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The Wedding Plot- Episode 1 has finally been subbed – horray!

25 Apr

What do you get when you put a screaming banshee with a misogynist man child?

Yep, you got it, it’s The Wedding Plot. We’ve been waiting for this drama to be subbed for ages and yes, we watched it immediately!

First impressions: Promising

We liked the pace/ acting, the OTP had decent enough chemistry and most importantly we finished episode 1 and wanted to watch the next episode straight away.

For us, it’s all about Lee Kyu Han, he’s finally a leading man and he WILL get the girl at the end. Yay.

Sure, we love our love rivals but we hold a special place in our hearts for LKH- he’s right up there next to our beloved Bae Soo Bin. Come on, he was hilarious in Smile, you and totally broke our hearts in Que Sera, Sera. All we have to say is: it’s about bloody time too!

In The Marriage Plot, we are relieved to report that we really liked him as a character. He is like the little boy in the school playground that bullies the girl he fancies. He spent the whole episode sniping and bullying his leading lady and generally we would have hated him for that, if it wasn’t for the fact that he is the lesser of two evils in this set up. At least we can tell why he’s behaving like a prepubescent moron, but the leading lady Gun Hee is another matter all together. Seriously, the girl needs a Prozac or something because we found her to be really high strung and bratty at times. We like the fact she can handle herself and knows not to take crap, which we appreciate in our leading ladies. However, she needs to relax ASAP. Or else we will need to switch off because our dramas are always dependant on two factors – a good OTP and a awesomely strong leading lady. They have the power to carry a drama for us. Therefore, if we can’t relate to them- there is no drama for us.  

That said, the fact that she isn’t perfect is always a plus in our opinion and despite her tantrums and banshee ways, we think she has the potential to be a great leading lady. The drama has set up the premise to allow her to grow and develop into a half decent human being. It’s nice to see a drama setup where the OTP equally have a long way to go in regards to being better people. How many dramas have we seen in the past where it’s down to the leading lady to work her magic and reform her anti social / cold OTP into a real man, while she remains perfect and brilliant from start to finish?

Also, we love their relationship – for once we have a OTP that actually have a real relationship, prior to the drama starting. These two characters work together, argue together and most importantly really know each other. It will be a refreshing change to skip through the usual OTP introduction setup where they ‘accidently’ meet and of course are forced into close proximity…blah, blah, blah. This OTP may be forced to live together but their actions and conversations will have a deeper level of intimacy already attached to it because of their history together and well, there is the fact that he reluctantly crushes on her badly and she dreams about killing him (literally)!

Heeee, we can’t wait!

Other thoughts:

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that the mother is dying/ has cancer. It’s a standard Kdrama troupe and well it’s got to be something serious when you’re scheming forced cohabitation with random men on your precious daughters. We wonder if Mrs Bennet would have thought of such a plan if she was around in 2012?

The original ‘Voice’ – the legend that is Yoon Joo Sang is playing the leading man Kang Jae’s father in this drama. As much as we love him, we’ve got to say, the man must have played the same role a million times already. He played exactly the same character in Baby Faced Beauty and Smile, You.

We haven’t seen much of the other sisters yet. They appear to be quite stereotypical so far; we’ve got a meek, nerdy older sister, a slutty younger one and a weird one. Although we haven’t seen her yet so we can’t really judge. The setup and premise screams long family drama in our opinion. It would be so great to see their individual romances develop across a longer period where we can appreciate them all individually and as a family. Hopefully, the writer can appropriately deliver each of their stories without it feeling rushed or half assed. We can’t stand when we get that lame last minute sudden realisation of love or worse a scenario where the drama ends with all four sisters getting married on the same day…soooooo cheesy – shudder*


Day 23: Your Favourite Alternative couple

23 Apr

Over the last few years, we’ve seen quite a lot of dramas that have given us some great alternative couples that dare we say it, outshine the main OTP. The best thing we love about altOTPs is the fact that they come out of nowhere and they manage to evoke a response and suddenly you have something to fall back on when the main OTP are sulking and brooding in dark corners. Their romance is usually light and fluffy to counterbalance the angst of the main couple and when they are good, they are really good. Sometimes a good altOTP has the ability to make a rather average drama a little memorable and makes you think that maybe it was worth tuning in for after all.    

