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Skip Beat! – Episode 10

28 Feb

Episode 10 was sooooooo good!


We could happily watch Shang and Gong Xi all day long. All that tension, hatred and underlined chemistry was to die for. It was just so much fun watching them bounce off each other. Their relationship couldn’t be more different from Lian and Gong Xi; who are cute to watch but we confess Shang and Gong Xi have us obsessed. When there are so many conflicting emotions in one relationship you know it’s going to be good viewing. We loved the way he looked at her, the way he couldn’t help but think about her and most importantly the fact he didn’t care about personal space at all. Hehehe, it was all so good!


Maybe it’s because Donghae and Ivy Chen have good chemistry together but we like how their relationship has a more romantic slant to it than the manga. We really liked the idea that he was just as affected by their relationship as she was, which was reflected in the way he would think about her when they were together in the past and the fact he referred to her as his childhood sweetheart. It gives more depth to their relationship and ultimately it gives Gong Xi’s quest for revenge more weight because it doesn’t appear to be that pathetic one sided love that she believed it to be all this time. 

Other than loving our much anticipated Shang and Gong Xi airtime, we have to say Gong Xi and her evil spirits made us laugh a lot in this episode. Who else laughed their butts off at the bike sequence at the start? It was so funny.

We think we’re going to be really sad when this drama ends. It’s been such an unexpected pleasure to watch. Sob*


Shut Up: Flower Boy Band 7-8

25 Feb

I’m going crazy, I’m going crazy because I like you.’


His actions were impulsive, sincere and oh so romantic to watch. We loved that scene.

Yes, he took his sweet time about saying anything to her but it was well worth the wait. That said if we were Soo Ah, we would have reacted in exactly the same way to Ji Hyuk’s behaviour. We love how she made up her mind and took the necessary steps to make it clear to Seung Hoon and to Ji Hyuk exactly how she felt. It’s just a shame that Seung Hoon can’t get the hint and Ji Hyuk is caught between a rock and a hard place in regards to his feelings for Soo Ah.

The Muse issue is interesting for us…

We can imagine exactly what the fallout will be like when the guys find out about their relationship and on one hand we get it but on the other hand we hope we’re wrong about their reactions. Personally, we hope that the guys will get over it quickly. After all Ji Hyuk is always first to sacrifice his happiness for the guys. They know deep down that Ji Hyuk would never do anything to disrespect Byun Hee’s memory unless it was serious. We know there is bound to be angst/ anger and yes we love some hot angst, especially when it involves purrrty guys but it’s so predictable. We want to continue to be pleasantly surprised by their fresh, realistic reactions.

Woo Kyung using the Muse card was really annoying. Did she really have to go there? Woo Kyung as a character is frustrating to watch at the moment. She spends all her time throwing herself at a guy who clearly isn’t interested in her. She needs to get some self-respect and move on. Also Ji Hyuk really needs to have ‘the talk’ with her. Sure, he resists her advances but clearly it’s not enough. You need to be cruel to be kind. It would be nice to not have repetitive sequences where she’s rejected and cries and Do Il watches over her. Once was more than enough.

Speaking of Do Il- seriously dude, it’s time to man up and take a chance! He’s like one of those dull love rivals that watches but never does anything. Groan* We’re dying for the moment where he finally lets loose and confesses his feelings for her. The way he looks at her is so sweet and you can clearly tell he cares a lot about her. We anticipate their union to be one of the more romantic and thoughtful ones in the drama and that’s saying something as Ji Hyuk and Soo Ah continue to own our hearts. We say this because we think Do Il never fails to come across as anything other than a complete darling. He’s such a thoughtful, sensitive soul and so we imagine that it’s going to have to be something big to motivate him to finally take some action and confess his feelings for Woo Kyung.

Seung Hoon is going to become annoying isn’t he? Damn it, we hoped he would surprise us but it appears that he’s going to be that annoying love rival that just doesn’t get the hint when a girl rejects him multiple times. We like the idea that he’s decided to be his own man and pursue his own interests rather than what he thinks his father would want. However unfortunately for us, we think he lacks charisma which the Eye Candy boys have in buckets. We wish he was more compelling as a character. He comes across as so flat and even when he’s angry or upset, we can barely muster up any sympathy for him. His character and his actions have been presented in a million dramas before and frankly he’s not bringing anything new to it, well except for his looks. Hehe.

