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Day 30: Your Favourite Drama Moments

21 May

It’s the small moments that make up a drama for us. They are the things that stay with us long after the drama is over and the reason why we are addicts in the first place. The small moments are the things that make us gush and fan girl our way through this blog. Without them there wouldn’t be an obsession and there certainly wouldn’t be a blog.

Despite this 30 day challenge taking far longer than we anticipated, we have thoroughly enjoyed completing it. We’re so glad that we finally made it to the last post without throwing in the towel. Yay.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our challenge posts as much as we’ve enjoyed writing them and hopefully in the process you’ve found a couple dramas worth checking out…or avoiding.

 Here is a quick rundown of some of our favourite drama moments:

The moment our expectations of true love went up:

Coffee Prince’s Choi Han-Gyul played by the lovely Gong Yoo has ruined us for any guy in real life. His love confession in this drama is still a standout even after all these years.

He didn’t care what she was; all he knew was that he loved her. Sigh*

The moment we knew that Hana Yori Dango would be one of favourite dramas of all time:

There are so many awesome moments like; watching Makino fly kicking her OTP, their first date, their break up in the rain but the moment that sealed the deal for us will always be the phone scene.

You know what we’re talking about. We’ve gushed about it on a number of occasions so forgive us if we’re on repeat but we just love that scene!  The scene was just drowning in angst and longing and we adored it so much. It was the scene that made us realise how much we love this OTP and despite all the crap that came their way, we were more than happy to watch it all just to witness their HEA.

The moment where we knew that we would love Jang Geun Suk for life:

You’re beautiful – watching him dancing around a field while a wild animal is charging at him was the funniest moment in You’re Beautiful but it was also the moment that made us JGS fan girls for life. It’s an irrational feeling; we try not to think about it too much.

The moment we wished we had our very own stalker:

Who wouldn’t want Park Shi Woo as your very own stalker? Yes, yes, he had sinister, vengeful motives but still…look at him, he’s so cute.  

How funny was the fishing rod scene in Prosecutor Princess? We love that scene.

The moment a trailer made us want to tune in:

Que, Sera, Sera – OMFG was exactly what we thought after we watched that trailer. It was the first and only time where we watched a trailer and had to immediately watch the drama because it was just sooooo intense and…wrong. We loved it and are so glad that our bad Youtube habits led us to one of our favourite Kdramas.

The moment we realized that Kim Hyun Joong still hadn’t found a decent acting coach:

Like fools we didn’t learn our lesson and we once again gave Kim Hyun Joong a chance even though we knew it was a mistake. Who thought it was a good idea to give him a leading man role in Playful Kiss? Seriously, did they not watch Boys before Flowers?

A moment that broke our hearts:

Scent of a Woman nearly destroyed our tear ducts with the amount of crying we did while watching that drama. However it was one particular moment that nearly did us in completely. The moment we’re talking about is where; Chae Eun Suk aka Doctor Poopie pant’s patient died and he totally lost it and broke down in front of Yeon Jae. Our hearts ached for him soooooo much as we watched the weight of his responsibility finally hit home and he realized that the woman he’s always loved may die regardless of how hard he works to save her. His desperate begging for her to live was so intense and hard to watch that it feels like it’s engrained in our memory as one of those moments that will always stay with you. Uhm Ki Joon was so brilliant as the love rival in this drama, he totally stole the show.

A moment we laughed so hard we almost peed ourselves:

Pretty much the whole first episode of Wild Romance made us laugh from start to finish. If you’re ever feeling down, watch it, you will feel so much better.

There are far too many moments to ramble about, so we’ll stop while we’re ahead!


Day 21: A drama you have watched more than once

7 Apr

Having seen our fair share of dramas over the years now, we love nothing better than to sit down and rewatch a classic drama from our back catalogue. Well, that is when we’re not obsessing over a currently airing drama or dealing with real life. When the mood strikes, we are more than happy to sit down and revisit a drama that takes us back to a time when we were obsessive fan girls and reminds us exactly why we adore watching dramas so much.

