give this drama justice for what it could be. It’s got all the components of a really good long family drama and it just kills us to think of all the potential wasted.


It’s got psychos, birth secrets, a murder mystery, multiple OTPs that we can’t wait to see get together (so excited), marriages and lots of tears.
Hello- there is so much to work with and you’re telling us this drama only has 17 episodes? Gutted.

Long Family dramas (LFD) – a quick rundown:

-The script has a nice combination of the mundane and outrageous all in one scene. You will probably watch a scene where war has been declared because someone finished all the rice or someone forgot to flush the toilet and then out of nowhere- a vital character will get a headache or a stomach bug and wham bam- its Cancer! Only in a LFD will you get such extremes and despite how insanely unbelievable it is- it’s all so damn addictive that you will leave all common sense at the door and go with the madness.

-The acting varies from good (Loving you a thousand times) to outrageously over the top or damn right bad – see Dae Pong in Sons of Sol Pharmacy House and pretty much every character in Gloria (sorry fans of this drama but it’s true).


-Having never been to Korea we don’t really know the reality of life for the average Korean family but strangely enough in LFD pretty much every household will not own a washing machine or have a real bathroom but they will all have half decent jobs and wear well assembled clothes, with nice high heels and yes, the main characters will be dirt poor but will all have the latest mobile phone model.  What is with that? Main characters getting nose bleeds from working so hard to keep loan sharks at bay but by some strange miracle they always have credit on their phones and it’s always a touch phone??? Ummm interesting. Daddy’s girl makes us laugh- the leading lady has a giant arse IPad but no money to get on a bus!

-Speaking of clothes- pretty much every LFD we’ve watched- the families manage to buy bulk loads of matching tracksuits.- So tacky but so cute.

-There is only one type of mother in a LFD- violent, crazy screaming types that love their sons far too much and as a result you will surely go insane from the annoyingness of it all. You will hear the following statements in pretty much every LFD:

‘You are not good enough for my son!’ or ‘how can you marry a girl like her?’ or our favourite – ‘You will marry her over my dead body!’  If you can get past this reality, you and LFD are a perfect match and will spend far too many hours together in the future.  


-In our opinion- LFD tend to have lots more laughs than your average 16 ep drama. Aside from the odd except we’re never laughed as much as have when watching a LFD. There is a lovely mix of silly visual comedy and a sharp script that makes this type of drama irresistible. Seriously, the first 20 episodes of Sons of Sol Pharmacy are comedy gold- so funny! Also early Assorted Gems was hilarious at times.

-LFD’s characters are redeemed the best. Every LFD we’ve watched there have been multiple characters that we utterly hated with a passion and spent many hours scowling at the screen whenever they were on it. However by some miracle the writers manage to effectively manipulate our fickle feelings and before we know it we’ve actually grown to like them.

-You are guaranteed the following in every LFD: A death, a marriage, a baby and a happily ever after! The best thing about a LFD is that you quickly become invested the lives of the family and by the time you’ve come to the end you’ll be rather sad to see it end.

Now if only there were more hours in a day…Yes, we’re aware we need help for our obsession- don’t judge us too much!

Loving you a thousand times: Finale

6 Aug

Question: What do you get when you put every single K-drama scenario imaginable into one pot- add a whole lots of actors that can act as well as cry beautiful tears on cue and finally have a half decent script writer to pull it all together?

Answer: you get possibly the best 55 episode melodrama that we’ve seen…ever. Yep that’s right we said ever.  Okay so we’ve not seen that many 55 episode dramas what with life and all but we’ve seen a few already and this one just happens to be in a different league to the rest.

We finished Loving you a thousand Times and all we have to say is: we loved it! It is unashamedly the most outrageous, over the top drama we have seen so far. It’s got every stereotypical plotline going for it from; birth secrets, cancer, a rich boy/ poor girl love story, adultery and of course fake pregnancies. If you can suspend reality and just go with the madness that is this drama, trust us you’ll thoroughly enjoy it.


Why this drama is worth watching:

It’s hard to believe but this 55 episode drama had very little drag- yes we know this sounds impossible but it’s true! It had a very tight plotline where everyone and everything in the drama were connected, the pace was fast and pretty much every episode finished with something that compels you enough to tune into the next episode. The drama was outrageously ADDICTIVE, which isn’t always good when the storyline is as intense as this drama was.

This drama had its fair share of naaasty characters but we can’t believe how the writers managed to redeem all but one of them. Seriously the characters were rather despicable and needed to be deep fried in one big pot of dirty oil- they were that horrible. However those damn writers did really well in manipulating our feelings and making us forgive these characters. Although they forgot one old Hag. Kang Ho’s grandmother needed to be killed off- the evil hag was neither redeemed nor punished for being a horrible, horrible lady.

Her ‘sweet’ words include:

‘It doesn’t matter, let him do what he likes, she’ll be dead in a year.’ -What a bitch!

We adored the OTP! We’re suckers for a good OTP and this drama delivers. Kang Ho has to be possibly the most understanding, loving leading man we’ve ever watched in a drama. The man suffers soooooo much and there isn’t a point throughout 55 episodes where he wasn’t utterly devoted to protecting his love and seriously a lesser man would have disappeared pretty quickly after the crap he went through. Sometimes you watch long dramas and the lead OTP get rather annoying with all their drama and angst but never do you feel that way about Eun Nim and Kang Ho- they were just a lovely OTP, who were cute and at the same time shared a really heartfelt relationship.