This drama is teasing us to death with the development of Hyun Soo and Ye Rim’s relationship or lack of relationship in this case. The brief moments in the past few episodes have been a fangirl’s nightmare. We spent the whole time reading into every little action. Like the way she grabbed his hand without any hesitation or the way he glares out her so intensely. Their scenes may be brief and they have barely shared a real conversation together but still we’re obsessed. Sometimes a OTP doesn’t need a lot of dialogue to be interesting. It’s all about the eye contact and the atmosphere and this couple have it nailed. Their scenes have been intense with a lovely undertone of chemistry to keep us excited with the possibilities.

We want them to scream at each other and then make out against the nearest wall already!

Other thoughts:

We really liked how the writer handled the reconciliation between Hyun Soo and the guys. Normal people would feel upset and angry over losing the competition and it’s a natural reaction to feel resentful, especially when it involves something really important. The time and space between the group was realistic and once again managed to convey that authentic nature to their friendship that viewers have fallen in love with.

We really like how the writer manages to deal with conflict in the drama in such a realistic and relatable manner. We loved how the writer presented the contract dilemma. We adored the thoughtful scene between Do Il and Ji Hyuk where they discuss the contract issue and Ji Hyuk flat-out rejects any possibility of leaving his boys behind and going solo–

Ji Hyuk has so many great lines in this drama. We love him.

How cute was the scene where all the parents gathered?! We spent the whole time giggling at how adorable they were. We were especially surprised by Do il’s gangster father rocking up and taking a real interest in his son’s career choice. A gangster with a heart, we approve.


Ji Hyuk serenading Soo Ah over the phone was sooooooooo sweet. This was the moment that sealed the deal for us. They are just so adorable together without being boring or saccharine – We declare them our favourite OTP of 2012 so far.

Day 18: Your Favourite Female Third Wheel

22 Feb

A female love rival that we actually like… come on, does that even make sense?

Unlike their male counterparts, female love rivals are rarely ever worth talking about unless it involves endless bitching and ranting about how annoying they are. For some reason drama writers have found themselves in a rut where they are unable to do anything original with a female love rival. As a result, they have become a stereotype that may be a constant in a drama but one that is rarely favoured. 

There appears to be two types of female love rivals in dramas:

  1. The beautiful but helpless first love that is perfect and oh so dull to watch.

The Leading man will spend multiple episodes moping over this type of love rival, while not realising that the woman of his dreams is the plucky, smart mouthed girl that he spends most of the time bickering with.

  1. The scheming, psychopathic love rival. She will deceive her way through the drama, doing unthinkable evil things while looking immaculate with her perfect hair and wearing really pretty designer high heels.

We hate this type the most. They are that unnecessary fixture that deviates away from the storyline and just makes you want to scream at your television screen in frustration as once again she does something to stop the OTP from finally getting together.

Don’t even get us started on dramas where the female love rival is both type 1 and 2. Groan*

As you can imagine this question was difficult to answer just because the options are rather limited to say the least.

However, if we really had to choose:

We guess Secret Garden’s Yoon Seul

She started off rather typical and we groaned in anticipation of her annoying actions but she turned out to be great! She was direct, honest and very cool. Also it helped that she wasn’t a fully fledged love rival hell bend on getting the leading man. This still counts right!?

City Hall’s Go Hae

Unlike normal love rivals, she wasn’t really in it for the romance but more about keeping up appearances. We like her because she was smart and tough. She was the type to smile sweetly while saying something really cutting and evil. Yes, we confess we liked that about her even when it was aimed at our leading lady. She was also a powerful love rival, which in itself was a rarity as female love rivals often appear to be the weaker sex, who are just obsessed over the leading man. So yay for progress.


Look at that face, she means business.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could appreciate a female love rival as much as we do a male one? We would love to question our loyalties and root for a female love rival for once. Come on writers, it’s time to get inventive and think outside the box!

