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Day 25: Dramas that made you change your mind

16 May

We confess we can be fickle at times, we get swept up in the moment and find ourselves passionately loving or hating dramas/ characters ect and then we do a complete U-turn and wonder what the hell were we thinking.

In honour of falling in love with our lastest drama obsession – Queen In Hyun’s Man and giving Yoo In Na a shot despite our aversion to plastic faces, here is our random rundown of drama related U-turns from over the years:

An Actor we once hated: Hyun Bin

Boy, did we hate him so much after watching him in My name is Kim Sam Soon. The ego, the weasel like face, the frustratingly infuriating way he treated Sam Soon, just everything about him made us mad. He left a really bad taste in our mouth and we avoided his dramas like the plague. Then one day, we stumbled across a trailer for Secret Garden

We went from scowling at a face we deemed weasel like to looking at him and suddenly realising what all the fuss was about. He was hot. He had unbelievably good chemistry with his leading lady, he cried beautiful man tears and he could sing. Also there is the fact that he sacrificed his life so she could live…

All it took was one over the top, shiny tracksuit and all was forgiven.

An Actor we once loved:

Kim Soo Hyun

This will upset a lot of people and even as we write this we’re preparing to hide for cover but it’s just how we feel.

We adored him in Will it snow at Christmas? His portrayal of the young Kang Jin was amazing. He was broken, intense but still so vulnerable. We confess he stole our hearts in that drama and apparently many others as well. There is no denying he is a great actor but as soon as something becomes overexposed or loved too much, it’s game over for us. A switch is turned off in our heads and suddenly, everything about them and their dramas are completely lost on us.

The nail in the coffin was his role as Sam Dong in Dream High – sure he’s cute but when people start claiming that he could be idol star with those dance moves, you know he must be overexposed.

We love this scene in Dream High, it’s so sweet.

A drama that we once loved and now wonder wtf were we thinking:

Baker King– we actually wrote a retraction post about this matter.

We remember being choked up at points, marathoning the drama because we just couldn’t get enough of it and gushing endlessly to anyone that would listen. Then we re-watched it and realised that we must have been insane because it was just ridiculous.

Damn those tears, we just can’t resist good man pain!

Even with the incentive of pretty man tears, this drama turned out to be long winded, repetitive and plain stupid at times. Hello, pretending to be in a coma to lure your enemies out is silly!

An Actor we want to change our minds about but never do:

Blue Lan

Why did it take our beloved Roy Qiu so long to become a leading man when Blue Lan clearly isn’t in the same league of awesome???

Strangely enough we’ve seen lots of Blue Lan dramas. At one point it felt like he was the only leading man available for a Tdrama. Sadly for us, every time we finished one of his dramas, we would say never again but like fools we return only to regret it later. It’s a vicious cycle and one day we’ll learn… hopefully.

The thing about Blue is that he’s not a bad actor, he can generate a decent amount of chemistry with his leading ladies and he’s not bad to look at either, (even the moustache was kind of working for us). It’s just that he plays annoying, frustrating characters that we want to punch in the face and he finds himself acting opposite love rivals that are just too perfect not to love.

We think that if he can get himself a decent role, he may turn it around and that is why we return in hope and anticipation that he won’t disappoint us again.

We guess, if it doesn’t work out, we can return to bitching about him and his fugly clothes and problem hair, we never get bored of that. Muhahah Seriously, what the hell was going on in P.S MAN?


Day 18: Your Favourite Female Third Wheel

22 Feb

A female love rival that we actually like… come on, does that even make sense?

Unlike their male counterparts, female love rivals are rarely ever worth talking about unless it involves endless bitching and ranting about how annoying they are. For some reason drama writers have found themselves in a rut where they are unable to do anything original with a female love rival. As a result, they have become a stereotype that may be a constant in a drama but one that is rarely favoured. 

There appears to be two types of female love rivals in dramas:

  1. The beautiful but helpless first love that is perfect and oh so dull to watch.

The Leading man will spend multiple episodes moping over this type of love rival, while not realising that the woman of his dreams is the plucky, smart mouthed girl that he spends most of the time bickering with.