Dramas we have re-watched just because they are pure awesome:

Hana Yori Dango/ Boys before Flowers, Secret garden, City Hall, Pride, Que Sera, Sera, Soulmate, My Country Calls… okay this list could go on and on!

Our silly/ sweet pick – Nodame Cantabile


We’ve re-watched this drama so many times over the years, it’s a classic. This is one of our favourite Jdramas and is up there on our list of all-time favourites- that’s how much we love it. The drama is funny, silly and has plenty of heart. The musicality is fantastic and the OTP are adorable. If you haven’t watched this drama before, watch it and then rewatch it because it’s that good!

 A drama we rewatch but have no clue why – Pasta

We adore the OTP, the easy breezy tone of the drama and the fact that absolutely nothing much happens other than the OTP making goo goo eyes at each other for 20 episodes. This is the epitome of a ‘fluffy drama’ and despite its flaws, we could happily watch this drama again and again because once in a while it’s nice to see a OTP that just love each other with zero problems in their lives and when they’ re this cute, how are we to resist?

A drama we watch when we’re depressed – Mars


When we’re depressed we like nothing more than to wallow in that misery and well Mars does the trick perfectly.

It’s dark, twisted and there are multiple scenes that will make your heart ache with pain in the best way possible. It’s hard to think of a drama that tops this one in regards to how dark and angsty it is and that is the reason why it’s scattered all over our 30 day challenge posts.

An episode of a drama we have watched multiple times – Yukan Club: episode 8


This is our random pick… really random. Let’s call it what it really is: A guilty pleasure.

If you have seen this episode you will know what we’re talking about, if you haven’t – you will probably wonder what is wrong with us. Hahaha.

Overall, this series was just okay but we remember watching this episode the first time around and we thought it was soooooo funny. We laughed nonstop for 45 minutes and by the end of it, we had the biggest, goofiest grins on our faces. The actual episode is beyond ridiculous but it was so silly and over the top that we were charmed from start to finish.

It has all of the following: A vengeful heartbroken gay villain, a seriously bad case of diarrhea, a bomb and plenty of cross dressing. What more can you ask for?


Why does he look so good as a woman!?

We watched it again a few times over the years and still we laughed at how outrageous it all was and despite knowing we shouldn’t love it… we still do.

Some dramas stay with you more than others. Elements like; your mood, when you watch it and how much time you have to dedicate to it, all factor in on how much you will love a drama. For us, the dramas listed above have made us very happy over the years and they are the reason why we continue to tune in because we hope to add to that list of dramas that make us fangirls that forsake sleep and real life to obsess religiously over a drama…well that is until you find the next one anyway!  

Day 01: Your Favourite drama – Hana Yori Dango

25 Jan

When you watch three different versions of the same drama- you know its love!

This drama will always have a special place in our hearts. It has so many elements in it that made us love watching dramas in the first place and allowed us to become the drama addicts we are today.

There is something about this drama that makes us giddy like the worst type of drama junky. We love the romance, the friendship and the utter madness they all suffer. It is so over the top and silly but at the same time there are so many heartfelt moments in the drama where it made our hearts ache for this OTP that really, really have to earn their happily ever after.  

Reasons why we picked this drama as our favourite of the zillions we’ve seen over the years include:

Great characters:

We adore Domyoji! He’s half geek and half mad and as a character we never swayed our loyalties from him and considering we’ve got a serious problem of second lead shipping, you know he must be worth it. We love the fact that he fell for her straight away and did everything he could to have her regardless of social status and what mother dearest thought. We liked how he wasn’t the typical leading man type. He was emotional, silly and impulsive. Plus, the guy is willing to take on a gang of thugs and jump into a snow storm to save her. Now that’s our type of leading man.