Day 17: Your Favourite Male Third Wheel

21 Feb

If you have ever read any of our posts in the past, you may have noticed that we have a ridiculous soft spot for male love rivals.

They call it Second lead syndrome- we call it a problem.

We’ve got a love hate relationship with male love rivals in dramas. On one hand a good love rival has the influence to elevate a drama and make it amazing. Not only does the leading man have to bring his ‘A’ game and really deliver the goods, he also has to show why he’s worth his OTP.  Also, a good love rival brings angst, doubt and real options for the leading lady. Who doesn’t love watching a complicated love story where we’re really shown why the OTP deserve each other?

On the other hand, rooting for the love rival never ends well. We’re on the losing side and there is only one way the drama will end. Yep, our love rival heartbroken as the OTP get their HEA and he ends up with the pathetic consolation prize in the form of the female love rival or worse some random girl that suddenly appears in the last episode. Why is there always a random girl!? Who else hates watching a good love rival bravely smile through his pain while the OTP shove their love for each other in his face by inviting him to their wedding? UGH, we hate that.  

It’s engrained in our culture to root for the loser- the underdog that tries his best right to the very end. They are that constant that is there for the leading lady when the leading man is off acting like an idiot. They are that shoulder to cry on, the one that will do your milk round when you’re sick (Shining Inheritance) or generally be that perfect guy that you desperately wish the leading lady would pick. A good love rival can have a lot of impact on the viewer, their heartbreak and longing is sometimes more compelling than the OTP. Sometimes this is great for a drama, however a good love rival has literally made us hate a drama by the end of it’s run because we sit wondering why the hell the leading lady would pick her OTP when clearly the love rival is much better suited for her. It’s frustrating, annoying and just makes us want to throw our screens out the window.


How can a leading lady resist those ernest eyes?

As you can tell we feel passionately about our male love rivals. We doubt we’ll change our ways anytime soon. We guess that makes us gluttons for punishment but who said being a drama addict was easy?

Here is a quick rundown of a few of our favourite male love rivals that have stolen our hearts one way or another:

Our technical pick has to go to Thank You’s Choi Suk Hyun:

We’ve blogged about this love rival before because he has to be the most solid, perfect love rival we have ever seen in a drama. He technically was everything that the leading lady would ever want. Not only was he the love of her life but also the father of her child. They shared intense chemistry and he loved her! They could have easily lived happily ever after if they wanted to.

Our favourite love rivals who had no chance but still made us switch sides include:

Jeremy from You’re Beautiful – We loved Jeremy way more than Shin Woo, who was just annoyingly boring with his elaborate attempts at revealing his love for Min Nam. Jeremy was just that fun, sweet love rival that made us smile. He cared about Min Nam so much in that innocent, protective way. We loved that scene where he’s heartbroken and he sings that song on the radio. He managed to evoke so much sincerity in that scene and it was one of the more sombre scenes from him that really stood out for us in the drama.

Nakatsu from Hana Kimi – He loved her despite thinking she was a guy! Once again, he was a complete darling that stole the show. We would have loved it if she liked him just a little bit. It couldn’t have been just us that felt that the OTP shared zero chemistry together in that drama?

The love rivals that were robbed:

Han Dong Jie from Easy Fortune Happy Life – This was our first Roy Qiu drama and the one that cemented our love for him. He was that perfect, gangster with a heart of gold. He cooked, took care of her and made us swoon whenever he appeared on screen. Hehehe. This was a drama where we literally wanted to throttle the leading lady for picking her OTP who was a complete idiot that needed a good punch in the face. Why would anyone pick Blue Lan over Roy Qiu??

Meng Cheng En from P.S MAN – There was a bloody poll to change the leading man!!! He shared so much chemistry with the leading lady, he was that perfect love rival that avoided being boring by doing crazy things like hijacking moving cars to take her to the hospital, catching her from a real high balcony or giving her more blood than you are legally allowed to give just to save her life. But still she picked a guy that was too afraid to admit his feelings for her after 20 episodes!

Oh, love rivals, at least we love you.