  1. The scheming, psychopathic love rival. She will deceive her way through the drama, doing unthinkable evil things while looking immaculate with her perfect hair and wearing really pretty designer high heels.

We hate this type the most. They are that unnecessary fixture that deviates away from the storyline and just makes you want to scream at your television screen in frustration as once again she does something to stop the OTP from finally getting together.

Don’t even get us started on dramas where the female love rival is both type 1 and 2. Groan*

As you can imagine this question was difficult to answer just because the options are rather limited to say the least.

However, if we really had to choose:

We guess Secret Garden’s Yoon Seul

She started off rather typical and we groaned in anticipation of her annoying actions but she turned out to be great! She was direct, honest and very cool. Also it helped that she wasn’t a fully fledged love rival hell bend on getting the leading man. This still counts right!?

City Hall’s Go Hae

Unlike normal love rivals, she wasn’t really in it for the romance but more about keeping up appearances. We like her because she was smart and tough. She was the type to smile sweetly while saying something really cutting and evil. Yes, we confess we liked that about her even when it was aimed at our leading lady. She was also a powerful love rival, which in itself was a rarity as female love rivals often appear to be the weaker sex, who are just obsessed over the leading man. So yay for progress.


Look at that face, she means business.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could appreciate a female love rival as much as we do a male one? We would love to question our loyalties and root for a female love rival for once. Come on writers, it’s time to get inventive and think outside the box!

Day 3: Your Favourite ‘I Love You’

27 Jan

It’s usually the scene you most anticipate in any drama. The moment where the OTP finally stops fighting, misunderstanding each other and puts aside everything else in their screwed up lives to stop and confess their feelings for each other. As hopeless romantics this is the moment we most look forward to. It’s also one of the moments that stay with us long after we’ve finished the drama.

When its good- we confess to being those giggling, giddy girls totally loving the moment. Sighing with the hopes that one day (without the evil mother in law) a guy will confess his love with as much heart and sincerity as they do in the dramas. One day…soon, we hope! Hehehe.

Our most favourite ‘I love You’ was an easy choice. It was a moment that made this drama for us and a moment that set the bar in regards to the standard we hope for in terms of love confessions.

Coffee Prince: Han Kyul to Eun Chan

“I’ll say this just once, so listen to me. I like you. Whether you’re a man, or an alien… I don’t care anymore. I tried getting rid of my feelings, but I couldn’t… So let’s go, as far as we can go.”

The most romantic, intense confession we’ve seen so far. This OTP were utterly brilliant together. They shared so much chemistry and charm, that we were smitten right from the start. We believed these characters as a couple. We loved watching them grow to love each other despite factors such as gender and sexuality. There love had no boundaries. He loved her as a person, now that’s the type of man we want.

Other noteworthy love confessions that stayed with us over the years:

Secret Garden: Jon Woo to Gil Rim- Quoted from his goodbye letter aka the scene with the most beautiful man pain!







‘This may be the most selfish decision of my life, but since it’s the decision of a leader in society, respect it. You were always really cool — be cool in the future, too. / I’m going to miss you a lot. I love you.’

He was willing to die for her. Ready to give up his whole existence and most importantly the chance to have his OTP, just so she could live. Sigh*

Prosecutor Princess: Hye Ri to In Woo

‘I Love you. You Bastard.’

He betrayed her in possibly the worst way imaginable but despite his deception, she still couldn’t help but confess her feelings to him. This was a love confession that made us squeal outrageously in a very fan girly way.

Pasta: Chep to Yoo Kyung

‘Yes its true Seo Yoo Kyung likes me, as for me….. I love Seo Yoo Kyung’

Come on, we couldn’t resist putting this quote on our list. We love Pasta despite its fluffy ways and the fact that nothing much ever happened. This scene was great and yes, a moment that we waited impatiently for from episode 1 and you know what – it totally delivered.

We’ve probably missed a million other love confessions, we would love to hear your favourites that we undoubtedly missed and we will probably regret not having on our list.

Best Love- episodes 3-4

17 May

We really want to love this drama but at the moment it’s just not working for us.

Don’t get us wrong- we find it very funny and we like the characters but it’s all just so messy and unbelievable. The drama still feels disjointed and lacks that element that hooks you in. In many ways it feels like the drama is made up of lots of funny clips placed together in a really sloppy and unrealistic manner.