Makino is awesome- simple as that. Tough, straight talking, lovable and a leading lady you are happy to root for until the end. Any girl that is willing to fly kick a bully (even if he’s her OTP) is worthy in our books. For us, the character of Makino is probably one of the key factors that makes this drama our favourite. Never do we doubt her choices or feel frustrated by her actions and well frankly that is near impossible for most dramas. The character is sensible, smart and kind. We can relate to her which subsequently makes it easier to sympathise with her during the bad times and boy does this girl suffer.

A love rival worth talking about:

How much easier would Makino’s life be if she chose sensitive, sweet Rui over our hot headed leading man? Rui was the perfect type of love rival in our opinion. He was the type that had a chance with the leading lady and divided an audience in their loyalties. The thing about Rui we liked was the fact that Makino crushed on him so badly before Domyoji turned up and so he already had credibility and makes you wonder about the possibilities.

Also we liked the fact that Domyoji was aware that Rui was better suited for her. The scene where Domyoji got down on his knees and begged Rui to let him have her was soooo great. It not only showed the bond of friendship between these characters as Rui chose his friendship over a girl but also it showed just how much proud Domyoji cared for Makino.

Favourite moments:

The emotional rollercoaster this OTP go through allowed us to witness some of our most beloved drama moments that stand out in our memories all these years later.

If you have seen HYD you will know the following scenes well.

-Makino and Domyoji's first date – it was so sweet and funny.

-The scene where Makino called Domyoji on ‘their’ mobile and cried that she never thought that she would hear his voice on ‘their’ mobile. The scene was so emotional and tugged at our hearts so much. It took guts to call him and ask him out and it was one of those scenes where you really fell for the OTP as a couple and as individuals.

– We loved the scene where they break up on the bridge and we watched Makino search for her necklace in the river. The scene was so intense and had soooooo much lovely angst.

We’ve seen a great deal of dramas over the years and from a range of genres but still this drama is up there as the one to beat. It’s got the lot as well as the perfect amount of drama crack to fulfil our greedy needs. If you haven’t seen this drama- watch it, it’s so worth it!

Other dramas worthy of this category include: City Hall, Nodame Cantabile, Thank you…  

Protect the Boss: 1-4/ first impressions

12 Sep

We’ve only seen four episodes but so far we’re pretty smitten by this adorable drama. We laughed so hard while watching the first episode- seriously we were so pleasantly surprised by how much we liked all the characters and their various relationships.  Also our appreciation of a light/ fluffy drama with a healthy dose of comedy is doubled by the fact we’ve been in melodrama central between Scent of a Woman and My love by my side. We think we may have damaged our tear ducts from the amount of tears shed from our drama viewing over the past couple months!

Ji Sung is completely unrecognisable in this drama as the lovable but screwed up Ji Heon and we’re not just talking about his outrageous perm. Previously we’ve only seen him in serious, straight roles like Save the last dance for me and we doubted his abilities in playing the funny guy but how wrong were we!  We love how he’s neurotic and sweet and between him and Eun Seol, we found ourselves laughing along happily through all four episodes.

 This scene was so cute!

How great is No Eun Seol as a character- she’s like a grown up Makino- a fact we utterly love because Makino rocks. Eun Seol is tough, smart but at the same time completely relatable as a leading lady. We’re glad that her relationship and loyalty to Ji Heon was formed really quickly and that we can move swiftly onto the good stuff like her saving him from doing stupid stuff all the time and him getting jealous of her relationship with his love rival. We also appreciate the fact that she’s not a ditzy girl that needs saving by her leading man  like so many Kdramas we’ve seen in the past but in this case she’s the one doing the protecting. She’s also far from perfect, something that is pointed out in the drama but for us this just adds to her appeal of being a leading lady you want to root for.

Speaking of love rivals – Excuse us while we swoon all over Hero. Despite him being rather perfect, he still has layers that make him interesting. Plus we love his healthy dose of chemistry with him and Eun Seol as well as Na Yoon. Also how’s a girl to resist that smile and those come-hither eyes?