Notable alternative couples:

Favourite AltOTP of 2012 (so far)

Wild Romance – Dong Ah and Manager Kim

She was a complete weirdo – socially awkward, completely random and a little insane but we loved her nevertheless.

He was…a robot. Okay, not really an actual robot but near enough. His character is quite similar to Eun Shi Kyung in King 2 Hearts; Stiff, completely by the book and strangely appealing in a odd kind of way… don’t ask, we can’t work it out either.

Yes, Wild Romance was a tad messy and we spent far too many episodes questioning if the OTP would ever get together but luckily for us we had the adorkable altOTP to fall back on. Their moments were spontaneous; you never knew exactly what they would do or say to each other and we loved it. Not only did they share great chemistry together but they made us laugh a lot.

Who else loved the scene where Manager Kim finally asked Dong Ah out?

The whole sequence was so quirky and random – it summed them up perfectly.

An alternative couple that should have been:

Dream High: Jin Gook and Hye Mi

Sorry, Sam Dong fan girls/boys, we were totally team Jin Gook. It’s been a long time since we were both surprised and annoyed by the fact that our OTP didn’t happen. All we have to say is that Dream High’s writers are terrible teases. This altOTP shared soooo many awesome OTP moments and like the romantics we are, we lapped it up happily only to be crushed at the last hurdle.

Call us traditionalists but when you get the following from a couple- you expect a happily ever after:

–         They shared a past

–         Jin Gook rescued her multiple times

–         She sang a song to him (plus, it wasn’t on the toilet!)

–         He gave her a helmet to wear when she wanted to cry – we love that scene!

–         They went on a date

–         They kissed!

Seriously, DH writers – you are cruel, too cruel.

An AltOTP so good, they made you question the need for a leading lady at all:

Can you hear my heart? – Ma Roo and Dong Joo

The title blatantly referred to Ma Roo and Dong Joo and had absolutely nothing to do with Woo Ri at all. Poor girl, one day she’ll walk in on them frolicking in bed and wonder why she didn’t see the signs earlier.

Their bromance was on a whole new level of bromantic. It was often their relationship that kept us completely glued to the screen.  Their love for each other was slightly messed up, obsessive but soooo sweet.

We adored them completely.

Six reasons why we shouldn’t love dramas but still do anyway…

16 Apr

With one sister on self imposed lockdown due to exam season, it looks like the Musthavesubs girls are going to be deprived of our favourite habit for awhile. Well for as long as our self control can last and between you and us…that won’t be long. Hey, they don’t call it an addiction for no reason. Hehehe.

To keep us on the straight and narrow- here is our top 6 cons list for being a drama addict:

1. Sleep deprivation! You have the real risk of turning up to work/ school looking like a panda bear because you have been up all night devouring your new crack drama and the worst thing is: you don’t care!

2. Your drama habit makes you think that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if you were a cross dressing nun/ barista/ student. On what planet is this okay?

3. You find yourself spending far too much time on dramawiki and watching drama MVs on YouTube. Sadly for us, we have lost many hours watching MVs. Come on, one is never enough.

4. Guys in really tight clothes (possible women’s wear) and far too much makeup suddenly look okay. Once upon a time we liked our men to look like real men but since joining the dark side – we would happily share our hair products with them. We draw a line at makeup though, we do have standards.  


Hahaha, this photo is so funny.

5. You spend your day at work/ school daydreaming about your new drama addiction and wondering whether subs will be available when you get home. When they are, you spend even longer waiting for it to fecking well buffer. It can’t be just us that have nearly destroyed a computer, waiting for a drama to hurry up and buffer already?

6. We sigh a heavy sigh, as we wonder when our very own emotionally stunted, rich chaebol with rock up and declare himself our OTP. We don’t even mind the dreaded wrist grap. Damn you, dramas what have you done to us that we don’t even mind a frigging wrist grab!?

Shit, this was meant to help but instead we want our drama fix now. Sob*

Wish us luck, we think we may need it.

Skip Beat! Series Thoughts

10 Apr

We were complete suckers for this drama and we are totally gutted that it’s ended. We even delayed watching the last episode because we didn’t want it to end so soon. Sob* Yes, we know what you’re thinking- what losers! Hahaha. We won’t deny it, it’s true.