As drama viewers the thing that makes or breaks a drama for us is how much we care about the OTP and sadly (for now) we just haven’t connected with Jin and Ae Jung – despite really wanting to. Damn it!

Ae Jung…has disarmed me. –That whole sequence was so funny!

They are very funny together but they lack chemistry. It’s as simple as that. As a result watching Jin’s discovery of love for Ae Jung feels rather flat and so very OTT. Jin’s character is very similar to Hyun Bin’s character in Secret Garden in the sense that they both feel that they are better than their OTP but despite that fact they are both utterly obsessed pretty much from the first meeting. The big difference between both characters is that; Hyun Bin’s character was indeed unbelievable and OTT like Jin but his chemistry with his OTP was HOT. We remember sitting back in our seats, eyes glued to the screen as we watched their lovely chemistry- we were fascinated by them as a couple and happily tuned in every week to see it develop.

We really want that for Jin and Ae Jung, we want to feel something other than mild amusement caused by an embarrassing situation.  We want that spark that makes us want to root for this couple for 16 episodes rather than secretly wanting Ae Jung to get together with the dashing Doctor Yoon.

Speaking of Pil Joo- could he be anymore adorable- where can we get one from?? The more scenes we see him in the more we like him. Normally we’re not that interested in the ‘nice’ guy but Ae Jung as a character has suffered so many knocks over the years that we can’t help but feel that a nice guy is exactly what she needs. It also helps that they are really charming together.

How sweet was the scene above where he shielded her ears from listening to his staff bitch about her? Sigh* What a sweetheart.

Despite its flaws we can’t help but want to tune in again with the hope that it can live up to the all that untapped potential which is just dying to be released. Plus let’s face it -this drama maybe a mess but at least it’s a fun mess.  Come on drama -you can do it! We’ve got our fingers crossed that you will fix up and give us what we want.

Sunday Giggles

6 Mar

As Big Bang fan girls we found ourselves in hysteretics when we stumbled across this Secret Garden Parody. It’s hilarious to say the least.

Things we took away from the parody:

1. Why is it that G-dragon always looks good as a woman?

2. If What’s Up! doesn’t work out for Daesung, maybe he could play an Ahjumma in a K-drama. He plays Joo Won’s mother far too well.

Plus here is All My Love’s parody for SG which is just as funny.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Sunday Giggles

6 Mar

As Big Bang fan girls we found ourselves in hysteretics when we stumbled across this Secret Garden Parody. It’s hilarious to say the least.

Things we took away from the parody:

1. Why is it that G-dragon always looks good as a woman?

2. If What’s Up! doesn’t work out for Daesung, maybe he could play an Ahjumma in a K-drama. He plays Joo Won’s mother far too well.

Plus here is All My Love’s parody for SG which is just as funny.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

A Valentine for our Drama Boyfriends

14 Feb

Happy Valentines to all! 

Beware this is completely self indulgent and girly. *giggles

Last year we commiserated our favourite Love rivals that failed to get the girl, but this year it’s all about our numerous drama boyfriends- old and new…a girl can dream right?

First off, something that made us want to gag and reach for the sick bucket but at the same time we couldn’t help but enjoy all the cheesiness on show. Plus when Boyfriend no.1 –Choi Siwon looks super (no pun intended) adorable in this MV, how’s a girl to resist?
Boyfriend no.2– Hyun Bin in Secret Garden– He literally died for her! Enough said. Okay maybe not- did we forget to mention the man tears, the intense ‘I’m going to rip your clothes off’ stares and the amazing ability to look good in a fugly sequinned tracksuit?!

Boyfriend no. 3 Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s Crazy Horse. Please note that we don’t find Yoo Ah In attractive at all in real life but as Crazy horse we adored him completely. What’s not to love about a mask crusader who hiccups uncontrollably around females? We loved him.


Boyfriend no. 4 – TOP (Big Bang and Iris) – TOP is strictly and possessively loved by Shams. Her fan girl ways are embarrassing and irrational when it comes to this guy- who loves to glare and occasional have really bad silver hair. (wtf is that about TOP? Shams may be able to forgive you but the rest of us can’t!)