Na Yoon is great as well. We feared that she would be a downer to all the quirky fun especially after her somewhat dramatic entrance but we’re pleased that she’s just as nutty as everyone else in this drama!

Quick thoughts:

-We LOVE Ji Heon’s father- he’s crazy, funny and so sweet.

-How is it that Ji Heon is so cute with every single character in this drama?

-Someone tell us that this drama stays this good all the way through?

Drama rambles and realisations

3 Sep

Recently we introduced the world of dramas to our brother- strictly for selfish reasons of course. Bringing someone else over to the dark side means one less person moaning about our unhealthy obsession! Clearly a practical and smart move on our part. Hehehe.

His first drama was Boys before Flowers, perfect drama crack in our opinion. Sure, it was a mess but it was fun, addictive and had all the best elements that make up a great Kdrama. Naturally, he loved it and so we found ourselves with another drama fan in no time.  He followed Boys with Dream High and You’re Beautiful– two dramas that were good but lacked that crack factor that you got with Boys.

When you start off with such a heavyweight drama, where do you go from there to satisfy your new found obsession without feeling disappointed?

How glad are we that we started off with Full House, a rather average drama on the grand scale of things. At least with an average drama, the only way is up –for us it was anyway. Honestly, new drama viewers in 2011 must read all the hype around Full House and think:  ‘yes, this is going to be good’ – how disappointed are they going to be when they realise how dull and repetitive it is compared to recent dramas!  Before people point out the fact that FH is older, there are plenty of older dramas that still outclass newer dramas today- take: Hana Yori Dango, Mars, My name is Kim Sam Soon to name a few.

Anyway, we desperately wanted to find a drama that he would love. Not only to justify our drama habit but also to prove that it wasn’t just a onetime anomaly, where he too turned into a drama obsessed addict that needed to see Lee Min Ho’s perfectly formed curls and hot…ok that was just the girls then! Heheh.  We thought we could try Spec 2 – which is hands down AMAZING or Pride= LOVE but realised that the first was too different for a newbie and Pride was at times too grown up for a viewer that has only really watched youth dramas. So we thought long and hard and decided to watch Baker King.

What a mistake…for us! Honestly, watching Baker King the second time around made us realise two things:

1. We must have been obsessed, easily impressed viewers watching with fandom goggles. –We HATE drama viewers that watch with fandom goggles!

Fandom Goggles: similar to beer goggles but instead your judgement is clouded by being intoxicated by fandom all claiming that something is good/bad and as a result you too believe the masses and fail to form a realistic opinion of your own.

2. What were we thinking????


Don’t look at us like that Tak Gu, we still love you!

Of course our fandom goggles weren’t as bad as others but watching Baker King the second time around made us cringe when reflecting on all our gushes and praises from last year. *shudder
Why didn’t we realise that there were large chunks of the drama that was repeated over and over again in every single episode?

Why didn’t we switch off the moment we realised that the father was going to ‘sleep’ his way through 6+ episodes as a way to lure his enemies to the surface? Seriously???

Why didn’t we switch off when we realised that Yu Kyung wasn’t going to pick Tak Gu but instead go for Ma Jun- a stupid idiot of a character that we would have happily seen be killed off after episode 2???

So confused. So very confused. Half a nation of viewers + the musthavesubs girls couldn’t all have been wearing fandom goggles, could we?

We comfort ourselves with the knowledge that we really can’t stand anything that is overly hyped as a rule. As soon as something is crazy popular a switch in our minds goes off and suddenly we dislike it and anything related to it. Take: Twilight, Glee and Jennifer Aniston. So we’re hoping that we haven’t been swayed too much by irrational fandom but still… it makes us wonder how many other dramas we’ve watched wearing the dreaded fandom goggles?

Oh dear.