We’ve read quite a lot of grumbles about the ending and in our opinion we thought it was as good as it could be considering the actual manga hasn’t finished yet and the drama’s arc ended at a random point in the actual manga.

For us, the most important thing about the ending was the fact that it remained faithful(ish) to the original manga but still satisfied our fangirl ways. We got a kiss didn’t we- sure the kiss was in her mind but still it was an actual physical kiss between the OTP (that is more than we got in I am Legend and It’s okay, Daddy’s girl). We also got an admission of feelings from them separately. For us, we felt that the ending was hopeful and uplifting but most of all, it made us want to watch more. Why can’t this drama become an annual thing? We would happily tune in every year and watch these awesome characters evolve. The ending was so obviously geared towards establishing a sequel and we know for a fact that if this drama was more popular, we would have easily got one. Now that is saying something considering how much we hate anything resembling a drama extension, sequel ect. Damn it, why do we always fall for the unpopular dramas that make us miserable when they end… Alias anyone?

A couple weeks ago we moaned about the slow progress on the romance front between Gong Xi and Lian but after episodes 13-15, how glad are we that we waited for all the good stuff to come all at once. The role play scene at Lian’s house was so hot! We had to fan our faces when Lian asked Gong Xi if she wanted him to teach her how to kiss. Heeeee.

We have to hand it to Siwon, the dude stepped it up a gear. He was rather stiff at the start of the drama but he came into the role really well. He managed to convey the cold, damaged side perfectly while presenting his unexpected crush on Gong Xi in a realistic manner. You could totally believe his feelings for her and watching him deal with them was a delight because he looked so damn cute when he was conflicted.

We also liked how Gong Xi realised she had feelings for Lian. She was oblivious for so long and then suddenly she had feelings she couldn’t work out. We like how she was the one that missed him when Dark Moon ended and more interestingly she was the one that envisioned their kiss. The writer gradually built it up and it felt like a natural development over the course of the drama rather than a last minute job to satisfy the masses.

Small grumbles in a sea of gushes:

We would have liked to have seen more of Shang…only a little more though. The oh so brief moments between Shang and Gong Xi left us wanting more of the same. We loved their hostile tension, the fact that you could see their shared history written all over their faces whenever they looked at each other and most importantly we loved how we spent the majority of the time wishing Gong Xi would punch him in the face one moment and make out with him the next. As much as we adored Lian and Gong Xi together, Shang and Gong Xi stole the show in every scene they shared.

We would have liked more Qin and Gong Xi time as well. Personally, we didn’t like the fact that Gong Xi already had some random friend that worked at the restaurant with her because it defeated the purpose of having a character like Qin. Qin is purposed to be Gong Xi’s first real friend and that is why Gong Xi is so over the top and possessive of her. Putting this fact aside, we loved watching their friendship develop throughout the course of the drama. We were worried when we heard that Bianca Bai was playing this role, just because Bianca always played that miserable love rival that annoyed the hell out of us. Plus we felt that Ivy and Bianca would look odd together. However, we were pleasantly surprised on all fronts. Bianca was brilliant as the abrasive but funny best friend and their interactions were so much fun to watch.

The CGI graphics were also quite funny. When we say funny, we mean bad. Thankfully this drama wasn’t afraid to laugh at itself because otherwise it would be quite embarrassing.

Finally, we have to mention the dubbing issue. The first few episodes were soooooo bad. We can’t help but feel that an actor’s voice and their ability to present their emotions through talking/ shouting ect is a vital tool to their craft. For us, dubbing totally takes away from the impact an actor can have in their role and it makes us wonder what Siwon and Donghae would have been capable of if they didn’t have that barrier impacting them.

Props go to the two actors, especially Siwon who did a fantastic job in the second half of the drama. We can’t help but think that you would have twice as much work to do when you lose the ability to speak as an actor, especially when you have to present such complicated feelings with just your eyes and physical gestures. He has really impressed us and we look forward to seeing him in his next drama- this time as an actor rather than just eye candy as we shamefully did in the past…. Well can you blame us? He’s hot.