 Boyfriend no. 5– Park Shi Hoo – The only drama actor alive that has managed to steal TWO leading men’s role from behind, plus look at him, he’s adorable.
Boyfriend no. 6Smile, You’s Jung Kyung Ho as Kang Hyun Su aka our Beta boyfriend. The perfect example of a Beta boyfriend who is at once smart, geeky and strangely attractive.


We mustn’t forget RoRo’s all time boyfriend – Big Bang’s Daesung. Muhahahah. What a hunk.  

Oh Drama boyfriends, we love so. *sigh.

Drama Rambles

31 Jan

Dream high’s Love triangle rambles-

Dream High’s popularity seems to have no limits and it’s so nice to see a drama that everyone seems to be loving and rightly so- there is so much to adore in this one drama.  We love the dividing opinions on who should be the rightful OTP. Naturally we made ourselves pretty clear from the start; we are strictly shipping Jin Gook and Hye Mi together. However sadly for us we think we might not get the OTP we were hoping for. *sob. The most annoying thing is, we have a distinct feeling that this writer might actually pull of getting Hye Mi and Sam Dong together really well.

Our problem with SamMi pairing is that Sam Dong had this instant love at first sight thing going and although it is cute and very sweet, we’re just not feeling it from Hye Mi’s side- especially when we’re hoping for hot, angsty stares between her and Jin Gook. If we’re honest we would happily ship SamMi together- Why not?  They are as cute as puppies, such a lovely contrast from one another and after all she’s gone through, she deserves a lovely guy who utterly adores her BUT why did the writer have to give us perfect, angsty, complicated OTP airtime between Jin Gook and Hye Mi?

Hello- we are complete suckers for damaged, angst ridden OTP courtships. It is the fuel to our drama obsession and the reason why we love dramas so much!

Anyway thinking about who will end up with Hye Mi has resulted in a headache and so we have decided that to ease our eventual disappointment…we are just not going to think about it (much). Hehe. We have decided right here and now: that we will just go with it and hope for a satisfying conclusion. If all else fails- we would actually be pleased with Hye Mi ending up single and being outrageously successful as the mysterious K. Oh, who are we kidding, this is a K-drama- she will never end up single!

Damn it- this photo is sweet. Must not be swayed, must not be swayed. Ohhhh.

Secret Garden –

A week ago we read on Allkpop’s website that Secret Garden was to get a two episode extension which is set to air in February. Of course this sent instant shudders down our shines and made us want to go to Korea and throttle who ever came up with that silly idea. Anyway a week has past and we have heard no further news from more reliable sources, so we’re hoping that this was Allkpop’s mistake or an attempt to fill up their pages but it is rather strange considering they claimed they read it on the official broadcasting site that this was set to happen.

 Either way- please, please drama makers- don’t do it, don’t ruin a good thing!
We beg you.

My princess- dilemma

To watch or not to watch? Dramaland’s pickings are rather sparse at the moment aren’t they?

It’s strange, it appears that most people watching are completely hooked, totally loving the OTP and the adorable fluffiness of it all but sadly we’re rather indifferent and frankly for a drama viewer that’s the worst feeling. Don’t get us wrong- we enjoy it enough when we’re tuned it but as soon as it’s over, we don’t give it a second thought and the urge to watch the next episode is practically nonexistent. So our dilemma is simple, should we stick with it or save us some time and drop it?

It’s a shame because Song Seung Hun is awfully pretty to watch on screen.


Secret Garden- final thoughts

17 Jan

20 episodes of absolute love- we’ll miss you drama!

Was Secret Garden technically the best drama? No, the writing was at times inconsistent, the characters irrational and illogical and people have taken umbrage to the waste of potential in reference to the body swap scenario- which is completely fair enough and we get it. However as drama fans, we’ve got to say we loved it and we’re so sad that it’s finished. Sob*
continue for more rambles

Secret Garden – episode 19-20

17 Jan

We’ll keep this short just because we rambled far too much in our final thoughts post-

Episode 19- Loved how he got his memory back and how he told her about her father rescuing him. 

Episode 20/ finale- It was pure fan service and what? Don’t act like you didn’t love it!