After all the B.S this couple go through by the end of the drama, if they didn’t get a happy ending, we swear this post would be an anger filled bitch fest of RAGE and for a second we feared the worst but we’re happy to report that the writers end the drama really well and you won’t be disappointed- we promise.

The other relationship worth mentioning has to be Eun Nim and her oh so sweet father. They share just the most lovely father/ daughter relationship we’ve seen on T.V. You can believe that this leading lady would do absolutely anything to save her father’s life even if it’s something as crazy as becoming a Surrogate mother for money. Every scene they shared was so sweet and the writers did really well in showing how much her father cherished his daughter. If he loved her even a little less, we don’t know if we would have connected to the drama as much as we did because their relationship was possibly the biggest factor that impacted the storyline and consequently everything else that happened as a result of Eun Nim becoming a Surrogate mother. However it’s handled so nicely that you can’t help but be utterly charmed by their sweet relationship.

Okay we’ve gushed enough so we’ll stop while we’re ahead. This drama is well written, acted and so heartfelt, there are so many scenes that will leave a lump in your throat and by the time you’ve finished this drama you would have cried a bucket full of tears that you won’t regret shedding one bit, it’s that good.

 We loved it!

Loving you a thousand times- The final leg

1 Aug

Yes, we confess that we have little self control- this damn drama is far too addictive!

Watching this drama would have been so much better if we didn’t devour the insanity and OTT drama so quickly. However that said its sooooo good!

Dramas shrouded with secrets and lies either pan out in two ways:

You wait and wait for the secrets and lies to be revealed over the course of the drama as the threat of the big revelation is teased more and more.  However being a K-drama, the writers and directors tend to use every way possible to manipulate the scenario before everything is revealed so you end up going

1. WTF! We waited all this time for this crap??

2. That was bloody good! Thank goodness we stuck around for that.

We can confidently say we felt #2 was the most apt response. Although this drama had minimal drag especially for a 50+ drama, we were getting a little restless as we waited for everything to fall into place and the big bad secret to be finally revealed. So we’re so pleased to report that it’s so worth it, you won’t be disappointed! It also has a domino effect in the drama- Poor Kang Ho his world comes crashing down around him and the writers decided – why not, let’s add a bit more pain to make it more interesting. The sweet natured, lovely leading man has turned into a broken man and it’s oh so good to watch.

We’re glad that the consequences to the revelation were both realistic and made sense, while remaining true to the core characters in the drama. Come on, if you found out that you’re beloved wife was actually the surrogate mother to your nephew, you too would have been a bit off- man there are no words, it’s so twisted- his brother and wife share a child together that he thought his sister in law gave birth to….only in a K-drama would it get that screwed up.

(note: those are not Kang Ho’s words in the pic- we wouldn’t stick with a drama where the leading man uses the word ‘maiden’ in such a context, haha.)

We don’t know if it’s just us getting swept up in the madness of the drama but seriously we couldn’t help but be a little choked up over the last few episodes- (episode 40-46) they were that intense and sad, especially watching the OTP’s relationship be reduced to what it has. As characters they are the most innocent of the drama- their love was an unexpected one they fought hard for and as a OTP we thoroughly loved them. We just hope they can ride the wave of misery that’s come their way and the drama can end on a happy note. We would be so gutted if it was one of those half arsed ends where everyone is content with their miserable lot- we want a happy ending, goddamn it!

I’m going to forget about you. –Kang Ho to Eun Nim

Nooooo Kang Ho you can’t! She’s suffered enough already.

Less than 10 episodes to go and we sense more drama coming our OTP’s way. *Sob!

Loving you a thousand times:

25 Jul

We have officially had a massive overdose of over the top melodrama at its best and now we need to let our brains recover from the insane storylines that make up this unexpectedly addictive drama. We became unhealthily obsessed pretty much from the very start of the LYATT, we watched far too many episodes too quickly and now we literally have to force ourselves to take a break because it’s all become too much to take.

We definitely intend to return to finish this drama because boy, it’s good!


Okay we’re 30+ episodes in and seriously we haven’t seen a bad episode yet, it’s put together so well and you can’t help but be completely engrossed in the insane nature of the drama. The writing is pretty great; it moves along at a nice pace, keeping a good balance between light and dark issues, as well presenting a lovely mix of complicated characters that manage to get you fired up for all the right reasons.


The OTP’s relationship in this drama is what’s keeping us tuned in. In all of the madness and angst that make up this drama, their relationship happens to be the sweetest and most enduring thing about it all. If the leading man, Kang Ho didn’t love Eun Nim as much as he did, we would have switched off long ago because the woman suffers; she gets treated like a glorified servant and she’s constantly insulted by her NASTY in-laws but she puts up with it because they love each other and it’s shown often in the course of the drama. He’s outrageously sweet with her and regardless of how bad things get, as a viewer you know that he would always have her back. It’s been ages since we’ve seen such a compelling and lovely OTP and we can’t wait to see their HEA, because man they deserve it!


Aside from loving the OTP and covering our eyes in fear that something horrible is going to happen whenever they’re too happy; this drama makes us passionately hate on multiple characters – in particular Kang Ho’s Grandma and Mother; they need to die in a hot pot of boiling oil- they are that EVIL to the leading lady.

If we were Eun Nim we would have poisoned the old Hags already… wait there is still 25 episodes to go, so we’ll live in hope. Muhaha.