Loving you a thousand times: Finale

6 Aug

Question: What do you get when you put every single K-drama scenario imaginable into one pot- add a whole lots of actors that can act as well as cry beautiful tears on cue and finally have a half decent script writer to pull it all together?

Answer: you get possibly the best 55 episode melodrama that we’ve seen…ever. Yep that’s right we said ever.  Okay so we’ve not seen that many 55 episode dramas what with life and all but we’ve seen a few already and this one just happens to be in a different league to the rest.

We finished Loving you a thousand Times and all we have to say is: we loved it! It is unashamedly the most outrageous, over the top drama we have seen so far. It’s got every stereotypical plotline going for it from; birth secrets, cancer, a rich boy/ poor girl love story, adultery and of course fake pregnancies. If you can suspend reality and just go with the madness that is this drama, trust us you’ll thoroughly enjoy it.


Why this drama is worth watching:

It’s hard to believe but this 55 episode drama had very little drag- yes we know this sounds impossible but it’s true! It had a very tight plotline where everyone and everything in the drama were connected, the pace was fast and pretty much every episode finished with something that compels you enough to tune into the next episode. The drama was outrageously ADDICTIVE, which isn’t always good when the storyline is as intense as this drama was.

This drama had its fair share of naaasty characters but we can’t believe how the writers managed to redeem all but one of them. Seriously the characters were rather despicable and needed to be deep fried in one big pot of dirty oil- they were that horrible. However those damn writers did really well in manipulating our feelings and making us forgive these characters. Although they forgot one old Hag. Kang Ho’s grandmother needed to be killed off- the evil hag was neither redeemed nor punished for being a horrible, horrible lady.

Her ‘sweet’ words include:

‘It doesn’t matter, let him do what he likes, she’ll be dead in a year.’ -What a bitch!

We adored the OTP! We’re suckers for a good OTP and this drama delivers. Kang Ho has to be possibly the most understanding, loving leading man we’ve ever watched in a drama. The man suffers soooooo much and there isn’t a point throughout 55 episodes where he wasn’t utterly devoted to protecting his love and seriously a lesser man would have disappeared pretty quickly after the crap he went through. Sometimes you watch long dramas and the lead OTP get rather annoying with all their drama and angst but never do you feel that way about Eun Nim and Kang Ho- they were just a lovely OTP, who were cute and at the same time shared a really heartfelt relationship.

After all the B.S this couple go through by the end of the drama, if they didn’t get a happy ending, we swear this post would be an anger filled bitch fest of RAGE and for a second we feared the worst but we’re happy to report that the writers end the drama really well and you won’t be disappointed- we promise.

The other relationship worth mentioning has to be Eun Nim and her oh so sweet father. They share just the most lovely father/ daughter relationship we’ve seen on T.V. You can believe that this leading lady would do absolutely anything to save her father’s life even if it’s something as crazy as becoming a Surrogate mother for money. Every scene they shared was so sweet and the writers did really well in showing how much her father cherished his daughter. If he loved her even a little less, we don’t know if we would have connected to the drama as much as we did because their relationship was possibly the biggest factor that impacted the storyline and consequently everything else that happened as a result of Eun Nim becoming a Surrogate mother. However it’s handled so nicely that you can’t help but be utterly charmed by their sweet relationship.

Okay we’ve gushed enough so we’ll stop while we’re ahead. This drama is well written, acted and so heartfelt, there are so many scenes that will leave a lump in your throat and by the time you’ve finished this drama you would have cried a bucket full of tears that you won’t regret shedding one bit, it’s that good.

 We loved it!


One Response to “Loving you a thousand times: Finale”

  1. Gamuchirai Madzamba October 12, 2014 at 12:44 pm #

    This is the best korean serias l’ve ever seen it has everything in it mostly it has that think that makes want to continue watching plus the happy ending ooh my GOD its so swt

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