Buzzer Beat- Overall thoughts

15 Feb

With life being rather busy and hectic of late, it was nice to sit down and tune into a drama that was so relaxed and engaging to watch. We wonder if we would have liked this drama less if we watched it at a different point in our life where possibly we may have demanded more from our drama viewing? Frankly this drama had very little going on plot wise, there were no villains, no sudden illnesses…nothing other than a simple story about two characters brought together through a  mutual desire to achieve their dreams. Naturally this being a drama- the writers threw in some love and conflicting feelings, however even that was a little on the diluted side, which isn’t uncommon for J-dramas. Now if this was a T-drama this would be a completely different type of story…but in many ways that’s probably why we enjoy tuning in to  J-dramas every once in awhile- they always manage to maintain that sense of reality that is distinctly absent in Korean and Taiwanese dramas.

Despite the drama having a very abrupt and forced happy ending, we enjoyed the drama for the small things like; the characterisation of the lead OTP aswell being engaged in their situations, thoughts and feelings.

 Riko- the leading lady was great- she wore her heart on her sleeve, she was smart, emotional and very likable. The scene where she stood up and yelled at Naoki to try harder, fulfil his potential in his basketball game was brilliant. She just couldn’t stop herself- so passionate and sincere. In many ways her actions were similar to other leading ladies we love; in particular Makino (HYD). 

Naoki- as the leading guy was one we really adored. He is a prime example of a Beta male; quiet, considerate and thoughtful. He tidied her house and made her French toast, for gawds sake!

For us, he was too considerate and thoughtful at times but then he always managed to come across as human. We like how protecting his pride was a real reason for breaking up with Natsuki and despite falling for Riko, he still found himself caring about his ex- that’s a real character and a reason why he wasn’t a 2D boring one. Plus it was really refreshing watching a nice guy as the lead, who you wouldn’t mind being your boyfriend. As much as we love leading men that are rich bastards that learn the error of their ways, it nice to see a good guy get the girl for a change.  

The actions and conversations between the main characters in this drama were so realistic that it made it easy to understand and connect with them. As we mentioned in an earlier post we really liked Mai and Riko’s depiction of friendship between two women. It was honest and sincere and the conversations were at times so realistic but ordinary that we could have had exactly the same conversation between us.

The closest thing to a villain in this drama had to be Naoki’s ex girlfriend Natsuki. She was a complete bitch and a nasty piece of work but so realistic. You can see exactly what made her tick and why she was driven to act the way she did. We love how she’s never given even the slightly bit of hope from Naoki and how she spent the majority of the drama regretting her actions. We love when Karma is used well. Although we were a little disappointed by how her character was resolved- Why did she have to get a happily ever after, we wanted her to sit in a dark corner and cry sad, depressed tears!?


Things that made us laugh for all the wrong reasons:

-Naoki’s dress sense and his huge arse backpack! Why Naoki, tell us that was the only bag left in the store or that a poor child gave it to you as a present and you didn’t have the heart to reject it? Why so big and PURPLE? Also what the heck was with all the random colours in your wardrobe? Pinks and oranges are a distinct NO-No.

It’s nearly bigger than him!

-Did this director just like getting multiple shots of Riko running? We have a distinct feeling that the 75 minute finale was just an excuse to show her run ALOT. Riko for some reason seemed to have an aversion to public transport that resulted in her having to run everywhere- She nearly missed the most predicable Buzzer beat in the whole drama because she chose to run all the way to the stadium!

-Naoki’s phone would be covered in a plastic cover whenever he was in the bath. Some may say that’s very practical…if you were a doctor on call or a Spy but Naoki’s was a basketball player! It just looked so random and silly watching him lie in the bathtub while holding his phone in its plastic cover! Heaven forbid he might not be able to answer a text message from Natsuki.

-Why did Riko only know one tune on her violin?