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band 5-6

19 Feb

Best episodes so far!

Where do we start, everything was just so awesome that we feel completely and utterly spoilt.  How can one drama satisfy our drama needs in just the most perfect way???

For us it was all about the hug. THE BEST BROMANIC HUG EVER. It was so heartbreaking to watch, it managed to make our hearts ache for Hyun Soo and the guys so much. The way Ji Hyuk stopped playing and hugged Hyun Soo until he stopped was one of those scenes that will stay with you long after the drama ends. It was just so unexpected and emotionally charged. For three episodes we have watched this band do all they could to win this competition all as a testament to Byun Hee. It probably meant more to them than anyone else in the competition and so to see Ji Hyuk stop midway through to take care of his friend was just so touching to watch.

It was one of those bittersweet moments watching the band finish their performance. On one hand they fulfilled their promise to their friend but on the other hand they knew they had no chance of winning. Watching Ji Hyuk stop the performance was so much better than if something predictable happened to ruin their chances at winning; like if Hyun Soo was just late or their instruments were tampered with. For us, this had so much more of an impact as it clearly highlighted the fact that their bond as friends is far greater than any competition could ever be.

Hyun Soo is a really interesting character for us. The scene that made us take notice of him was the scene where he shouted at Ye Rim.

“I wanted to give my friend one last gift, but it’s all ruined because of me. I’m about to go crazy right now so shut up and get lost!”

It was just such a great scene; he was barely holding it together, there was so much pain and anger radiating from him. For us it was just such an intense moment that was incredibly emotionally charged. We look forward to watching Ye Rim and Hyun Soo’s relationship progress after their unfortunate first meeting. We do love the drama troupe where enemies fall in love. All that hostility and anger, plus Hyun Soo smouldering glare…hehe, we can’t wait!

We adored practically every moment between the OTP. Seriously, we don’t know who we love more Ji Hyuk or Soo Ah, both of them are so great to watch. Our favourite OTP scene from last week has to be the moment where she’s describing how Ji Hyuk’s song/ voice makes her feel and then they share her ear phones to listen to the song. Heeee, it was so sweet. We loved that smile on Ji Hyuk’s face, it was so cute.

”When I’m lonely it makes my heart feel warm, and when I’m excited it makes my heart race, and when I’m sad it makes me want to cry.”

Also, yay for the leading lady taking the first step and confessing her feelings! How unexpected was that final scene? Was it just us but wasn’t that last scene just the icing on the cake, it was so perfect.

A love confession, handholding and then a kiss.

We love you drama –you spoil us too much!

Other thoughts:

Prior to watching episode 6, we had only seen snippets of Strawberry Fields performing but we have to say disappointing or what, seriously, this is the rival to Eye Candy, really? What are they doing performing their lame arse jazz music at a rock festival? We can only describe it as boring lounge music at best.

Someone needs to kill Pyo Joo already, that guy is ruining the drama for us. He’s like a very evil stereotypical villain. This drama is too good for a character like him. Hopefully the drama cuts him out or at least reveals why he’s such a bastard as he currently just comes across as a standard 2D villain you want to smack around the head. Although we did take alot of satisfaction watching Ji Hyuk hit him with a basketball. Haha.

Soo Ah standing up for herself was also great viewing. We love how she’s finding her way and being the person she wants to be, regardless of what people think and say about her.

Can’t wait for next week!

Day 16: A drama that made you so happy

15 Feb

As drama junkies, we confess that most dramas make us happy one way or another. Kdramas in particular just cater to all our obsessive fangirl needs like no other type of TV does. Once you’re hooked, it’s hard to go back. Is it just us or has western television totally lost its appeal now?

We thought of a few dramas for this topic but the one that really sticks out in our minds is:

 Boys before Flowers

It’s far from perfect but perfect is so overrated. Boys is a pure crack drama. A rare breed that is often devoured far too quickly but will stay with you long after it’s finished. It’s one of those dramas that remind you exactly why you became a drama addict in the first place. It’s one you will stay up all night watching and one you will obsessively think about while waiting for the next episode. Well that is when you’re not gushing endlessly about it to anyone that will listen.