Okay, back to more gushes (Sorry for those people looking for an impartial review)

We adored Ivy Chen’s depiction of Gong Xi. She had the perfect balance of presenting someone that was utterly insane but managed to be remain totally lovable throughout. She made us laugh a lot with her dark twisted thoughts.

Funniest scene in the drama is still the bike scene – where she ordered her evil spirits to park her bike for her while she got ready to face Shang. It was soooo funny; we must have been laughing for about 15 minutes straight.

For those people that thought she was annoying and over the top – you can talk to the hand because we thought she was a brilliant leading lady and was a breath of fresh air in a dramaland where all the leading ladies seem to be far too similar to each other.

Okay, so we loved the characters, the writing- especially how it followed the original story pretty well and the way the drama was produced. We could watch Gong Xi with anyone in the drama all day, everyday – that is how much we loved her and finally even though we’ve heard that Solo song a million time already… it’s still good.

The drama was an unexpected treat for us and we are so glad we stuck around till the end.

If you are looking for a decent Tdrama with laughs, lovable characters and that isn’t totally dragged out until you want to pull your hair out… then look no further.

How much we liked it: 9/10

How good is it technically: 8/10 – we would have given it more if it wasn’t for the dodgy dubbing issue.

Me too, Flower – overall thoughts/ Day 22: A drama you recently finished

9 Apr

Unfortunately, we finally understand what the bitching and sniping was all about

The last quarter of the drama was a horrible cycle of repetition, where the OTP had a fight, broke up and then got back together again. We got to a point where we couldn’t remember why they were actually apart, but we didn’t worry too much because we knew what was going to happen next anyway…exactly what happened in the last episode!

We know for a fact that if we watched this on a weekly basis while it aired, there is no chance that we would have stuck around. We would have dropped this drama so quickly and bitched endlessly about the possibilities of what it could have been. For that reason alone, we’re pleased we watched it all in one gulp because we can overlook the repetition and forgive a lot of the annoying plot devices used to keep our OTP apart.

If the drama managed to achieve one thing brilliantly, it was giving the viewers a convincing OTP. The drama managed to convey their love for each other really well, the actors shared wonderful chemistry and most importantly we cared what happened to them and were more than satisfied when they got their HEA. For us, that is half the battle won in creating a good drama. The OTP carried this drama a lot of the time and we’re pleased that the attention was rarely taken away from them.

We love the fact that Jae Hee understood her heart so well. He always came back for her, despite the number of times she broke up with him. Okay, sure every time she broke up with him was because he failed to disclose a major fact like being a millionaire or living with a woman that hates your guts but still… we can forgive him because of the way he looked at her, the way he spoke to her and the fact that he was willing to give everything up for her. Yes, there were multiple times where we groaned at his stupidity and his lack of communication skills with his OTP but we’ve concluded that our love for this OTP is irrational, alot like the drama itself and as a result, we’ve decided to just go with it and accept this fact. We were captivated by this couple from start to finish and adored every moment that they shared. End of.

We wondered why we liked this couple so much, especially when the overall drama was a complete mess and we concluded it’s because we’re complete suckers for an underdog and these two characters fit the bill perfectly. They are both really sad, damaged characters as individuals and we couldn’t help but feel for them and so to see them fall for each other and be happy was enough to make us root for them. Plus the hot chemistry helped. Heheh.

This drama had so many elements to it that were really great separately but unfortunately weren’t executed well enough in the overall drama. For example, we love the complicated relationship between Jae Hee and President Park. Their relationship consisted of this strange facade where neither of them really voiced their true feelings to each other but carried on with fake smiles because it was easier than discussing the ‘what could have been’, the ‘what ifs’ and the fact that a romance between them will always be tainted by their history.


President Park used Jae Hee as an emotional crutch for too long. Clearly, she was a capable and intelligent woman but she got to the point where she didn’t believe her skills without him there as her support network. The drama did well in presenting a well rounded character; highlighting her vulnerabilities and her flaws in a manner where we could understand why a character like her would unravel and turn to nasty tricks to keep Jae Hee by her side. We hate dramas where the big bad has no real reason for causing trouble and for being that annoying nuisance that interferes with the OTP. As a result, we appreciate the fact that the writer went to the effort of ensuring that she had depth and that their relationship had layers.