-We loved the symbolism of the wall painting which read – Love makes me strong. It was a nice example of a giant, pink elephant in the room whenever Riko and Naoki would meet. That’s fine but seriously was it necessary to have some random, can’t act to save his life guy quote it in the last episode? How unbelievably cheesy! Drama we expected more.

Okay, now it sounds like we didn’t enjoy the drama but overall we did… promise. It’s nothing groundbreaking and it doesn’t compare to J-drama greats like Pride but still it’s a pleasant enough watch…just leave your brain at the door.

How much we liked it: 7/10

How good is it technically: 6/10

Drama memo: A drama everyone should watch

30 Jul

Asian dramas are one of those things that people are very particular about, no doubt people may have read comments on our blog and thought: are these girls insane that drama was so much crap and here they are gushing about it? We know we sure have, but isn’t that the best thing about dramas- how  it manages to invoke such strong feelings in people regardless of whether it’s pure frustration or utter love at first viewing.

Here are a few of our selected dramas that we think everyone should watch at one stage of their drama viewing experience.

First up is our Taiwanese pick: MARS

We know for a fact that many of you guys will agree with this pick and if you haven’t seen it- what are you waiting for?  This is T-drama gold, simple as that. This drama was an example of love at first viewing, honestly it grabbed us so quickly that we were really sad when it finished because it was that good. Barbie Hsu and Vic Zhou are amazing in this drama and ultimately the reason why you will be glued to your screens. As individuals they are both so broken and damaged but together they make such a romantic OTP that you won’t be able to resist rooting for them until the very end.

Like we said this is a T-drama at its best- it’s got angst, CRAZY drama, a lovely romance and most importantly of all its got depth. It’s about healing, moving forward and falling in love against all the odds.

Watch it, you won’t regret it.  

Our Korean Pick: Que Sera Sera

Granted that this drama is not for everyone but if you get- you will love it. We thought about our Korean pick a lot and of course there are so many dramas to pick from but this drama sticks out for us for so many reasons. This drama is the perfect remedy for those people that are semi new to dramas- what we mean is for those people that have exhausted all the classics and are officially fed up all of the fluffy dramas. The drama is as far away from fluffy as it gets. It’s intense, so very angsty and oh so good! It’s labelled as a drama about the redemption of a bastard to a man- which it is but for us it’s all about the OTP. This drama has just the most haunting relationship between a OTP, their relationship will definitely stick out in your mind for a long after you have finished watching it.

It’s screwed up, the characters are so damaged and it’s just crazy good to watch !

Our Japanese pick: Hana Yori Dango

In contrast to Que Sera Sera this drama is one that everyone should watch, re-watch and watch again because we love it and we know for a fact, we’re not alone on this pick!

Our love for this drama is scattered across our blog and frankly we don’t get bored about gushing about how much we adore this drama. Everyone knows the story- mean/ crazy rich boy falls hard for tough poor girl add multiple issues keeping our OTP apart including; insane love rivals, crazier mothers and add memory loss for good measure.
The J-drama version has a special place in our hearts, in our opinion it’s the best remake out of the lot; it’s brilliantly acted especially by the leads, it’s well written and it has the right combination of laughs, angst and heart.

You will fall hard for this drama regardless of your age or the number of dramas you have watched in the past and if you don’t- there is something wrong with you- there we said it! Muhaha.

Drama Memos: Favourite Drama scenes

18 Jul

 As we’ve said before we’re not really watching anything in particular just because nothing seems to have compelled us enough to tune in so we thought we’d post our 10 Day Drama Memos- reflecting on the dramas that we’ve already watched and loved (or hated). We tend to avoid following structures just because their too restrictive, so we’re just going to go with the flow and post memos that we like.

Starting with….

Best Scenes Ever:

We thought about this category a lot and didn’t really want to limit our choice to just one scene, so we decided to go with our three favourite dramas scenes.

The First Shop of Coffee prince: Love Confession:

 “Whether you’re a man or an alien, I don’t care anymore. I tried getting rid of my feelings but I couldn’t. So let’s go as far as we can go…… Let’s give it a try.”   