Reasons why this drama made us happy:

We are suckers for a good romance, bromance and anything that is unashamedly over the top.

This drama is all of the above and then some. Everything was 100% more extreme or overdramatic than anything you have seen before. For us, the crack factor stemmed from the fact that we hadn’t seen anything quite like it before and we eagerly awaited each episode desperately wanting to know how the drama planned to top the last episode and it usually did. It had the much desired angst, the giggles and so many cute OTP moments to keep our romantic hearts happy.

Naturally, this being a Kdrama the actors are HOT and we mean Lee Min Ho type of hot. Who would have thought that those curls would look so appealing on a man? Or geeky LMH could play such a fabulous Jun Pyo? If hot men are not your thing, there are also cute guys in the form of Kim Bum. Unfortunately, cute doesn’t cut it for the Musthavesubs girls, but we like how Kdramas cater for a variety of tastes, including girls and boys who like the occasional ginger haired Korean in the shape of our favourite Ji Hoo Sunbae. Seriously, he had some bad hair in that drama! We love you really… hehe.

Plucky leading lady, hot men, friendship, evil mothers, crazy side characters and a HEA- what more can you ask for?


Fluffy Drama Round Up

14 Feb

While we wait impatiently for Shut up flower: Boy Band and Wild Romance, we thought we’d ramble about our fluffy drama selection we’re currently watching.


Okay, we admit it; we watched it because we think Mukai Osamu is hot. Look at him- that smile, that hair… how’s a girl to resist?

We’ve fallen into this trap before where we’ve tuned in to a drama that is more often than not completely rubbish all because we crush on the leading man. Yep, we regret it every time but sadly for us weak willed girls, we doubt it will be the last time.

Who else watched Gokusen 3 for Miura Haruma or Down with Love for Jerry Yan?


In regards to Hungry! It’s strictly average. It’s not sure what it really wants to be – a food drama, a rock drama and human drama…? Confused is more like it. It’s your typical breezy J drama where the characters gradually learn things and are better people by the time we reach the drama finale.  The drama also happens to have great food porn. Seriously, it all looks sooo good. Plus, who doesn’t like the idea of watching a hot guy rock out with his cool band and then watch him whip you up a delicious meal afterwards?

We enjoyed the first couple episodes, it was easy going, funny and we confess we have a soft spot for Mukai Osamu ever since we watched him in Hotoru 2. Just in case you’re wondering whether to watch Hotoru 2, we’ll save you some time by telling you straight: don’t, it’s bad, really bad. That sequel should never have been made and for the shame of it, we can’t believe we watched all of it! Embarrassed cries*

Skip Beat!

Why don’t people like this drama?

Yes, it’s slow and Ivy Chen’s Gong Xi is over the top but so is the manga. We love the fact that the writer has stayed so close to the manga and the anime and has successfully captivated the essence of what makes Skip Beat! so great.

What a difference redubbing has made, it’s amazing. We are no longer fixated by Siwon’s mouth moving strangely but instead, we’ve relaxed enough to enjoy the drama as a whole.  We love Siwon’s depiction of Ren. It’s exactly how we hoped it would be. He’s stern and serious but he can’t hide the fact that Gong Xi get’s under his skin. Their interactions are pretty great to watch as well. You can feel the tension and the chemistry between the two characters.  Yes, it’s a slow simmer but when it’s got the right amount of chemistry, we’re more than happy to wait.

Bianca Bai is the biggest surprise for us in Skip Beat! For once she’s not playing that annoying, pathetic love rival that you want to push off a cliff. Instead, she’s got the stern, sarcastic reluctant friend down perfectly.

Then there is Donghae’s Shang – we want to beat him up everytime he’s on screen but at the same time he makes us grin like crazy fangirls. Damn him.

Day 15: A drama not loved by many but you seem to like

14 Feb

My Country Calls

If poor ratings are anything to go by, it’s clear that this drama wasn’t watched by many people. It appears that this was a drama that came and went without much fuss made of it. Which is such a shame because it is pure awesome!