We loved the face offs between the two characters. You could see the tension radiating off them, the pain and the underlined chemistry was unbelievably good to watch. If they didn’t share that insanely good chemistry between them, we doubt that this drama would have been half as good. The OTP’s relationship is of course the most important factor in the drama but in many ways this relationship is nearly as important because her reaction was the catalyst for change throughout the drama.

Thoughts on other characters:

Dal mostly remained that typical 2D love rival character in this drama. Her relationship with Doctor Park was far too contrived for our liking. He was too old, she was too needy and the fact that they shared zero chemistry didn’t help. As a character she was far too driven by her pride and her ego to be relatable to us as viewers and most of the time we wished she would grow up and behave like an adult instead of this pathetic brat that wanted to bag herself a rich guy.

We really liked Doctor Park as a character, we thought he brought a balance to the drama with his comedy and his insight into the other characters personalitites.  We actually feel kind of sad that his role was cheapened by giving him this random, strange relationship with Dal.

Ma Roo was a complete sweetheart from start to finish. We’re pleased that his crush was defused quickly after Bong Sun’s rejection and he became that much needed friend that we hoped she had. He was that person that had her back throughout the drama and was there for her when her OTP wasn’t.

Moments we will remember within the mess:

Bong Sun’s house:

The scene where Bong Sun declared the house her house because she stayed was just  so perfect. It was such an emotional and intense scene. We literally had our hearts lodged in our throats, it was that good. This was the moment where we finally got an insight to her feelings for her parents. It was so heartbreaking to listen to her reasoning for staying at that house and to witness her parent’s realisation of how damaged their daughter was because of their actions.

 The rescue scene:

Okay, who doesn’t like watching the leading man/ woman rescue their OTP? We liked how the scene allowed Bong Sun to evaluate exactly what was important in her life and finally made her realise that life was too short to live with regrets. Some people may have felt that the ending was a tad rushed but we were quite pleased by how it was handled. Their feelings were clarified appropriately and in a realistic manner rather than in one giant red bow where they lived happily ever after.

Jae Hee drunk:

He was such a cute drunk…well expect for the moment where he vomited all over her!

The bridge scene:

He drove her to the other side and promised to take care of her forever. Like we said before, we love how he gets her. We liked the symbolism of them crossing the bridge together as a couple. We liked how it represented the idea that they were moving forward to a place that she always wanted to go but never dared to. However, together it was possible and that all she needed to do was trust him.

So sweet. Sigh*

Overall thoughts:

Let’s be honest here – this drama was a complete mess. The writing was repetitive, illogical and made us groan often. That said, as you may have guessed we loved the OTP. We loved the complex relationships that somehow managed to come across authentically even if they were insane. We also liked the fact that we cared enough to forgive the crap and want to see the drama through to the end to witness the happily ever after.

How much we liked it: 7/10

How good it is technically:  5/10

Day 21: A drama you have watched more than once

7 Apr

Having seen our fair share of dramas over the years now, we love nothing better than to sit down and rewatch a classic drama from our back catalogue. Well, that is when we’re not obsessing over a currently airing drama or dealing with real life. When the mood strikes, we are more than happy to sit down and revisit a drama that takes us back to a time when we were obsessive fan girls and reminds us exactly why we adore watching dramas so much.

Dramas we have re-watched just because they are pure awesome:

Hana Yori Dango/ Boys before Flowers, Secret garden, City Hall, Pride, Que Sera, Sera, Soulmate, My Country Calls… okay this list could go on and on!

Our silly/ sweet pick – Nodame Cantabile


We’ve re-watched this drama so many times over the years, it’s a classic. This is one of our favourite Jdramas and is up there on our list of all-time favourites- that’s how much we love it. The drama is funny, silly and has plenty of heart. The musicality is fantastic and the OTP are adorable. If you haven’t watched this drama before, watch it and then rewatch it because it’s that good!

 A drama we rewatch but have no clue why – Pasta

We adore the OTP, the easy breezy tone of the drama and the fact that absolutely nothing much happens other than the OTP making goo goo eyes at each other for 20 episodes. This is the epitome of a ‘fluffy drama’ and despite its flaws, we could happily watch this drama again and again because once in a while it’s nice to see a OTP that just love each other with zero problems in their lives and when they’ re this cute, how are we to resist?