We adored this scene to bits, it was just such a romantic love confession filled with so many mixed emotions. Gong Yoo’s Choi Han Kul was such a lovely character and definitely one of our favourite K-dramas male leads- come on! The guy loved her despite thinking she was a guy.

Hana Yori Dango – The phone scene:

The scene: Makino calls Domyoji on ‘their phone’ when he returns to Japan after being in America for two years.

This is a scene that always stands out in our mind when we think about this drama, we love it to bits. It’s just such a bittersweet, heartbreaking scene. Inoue Mao is brilliant as Makino but in this scene she out does herself- when she confessed that she never thought she would hear his voice on their phone again, we swear we felt our hearts tighten just a little bit, it was just a really great scene. It was definitely the scene that made us fall for this OTP and in particular love this leading lady.  

Soulmate: The headphone scene:

The scene: The OTP of the drama Dong Wook and Soo Kyung officially meet.

We love this scene because the whole drama has been leading up this OTP’s meeting and it was just perfect and so original. Seriously how sweet was it when Dong Wook put his headphone in her ear because he thought it would make her feel better? Totally unrealistic but oh so romantic. 

Here are some MV’s for your viewing pleasure: 

drama drought solution

31 Mar

Our  lack of dramas worth watching continues since we finished Pasta and Pick the Stars a couple weeks back now. It’s a tad annoying because we thought we would have Oh! My lady to continue our obsession with but that turned out to be… unappealing, it just didn’t click for us. So for now the only drama we’re actually watching is Down with Love (that’s only once a week- not nearly enough to fuel the need).

When this happens it brings out the desperado in us and we scan the list of dramas we always planned to watch and think: ‘ummmm, possibly’ but somehow we always end up watching something we’ve already seen. Yes that’s right we’ve all been there, re-watching dramas; skipping to the best bits, missing out filler episodes ect. Sometimes it reminds you why you watched the drama in the first place, occasionally you question your sanity and wonder if you realised that the show was that rubbish the first time round, or were you blinded by the hotness of the male or even female OTP (RoRo has so many girl crushes its outrageous).

Anyway we ended up re-watching Hana Yori Dango, which in our opinion can be watched a million times over and still be loved in our house. It can do no wrong in our opinion; it’s the perfect manga to live action transfer of HYD we’ve seen, it’s just so good. So we thought that we’d put a post up about HYD, giving it some (more) love.

Reasons why we love the drama-

>     The story stays pretty true to the manga, which is always best, I hate when producers unnecessarily alter things to ‘shake’ things up. (Ahem- Meteor Garden going off to Spain.)

>     We loved Inoue Mao and Matsumoto Jun together- just a perfect depiction of the leading couple.

>      We liked how the story never veered too far away from the OTP- The Korean version showed far too much Ji Hoo and Jandi time- you’re not suppose to question 20+ episodes in whether the OTP are meant to be together. Honestly Kim Hyun Joong has to be the most wooden actor since Keanu Reeves- yikes it was bad oh so bad. Stick to the singing mate.

Our favourite scenes-

Our most favourite scenes from the whole drama are affectionately split between the following:

Number1. We adored their date together. – ‘save me, your gross, save me!’ It was so funny.

 Number 2. The scene where Makino phones Domyoji up on ‘their’ phone and cries that she never thought she would be able to speak to him on their phone and finally plucks the courage up to ask him out. Ahhhh- seriously so good. Inoue Mao is such a great actress- so beautiful when she cries.

Number 3. When Makino breaks up with Domyoji and returns his necklace. We loved his reaction. So much angst, loved it.


Of course we loved the beginning and the end and well everything in between, so as you can imagine our list could go on, but you get the picture.

-If you haven’t seen it already- why not? It’s a must for all drama fans. If you have, you probably have a similar feeling to some degree as us. – It’s just well put together, acted and written. What more can you ask for?