Personally we can’t blame people, the promo material looked awful and yes tacky and no offence to Kim Sang Kyung, he doesn’t really make your heart race as the leading man…

Come on seriously, did the marketing department really think this was okay?

Anyway, we tuned in hoping for a laugh and that is exactly what we got. This drama was hilarious. From start to finish we laughed our butts off and were completely and utterly charmed by everything and everyone in the drama.

My Country Calls never took itself too seriously, it was just funny, cheeky and yes totally silly most of the time.

Watch it for Ryu Jin who stole the show in every scene he was in. He played quirky, anal freak perfectly! We dare you not to fall for him or at least laugh at his expense multiple times in the drama. 

This drama had a solid script, great characters and will leave you with a big fat grin on your face by the end of it. We totally loved it and hope that more people will give it a chance because it’s so worth it!

Wild Romance: episodes 11-12

12 Feb

And the prize for the most predicable stalker in a drama goes to…

Wild Romance

Yep, we guessed it all the way back in episode 3. Frankly, we’re a little disappointed as we hoped that we were wrong and that the writer would give us more of a challenge but we guess it could have been a lot worse. We could have had the stalker be a long lost half brother wanting revenge for his repressed life or something stupid like that.

When the drama finally revealed the housekeeper’s creepy room for stalkers, we couldn’t help but notice all of the topless photos she had of Moo Yeol.

This got us thinking:

  1. How did she manage to sneak all those pervy pics without him noticing?
  2. Do you think she’ll give us copies, if we ask nicely? Hehehe

Rationalising the irrational:

To a certain extent we can understand her behaviour after Jong Hee arrived, as it was clear that she wanted to keep him all to herself. However, prior to Jong Hee arriving on the scene, her actions were only destroying his reputation. A damaged reputation means he wouldn’t be able to work and therefore afford a housekeeper. Surely, that means she’ll be out of a job, unless… she wanted him to become completely dependent on her??? Ewww, how creepy.

One crazy person isn’t enough for this Kdrama, so onto discussing the other nut job – crazy/ cute barman.  What a psycho! The whole sequence with Dong Ah was so creepy, how dare he attack her. We loved watching his face off with Manager Kim. Poor Manager Kim, his robotic heart must be malfunctioning with all this drama in his life. The way he attacked him with that napkin was more effective than if he punched him, as it was unexpected and an action more likely to come from a reserved, introvert like Manager Kim. We love how he’s brooding over his feelings for Dong Ah. He’s the sensible, sane one and she’s well eccentric to say the least and so watching him make sense of her actions and try and step back from his feelings for her is quite sweet to watch.

We’ve got to hand it to the writer of Wild Romance– we’re impressed, really impressed.

A week ago, we couldn’t fathom how we were to believe any type of romantic relationship between Eun Jae and Moo Yeol but fast forward a week later and now suddenly it looks like there is hope. Hurray!

Only in Wild Romance would we watch a sequence where the leading man finally realises his feelings for his leading lady, only for it to follow swiftly with her knocking him out cold. Haha.

We wondered when this moment would come and let’s just say better late than never. As you may have noticed from our previous posts, we were getting a little impatient with this drama but we’re glad that we’re finally going to get some romantic action between the OTP. In reflection, we can now understand why it took so long. Episode 12 allowed us to witness him truly let go of his past and his feelings for Jong Hee. The sequence where he’s envisioning their future together was actually quite thoughtful in our opinion. It’s only natural you would think of the possibilities before you make a major decision and come on, he loved her for 10 years!  This week’s lot of episodes really showed the progress in Eun Jae and Moo Yeol’s relationship, which was often highlighted through Jong Hee’s perspective. Through Jong Hee’s eyes, we could see the way he has developed affection for Eun Jae and the way that they talk and interact with each other has that added level of closeness that you associate with someone you have romantic feelings for. We hope that Moo Yeol rejects Jong Hee quickly and doesn’t drag his feet in wooing Eun Jae.  Heeeeee, we can’t wait to see the new dynamics in their relationship. Finally!

Random thoughts:

Eun Jae’s mother has serious issues. She should be the bigger person in her relationship with Eun Jae as she abandoned them!  Poor Chang Ho, he didn’t even recognise his own mother, that’s so sad.