A drama we watch when we’re depressed – Mars


When we’re depressed we like nothing more than to wallow in that misery and well Mars does the trick perfectly.

It’s dark, twisted and there are multiple scenes that will make your heart ache with pain in the best way possible. It’s hard to think of a drama that tops this one in regards to how dark and angsty it is and that is the reason why it’s scattered all over our 30 day challenge posts.

An episode of a drama we have watched multiple times – Yukan Club: episode 8


This is our random pick… really random. Let’s call it what it really is: A guilty pleasure.

If you have seen this episode you will know what we’re talking about, if you haven’t – you will probably wonder what is wrong with us. Hahaha.

Overall, this series was just okay but we remember watching this episode the first time around and we thought it was soooooo funny. We laughed nonstop for 45 minutes and by the end of it, we had the biggest, goofiest grins on our faces. The actual episode is beyond ridiculous but it was so silly and over the top that we were charmed from start to finish.

It has all of the following: A vengeful heartbroken gay villain, a seriously bad case of diarrhea, a bomb and plenty of cross dressing. What more can you ask for?


Why does he look so good as a woman!?

We watched it again a few times over the years and still we laughed at how outrageous it all was and despite knowing we shouldn’t love it… we still do.

Some dramas stay with you more than others. Elements like; your mood, when you watch it and how much time you have to dedicate to it, all factor in on how much you will love a drama. For us, the dramas listed above have made us very happy over the years and they are the reason why we continue to tune in because we hope to add to that list of dramas that make us fangirls that forsake sleep and real life to obsess religiously over a drama…well that is until you find the next one anyway!  

Me too, Flower- thoughts up to episode 8

3 Apr

Episode 7 and 8 were surprisingly great.

We expected this drama to be crap but every time we tune it, we’re pleasantly surprised by what we see.

The tone and the pace is exactly what we’ve been looking for. We adore the way that the characters feelings and thoughts are presented. They are complex, with layers highlighting how they are neither good nor bad but all very human. We also like how none of the relationships are conventional or particularly easy to watch at times. Bong Sun’s strained relationship with her parents is a key example of that. Clearly, they love each other even if their feelings aren’t voiced or conveyed that well. Okay, okay, that’s putting it lightly. Bong Sun’s dad is a total bastard but you can tell that he’s just one of those cavemen types that cries into his pillow at night or secretly loves romcoms. In real life not all relationships are easy and so it’s nice to see them presented so authentically in this drama.

Screwed up relationships aside, we could watch this drama’s OTP all day long. They are ridiculously functional despite how damaged they are as individuals and we love that about them. These two very broken characters have found each other and suddenly their lives don’t suck as much as it did. Sure, they are still surrounded by the madness that makes up their lives but that’s reality, a fact that is always reinforced in the drama.

The scene that cemented our love for them was the scene where Jae Hee broke up with Bong Sun. We knew exactly why he was breaking up with her even though it was killing him to do it but it was her response that nailed the scene for us. Watching her take the chance and open her heart to him even though she had been rejected so many times in the past got us in the best way possible. We think we loved the scene even more because it had shades of Que Sera, Sera with how desperate she came across and how intense the overall scene felt.

We love the fact that they don’t try and fix each other’s issues; they just accept each other for who they are. We also like how Bong Sun doesn’t care that he parks cars for a living and accepts that ‘he has a plan’. We can’t help but feel it’s a refreshing change of prospective from the usual attitudes of drama characters all seeking wealth and fame. Bong Sun would be content with a warm meal with the person she loves every day. Awwww, so sweet.

How deliciously messed up is the love rival Director Park in Me too, Flower – Imagine being mentally and emotionally tied to the person that killed your husband? The twisted mix of desire and hate that this character represents is fascinating to watch. We still can’t get over the fact that Yoon Shi Yoon has intense chemistry with his OTP but he also happens to share insanely good chemistry with Han Go Eun despite the age gap and the fact that he looks like a mere child next to her. Their relationship seems to be spiralling out of control and we look forward to how crazy their dysfunctional relationship will become.