We’ve been loving the interaction between Eun Jae and Jong Hee – who doesn’t love a good odd couple? This was an unexpected treat for us, because we feared that the drama may become annoying with further focus placed on Jong Hee.

Manager Kim and Dong Ah better sort out their issues next week. We missed watching them act all socially awkward and strange together.

With only two weeks to go, we actually think that the drama may be able to turn it around and give us a satisfactory ending. Fingers crossed*

Shut Up: Flower Boy band: 3-4

11 Feb

Why isn’t it Monday already, we want to watch the next episode now!?

After four episodes this drama owns us, it’s as simple as that.

Naturally, Byung Hee’s death was going to leave a void but we like how the writer has used his death as a positive catalyst for them to move forward as a band and more importantly as friends. Their pain and grief hit us right in the gut in the best way possible. We loved watching them do their unique tribute to him. The scene where Kyung Jong (the cute little one) put his coat around Byung Hee’s photo got us good. It’s such a small, sweet action but it had so much sincerity attached to it. For us, moments like that just sum up the whole drama.

If you’re not watching Shut up Flower: Boy band, you need to be. It’s like Boys before Flowers’ grittier, dark but hopeful cousin. Trust us, when we say it’s got that same level of crack that made you that obsessive mess while watching Boys. As finding a crack drama is like finding a needle in a haystack, we felt it was our duty to let everyone know that this drama is pure awesome. You can thank us later. Hehehe.

Anyway back to our rambles on episodes 3-4…

We adore Ji Hyuk- where can we get one, gimme, gimme, gimme!?

Fangirl crushing alert – Angsty, broody and hot, we wish he was real.

He’s tough and broody but deep down he’s a complete sweetheart. We love how he’s willing to put his pride aside for the greater good of the band and has found a purpose/ direction after losing his friend. His transition to leader was seamless in our opinion. His grief and lack of purpose resonated with us perfectly and we couldn’t help but connect with him as a character. We like the fact that he is so much more than what he presents. For a leading man, that is exactly what we want to see. He is a character that will surprise us, one that is thoughtful and compassionate but at the same time unpredictable enough to keep us excited by what he will do next. 

Soo Ah is one lucky, lucky girl!

Ji Hyuk and Soo Ah’s exchanges are just pitch perfect at the moment. We love how awkward they are, how they share that simmering tension which is strictly not mentioned and most importantly the way they look at each other. We like the fact that the drama has brought them together so quickly. Hello cohabitation already, we love it! Heheheh.  The writer has built that foundation of trust that will lead to friendship and then love really well. Building up their relationship is something we appreciate as viewers and rabid OTP shippers because we want to believe their love for each other when they eventually do get together in the drama. At this point, they have too many barriers keeping them apart, not to mention the fact that Soo Ah already has a sort of boyfriend in Seung Yoon. We like to call him boyfriend lite because seriously, they must be the most innocent 17/18 years in the history of dating!

We nearly wrote Seung Hoon off as the stereotypical love rival/ 2D villain but we were pleasantly surprised by episode 3 and 4. Seung Hoon’s rivalry has that extra level of interest for us because both Seung Hoon and Ji Hyuk now share that small amount of mutual respect for each other and are aware that their bands may be equally as good as each other. We love a good competition where egos and passions collide. 

Also, he clearly cares for Soo Ah, despite the fact that they are completely lame together as a couple. He needs to man up already and take some initiative. Seriously, clothes vouchers, really???

Random thoughts:

-Omo was it just us or did Do Il look upset when Woo Kyung (Nosy fangirl/ hairdresser) kissed Ji Hyuk? We never expected the brooding, silent drummer to crush on her. Odd couple alert. Heee.

-The reasons for handing out points in episode 4 were hilarious! Thick accents, immoral behaviour, being girl crazy- we love it.

-Is it just us or who else wants to kick Soo Ah’s friend in the gut until she finally stops talking so much crap!?

-Also Seung Hoon’s older sister is far too nosy for her own good. Come on woman, get your own life.