Now that the OTP have acknowledged their feelings for each other, we can’t wait for Bong Sun to find out about Jae Hee’s true identity. The fact that she doesn’t think or react like rational people means that it’s bound to be entertaining or completely insane viewing. We’re happy with either! We have a feeling that this drama can do good angst when the time comes and if there is one thing we love about watching dramas- its angst.

Bring on the angst!

The King 2 Hearts – Episodes 2-4

1 Apr

Shooting your OTP is a NO-NO in our books.

We have conflicting feelings for this drama. At times we’re thoroughly engrossed and loving it and then we’re sitting there thinking WTF was that?

Don’t get us wrong, we’re completely invested in the drama and can’t wait for the next episode to be subbed but seriously we can’t get over what a mix bag it is.

Take the big bad villain of the drama. Honestly what writer thought that this type of over the top, Dr Evil type baddie would fit in a drama like this? His scenes are so long winded and stupid that we find ourselves groaning whenever he’s on screen. We get it; you’re a baddie, a crazy baddie that happens to be quite good at performing magic tricks. Congratulations to you – Let’s move on now. Sometimes less is more, we don’t need such excessive scenes to prove how ‘bad’ the drama’s villain really is.  As a result we’re hopeful the writer will dial down on the silliness and give him more creditability as the big bad because at the moment, he is the weakest link in the drama.

Aside from the obvious fact that we can’t stand the villain of the drama, our other biggest gripe with TK2H is actually the leading man Lee Jae Ha.

Frankly, we think he’s idiot and even though he ran 60km in 8 hours with an injury – we still think he’s got a long way to go before we can get over the fact that he’s an immature brat that needs a good beating.

First of all, he used everything that Hang Ah confided in him regarding her hopes of marriage and her personal insecurities about being unappealing and used it against her in the most horrible way possible. The cold shoulder was realistic and something we would have done as well but then to top that off- he goes and shots her!

The situation was intense, strained and emotional but still to point blank shot someone that you had gotten to know, you comrade in arms, your flipping roommate is too much for us! Yes, the bullet was a blank but he didn’t know that. Hang Ah is possibly the most understanding, reasonable person ever or just really unrealistic to get past something like that so easily. If the situation were reversed, we’re sure she would have done the same thing but this is her OTP we’re talking about and this guy just shot her without hesitation right in the heart. He hasn’t even given her a decent apology. We’ve read about people swooning over the scene where he tells her that it hurt his heart when he did it and all we could think is: really, that’s all you’ve got? – You shot her, you bastard! 

The actions of episode 4 were indeed a turning point and showed Jae Ha mature a bit but has he suffered enough in our opinion?-Hell no. This guy has a long way to go before we can start rooting for him to get his HEA.

Things we liked:

Everything else.

The drama is put together so well that we can’t believe that the writer/ producers have created such a well-developed and exciting world in just 4 episodes. The pace is also outrageously fast. The transition from a silly, small scene to something insanely intense is seamless and we’re sitting there  the whole time at the edge of our seats wondering where exactly is the drama going to go next and you know what – we love it.

 The small elements come together so well to form the bigger picture and we can’t help but sit there impressed by how well thought out the drama is. Take the SNSD scenario, we wondered where exactly this storyline was going and then suddenly we were presented with an amazingly intense scene where they all drew their guns on each other, we loved it. The way the writer changed the mood from deadly serious to funny was so great. It’s scenes like this that make the irritating, silly parts easy to forgive because when it’s good, it’s really good. We just hope there is more of the good than the bad because it would be a waste of all that lovely potential.

The OTP fascinate us in the best way possible. Their scenes together are so good, they have such solid chemistry. At this point their relationship has just found a common ground, where they have formed that basic level of trust/ respect for each other but even though there isn’t anything romantic between them yet, you can still see it in the way they look and talk to each other. The underlined chemistry is presented so authentically that it just makes us eager for more and we can’t wait!

Final thought:

Here we go again- Another secondary male that we crush on.

What a difference a haircut makes. That’s all we can think because seriously, we watched Jo Jung Suk in What’s Up and nothing, nudda, zilch but Jo Jung Suk as Eun Shi Kyung in TK2H is a different story all together. Suddenly we’re seeing him in a completely different light. He’s all hot in his stern, serious way and we can’t help but adore him completely.


The camp fire scene had us swooning all over the place. Hehe.